coming to recruit you

shoutout to george, fred, and especially ron weasley for realizing that harry was stuck in abusive and unhealthy household and, in spite of the massive trouble they knew they could get in, taking immediate steps to personally see him removed from that environment, something no adult in harry’s life did.

blackwatch era mcgenji

mccree: well butter my bottom n call me a dinner roll!!! you must be the new recruit. idve come by t'say howdy on m'welcome wagon earlier, but king reyes here has had me workin’ m'trigger finger to the Bone. yaint a real part'a blackwatch until ya sit thru one'a his big ol lectures haha haw but hes real nice and

genji who has 3 breakdowns that day already, staring at mccrees spurred 3 inch heels: am i fucking dissociating

Just had a thought for an action hero thing: 30-something woman hero is doing her ass-kicking thing. One day, her boss shows up at her door, and tells her she has to stand down, or there will be consequences. “Honey, it’s not that you’re too old. It’s just the public don’t like to see a woman of your age saving the day. It feels emasculating”.

So woman is stripped of her support team, fellow agents, and is pretty much put on the shelf. She tries to do heroing, but keeps getting cockblocked by younger women or superhero men she used to work alongside.

Just when she’s hitting rock bottom (and sitting in her house wearing pyjamas and eating ice cream), there’s a knock at the door. Judi Dench is standing there, and our heroine assumes it’s a charity collection.

“Oh no, dear,” Dench says, smiling. “We’ve come to recruit you.”

“Recruit me? For what?”

“To do what we do best: save the bloody world.”

And all at once she’s part of a covert ops team made of all the older women who have been retired and who currently are holding the reins of managing the world.

Imagine Dating Peter as Stark’s Daughter

request: Headcanons for dating Peter but being Tony Stark’s daughter?


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- you begged your dad to let you go to public school, hating all the private school kids

- so you met peter before he became spider-man

- you guys always kind of flirted, but when his uncle ben died you got super close

- like you were the only person he would open up to

- eventually you just sank into dating each other

- when your dad discovers spider-man he offers for you to come with him to recruit him for the avengers

- you were exceedingly confused when he took you to peter’s apartment

- aunt may opens the door and peter is there

- “dad, why are we here?”

- “DAD?” peter chokes out

- “you two know each other?” your dad asks

- “this is the boyfriend i was telling you about” blushing

- aunt may and your dad chatting while you pull peter away into his room

- smacking his arm, “YOU’RE SPIDERMAN?!” 

- he shrugs, “i wanted to tell you i was just worried, anyway YOU’RE TONY STARK’S DAUGHTER”

- once he joins the avengers he comes over the tower a lot

- talking about his battles

- always patching him up

- when you sound like your dad he calls you tony jr

- so you call him spider-boy

- oh boy, papa stark gives BOTH of you the talk

- cause like he’s sort of peter’s dad also..


- introducing him to the avengers like, “yeah, that’s aunt natasha”


- sitting on the balcony and enjoying the city lights

- but he only looks at you

- having mario kart tournaments and super smash bros brawl tournaments

- your dad always playing as samus cause it’s the closest to iron man

- and you play as zero suit because it makes him mad that you copy him

- you always kicking peter’s ass, and not cause he lets you win

- “you know you could let me win at least once..”

- lots of homework sessions that turn into makeout sessions

- tony blasting in on you at random times to “keep you on your toes”

- movie nights with the team

- you tagging along on missions and always being worried about peter

- calls peter “my boy”

- tony training peter to fight better and pushing him to his limits to make sure he can protect his baby girl should tony ever not be around


- having had training from natasha you can pretty much hand your dad’s ass to him on a silver platter

- peter still doing it because he agrees with your dad

- them roasting you

- overall family fun with the avengers team, and everyone supporting you relationship because they know how smitten peter is with you and what a good guy he is


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episode four - git gone

  • ❝ d’ya mind ?
  • ❝ best drinks have self defining names. you order a manhattan, god knows what you’re gonna get, but you order a gin and tonic, a jack and coke, it’s not just a name. it’s a command. ❞
  • ❝ how long you’ve been working here for
  • ❝ ooh, that’s bad luck. ❞
  • ❝ don’t do it. ❞
  • ❝ i was waiting for you. ❞
  • ❝ why’d you help me ?
  • ❝ you’re really not very good at this; i saw you coming a mile off. ❞
  • ❝ are you trying to recruit me ?
  • ❝ you could be a world class thief. ❞
  • ❝ you look like you could get anything you want just by asking for it. ❞
  • ❝ what d’ya say, huh
  • ❝ hang on a minute. i’m sorry. ❞
  • ❝ i owe you one. i feel beholden. ❞
  • ❝ let me buy you a drink. ❞
  • ❝ let’s go somewhere. ❞
  • ❝ so you are a thief. ❞
  • ❝ the weak spot, see ––– all you need is one. and it’s usually people’s attention. ❞
  • ❝ show me. ❞
  • ❝ oh, god. ten years, and [ … ] has NEVER looked at me like that. ❞
  • ❝ there’s a lesson in there somewhere. ❞
  • ❝ my grandma always had cats. she said that they could see ghosts when we can’t, and warn you of thieves. ❞
  • ❝ do you ever worry about what will happen if you keep stealing
  • ❝ do you believe in the afterlife
  • ❝ all i know is there’s more than i know. ❞
  • ❝ yeah, i think that might sound wiser than it is. ❞
  • ❝ when you die, you rot. it’s a fixed system. physics doesn’t take sundays off. ❞
  • ❝ my parents believed in everything. father, son, holy ghost, spirit filled and full of the light of god. they taught me all of it, chapter and verse. ❞
  • ❝ i went to bed every night in a world full of magic where anything was possible. ❞
  • ❝ it’s like everything that made the world anything more than what it is is just –– stories. like snake oil. but worse, because snakes are real. ❞
  • ❝ i wanted to get that magic back so bad, but one day i just accepted the fact that i couldn’t, because life is just not that interesting. ❞
  • ❝ don’t look at me like that. ❞
  • ❝ the fun is just getting started. ❞
  • ❝ i could teach you to fight. ❞
  • ❝ hey, you want coffee ?
  • ❝ are we pregnant ?
  • ❝ what i’m about to say may sound irrational to you, but i have all sorts of rational reasons for saying it, and doing it. ❞
  • ❝ say it, and we’ll talk about whether or not you should do it. ❞
  • ❝ are we … discussing this, or are you telling ?
  • ❝ there’s some wiggle room. ❞
  • ❝ are you unhappy ? because i’m happy, okay, you make me happy. ❞
  • ❝ yes, i see that you’re happy. from this side of it. the wrong side of it. and i think maybe i resent not being happy. not resent you, just … resent. ❞
  • ❝ do you still love me
  • ❝ we are like a history book. we’re established fact. we don’t change. ❞
  • ❝ i represent FAILURE to you
  • ❝ i can take it. if you’re on the other side. i can make it if you can. can you wait for me
  • ❝ just glad that i could be here to help you, you know
  • ❝ hey, don’t stay here alone tonight. ❞
  • ❝ why did you say that ?
  • ❝ come on, [ , say what you mean. ❞
  • ❝ last night was a one time thing. you were there. and thank you, but we’re not doing this. we did this. and now it’s done. ❞
  • ❝ you don’t love him. not the way he loves you. ❞
  • ❝ is that all this was ? just fun
  • ❝ are you saying no
  • ❝ i lived my life, good and bad. definitely not light as a feather. ❞
  • ❝ in life, you believed in nothing, so you will go to nothing. you will be done. ❞
  • ❝ there is nowhere else for you to be. ❞
  • ❝ tears have fallen for you. ❞
  • ❝ do i get a say in this ?
  • ❝ death is not a debate. ❞
  • ❝ how many do you think have come before you, all with promises and threads and offers of gold, glory, love ? who are you to misguide me from my duty
  • ❝ you are but a man, not even one i should remember. ❞
  • ❝ i’m gonna come in now. i’m gonna come in now, okay
  • ❝ is this a haunting ? are you haunting me ?
  • ❝ does [ … ] know
  • ❝ i’m a vulgar woman. anger and grief have just really made me vulgar. ❞
  • ❝ god, you know, i should thank you. it’s so much easier grieving someone when you’re glad they’re dead. ❞
  • ❝ oh, fuck your feelings. ❞
  • ❝ everybody has feelings, everybody cares about what they feel. i don’t care about what you feel. i care about what you think. what do you think about what you did ?
  • ❝ what was your big lie, [ … ] ?
  • ❝ i love [ … ] … loved [ … ]. love [ … ]. i love [ … ]. (s)he’s the light of my life. ❞
  • ❝ you, i remember. ❞
  • ❝ there is nothing i can do to lighten your heavy heart. ❞
  • ❝ your heavy heart sank you like a stone, right back where you last left off. ❞
  • ❝ was it love ?
  • ❝ love will always have you at a disadvantage. ❞
  • ❝ many is the man who would take any version of his lost love rather than leave his love lost. ❞
  • ❝ (s)he/they will say thank you to whichever god has sent you back to him/her/them. ❞
evidence that david wymack is the best character in this entire series, part i

part ii, part iii

The Foxhole Court

  • “I want my subs at the wall cheering them on, but if you trip up a referee, I will cut you.”
  • “Watch me beam with pride. It’s not your job to take care of yourself anymore.”
  • Wymack sliced a hand across his throat and jerked his thumb over his shoulder. Neil hoped he was right in translating it as “Let’s get the hell out of here.”
  • “Do you have any idea how much I hate coming home and finding you in my apartment?”
  • Wymack only recruited athletes from broken homes. His decision to turn the Foxhole Court into a halfway house of sorts was nice in theory, but it meant his players were fractured isolationists who couldn’t get along long enough to get through a game.
  • “Are you done wasting my oxygen yet?”
  • “Kevin, wake that dingbat without getting punched in the face.”
  • “You have five seconds to get your retarded psycho ass to my apartment! You even think about telling me no and I swear to god I’ll throw Kevin’s contract down the garbage disposal.”
  • “Your opinion has been noted and dismissed,” Wymack said. “Anything else, or are you going to start signing stuff?”
  • “I am going to drop you off at the dorm and spend the rest of the day drinking. Damage control can wait until tomorrow.”
  • “Kevin, you’re out if your hand so much as itches. Don’t be stupid tonight.”
  • “Coach Wymack was the only one I could think of turning to, and he didn’t disappoint me.”
  • Wymack snapped his fingers in front of Andrew’s face, trying to get Andrew to look at him instead of Neil.
  • “Damn it all to hell. Hemmick! You were supposed to wake them up ten miles ago.”
  • “Did you think I made the team the way it is because I thought it would be a good publicity stunt? It’s about second chances, Neil. Second, third, fourth, whatever, as long as you get at least one more than anyone else wanted to give you.”
  • “We saw their files,” Wymack said. “We chose you.”
  • “Breaking news: I don’t care.”
  • Neil wasn’t quite ready to face Andrew yet and he didn’t want to deal with this teammate’s curiosity over his prolonged absence, so he went to Wymack’s apartment instead.
  • “When I said Abby and I would look out for you, I didn’t mean you should pick a fight with Riko on national television,” Wymack said. “Should I have spelled that out beforehand?”

and my personal favorite for last

  • “God damn it, Minyard. This is why we can’t have nice things.”
The Night We Met - Peter Parker

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word count: 5568
warnings: swearing, super adorkable peter
a/n: this is my first posted peter fic so go easy on me?
also this is really low key based on this song, but the sound of it not the words so much if that makes sense? idk i’m at a loss

[ i am not the only traveler who has not repaid his debt / i’ve been searching for a trail to follow again / take me back to the night we met ]

The facility was quiet as you padded through it, though it was common for it to be so silent when the sun had set hours ago.  It was late, one am, you presumed.  But this was the ideal time to go wandering around the building you lived in.  It was dark, only the moon and star’s light shining into the rooms, and the living space and kitchen were surrounded by windows, which casted shadows and small pools of light on the floor that you liked to dance around on your tiptoes in.  Wearing your pajamas and silently leaping short distances and twirling around on the cool tiled or hardwood floors.

You had lived in the facility for the whole past year that it had been built and functioning, and before that you’d lived at the tower for most of your life.  All but the first three years of your life, when you were stuck in an orphanage.  Before Tony Stark adopted you.  Why had he? You were never entirely sure.  You never understood why a man with his wealth and success needed a daughter to add onto his list of priorities but you’d never thought to question him.  Besides, you liked having a Mom and Dad.  Pepper was more of the parental figure, and Tony was mostly there to… well he used to get you into trouble but since you turned fifteen a year ago he became more protective.  You weren’t his little girl anymore, you were a teenager, blossoming into womanhood.  And when you turned sixteen his overprotectiveness only increased.

