coming to recruit you

shoutout to george, fred, and especially ron weasley for realizing that harry was stuck in abusive and unhealthy household and, in spite of the massive trouble they knew they could get in, taking immediate steps to personally see him removed from that environment, something no adult in harry’s life did.

Just had a thought for an action hero thing: 30-something woman hero is doing her ass-kicking thing. One day, her boss shows up at her door, and tells her she has to stand down, or there will be consequences. “Honey, it’s not that you’re too old. It’s just the public don’t like to see a woman of your age saving the day. It feels emasculating”.

So woman is stripped of her support team, fellow agents, and is pretty much put on the shelf. She tries to do heroing, but keeps getting cockblocked by younger women or superhero men she used to work alongside.

Just when she’s hitting rock bottom (and sitting in her house wearing pyjamas and eating ice cream), there’s a knock at the door. Judi Dench is standing there, and our heroine assumes it’s a charity collection.

“Oh no, dear,” Dench says, smiling