It hadn’t really mattered, you weren’t really an avenger.  At least, not one out on the battlefield.  No, you preferred working in the lab with Bruce, designing new suits, lighter weapons, deadlier weapons, faster engines for the jet.  But your favorite thing was creating new costumes, as you liked to call them.  Though the rest of the team wouldn’t prefer the term.  Sure, you worried for your Dad, and the others that had just as easily become your family, but you also knew that they were a special set of people.  Trained assassins, super soldiers, even Clint was… important.

(you never missed an opportunity to tease him, much to his displeasure)

So as you twirled around gracefully in the moonlight, your eyes closed as you enjoyed the silence, not even needing a tune to dance to, and found your peace.  You loved these secret nights of yours.  Your own special thing.

[ and then I can tell myself what the hell I’m supposed to do / and then I can tell myself not to ride along with you ]

You were working today, your hair pulled up into a high ponytail and your eyes focused on the sketch in front of you.  You tried not to rock on the stood you sat at while your hand moved swiftly over the tablet, the rubber tipped stylus creating lines of maroon on the screen.

“You know,” Banner spoke, making you jump slightly, and creating a long line throughout the entire design of Wanda’s new and improved outfit.

“Thanks a lot” You rolled your eyes, carefully hitting the undo button and making Bruce roll his eyes right back at you.

“Calm down you fixed it with a push of a button”

“Did Bruce Banner just tell me to calm down?” You asked, quirking an eyebrow at him.

“y/n just- just shut up.  God when did you become a teenager?” You chuckled, going back to your sketching with a smile on your face.

“You don’t remember? Because I do.  Vividly”

“That’s only cause Tony gave you the body talk” Bruce said, and you felt a chill go down your spine at the memory.  “Anyhow, I was going to say that that new recruit is coming here today”

“New recruit?” You asked, sitting up and abandoning your art now, your curiosity peaked.  “Why wasn’t I told?”

“You designed his suit, the uh… the bug one”

“Ant Man?”

“No, the other one”

“Wasp?” You asked again, Bruce shook his head.

“No no, the one from Berlin” You squinted for a moment, trying to remember.

“Bruce, just cause my Dad’s sorta a snake sometimes doesn’t mean he’s a bug, that’s rude” You chuckled, and Banner rolled his eyes, again.

“Seriously y/n stop being all sassy what happened to your pigtails and pink overalls?”

“I grew up” You stated, wasting no time in getting back to your work.  Bruce frowned sadly at your back.  You were right, you had grown up.  And while you still may only be sixteen, the world you lived in had forced you to mature much faster than you should have.  But nonetheless, he let you get back to your work while he went back to creating a new prototype for Bucky’s arm.

“And no, it’s Spider-Man”

“Alright kid, this is a big deal now” Tony said, clapping a hand on Peter’s back as they made their way into the facility.  “Whole team lives here, my whole family” He told him.

“Wow” Was all Peter could think to say as his eyes looked around.  They landed on everything, quickly, wanting to take it all in at once.

“Okay okay, slow down, you’re one of us now, you’ve got plenty of time to make googly eyes-”

Tony was cut off mid sentence as Peter had crashed into something, sending the box in his arms and the papers in the other person’s arms flying as his victim stumbled backwards onto the floor.

“I’m sorry! I’m so so so sorr-” He stopped abruptly upon seeing you there, gathering your things as quickly as you could.  He couldn’t help his wide eyes as he watched your every movement.  Before he shook his head and began helping you pick up his papers.

“It’s fine I’m just- I’m super late” You spoke quickly, stacking your sketches in your arms messily and in a rushed fashion.  You didn’t even look up at him until he seemed to be staring at the paper in his hands.

“You-you drew this? Wow” He said in amazement, but you snatched it away.

“That’s what y/n does here” Tony said, not being able to take the awkward tension anymore and scooping up most of your papers in his hands and giving them to you.  “Geez are these all Wanda’s?” He asked you as you held what was probably a hundred designs in your arms.

“Yeah, yep, I didn’t know what exactly she was looking for she just said something new, so..” You trailed off, trying to straighten out and align all of the papers in your arms.  You shot a glance over at the boy who had picked up his box, full of typical teenage boy items.  Until you looked more curiously and could tell instantly he was  a very studious boy.  “You must be Spider-Man?”

“Parker Pete- Peter Parker.  I’m Peter Parker that-that’s me” He stammered, making you send a goody glance at your father before looking back to the boy that seemed your age.  He had adorable puppy brown eyes and the same colored curls on his head.  He was adorable, cute, it was the only thing you could think of for a moment.

“Well hello Parker Pete” You said with a small laugh as you stuck your hand out while carefully maneuvering your stack of papers.  “I’m y/n” You introduced while he shook your hand, a bit too long but you didn’t really want to pull away either.

“She’s also my daughter, and off limits, so let’s keep walking” Tony said, grabbing Peter by the shoulders and steering him away.

“Wha- she-you have- you’re his-” Peter couldn’t even get a full sentence out as Tony directed him farther away from you, leaving you to stand in the hall and watch in amusement as your father dragged the poor boy away.

“Bye Parker Pete!” You called before heading off to Wanda’s room.

You liked Peter Parker.  He was a stuttering, adorkable mess.

[ i had all and then most of you, some and now none of you / take me back to the night we met ]

You were sat at the kitchen breakfast bar, sketching away as always.  Sometimes you just liked changing your setting.  Working in the lab could get loud, or stuffy, and it was good to have a little change of scenery.  Plus, the best things happened in the kitchen.

For instance, right now, everyone was trying to arm wrestle Steve.  Which was a very amusing sight to watch.  Currently, Natasha was flexing her arms trying to prepare herself for what everyone knew would be a failure.

“What’re you working on?” You heard a familiar voice, and turned to see Peter slipping onto the high chair next to you.  You smiled at him almost instinctively.  He’d been living at the facility for a week now, and at this point you were pretty good friends.  Being the same age really did help, seeing you were both the youngest ones there.

“Hopefully a new bow for Clint” You told him, showing him your design.  “I’m hoping he won’t break this one” You added with a chuckle.  Peter stared at the paper, genuine interest on his features.  You loved that about him, even for the simple things he always admired your work like it was the coolest thing he’s ever seen.

“Neat” He said, still staring at it even as you slid it back to your part of the tabletop.  “What’s uh… what’s happening over there?” He nodded off to where Steve was dangerously close to slamming Nat’s hand on the table.  You were a little worried about the Black Widow’s well being, but even more so for the table.  It wouldn’t be the first time Steve had broken the dinner table over an arm wrestling tournament.

“Steve’s daring people to arm wrestle him” You said, watching them again, just as Natasha lost.  She groaned in frustration, shaking out her sore hand.  “He only does it when Tony’s not around to scold him for it”

“Scold him?” Peter asked curiously.

“He usually breaks stuff.  Tables, vases, bones” Peter’s eyes widened with fear, making you chuckle.

“Calm down Spider-Boy, he won’t attack you” You said, putting your hand unconsciously on his forearm.  “It’s just a little competition he likes to do to show off.  No one’s ever beat him” You shrugged.  “Kinda like how Thor tests us to lift his hammer, we all know that thing won’t budge, but we try anyways” You said.  Peter’s eyes were trained on Steve and Wanda’s current match.  You took his distracted moment to admire his features, his starry eyes, gelled but soft looking hair, thin pink lips.  You smiled at him, and only then noticed your hand resting on him.  You removed it quickly, busying yourself with your design again.

“Hey new kid!” You perked up once more when you heard Steve’s voice ring out, catching Peter’s attention.

“M-me?” Peter pointed to himself, unsure if the Captain America was talking to him or not.  You giggled to yourself quietly.

“Yeah you, you wanna try and go a round?” He asked.  Your eyes went from gleaming to wide with worry in a matter of seconds.

“Peter you don’t have-”

“Yeah sure” Peter shrugged before you could give him a way out of it.  You watched as he hopped to the ground and walked over to the opposite side of the table as Steve.  All of your focus was on the two.  Sure, Steve would never heart him on purpose but Peter wasn’t like the other avengers, he was sixteen, and you were worried he’d get his arm broken or something.  You stared as their hands latched together, neither of them doing anything yet.  “Look, I-I just wanna say sorry about like- attacking you at that airport” Peter said, and you blushed slightly at his cute awkwardness.  Apologizing for the fight, no one had really done that yet.  Most of you just tried to look past it.

“Yeah, no hard feelings” Steve winked, and like that, you could see their arms struggling slightly as they put all their strength into it.  Your lips parted slightly when you realized Peter wasn’t losing.  He was actually doing really well, completely focused on Steve’s arm.  “Wow kid, you got quite a grip” Steve commented, and you could hear the struggle in his voice.

Well that was new.

“But hey, I’m still the strongest one here” Steve said, slamming the kid’s hand down onto the table.  Peter sighed, shaking his hand just as Nat had earlier.  You clapped while the others began to leave the room, tired of Steve’s party games.

“Wow! Parker Pete!” You rushed over to him and hugged him before thinking about it.  “Just- wow” You laughed, and Peter gave a short laugh with you, rubbing his now aching hand.  “No one’s ever done that before! Just how strong are you?” You asked him, and his face went red.

“I-I don’t know” He stammered out, and you hugged him again.  You felt him slowly wrap his arms around your waist, tugging you a little closer as he held you.  It was quiet for a moment, and your heart began fluttering as you lingered there together.  Somehow, it wasn’t just a hug, and you could both feel it.

“Hey hey hey, watch the hands there” You sighed quietly when Tony came in, pointing accusingly at the both of you, and you pulled away from Peter.  “Break it up” He said, snapping his fingers as he went to the fridge for a bottle of beer.

“Peter almost beat Steve at arm wrestling” You bragged, trying to ease up your father’s current mood.

“God dammit I told him no more of those” He grumbled, heading back out of the kitchen, the popped his head back in.  “Break it up!” He called loudly again.  “Both of you! Separate rooms pronto!” You rolled your eyes as he left, but squeezed a hand on Peter’s wrist before gathering your materials from the counter.

“Night Parker Pete” You said sweetly, then headed out the door and towards the elevator.  Peter slumped onto one of the chairs, staring at the doorway you just exited.

“Goodnight y/n” He said to himself.

“You like her?” He heard an accented voice and turned to see Wanda standing there.  The boy’s heart nearly leapt out of his chest, he hadn’t even realized there was another way into this room.  “Yes?” She questioned after not having received an answer.

“Yea-yeah I mean yeah y/n.. y/n’s great she’s a great-amazing friend” He said, all the while nodding his head and blushing like a fool.  Wanda chuckled, using her powers to snatch an orange off the counter, but opted to use her nails to peel it.

“I can read minds” She told him.  “I know you like her” She told him, winking a brown eye.  Peter opened his mouth but no words came out for a few moments.

“I… she’s great” He told her, unsure of what he could say.

“You also think she’s beautiful” Wanda continued, putting a slide of the fruit into her mouth.

“Well I-”

“Are we discussing Peter Parker’s feelings towards miss Stark?”

Peter fell of his chair, definitely not having expected Vision to simply face through the wall of the kitchen, joining the conversation abruptly.  Wanda nodded as she chewed, and Peter attempted to stand and straighten out his sweater.

“Well I think it’s… pleasing” Vision said.

“Pl-pleasing?” Peter stuttered.

“Yes, it is nice to think of you becoming romantically involved with miss Stark” He said with a nod of his head.  Peter’s eyes widened with fear.

“No, no no no no, y/n and I-I we- we aren’t- she’s my friend”

“Yes, and Wanda is my friend” Vision said, and the witch’s head snapped towards him.  “But that is no barrier to love”

Peter almost fell just from standing up.  He could feel his knees wobbling and his heart was pounding incredibly fast in his chest.

“Vizh…” Wanda said slowly, coming over and putting a hand on the android’s arm.  “Let’s go talk” She said, and he nodded again, allowing her to guide him out of the room.  “But if you want my advice,” Wanda turned to Peter before she could fully leave the kitchen.  “Go for it, y/n looks at you a lot, the way… the way I remember Pietro looking at his love” Wanda said.  Peter couldn’t even find the right words to say before she left the room.

Shortly after, he went running out, making his way as quickly as he could to the weight room.  It was nearing ten o’clock, but he needed a stress relief, and working out seemed much better than sitting in his room with his anxiety all pent up.

He practically burst through the doors, not even noting Steve dragging a punching bag to it’s hook as he tore his sweater off, leaving him in a tee shirt and khakis.  Not really the best chosen attire to work out in, but he didn’t care.  He needed to… to run, to punch something.  He stepped up onto the treadmill, setting it on a higher setting before just sprinting.  Racing over the spinning rubber sheet until sweat dripped down his forehead.

“Kid? Hey Parker?” Steve called, catching Peter’s attention but he didn’t stop running.  “You aren’t stress running cause I kicked your ass earlier right?” He asked, and Peter shook his head, his breathing ragged as he put the treadmill on a higher setting.  “Alright, then why are you stress running?”

“I’m not stress running” Peter grunted.

“Yes you are.  Why?” Steve said, his voice stern so that he’d open up to him.  Peter let out a sigh, but was still reluctant to stop running.

“Because” He huffed.  “I’m in love… with y/n… and she’s Tony’s daughter… and doesn’t like me back… deserves better than me anyways” He said in between sharp intakes of breath.  Steve chuckled, putting his hands on his hips.

“Alright, alright turn that off you’re gonna kill yourself” He said, and Peter didn’t even argue, just slowed it down before stopping it completely.  “Listen closely to me, alright?” Peter nodded shakily, and stepped down off the treadmill.

He walked over to Steve, and they sat down together on a bench.

“I’m going to tell you a story about a woman named Peggy Carter”

[ i don’t know what I’m supposed to do, haunted by the ghost of you / oh, take me back to the night we met ]

You had just slipped out of your room, checking to make sure the halls were clear as you walked as lightly as possible down the hallway towards the kitchen.  You hadn’t changed into pajamas like usual, still wearing your simple white dress from earlier that night.  But you didn’t mind, you were just happy to finally be able to sneak out.  Earlier than you usually do, it was midnight and you often waited for one am to roll around but you were too eager to escape to your happy place.

After tiptoeing down the stairs, opting not to use the elevator because it made noise, you snuck into the kitchen, quickly and carefully closing the door behind you.  Even though it and the walls secluding it were glass windows.  You were a creature of habit.

“What’re you doing here?” You spun around, about to kick the owner of the sudden voice in the throat, but be caught your ankle.

“Peter?” You lowered your leg, smoothing out your skirt.  “What’re you doing? It’s late” He gave you a look before laughing.

“Well I can basically say the same thing” He said, and you blushed, looking down for a moment.

“I… I come here at night when everyone’s asleep.  It’s my way of sneaking out” You said with half a shrug.  “It was a secret until now” Peter’s face fell, and he could feel his stomach dropped.

Oh my god I ruined her special place for her

“No worries” You said with a soft smile.  “I’m happy you’re the first I can share it with” You told him, and began to walk off to the living area, in front of all the windows.  Peter scurried off after you, walking awkwardly with his hands behind his back as you were staring outside.  He looked over at you, awestruck by the way the moonlight reflected on your features, making parts of your dress look like it was glowing, but others hidden in a shadow.  “So Parker Pete,” You said with a smile as you turned your head to look at him.  “What’re you doing out here so late?”

“I- I was just… sitting” He answered lamely, making you chuckle and roll your eyes a little.

“Okay, but why sit in the kitchen in the middle of the night? Don’t you want your rest?”

“M-my rest?” You shrugged.

“I don’t know.  Everyone around here falls asleep so early when my Dad’s not throwing some big party” You told him.

“Does he have parties a lot?” You crinkled your nose and bopped your head side to side as if to say so so.  

“Not as much as he used to.  Now it’s just the small group of us, playing music, eating lots of food, dancing, it’s nice.  A good reason to dress up and have fun but kick back from the stress” You told him.  “I guess I like it better than they used to be.  Loud, lots of drunks.  I remember hiding in my room inside my closet until my mom would come kiss me goodnight and tell me he was shooing people out” You chuckled a little, leaning closer to the window and tapping your fingers lightly against the glass to a made up beat.

“As a rebellious teen, do you want more parties?” Peter asked, mocking a reporter’s voice and making you laugh, shooting him a quick glance.

“I wouldn’t call myself rebellious, but that doesn’t mean I’m a total rule follower” You said.  “For the daughter of Tony Stark, I think that says a lot about my adoption” You said jokingly.

“I didn’t know that” He said, stepping closer to you.  He wanted to look out the window, enjoy the view as you were, but he couldn’t tear his eyes off of you.

“Yeah you can’t really tell unless you look close enough.  We’re really close” Peter smiled gently.

“That’s good” You nodded.

“Yeah… to me he really is my Dad, I don’t go out of my way to use the term ‘adopted’ it doesn’t bother me by any means, he’s just more to me than that.  Pepper too, but she’s the busy one nowadays” You told him.  “Anyways, that’s my life story you wanna share now?”

“Uh, it’s sorta messy” He said, awkwardly rubbing the back of his head.  You shook your head, brushing it off.

“I don’t mind.  I’d like to hear it Parker Pete” He chuckled, and licked his lips while he thought of what to say.

“Well, uhm, my parents were killed” He said, clearing his throat.  “In a hijacked plane crash when I was seven… and uh… I’ve been living with my Aunt May and Uncle Ben since then” He told you, avoiding your eyes.  “And not long after I.. well became Spider-Man uh…”

You noticed the way he was kicking his feet into the carpet, a nervous habit, and your heart began to sink as sadness washed over your features.

“My-my Uncle he- he got shot because of me” Your eyes widened and you moved closer to him, your back to the window now and completely abandoning the view you loved as you stared up at Peter with crinkled brows and big wet eyes.  Your hand reached out to grab his without a second thought.

“I’m sure it wasn’t your fault Peter” You whispered, but he shook his head.

“No, no if I’d just been honest with him and had been back to him on time like I said I would he- I would’ve-” You placed your other hand against his cheek, turning his head up to look at you.

“It wasn’t your fault, Pete” You told him softly, keeping your voice steady.  “And I promise if he could see you now, he’d be so incredibly proud of you and all you’ve done” You saw his lips quirk up for a short moment, and you smiled at him.  “I’ve known you for all of a week and I am” You said, and his heart surely stopped in his chest, only to speed up again.

“Thanks, y/n” He said, and you nodded, dropping your hand from his face but kept your hands latched at your side.  “He would’ve liked you” He told you, and for some reason it made your cheeks heat up in a pink blush.

“Really?” Peter smiled as he nodded.

“Yeah, you’d remind him of May I’m sure” A giggle slipped past your lips before you could stop it.  Why did this make you all bubbly?

“Am I like her?” You asked, and Peter pursed his lips.

“You’ve got the same attitude but secret softie thing going on” You quirked up an eyebrow.

“I’m not a softie, I used to be out on that battlefield you know” You told him, crossing your arms over your chest as you’d released his hand.

“Really?” Peter asked, narrowing his eyes and smirking playfully.  “Because you were all worried earlier when I was going to arm wrestle Captain America” You jaw dropped open at him.

“Oh really? Say that to my excellent combat skills” You said with a wink.

“Excellent combat skills?” He asked, and you nodded.

“Uh huh, only reason I’m not out there is cause someone’s gotta make your spandex onesie” Peter looked at you with an offended expression.

“It’s not-!” He groaned, throwing his arms down at his sides.  You let out a laugh and shook your head.

“I don’t know… I mean, I designed it I think I know a onesie when I make one” You told him.  Peter opened his mouth and closed it a few times, and you began to laugh again, your smile bright and your eyes twinkling with delight.  Peter couldn’t even keep up his facade of a straight face.  “Alright, alright, what else? What do I and May Parker have in common?”

“I don’t know, uh, she used to dance with him all the time, when I was little they’d dance around to his old record player” You smiled at him, and bounced a little on your bare feet.  “What? What?” Peter asked as you just kept laughing and bouncing.

“Come on come on” You tugged on his hands, pulling him closer eagerly, and planting his palms on your waist.

“You want to dance with me?” He asked like he didn’t even believe it.  But you nodded, your grin still present as you crossed your wrists behind his neck.

“Yeah” You said, beginning to bite back your smile.

“I-I don’t have my phone so I don’t have any like-like music or anything” You shrugged your shoulders and noted how he panicked a little.

“It’s fine, we don’t really need it” You told him, and you gave him a comforting smile.  “Calm down Peter, it’s just me” You said.

How ironic, he thought.

“Why’s it ironic?” You asked, and Peter’s eyes filled with fear at the realization that he’d said it out loud.  He didn’t say anything at first, his brain still turning and his heart beating impossibly faster than it already was.  You could tell that he was nervous, so you rested your forehead on his chest so that he didn’t have to look at you.  “Peter?” You called when you didn’t hear any answer from him.

“Sorry I-I didn’t know what to say you uh y-you make me nervous” You pulled away, looking up at him with surprised eyes and raised brows.

“I do?” You asked, taken aback by the confession.  Peter nodded, looking from his feet to you and partially wishing that he could drop dead right this moment.

But then you smiled at him, an airy laugh coming from your lips.

“You make me nervous sometimes too Parker Pete” You told him, and a small smile pulled on his mouth, his face red.

“R-really I-I-I do?” He stuttered, and you nodded.  Peter let out a small chuckle, looking down again before back up to you.  You nodded again, your bottom lip tucked slightly between your teeth.  He let out a small laugh, really just a puff of air.

“Why do I? I’m not mean to you am I?” You asked, chuckling quietly and he did too, shaking his head.

“No, no not at all you’re-you’re nice, very nice- to me! To me anyways I’ve seen you have at it with Clint” You laughed again.

“We don’t fight it’s just banter” You told him, shaking your head dismissively and wringing your hands behind his neck.  “Well?” You said softly, still waiting for his answer.

“Well.. uh… well you see you’re very good at what you do- v-very talented” He started anxiously, and the swaying that has been your dancing, halted.  “And-and I think you’re really beautiful” Your cheeks flushed red as you bit back a grin.


“Y-yeah well yeah” Peter said simply.  “And you’re- you’re a genius I mean you’ve got this capability to work with Dr Banner, and you’re my age I-I’d say that’s pretty neat” You let out a soft giggle, your eyes wide with adoration for this boy in front of you.  “Truth is y/n I… I like you, a lot, as-as more than a friend” Your heart stopped in your chest.

“I like you too Peter Parker” You whispered out softly.  I smile quirked on his lips, that turned into a grin within seconds.  You caught his eyes flicker down to your lips, and you licked over them subconsciously.  Your hands slid to his shoulders, resting at the base of his neck and you stepped ever so slightly closer.  His eyes kept looking from you to your lips, over and over and it made you chuckle.  “Well are you gonna kiss me or not?” You mumbled, your stomach flipping over repeatedly.

“Not! He is most definitely not!” You sprung away from Peter, your back and head hitting the window.  “Parker what the hell do you think you’re doing!?” Peter spun around to see your Dad standing there, his arms crossed angrily.

“I-I uh I-”

“y/n, go to your room it’s time for bed” He said, his tone frustrated.

“Dad I’m not six you can’t send me-”

“Bed” He gritted and you stood a little straighter.  You nodded your head, and looked to Peter quickly, waving a short and quick goodbye and rushing out of the room.

[ when you had not touched me yet / oh, take me back to the night we met ]

Peter was pacing in the hallways, contemplating whether or not he should go  back to his own quarters, like Mr Stark had so… kindly… told him to.  Or if he should knock on your door.

He liked you, that part was obvious now.  He liked you so much it hurt to not be with you.  If he’d known what love felt like, he could almost say he was in love with you.  He could sit down and talk to you all day about anything, he could go to sleep at night wishing he’d had just five more minutes.

Maybe if you weren’t Tony’s daughter, maybe if the entire team of Avengers weren’t standing guard over you, like they were all your protective older brothers, he would’ve told you sooner.  Maybe.  Peter Parker was never one for having confidence, in fact, before the suit, he was the shy nerdy kid that no one really knew the name of.  He wasn’t popular, or very out going by any means, but ever since Spider-Man, he had a higher self esteem, pushed himself more.

And he really, really liked you.

So, he knocked.

[ Take me back to the night we met ]

“Peter?” You said quietly as you opened your door.  You had changed into a tee shirt and sleep shorts for bed, your hair hanging down in loose waves hanging over your shoulders.  You wrapped your arms over your chest, trying to preserve the warmth you’d lost when you got out of bed.  “Hey what’re you doing he-” You were cut off when his hands flew out, cupping your cheeks and pulling your lips against his.  While at first you were surprised, you sunk into it instantly and wrapped your arms around his neck, completely melting against him.

When he pulled away you were a smiling blushing mess and all you could hear was your heart pounding in your chest.

“I’m sorry”

“Why?” You chuckled.  “I mean, I’m not apologizing” You said again, and he smiled back at you.

“I just- might not get the chance to do that again” He said, and you nodded, biting down on your lips slightly.  “So-so I had to… just once” You nodded.

“Yeah I… I’m glad you did” You said softly.  He hugged you before saying goodnight.

You would both be okay.

idk the ending makes me feel eh :/
it’s been a long couple of days so i’m sorry about this
but this is for @high-functioning-fangirl02 bc of our love for parker pete

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Y’Know, You’re Awful Cute (Reader x McCree)

((I know you didn’t specifically ask for this to be a fic, but heck I got carried away. This is actually the first fic I’ve written on this blog, being a new mod and all. I hope you enjoy it!))

It was early in the morning at the Overwatch headquarters, and you were the first to arrive, as usual. That was alright, though, you enjoyed tidying up the place before anyone else had arrived; they always complimented you on how nice it looked, saying things like “You’re quite the overachiever” and “I’m glad we recruited you”. Something seemed wrong when you had come in, though. There was a strong, musty scent in the air, and a few more bottles of whiskey laying around than usual. You had a sinking feeling in your stomach, and your mind couldn’t help but race with what could have happened last night.

You gathered two bottles from the table and turned around to collect more, but a dark shape against the wall caught your eye. You turned your head and saw a body sitting on the floor, propped up against the wall, head facing straight up, legs out in different directions, surrounded by various types of alcohol bottles and cans. You were so startled by this that you dropped one of the bottles you were holding on the floor, causing it to shatter loudly and the person who was passed out on the floor to wake with a jolt and jerk their head around frantically.

Once you had steadied your breathing and gotten over your initial shock, you recognized the person as Jesse McCree, one of your allies in Overwatch. Although, “ally” was putting it lightly. Over the year-and-a-half that you had been a part of Overwatch, you had developed a crush on the cowboy.

McCree had come to his senses and realized you were in the room with him. He shook his head, trying to clear it, and attempted to greet you.

“Oh hey, (Y/N). I forgot you worked mornin’ shift around here,” McCree joked, rubbing his face as he began to stand up. He was trying to play it cool, but it was clear to you that something had happened last night. You knew McCree was a fan of the occasional bottle of whiskey, but this was the most bottles you had ever seen.

“Are you okay?” you asked as you put the bottles you were holding back onto the table and walked over to him.

“Yeah, I’m fine, darlin’,” he said to you, leaning against the wall. His breath reeked of alcohol, which made you hold your nose. “Just a little tired.”

“McCree, are you…” You hesitated. It felt wrong to flat out ask if he was drunk. You tried to find a way to reword your question. “Did you stay here last night?”

McCree, leaning against the wall and smiled at you with the dopiest grin you had ever seen. “Eeyup, had myself a lil party. Guess I got carried away,” he chuckled. “Yeah, I sure had a blast. Man, was that tiring…” he began to fall, but you caught him before he could embrace the floor. You nearly fell over with him, but luckily he was able to stand with your support.

“Come on, McCree, let’s get you to bed,” you sighed, and began to walk with him, his arm slung over your shoulders and your arm around his waist. You were leading him to the infirmary, thinking that he would be able to rest in one of the spare beds.

You walked in silence, when suddenly you hear him say, “Y’know, you’re awful cute when you’re determined.” The compliment caught you off guard, but you brushed it off as the alcohol talking, and kept looking forward. But he continued to speak. “When you first came here, I wasn’t too sure about you. I admit, I can be a bit cold on newbies, especially with how many wannabes we’ve had. But you…” He stopped, and you looked at him. You were shocked to see a deep sorrow in his eyes as he gazed at the floor. “You’re so determined to make a change, (Y/N). And you always have so much optimism. I don’t know how I even found the will to fight before you joined us.” He looked at you and smiled, but this time, it was a sincere, wholehearted smile that made your heart begin pounding.

“You… you’re my reason to fight, (Y/N).”

You had reached the infirmary, and McCree had sat down on one of the beds. You looked down, too nervous to meet his eyes. “Do you… do you really mean that?”

He grabbed your hand, and you looked up at him, seeing in his eyes a sincerity that could not be denied. “Of course I mean… I get it, you think it’s the booze messin’ up my sense, but it’s not. I’ve wanted to tell you this for so long, and I hate that it had to be like this, but I love you. I wanna be with you.”

Your throat tightened. It was hard to believe this was happening. You were at a loss for words, so all you could do was nod your head and smile. McCree understood what you meant, and he smiled back. He let go of your hand and laid down, but as you turned to leave, he said, “Wait.”

You turned back around and it seemed as if his melancholy had returned. He patted the empty space beside him, letting you know he wanted you with him. How could you refuse?

You laid down next to him, your faces inches away. He brushed your hair aside and kissed your forehead, and you realized how incredibly warm he felt. He put his arm around your waist and pulled you closer, and you put your hand on your face. Both of you were lost in each other’s eyes, before his began closing, and yours, a sudden fatigue coming over you, followed suit. Soon, you were both fast asleep, dreaming together in each other’s embrace.

-Mod Galaxy

Secret Daughter (Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

 Summary: For her own safety Y/N Stark does not exist, but Tony could really use his daughters’ help in recruiting a one, Peter Parker.

A/N: Honestly, stark!reader fics are my favorite to read and write. Will either add one more part or make it a series (woo!)

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: None that I can think of…


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Jealousy Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Pairings: Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Notes: Now taking requests! I need some more prompts for this darling! I’ll post guidelines later.


“You can do better than that (Y/n).” Your mentor Rachel said as she helped you train before she left for her mission.

“Rachel, you should be going. The jet leaves in 10.” Eggsy came in the training room and looked at the two of us. More like ogled us.

“Goddamn it Eggsy! You couldn’t’ve told me this five minutes ago! Fucking asshole!” She yelled and you laughed at her annoyance. She just glared at you. “Shut your fucking mouth.” She ran out of the room and slapped Eggsy on the back of the head.

“Merlin wants to see us (Y/n).”

“Alight. I’ll be there in a minute!” You yelled and ran off to change out of your workout clothes. It didn’t take that long, but you were curious as to why Merlin wanted to see you and Eggsy of all people. Making your way to Merlin’s office, you heard snickering coming from the other recruits. One look and the all stopped and walked away.

“Thank you Ms. (L/n) for joining us. I know that you’re only a trainee, but we need female agent for this mission and currently Agents Lancelot and Guinevere are already preoccupied.

“Why do you need a female agent?”

“You and Galahad will be attending a gala in three days to prevent nuclear codes from getting into the wrong hands.”  Merlin droned on with the details of the mission and then the two of you were dismissed and ordered to train and get to know each other. So for the second time today, you changed into your workout clothes. By the time you made it back to the training room, Eggsy was already there. His back was facing you and he noticed your presence almost instantly. The two of you sparred for an hour then went your separate ways to change. You planned on meeting him in the lounge so you could talk with him, and get to know him.

“Where do you want to start?” You asked Eggsy as you sat by him on the couch. He looked blankly at you and when it started to get a little creepy, he grinned at you. From there Eggsy started to tell you about him, and you found out that you both had a younger sister, and that you both came from shit homes. This was the routine until the start of the mission. Wake up, eat, train, talk, sleep. Now it was the day of the mission and you were trying not to freak out. You and Eggsy boarded the jet, since it was pretty far away, and that’s when you began thinking. What if I mess up? What would happen if I did? Would I be kicked out? What would Eggsy do? He would probably hate me, and Rachel will murder me. Shit, what have I gotten myself into. You didn’t hear Eggsy as he was practically screaming your name for the last couple minutes. He gently shook your shoulder as a way to jar you from your thoughts.

“It’s going to be alright sweetheart.” He said as your eyes showed how panicked you were. Eggsy placed a hand on your shoulder as the plane landed and the two of you made your way to the gala. Taking a deep breath, you pushed out the bad thoughts and started the mission. It took a couple hours, but you and Eggsy finished it without a hitch. Once you reached the plane, you fell into the nearest seat and relaxed. “See it wasn’t so bad.”

“Yeah, even though there were these old perverts grabbing my ass half the time.” You replied. Eggsy’s jaw dropped as he stared at you.

“What were their names. Do I need to teach them how to respect a lady?” Eggsy growled which sent a shiver down your spine. His eyes bore into you even more as you took too long to reply in his book.

“I..I..” You stuttered trying to contain your flustered state. He leaned in, your lips only a centimeter apart.

“They shouldn’t be touching what’s mine.” He whispered as he pressed his lips against yours in a heated and loving kiss. You wanted to yell at him for calling you his, but that thought was long gone at this point.

“You’re right.” You said as the two of you separated for air, and after this statement, Eggsy slammed his lips against yours desperately.

“How about I show you that you’re mine?” He suggested as the two of you started ripping each other’s clothes off.

“We’ll be-NOT ON THE FUCKING PLANE EGGSY. Couldn’t you keep it in your pants?” Merlin said as he discovered the two of you catching your breath after round three.

“Sorry Merlin.” You said.

“I know you’re sorry Ms. (L/n), but you Galahad. Get some clothes on you two, debriefing in ten. Make yourselves look decent.” Merlin headed back to the cockpit and Eggsy’s hand covered yours as you went to put your clothes back on.


“We still have time.” Eggsy said.

“Eggsy, we have ten minutes. That’s not going to be enough time to cover up all these marks and fix my hair.”

“Come on love.”

“Plus I don’t think you could get me off quick enough.” You said.

“Challenge accepted.”

Okay but where are my dad!Harry fics where he adopts a young Eggsy and has to be a super spy while taking care of a seven-year old kid at the same time

Jimin scenario to fighting with you and breaking up.

(Credits to gif owners) 

So I really don’t know why but writing for chimchim is soo hard, it’s always chimmy maybe it’s cause he’s such a tiny little puppy. I don’t wanna hurt his ass, but I have to write this so here goes nothing. Anyways enjoy~~~ 

Originally posted by mvssmedia

 You always seemed to find a way to twist things, somehow you always made him feel bad, honestly you were never the jealous type before you started to date jimin. He was perfect, even his flaws were loved by many, but you, you compared to him was nothing, so it was inevitable that a situation like this would occur. You were happily having dinner with your boyfriend, you knew how much he still had feelings for his ex, it was the classic love story, a boy falls in love with a girl who only wants him for his fame, and then when she was done, she broke him to millions of pieces and that’s where you picked him back up, you knew the reason he only said yes was because he needed a rebound, with that feeling still in mind, when he broke into a giant smile at the sight of his ex, it made you sick to your stomach.

You had been sitting there for the past 4 hours, listening to them reminisce about their past, and how happy they used to be, you tried so hard to ignore the feeling of hurt, after the 2 hour mark, you didn’t even exist to them, you took your mind off of them and scrolled through your phone, your best friend wanted to see you, he was in korea, you lit up with a smile, “Hey chim, I have to go, my friends in korea, I’ll catch you later” He just sat there and nodded, not sparing you a single glance, while his ex just smirked at you, as if to say ‘he’s still all over me’ 

 You ran as fast as you could toward your best friend, “KIM JOON!” You yelled his name, with a bright smile on your face, you ran up and hugged him, “Hey, y/n I can’t breath, let go dude, I’ve missed you too” 

“Oh sorry, it’s been so long since I’ve last seen you” You walked to a nearby cafe, while he told you about his boyfriend, and how the two of them would be getting married soon. 

“So, hows jimin?” Your friend questioned, reminding you of the past few hours, you frowned for a split second, and then smiled “He’s doing great, I think” your friend raised his eyebrows in question. “What do you mean you think, weren’t you dating him?” You looked down, not knowing what to say or do, a few sheds of tears dropped. “I don’t know honestly, I don’t even feel like his girlfriend anymore, I don’t know what to do” “Shh.. come here” your friend tucked you into a hug, he didn’t know what to do, but all he knew was you had to talk to jimin and sort this out, “Just try talking to him, and if he loves you, he’ll truly care about what you have to say” At that you suddenly stood up, “You know what, your right, we’re dating and I can’t be afraid to speak to him, thanks joon” 

 You beamed him a smile and walked to your shared apartment, you waited and waited, it seemed so long, but at last at 5 in the morning he decided to show up. “Jimin? God your home so late” you looked at him worried, you walked closer to him, the stench of the alcohol was coming through the roof, 

“Jesus, jimin how much did you drink?” He didn’t answer, you followed him to your shared bedroom,

 “Jimin, can we talk?”

 “Not right now, I’m tired” You grabbed his arms, determined to talk to him today, “Jimin,” he shoved you off, 

 “I said not now, what do you not get about not now” You closed your eyes and nodded, maybe after he washes. It took him 30 minuets to wash up and come out, 

 “Jimin, can we talk now?”

 “Gosh, y/n your so naggy today, what do you want?” You looked at him, in disbelief,

 “Is trying to talk to my boyfriend that bad?”

 “Do you want to know what I liked about dating yuna, she was never this needy and naggy, she was never this noisy” You looked at him, now sure that you were just his rebound, no, now you knew for sure that you meant nothing to him, when he said yes, it was just to fill his void and empty yours. 

 “Jimin, I…I just wanted to talk, and now all the questions I had in mind, I’ve found the answers to, I won’t bother you anymore” He still didn’t know what you were talking about until he saw your tear filled eyes, 

 “Oh come on babe, don’t cry, come here” he stood to hug you, you took a step back each time he came close to you, 

 “Don’t touch me, what do I even mean to you? I’m nothing but a rebound, nothing”

“Y/n that’s not what I meant, please I’m sorry” 

“Jimin…. let’s stop, I won’t bother you anymore, and you can go back to the yuna that you love so much” 

“What’s that supposed to mean, you know me and her ended ages ago”

“Well it surely didn’t seem like it, jimin, you can’t keep me trapped when you still have feelings for her, it’s not fair on me” You shoved past him, grabbing your jacket and your car keys and bag, you walked out of the house, you drove for almost an hour, reaching the airport, you quickly texted your best friend.

“Joon….. I’ll see you back in england, I can’t do this anymore. See you soon” “Y/n? What happened” You didn’t respond, you brought a ticket, and waited, anything to get over him, anything would do. It had been almost 2 years since you left jimins life forever, the day he received a call from best friend to say you had told him something really stupid, he was afraid. 

2 years prior~ 

“Hey, this is y/n’s friend joon, I just received a text from y/n saying something about seeing me in england, did something happen between the two of you?” 

“We had a little fight, she said she was gonna take the plane to England right? Do you know which airport?” 

“Well y/n only knows the incheon airport, so she’s probably there” 

“I’ll go find her, don’t worry too much, I’ll make sure she’s okay” 

“Alright tell me how it goes,” Before you got on the plane, it didn’t feel right, your friend probably already told jimin knowing him, so you decided to just leave the ticket and your car, but instead take the bus down to busan, when he arrived at the airport it was more crowded than usual, that’s when he saw the big screen that announced a plane crash, that’s when he could hear all the cries and all the screams from relatives of the people on the plane, he screen read 

 ~all families of passengers that took the 6:30 plane heading towards England, London, there was a sudden storm, that caused the whole plane to crash into the sea, we are sorry to announce that all the names of the passengers on screen, have passed away.~ 

He read it over and over again, grabbed a guard and questioned them, he searched for your name, and it was on there, his heart sank, the last memory of you was how lonely you looked and how he made you cry. 

End of flashback~ 

Of course you saw the news but you didn’t tell anyone, apart from your family, even your best friend still believed you passed away, you heard from your mother that he was married and they were thinking about adopting kids, you stayed hidden, needing time to heal and forget, in that time, you worked on singing, by now in busan you were known for singing, you heard that big hit was recruiting, feeling like you needed to now come forward and tell everyone the truth, you went for the audition, When you got to the venue, hundreds and thousands perhaps millions of girls and guys with the same dream as you stood outside, you were auditioning for a new unisex group of 4 people, there was a very slim to no chance of getting through, but you kept hoping. When it got to your turn, you sang stigma, stigma was your favorite song, it got you through the toughest times, and then danced to the ark the light, you thought dancing to a bts song would be too classic and decided on the second best, (btw I love the arks the light, I’m so sad they disbanded anyways continuing with the story) they seemed a little startled, you knew you were probably one of the only ones that didn’t dance to bts. 

“Do you know how to dance to our top artist bts? “ 

“Yes” you said proudly 

“Then why did you choose this song to dance to?” 

“Because I knew everyone else would dance to bts, and I thought you wanted someone that was more unique, and I like this song a lot” They all nodded their head in approval, you knew even before they called you, that you were getting signed. 

 “Miss Y/L/N you have automatically passed all of our auditions, you will be the first female for our group hope, congratulations” 

“Really!” You exclaimed, 

“thank you so much” 

“You’ll have to be here by 10 am today, and make sure you bring your passport and things” 

“Okay thank you” You showed up infront of the company building, you walked into a room of all the producers and people with a hidden importance. You signed the contract and you would start training with the other members in a weeks time, you would share a whole home with them starting in 4 days. 

 Time skip~ 

You had settled in, and your group members were amazing, they all loved you and you loved them, it was inevitable soon you would run into bts, you were practicing your debut choreography, when your dance instructor came in and said 

“So, your sunbaes, bts will be visiting today, just to say hello and get used to the new family, is that okay?” You all said in unison 

“Yes” except you, you knew that they all knew you, and they all be very upset at you. Sure enough as soon as they walked in they all looked at everyone and then you and almost chocked to death, 

 “Y/n? Is that you? Wtf we thought jimin said you passed away?” Exclaimed Hoseok They all looked at you questioningly, Just then jimin walks in, he looked so bad, like he hadn’t seen daylight in the past 2 years, your heart started to clench around itself, he looked up at you and teared up, he slowly walked towards you 

“Y/n? Are you y/n?” You looked up at him, slightly pushing him off of you, you stepped back towards the rest of your members You nudged them to say their hellos, so you didn’t have to explain to them about what happened, Jimin stares at you, and so did everyone, so you had no choice but to explain.

“Do you have any idea, how much I’ve resented myself, how much I’ve hated myself, for loosing you” You looked down 

“No, I don’t, you didn’t care when I was alive, so I didn’t see why you would when I’m gone” 

“Y/n….. i was drunk” 

“You were drunk and not in love, stop trying to make yourself the victim, we ended things, I didn’t have to tell you anything” 

“Can you guys leave the two of us for a bit, I have personal things to talk about”

“No it’s fine, don’t leave us, we need to practice anyways, sorry jimin, our debut stage is near, I can’t loose anymore time” With that you stood up, with your members right behind you, you started the music and joined with the rest of your group, this choreography had a lot of touching, jimin standing there dumbfounded, wondering when you got so good at dancing, and why you were so close with the guys, he waited for you, he was going to wait his whole life for you, waiting a few hours was nothing 

“Okay let’s take a break” the leader said, You went to grab water, but jimin already had you covered, wiping your sweat away, 

“You dance better than I do” You looked at him, 

“Thank you…… jimin why are you still here? You should go and practice with bts, you guys have a comeback don’t you?” 

He sighed. 

“Did you know, that today would’ve been your 2 year anniversary, this morning i woke up, from a dream, of when you still smiled with me, when you were still there next to me, I hated myself for not going after you that morning, I’ve had countless nightmares, where I relive the moment I saw your name on that screen, and is it that bad of me to want to be by your side when I see you right here, when the past 2 years seemed like hell, but your here now, I’m still not sure if this is a dream or not, I’ve begged to wake from this nightmare for 2 years, am I that bad, for wanting to be with you, just for a bit?” 

“Im not saying your bad, I’m just telling you to go back, to go back to when you didn’t care, I’m not used to this, chim, I mean jimin oppa, please, I’m trying to forget the past, I’m trying to forget you, can’t you just pretend I’m not here” 

His eyebrows scrunched up, you hated when he did that, it created wrinkles and you knew how much he cared about that, and as you travelled down his face, he was crying, you looked at him shocked. 

“Y/n, you don’t need to love me, that’s not what I want, I’m just so happy, that your still alive, please don’t tell me to think that your dead again, I can’t, I won’t, Not this time, I won’t last, I just really missed you, the amount of nights I’d cry into anything that indicated that you were once next to me, I just, can’t we go back to what we were before, how you’d Just cradle me and how you’d whisper random things anything, any random thing, that would make me smile” 

There were now tears in your eyes, remembering the times that he made you so truly happy, the times he’d smile, you thought to yourself 

‘why are we like this? What made us part so much?’ You stepped closer to him, you hugged him, and whispered 

“I’m sorry”. 

Even now, many months later, he still had nightmares, of you not being there, he would wake up, panting, crying, screaming sometimes, and if you weren’t next to him in bed, it was so bad, he would search the house frantically for you, 

 “Jesus, jimin you scared me” you turned around worried. 

 “What’s wrong, did you have that nightmare again?” 

“Please tell me your here, tell me your still here, tell me your not just my imagination” You removed the hair that was sticking onto his forehead, you caressed his cheeks, and moved your thumb side to side to clear his cheeks of tears. 

 “I’m still here, and I’m not your imagination” He would pull you into a hug or more like a protective stance to reassure him that your actually there. 

“Don’t leave me, I was so lonely, I didn’t have anyone to comfort me like you do, please I’ll be better, I won’t ever let you feel lonely, ever again” 


you sighed into his neck, you took his hands and led him back to bed, so he could peacefully sleep in the embrace, when his breathing become slow and steady you whispered. 

“I love you, have sweet dreams my prince” 

 So this is a first, leaving the ending speech to the reader, I personally really like this one and Hoseok’s one, hope you enjoyed it just as much as I did And request away~~~ Byeeee.

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Little One - Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Originally posted by namelessmasha

Words: 1891
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Warnings: fighting?
Requested by anon.
Could you write one where the reader is the youngest of the avengers, so they treat the reader like their baby sibling. They get especially protective when Pietro pops up and starts showing interest in the reader ??
A/n: I really love this request, just, it’d be so cool. Honestly though, just protective Tony and Thor, I love it.

You were sitting on your bed reading your favorite book, minding your own business. Nothing was really going on that involved your help. You’re sure that there was probably some meeting going on in the facility, you just weren’t needed. So you had time to yourself, like you do everyday.

Sometimes you don’t get told when part of the team is going on a mission. They sometimes don’t want you to go out in fear that you’ll be hurt. Which you always reply with “Have you even seen my abilities?” And you usually get the reply of “You’ve barely even grown into them!”

One of the biggest cons of being the youngest- at merely almost twenty years old.

From time to time, being the youngest of the avengers- at nineteen- really rocked. You got what you wanted and were able to do whatever the hell you felt like. You were treated as the little sibling everyone loved and it was hard to get mad at you- even if you did cause trouble from time to time. But sometimes, it really sucked. You’d be called the ‘little one’ even though, you were turning twenty in less than a month. But no matter how old you are, you’ll always be the youngest of the group.

You were brought out of your daydreams when you heard someone outside of your room. “What is in there?” Was heard. What a weird accent.

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I’ve Waited My Whole Life (1)

Request: “Could you do a Bucky soulmate story? Like the au with the countdown to the moment you meet your soulmate, but Bucky doesn’t have it because his arm is gone so the reader freaks out a little bit. But it’s all ok in the end. Like super fluffy fluff… maybe leads to smut, whatever you’re feeling.”

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (Eventual)

Word Count: 3495

A/N: So I was going to wait a little longer to post this but I promised you two fics this week so I am going to give you two. This will probably only have two or three parts, so it’s not going to be super long, but I’m excited for you to read it. I am also almost done with the next part of Never Forget You, so there’s that to look forward to too. I love you guys and I hope you enjoy! (P.S. I’m just going to tag the people on my marvel series lists, so let me know if you don’t want to)

Warnings: Lots of fluff, a little bit of angst, fighting, violence

Tags: @seargantbcky, @lust-for-pan, @38leticia, @barnes-and-noble-girl, @karipaleta, @capandbuck, @camillechan, @findacauseandserveit, @audasia25, @kendallefire, @alicerozenju, @snuggleducky, @thisisthelilith

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November 1943


The numbers never changed. In the twenty-six years and eight months that I had been alive, the numbers never changed. I thought that something was wrong for a long time, but as I got older I just kind of gave up. Especially when I entered the war.

But here I was, strapped down to table, a POW, a victim to Zola’s experiments, and all I could think about were these dumb numbers on my arm.

Where ever I was, something was happening. There was a lot of noise coming from outside but I couldn’t really concentrate on anything. I tried calling out to someone but I didn’t really have the strength to make it any louder than a murmur.

Then Zola came back into the room, grabbing whatever he could off his desk before he ran out again. I was asking him to let me go, but I don’t think he heard me.

At that point I just expected that this was it, you know, the place sounded like it was under fire and I was strapped down to a table somewhere in a building far away from the other POWs. Not to mention that everyone probably thought we were dead. But boy was I wrong.

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Orders (Shiro x Reader)

Summary: You are the best navigator the Garrison Galaxy has. Shiro has a very important test coming up and recruits you. You have a major crush on the boy.

Warnings: this was supposed to be smut but oh it turned out AS MAJOR FLUFF

Note: this is my first Shiro oneshot, so, criticism is wanted.

You sat by yourself, flying over the pages of your astrophysics school book. Constellations was the topic at the moment and you loved it. It had always been the thing you were most interested in. Stars and how they told you where you were.
You knew the name of almost every star on the night sky and needed two seconds to find out your location.

You had dived deep into the star map as you suddenly felt a body towering over you. You slowly looked up and your heart skipped a beat or two.
It was Shiro.
He was the best at the Garrison. A natural leader and damn was he good looking. You were glad he was a year above you, though, because how could one concentrate with him around.

Should you call him Shiro? You weren’t his friend it would be awkward, but on the other hand no one ever said Takashi. A simple hey would do the job.

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Off Limits ~ Peter Parker

Word count: 3,171

Relationship: Peter x female!reader

Warnings: fluff, swearing, small panic attack.

For some reason, Peter managed to do everything Tony Stark told him not to do. That included staying away from daughter, but Peter was intrigued by the girl he couldn’t stay away. There was a beautiful light to her that made Peter feel a way that he had never felt with anyone else. The way her skin glowed in the sun, how her smile would light up the room, made Peter forget that Tony clearly stated his daughter was off limits, but Tony was asking for it when he practically assigned his daughter to babysit Peter in Germany, and then at his high school after that.

“Peter, there is some girl here who says she needs to speak to you” Aunt May called out, startling Peter who had no plans with anyone, especially not a girl. He sprung up from his bed to find a familiar face in the room. Not someone he knew personally, the daughter of a man he had admired since age six.

“Hi, I’m Y/N Stark” she stammered shyly. She stood with her arms behind her back, she was rocking back and forth on her heels and she was looked down. Peter would have thought she would have been much more confident, but she reeked of anxiety.

“P-peter Parker” He replied probably sounding just as nervous as her. His palms were sweating, heart, pounding, legs practically shaking.

“Could we talk in your room?” she asked quietly looking up, giving Peter a kind warm smile that made his heart melt.

“Uh- yeah sure” he stumbled, then led the way to his room. He opened the door for her, a quiet ‘thanks’ left her lifts as she walked towards the bed, slowly sitting down. “So, is there a reason you came,” he asked, “Not that I care or anything, you’re amazing”, he rambled, his cheeks going bright red along with hers. She smiled at him and then quickly looked down. They stood there in silence. “Wait, how do you even know who I am” he pressed breaking the awkward silence between.

“Um, well, my dad, he, um needs help with something, and he asked me to come recruit you because he’s recruiting someone else”, she stammered, still gazing down at her feet.

“Recruit me for what” he puzzled, an excitement coursing through his veins at the thought of Tony Stark wanting his help.

“I know you’re Spider-man” she blurted, standing up and hitting the part of the ceiling where Peter hid his suit quickly covering her mouth. He leaped to cover the suit trying to deny the accusation she just blurted out.

“What, I-I’m not Spider-”

“Cut the crap Peter, I had one of my dad’s robots follow you home last night, well I mean follow Spider-man, but anyways my dad needs your help in Germany, and he told me to come get you on board” she interrupted walking towards him.

“Germany”! He squeaked, burying his face in his hands. “I can’t just leave out of the blue, I have school and homework”

“Please Peter” she begged grabbing his hands. “I can do your homework, and we can tell your Aunt that you have something called a Stark internship that you applied for, my dad really needs your help.

“Okay, okay” Peter agreed, compelling her to smile. A smile that captivated Peter, which made him stare probably way longer than he should. She released his hands and walked towards his door.

“I know this is super short notice, but we have to leave in the next 15 minutes” she started walking out the door. After the girl had exited his room. He quickly grabbed his clothing and shoved it into a duffel bag, the adrenaline pumping through his veins. The thought of adventure making his head spin, thinking of the miles of possibilities working with Tony Stark could give him. The brightest light at the end of the tunnel was becoming an avenger. Something he had dreamed of since they saved New York. He had never been so overjoyed in his life, This had been the first time since his Uncle Ben died, that he had actually felt the warmth of true happiness. He cut out of his thoughts when he heard a knock on the door causing him to jump up, from the sudden noise.

“Peter how long does it take you to pack” She teased.

“Sorry I got distracted” he laughed, lifting his duffle bag, running to the door. He bursted out the door, but everything went in slow motion when he saw Y/N laughing at something May had said to her. She obviously had warmed up, and stopped being as anxious as she was when she first walked in. The sight of her laughing made Peter’s heart skip a beat. He couldn’t comprehend why, because he had just met her. She turned her head, and gave him a wide smile gesturing her hands to follow her out the door. She left the apartment to allow Peter to say goodbye to his Aunt. After giving his Aunt a heartfelt hug he left the room following Y/N to the elevator. Both Peter and Y/N went for the elevator button touching hands. Peter felt the places of skin she touched light on fire. Y/N quickly pulled her hand out of the way, the blood rising to her cheeks making them the color of the rose. Peters doing the exact same. The elevator door ringed, and the quickly made their way into the elevator.

“Sooo, why do you do what you do,” she asked breaking the silence. He tilted his head, and have her a confused look.

“I mean you’re 15 years old, why do you choose to be a hero, I mean it’s incredible what you’re doing at such a young age” she clarified, looking into his eyes with a curious look, clearly amazed at the fact this boy managed school, a social life, and saving the city as freshman in high school.

“When you can do the things that I can do, and you don’t, and the bad things happen they happen because of you” explained fiddling with his hands. His thoughts trailing to his Uncle Ben who had been killed by a robber. He had had a fight with his Uncle, and left the house in rage. His Uncle had went out searching for him, and had been ambushed, and even with the things Peter could do, he couldn’t save his Uncle. The man who was practically his father. He felt tears sting his eyes, but he quickly blinked them away.

“You lost someone” she whispered, he looked up at her, eyes glossy. She didn’t need him to answer because she knew. “I’ve lost someone too”. She breathed, reaching out to grab his hand. They sat there gazing into each others eyes until the elevator reached the ground floor. Happy was at the bottom level, and she quickly released Peter’s hand and dusted off her leggings.

“Alright, hope you don’t get air sick” she smiled clapping her hands together. They walked out of the apartment building to the car parked at the side of the road. Happy opened the door for both of them. This was the most expensive car Peter has ever stepped into, to be honest he was freaking out. He took a deep breath as he applied his seat belt.

“You good Parker,” she asked giving him a concerning look.

“Yeah this is just a lot to take in, and I don’t even know what I’m doing for this, and I’m just ner-”

“Hey, don’t be nervous, you’re going to be fine, you are the bravest 15-year-old I’ve ever know, and I’ve only known you for hour” she interrupted giving me a warm smile, then turned her head to look out the window. Peter looked forward at the opening that revealed a not so happy, Happy Hogan.

“So why do they call you Happy”? Peter asked curiously, but Happy just rolled up the window making Y/N giggle.

“His name may be Happy, but he’s rarely happy” she chuckled looking back out the window. For the rest of the car ride the two of them kept their eyes out the window until they arrived at the airport. The car pulled up on the runway revealing the private jet. Peter had never been on a plane, nor had he ever left New York. Peter and Y/N followed Happy to the jet, he gestured his hands, signalling the two to get on first. Peter stepped onto the jet, his heart racing, he looked to the cockpit to see no pilot.

“Woah no pilot” he asked, looking to Happy who rolled his eyes at the boy. Y/N sat down at a seat on the back of the jet, Happy took the front. Peter rushed to the back taking a seat next to Y/N who was laughing at how thrilled the boy was. His goofy smile made her feel butterflies.

“Have you ever been on a jet”, she giggled, applying her seat belt.

“No, I’ve never even been out of New York” he exclaimed, probably too loud, because Happy glared back causing Y/N to burst out laughing. “What”? He asked confused at what was so funny to her.

“You are just so excited, it’s kinda adorable” she laughed leaning back in her chair, as the jet began to take off. Peter gripped the armrests of the chair, his face going from goofy to nervous as anxiety washed over. Y/N must have noticed because she grabbed his hand.

“Don’t worry everything is going to be fine” she cooed, giving a small smile, and then closed her eyes, but she didn’t release his hand. “You should try to get some sleep, It’s going to be a long plane ride” she added. Peters brain was buzzing from the high he was getting from the adrenaline pumping through his veins with the all the new things he was doing and was going to do, but he closed his eyes knowing he needed to get some sleep. He was beginning to feel sleep overcome his body until he felt a weight on his shoulder. His eyes fluttered open to see the girl next to him cuddling into his shoulder. His breath hitched, as he looked down at the beautiful sleeping girl who was using him as a pillow. He smiled and closed his eyes sleep finally washing over his body.


Y/Ns eyes slowly fluttered open attempting to adjust to the lighting on the jet. She rubbed her eyes, and then stretched out her arms. She felt a kink in neck that she had most likely gotten from sleeping funny. She tilted her head to the side rubbing on the irritated area.

“Landing in 5 minutes” Happy yelled, waking up Peter who practically jumped out of his seat.

“Morning sunshine” she giggled, as Peter groaned slouching into his seat.

Once the plane had landed Y/N quickly got up running to the exit, and off the plane. She ran to her father who was waiting for her outside of the plane and engulfed him into a huge hug which Tony gladly accepted.

“Hey there squirt” he marveled hugging his beloved daughter. His daughter detached from the hug running over to Natasha to give Tony time to discuss the plan with Peter. Peter took the car with Happy and Tony, and Y/N went with Nat who drove her own car. Nat took Y/N around Germany since she had never been there. Tony did the same with Peter, but it was more of them discussing, and making sure Peter knew exactly what he was doing.

Later In the day, they met back at the hotel to get ready for the fight against Cap. Y/N led Peter to his room and told him to get his suit on. Once she went out the door, Peter quickly put on his suit and walked out the door.

“Peter, what the hell are you wearing” she squeaked, eyeing up his homemade suit.

“My suit” he questioned confused at why she was asking. She quickly gripped his hand, dragging him back into the room, going through a door he thought was a closet.

“Woah, I thought this was a closet, this is still my room,” he asked, but she ignored the question.

“The case Peter open it, and hurry up” she whined walking towards the door he thought to be a closet.

“A minor upgrade” He questioned, reading the note on top of the case. He opened the case to reveal a brand new suit. “Holy shit, this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen” He squealed, releasing the suit from the case, he stripped from his old suit, putting on the new one as quickly as he possibly could. He was ready to impress Tony Stark, and he knew he could do it. He made his way out the door, to find Y/N pacing.

“Okay that’s so much better” she sighed in relief. “Now let’s go Happy is waiting in the car”.

The two kids rushed down the stairs and practically sprinted to through the lobby getting the odd stares from the people at the check in counter. Happy was waiting outside looking down at his watch.

“Finally, how does it take to put on a suit” he sassed crossing his arms to his chest

“Okay, it’s not my fault he didn’t know my dad made him a new suit” she retorted, glaring at Happy, because of his tone.

“Alright kid let’s go” Happy yelled breaking the silence. Happy walked to the driver’s seat and got in. Peter began to walk to the door, but Y/N stopped him.

“Please be careful Peter, these people have much more training in combat, and some of them will be stronger, just don’t get yourself involved in anything you can’t win, please” she begged looking up at him with glossy eyes.

“Hey, look I’m going to be okay” he assured grabbing her hand. He gave her a warm smile, unlike the goofy one she had received since she met him. He began to walk away, and held her hand until it slipped away when he got to far away from her. Y/N felt a tear fall from her eye, which she quickly wiped away. She had only known this boy for 24 hours, why did she feel so attached. She watched as the car down away, and she stood there frozen to the ground. Her body tense. She attempted to calm herself down, but her dad, and a boy she had became very fond of could get severely injured, or worse. She slowly made her way towards her room, taking deep breaths as the elevator, began to move. Once the elevator reached it stop, she couldn’t hold in her tears, or her feelings. Most of the time Y/N was good at keeping her feelings to herself, but the stress of this was too much. She sprinted to her room, and attempted to slide the key in, but her hands were to shaky. After multiple attempts she gave up, sliding her back down the door, burying her face in her hands as she sobbed. She trusted her father and Peter, but anything could go wrong. She felt her chest tighten at the thought of any horrible outcome. Anyone from either side dying would be detrimental to her. She was so close with every member of the team, and truthfully they were her only friends. After her small panic attack, she was able to catch her breath, and get into her room. She flopped down on the bed looking at the ceiling. Exhaustion hitting her like a train. As much as she wanted to stay up, her body fought it, as she fell into a deep sleep.


Her eyes fluttered open to find her dad sitting, and drinking coffee. She blinked a couple of times to make sure she wasn’t imagining it. She scrambled out off her bed, darting to her father, and hugging him as tightly as possible.

“Is everyone okay” she whispered. Feeling tears sting her eyes, as she expected the worst.

“Everyone is fine, but Cap got away,” he said kissing her forehead. She blinked away her tears and ran towards the door.

“I’m going to go see Peter” she shouted as she ran out the door. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her, and practically knocked the door down with how loud she knocked. The door opened to reveal, a just woken up Peter Parker rubbing his eyes. She pounced on him engulfing him in a huge hug. She cuddled her head into his chest feeling the warmth of his body. Peter’s eyes went wide open, trying to process what was happening, but once he figured it out, he wrapped his arms around her waist snuggling into the hug. Once they pulled apart Y/N noticed the bruise forming around his eye. She lightly touched it causing him to wince at the contact.

“Peter are you okay” she exclaimed clearly worried.

“Yes Y/N, I’m absolutely fine” he assured, pulling her into his room.

“But you have a blac-”

“I’m okay” he interrupted in a soft voice. He put his hands on her shoulders making her feel better. “Do you want to do something fun?” he asked out of the blue.

“Well, that depends” she smirked.

“How about you just take a chance, and say yes” he suggested.

“You’re lucky because, I’m in the mood for an adventure Parker” she giggled walking towards him, as he was opening up the window.

“So that’s a yes” he questioned, and she nodded his head. “Then hold on,” he said grasping her waist and pulling her out the window. She squealed wrapped her arms around Peter as he climbed up the side of the building until they reached the top. He let go of her setting her safely on the roof. He walked over the edge of the building and sat down at the on the ledge putting his legs over.

“Are you coming?” he asked gesturing for her to come over.

“I’m kind of scared of heights” she laughed nervously.

“And I won’t drop you” he replied

“Okay fine, but no games Parker” she murmured, walking towards the ledge her legs shaking. He helped her over, and she wrapped her arms around him scared to fall. He gripped her waist pulling her closer to him.

“Just breathe, Y/N” he whispered. She took a deep breath and started to admire the view from the top of the building. She felt her body relax in his arms, and the anxiety she had been feeling the past 2 days had started to fade away, as she was held in the arms of a boy she knew for sure was going to steal her heart.  

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How about a game SonAmy plot where she feels (or Sonic gets annoyed) that he doesn't want her around. And although she doesn't avoid him, she stops looking to spend time with him and only shows up to battles and meet ups with general politeness and giving him some space. All of this starts to drive Sonic nuts on the inside realizing now that he misses and wants her hugs and affection

I… this is my guilty pleasure. Because deep inside me, I know how Sonic would react, and it would mean so much for Sonic Games to show this kind of relationship between the two. It doesn’t have to be super intense or anything, but just to show that Sonic really isn’t as annoyed with her as everyone supposes his actions to mean.

I love, love, LOVE these plots. I daydream about them CONSTANTLY. They are my go-to for anything Sonamy when I want to just space-out and smile~ (Some see that as creepy, but if they only knew the wonderful scene before me, they would leave me in peace without judgment. A.K.A My friends make fun of me for this T-T) But it truly does reveal a deeper friendship between the two, and opens up a new dimension to Amy too, showing she has awareness that Sonic gets out-winded by her over-energetic nature sometimes. It also shows how much she wants him to be comfortable and happy, more so than over her own happiness, which is only shown briefly in some games.

Okay, enough ranting about this AMAZING Anon request! I’ve been super pumped to write it for a long time now. And now, I CAN! ://DDDDDc

((x)  Preview Images were used with previous permission by artist, please support her as well!- If you have art or have friends with artistic talents that would be fine with me using their art as preview images with appropriate credit links, please let me know!)

World: Sonic Forces (as far as we know about it. lol)

Writing Style: A mixture of Modern!Sonic with Japanese!Sonic portrayals. So mostly canon writing, dipping slightly into AU standards, respectfully. (Towards the end is the AU icing on the cake. If I didn’t throw it in there, I don’t think you guys would be satisfied xP Everyone likes a happy ending.)

Couple: Sonamy (SonicxAmy)


As the Rookie cheered, Amy happily jumped in the air with her fist skyward, glad that the new recruit had learned something from her.

“That was great-!” She began to approach him before a familiar sound-effect of spinning crossed her ears and she wearily bent her own, looking out to the right, behind them.

She suddenly sunk down, backing away, and seemed uncomfortably timid.

She gave a sorrowful look of shame to the Rookie, before dipping her head and quickly sneaking off away from him.

Sonic’s blue, glowing ball of light bounced happily down the wavy road that resembled tall hilltops from their slanted position.

He would appear and disappear in them, before uncurling quickly to land on his feet and do one last roll till cheerily waving to the new recruit.

“Hey, Partner! Thought I’d find you-…”


His thoughts trailed off as he turned his head to see his friend retreating quickly with hurried steps, clumping along the ground until finally…

Out of sight.

He only watched her a moment, before looking to the recruit, and giving him a shrug. “Guess she didn’t have the time.” He fibbed, showing full well within his guilty slant on his eyebrows that he was hiding something.

The recruit had heard rumors about Amy’s over-exuberance when it came to her open affections for Sonic, but…

This isn’t what he expected.

“Eh-heh.” Sonic motioned his eyes to the corner of his vision, suddenly turning awkward by Amy’s clear avoidance of him. Nervously, hoping to get off the subject, Sonic leaned to one leg and tapped the other, scratching his nose to demonstrate his own avoidance on the subject. “I’ll… have to deal with that later…” he admitted, but nothing more was said as he shook himself out of his previous stance and encouraged the young recruit on.

“Come on! I heard Amy was leading you to some cool factory operation!” he raced ahead after a pat on the back, but the recruit had grown fond of Amy…

He turned to glance back at where she had run off too, and looking back to see the still soldier, Sonic slowed down his pace.

Coming to a full stop, he looked once again worried and guilty, before gazing to his shiny but scrapped up shoe a moment.

“…Hey, don’t sweat it alright?”

He suddenly jolted and turned to Sonic.

With a look of absolute surrender, Sonic closed his eyes and leaned his head up from looking down at his extended and raised foot.

It flopped with a pat to the dusty ground…

“…Even friends have their fallouts… sometimes.” he gently opened his eyes, and a profound tenderness of sorrow appeared in his eyes for a moment. “I would talk to her myself, but she’s been avoiding me lately… don’t tell anyone about this… But if you could look after her until then…” He suddenly looked away, as if asking for help like this was uncomfortably humbling for him.

“…Could you do that for me? At least… be there for her. Until I can get the time to do it myself.”

What exactly was he asking? Look out for Amy till he could talk to her personally?

Either way, the Rookie could tell this was something he couldn’t ask easily, so he nodded, smiling gently in a promise that he would do his best to figure out what he could do for Sonic.

And what was possible for Amy…

Sonic barely looked behind his shoulder, but just nodded with a smile. “Thanks…” He then looked ahead in silence for a moment… it was almost painful to watch.

The fastest man in the world… stopping to hold himself back from running after a clear conundrum that was aching at his heart.

But without another pause to wait upon, Sonic spoke up again, his head only slightly rising.

“Let’s get going… Partner.”

He then turned around with an exquisite smile, “Well, come on! Eggman’s factory isn’t going to explode itself!”


Amy giddily leaped from her computer chair, shaking in a happy dance at hearing of the victory the Rookie had achieved. “Ohh! Way to go, Rookie! Hehe!” she cheered, before blinking her eyes open to see Sonic laughing, walking into her computer’s frame of vision and slinging an arm around the Recuirt.

Her arms… slowly fell down.

The Recuirt politely smiled with the praise, but also seemed embarrassed at his hero giving him so much credit.

“Job well done, Partner!”

Amy… leaned her head down.

Before softly raising it to a smile.

He was happy… wasn’t he?

She bit her lower lip as it started to tremble.

He was smiling.

After hearing Amy’s communicator go silent, the Rookie curiously took his attention away from Sonic and glanced down at the communicator.

He could only see her face, but it was enough to realize there was something off with her smile… even her poise, graceful and cheery, had somewhat been toned down.

“I’m glad to see you’re all safe…”

Her voice made Sonic’s happy-go-lucky expression blink to one of pleasant surprise, before dipping his head down to the communicator.

“Hey.” he stated, “Did you see that? This new recruit is awesome!”

Amy nodded politely, closing her eyes to tilt her head with a bigger, more restrained smile on her face. “He’s wonderful.”

The realization of her ‘over-politeness’ made Sonic dip his head even further, blinking in confusion.

“Huh? Just great?”

He humorously startled the young recruit as he took his arm and held the camera directly up in front of him.

His face suddenly shown a slightly serious look… but his smile never wavered.

“What’s wrong with you, Amy? What happened to all that gloating praise you used to so enthusiastic give to everyone? Why so stone-cold and bland all of a sudden?”

The Rookie flinched, thinking that awfully direct, before slowly turning his glance back to his wrist’s communicator.

“…Just doing my best… Sonic.” her face sank with a now half-broken smile.

Immediately, Sonic clung to the Rookie’s arm a little tighter at seeing it.

It was just a joke,… Amy.

Don’t take it so hard, Amy! I was just playing with ya!

I was just worried about you, that’s all… you seem different lately…

                      “…You don’t have to try so hard… Amy.

Was that what he should say?

His tone nearly broke the poor Rookie’s heart, realizing how difficult it must be for Sonic to see his friend acting so out of the norm. Even the recruit, himself, noticed… she was just fine around him… but she suddenly put on a strange, overly polite act when Sonic came on the scene.

What happened between those two?

“Talk to ya later?” Sensing the change of mood, Amy tried to kindly smile brightly again, but Sonic wasn’t buying it.

He dropped his head.. and then released the Rookie’s arm.

“I want… to talk to you.

There was a pause.

“We have a meeting coming up soon! See you there~”

He tightened his fist, hearing the false shift of a lighter pitch in her voice.

The communicator turned off, and he strode passed the Rookie, who gazed off after him, concerned for both his mentors and role models.

He frantically looked to his communicator on his red furry arm, then Sonic’s retreating frame.

Sonic’s foot stopped hard on the ground.


The recruit turned sheepishly around, pivoting to him with blank blinks as a reply.

“… The meeting should be fun.”

The Rookie seemed to nod, thinking that it could be fun with everyone there to greet them.

“…She’ll be dying to see me!” He struck a confident look, turning back to lower his head down and close his eyes, smirking. “Did you know? She’s kinda got a thing for me. Hard to miss. She’s nuts about me! Guess you’ll see when we get there!”

The recruit’s face grew grave and crinkled up.

He had heard that.. but was failing to see it so far.

“Ahh.. Guess I have no choice.” Sonic placed two arms over the back of his head, sighing as if composed and grinning wildly up to the sky; almost on the verge of laughter. “We’d better hop to it. Amy’s not one to wait long!”

His whole composure and attitude suddenly… may be a slight overstatement… because what the Recruit didn’t see…

Was a desperate longing to not wait any longer… to see Amy Rose… -to Sonic- meant setting things right again.

As they should be…


Sonic arrived a hero, greeting all his friends who were happy to see the two made it back okay.

Nothing seemed off with Sonic, but the recruit happily hung back from the crowd, calmly scanning every now and then for Amy Rose.

His eyes caught a glimpse of her from a distance and he let a small gasp escape his lips.

She looked as though she was composing herself. One hand hung to her heart, the other clung to a tree as her leg lightly, like a girl’s fairytale, lifted up at trying to look over the crowd and finally seeing her Sonic within it.

The recruit smiled.

Perhaps she still did love him.

Then.. he saw her fix her hair, adjust her dress, and take a deep breath.

She held her hands elegantly in front of herself and walked towards the crowd.

He lowered his eyelids.

Oh yeah… she still was head over heels for him. The rumors must be true, maybe she was crazy for his attention.

Then… why so distant?

She approached as calmly as she could muster, but the Recruit saw her hands trembling, and knew that she must be awfully excited to see him.

Amy’s mouth curved and sank, up and down, swiveling as if to conceal wanting to launch herself through the crowd and embrace him.

When Sonic did notice her, he smiled and singled her out.

Their eyes locked… and the recruit hoped the two would silently make-up for whatever may have gone down between them.

But Amy broke her conflictions, and simply nodded to him, an overly-polite bow that would be more suitable for someone other than a life-long friend, and greeted Sonic’s return with her hands moving excitedly up to her face.

“Welcome back! I hope you’re not too worn-torn and tuckered out from all the fighting, Sonic!”

Sonic’s face, so full of hopeful joy, suddenly relaxed to a look of disappointment.

He faked his expression, and scratched the back of his head, chuckling lightly… he looked at the ground-

Then the Rookie.

With determination at helping his tragically torn-apart idols, the Recruits eyes lit up with a plan of rejoining these kindred spirits in a flame of unified friendship once more!

His fist flew up to the side of his face.

He wouldn’t let them down!

Walking into the control room, the team all shared small talk, then serious tones about how the war was going and how the resistance was holding up before Sonic singled out Amy again.

“Sounds like we’re short on men. Why not stretch your legs out, Amy? It’s been a while since we’ve been in action, right?” He cleverly called her out, punching a hand into his open palm upon the other, and waited as his pleading gaze of a challenge settled upon her face.

She froze a moment, before contemplating and looking at the ground.

“Battling again.. huh?” she placed a finger at the corner of her mouth.

She nodded, before looking to Tails. “I could help out Little Sonic with the next raid!”

The recruit swore he heard the pieces of Sonic’s countenance shatter and break the floor all at once.

He was now purely immobile.

“O-oh? But I don’t think we need any-..” Tails began, before Knuckles worriedly looked to Amy, stepping in.

“Amy… we’ve all been wondering but.. you’ve been sticking to yourself lately. Don’t you want to impress Sonic with your powerful new moves you’ve been working on?! Or win his heart through sheer epic takedown!?” Knuckles punched the air, getting pumped up and then looking to her for confirmation of his assumptions; but Tails just shook his head, looking awkwardly embarrassed on behalf of his friend.

“I don’t think that’s how it works…” Tails lightly spoke out, smiling oddly before Amy stepped out, seeming happy as her eyes closed to shut the windows of her clear -see through- soul out from peering eyes…

“Nope! I wouldn’t want to try and be a distraction for him. Besides! He’s really busy these days. He’d probably be happier alongside the recruit or you guys! I’ll just do my own fighting in the meantime, hehe!”

Another blow to the face.

This time, the recruit slowly creaked his head in sympathy towards his hero, his own face a sheer white cloth; a motionless entity.

He was RIGHT there…

In comradery, the Rookie slightly reached out to Sonic, to somehow lessen the blow of an obvious side-swipe.

Completely shut down,… Sonic finally moved and repositioned himself, looking away.

The pure level of self-restraint was apparent on both Amy and Sonic’s false appearances of everything being alright, and tension grew in the air…

“Why… are you lying?”

The two suddenly turned to see Silver at the base of the door, looking unamused.

“I can feel the pulse of your hearts. You two are making fools of yourselves!” He approached them, looking rather serious, but also seeming full of care in his tone.

“Amy.. you’re never this cruel.”

She looked down, “I.. I’m not being..”

“I wasn’t talking about Sonic,” he admitted, his eyes bending up in added emphasis of his true concern about this situation. “I meant to yourself. To your own heart.”

He gestured out to her, and she suddenly began to break.

She stepped back, examining the floor back and forth…. before gripping her face with her hands, hiding her apparent tears.

I was just trying to do what YOU wanted!

Sonic’s shoulders bounced, but he never looked back.

Amy swished her head, unable to say more it seemed before taking off.

Everyone stared… before Silver turned to Sonic.

“You’re only making things worse by trying to make believe this is all normal. You have to act now, Sonic. …Not only for yourself… but for all of us! This foolishness has kept everyone on pins and needles, afraid to ask and too blind to step in-between. Finish this and make it right, we already have Eggman and Infinite to worry about. Shadow’s still rampant, Zavok’s been spotted terrorizing survivors, Chaos is loose, and Metal Sonic keeps taking down our forces near the capitol! It’s up to you now, Sonic… We need you both focused on the stakes at hand..”

Sonic’s fists were tightened, but other than that, he was motionless, staring at the ground.

Tails, seeing the poor state of his friend, suddenly intervened, “Silver… We can’t place all the blame on Sonic..”

“No. He’s right.” Sonic shook his head free of whatever was clouding his mind and prohibiting his reactions from before.

“I have to own up to it, Tails… Amy’s my responsibility. Our getting along affects everyone. I need to start prioritizing better…”

The group all seemed to silently agree with him, but the recruit’s heart still lingered on wanting to help him… not leave him to do this alone.

he turned his attention to the stairs that led up to the roof, and taking one last double look back to Sonic, he dashed off after her.

Upon the roof, Amy looked over the forsaken, war-torn world around her… mimicking the dry, and ruined state of the realm of her own heart, she covered her face from it’s horrific and gloomy sight, leaning over the edge.

She repeated, “I shouldn’t have said that… I shouldn’t have said that… I shouldn’t have… I…”

The Recruit’s eyes shifted back and forth over the heartbreaking sight.

When she heard his footsteps, she gasped and turned around.

“You scared me!” she exclaimed, before sighing in relief and touching her racing heart. “I thought for a second you were-”

She cut herself off, turning away and trying to be stronger than that.

She looked up at the blackened skies, “You know… he told me once that I try too hard. That I should step away for a minute, give him a break. I thought he meant that it was over, but he laughed and said I took things way too seriously.”

The recruit pressed his lips together, knowing it would be a mortal sin to anthro-kind to interrupt her now.

“…I.. I told myself not to cry. He wasn’t saying forever. He just wanted time. So I thought I was giving him that… but it got harder, you know? Pretending to be so normal… when everything inside me kept begging to not be ignored.”

There was a sudden rush of wind coming from the stairs, and the recruit’s eyes widened as he turned around- Don’t stop her now!

Amy’s voice suddenly broke into a sweet moment of tenderness.

“I will put my whole life on hold… my dreams… my very desire to be with him… if it meant…”

The recruit panicked, seeing Sonic race up the stairs suddenly, he quickly spread himself out and completely blocked him from advancing.

Not yet!

Let her speak!

                                      “-That Sonic could be happy.”

                                             “You think I’m happy…!?”

The recruit couldn’t hold him back now. Sonic moved by him, gesturing out towards Amy in what was apparent annoyance and frustration.

“This whole time, I’ve just been wondered where my friend has gone!” Sonic swiped out his hand across himself, as she seemed a bit fearful and stood up, afraid to approach him.

“But you… you told me too.” Amy’s face was full of confusion, innocent to the very roots of her confession.

Sonic suddenly shook his head, absolutely losing all will to stay mad at her any longer. It wasn’t really her, it was the situation.

There was an apparent misunderstanding.

“No… Amy, what I said was-… forget what I said! It doesn’t matter! If hugging and doting on me makes you happy and feel like yourself, then don’t stop doing it because of me..! Ohh… I was an idiot to say anything, and I’m an even bigger idiot for letting myself get away with it.”

The recruit put his hands daintily up to his mouth, shifting views from looking to Amy, then Sonic, as if he knew he was to remain absolutely still and unexisting for this one, crucial moment.

“Amy… I… I can’t..” He withdrew his hands to his chest, looking them over, tightening and releasing them, before dropping it all and swinging himself to the side, hopelessly gripping for words.

“Ohh… I can’t always express it so freely as you do. But I do…worry… about you. And especially how you feel.. and if you’re safe.. and happy too, Amy…” he seemed to have difficulty even admitted he cared about her, was he purposefully being choosy with his words?

Amy started to giggle.

The recruit smiled, dropping his hands a little from his face. Was this his natural charm?

“But.. you’ve looked happier without me…” Amy admitted, darting her eyes to the ground and then back up at him… but her feet played with the ground, and her body swayed…

The Rookie curiously examined her further, and suddenly noticed her playful eyes, the way her heart was being soothed by his more affectionate mannerisms, and immediately began to see what everyone was so gung-ho about with these two.

“Amy… I missed you.” he seemed to fully give in to his better nature now, and the Rookie was glad to see this side of him.

Amy seemed to have already, mid-apology, forgiven him.

She cutely twiddled her fingers in front of her, then rocked on her heels and moved them behind her.

“…Desperately?” Oh, how she teased.

Sonic suddenly rose from slouching forward. He shyly and nervously smiled in a slight panic. “Eh..heh…heh..”

“…Helplessly?” She turned her body a bit to angle herself a little away from him. “Madly? Truly? Deeply?” she continued to swish with every adjective.

“Honestly, you haven’t told me exactly what kind of ‘missing’ you were feeling, Sonic. How do I know it was sincere?”

He scratched behind his head, before gesturing a surrendering hand of friendship to her.

“Can we settle on painfully agonizing, horrible, and stressful?”

That seemed to win her instantly.

“OH SONIC!” Sonic braced for impact with a nervous but pleased grin as Amy ran and embraced him in what the Rookie could only assume was a signature Amy hug. “I felt so too!”

He held his heart at the touching scene, and was determined to support them henceforth!

After that, they would occasionally hold hands. Sonic initiated more ‘kinda’ hugs, but mostly they were opening his arms subtly in hope she would notice his silent plea for some attention.

Oddly enough, with him slowly expressing more, Amy did settle down quite a bit; and although still very energetic, her friends could tell she looked more secure and well-put-together.

Everyday Demons

(A/N): I don’t know what this is?

Pairings: BuckyXReader, AvengersXReader

Summary: The team is suspicious of (Y/N)’s powers and one night makes them snap.

Warnings: None

Tags: @sxph-t @iamwarrenspeace @bigfootsiddhartamama

(Y/N) had been one of Fury’s new recruits but right off the bat the team found out they were a bit different. They carried a certain dark energy that always was present around them. None of the team could explain it but it always seemed when (Y/N) was in the room, everything would become gloomy and very dark ideas and thoughts came up, which was weird because (Y/N) was a happy person and always tried to cheer everyone up. They always wore a vibrant smile which always made the team’s day even at the worst of times but even then, they couldn’t shake the weird feelings they were having.

The whole team had these weird urges or thoughts all while talking with (Y/N). Steve had thoughts of why he became Captain America and maybe he was better off without being him. Bucky became angry about his metal arm, yelling he wanted it off and Steve had to calm him down. Bruce felt an increasing amount of stress and had to leave his lab several times to calm himself down. Tony’s anxiety spiked and he quickly busied himself with his suits, not eating or sleeping for days. Clint had thoughts of leaving the whole team without a word to live with his family. Natasha’s cold demeanor and habits of the Red Room increased as she became paranoid by the dark energy. Wanda began seeking revenge for her brother’s death and her hatred for Tony began to surface. Thor began to fathom what it would be like if he ruled all the worlds. Sam’s thoughts spiraled with the thought of ‘What ifs’, like what if he saved his friend in the war, where would he be?

The team didn’t know what it was but they had a weird feeling about (Y/N) but they were their teammate and they didn’t seem bad at all. In fact, (Y/N) seemed like the nicest person and was always there if needed, always on time and always did what they were told on missions. There was nothing to complain about but there was an underlying bad feeling about them.

It was team bonding night, and the whole crew was lounging around in the common area, talking, drinking some alcohol when Tony points at (Y/N), question on his tongue. “What about you? What’s your story, (Y/N)?” Their eyes widen as they look up, seeing eyes on them and they give a small gulp, running a hand through their hair.

“I really don’t want to talk about it.” (Y/N) confesses quietly but Tony continues to push, sitting up and leaning his elbows on his knees as he continues to stare them down.

“Come on, Fury must have recruited you for a reason! I hope it wasn’t for the creepy vibes you send off.” (Y/N)’s face drops at the comment and Natasha and Steve have to nudge him, telling him to stop but Tony shrugs off the advice. “Come on! You guys know they must have some sort of powers! You can’t deny the creepy stuff that happens when they’re around.”

The whole team can’t disagree and (Y/N) nervously balls their fists up but the gesture doesn’t go unnoticed by a certain super soldier. Bucky has watched (Y/N) the past few months and couldn’t help but be enthralled by them. He can’t deny the weird stuff that’s been happening but feels compelled to defend them. “Tony, drop it. Leave them alone.” Bucky growls out and Tony turns to glare at him before turning to (Y/N)

“What powers do you have, (Y/N)?” Tony questions with a raised eyebrow and (Y/N) begins to stutter, panic building up.

“I-I don’t have any.” (Y/N) stutters out frantically and they begin to feel a power inside them, they’ve tried to keep out for a long time. They continue to clench their fist together trying to fight the feeling.

“Tony, leave them alone.” Bucky snarls out again but Tony doesn’t relent and the energy noticeably seems to drop in the room, sky outside becoming cloudy and dark.

“Stop defending them! They’re lying!” Tony yells out, standing up from where he was sitting and (Y/N) can’t hold it in anymore.

“Stop!” (Y/N) screams as they unclench their fist and a wave of black mist emits from their hands, swirling violently around the room making a big circle in front of everyone. Another dimension is seen from inside the portal and big demon-looking creatures are seen on the other side coming towards the entrance. (Y/N)’s eyes are glowing a reddish gold as black mist continues to flow from their hands and the whole team is already in a position of defense with shock on their faces. A sudden look of anger and rage takes over (Y/N)’s face as they turn to look at Tony, eyes glowing more brightly. “You want to know why?! You want to know why I have control of darkness and demons!? If you could even comprehend where I’ve came from, you would be terrified!” (Y/N)’s voice angrily shouts and everyone is ready to fight except for one.

Bucky frantically tries to figure out ways to calm them down and only comes up with one solution. He slowly walks towards (Y/N), hands up. “Hey, you’re okay, (Y/N). I know you lost control, I know you tried to hide it, I’m not scared. It’s okay, focus on my voice.” Bucky says gently and they turn to him with anger before it melts into a scared expression, eyes dimming slowly to their original color. The black mist slowly dissipates and the portal quickly begins to shut as he continues to walk towards them.

Fear fills (Y/N)’s body and they begin to scramble backwards away from Bucky. “No… stop.” He doesn’t stop but before they can escape, Bucky grabs them into a gentle hug and (Y/N), feeling his solid arms around them, quickly melts into his embrace as a small sob escapes their body. “I’m terrifying.” (Y/N) chokes out almost inaudibly and Bucky frowns, rocking them gently.

“I’m not scared of you. You are scared of yourself and that’s okay. It’s okay to be scared but I’ll teach you how to be strong, I promise.” Bucky whispers and (Y/N) grips him tighter never wanting to let go.

“Thank you.”

This didn’t actually end up how I wanted it and it’s sort of bad. I’m sorry!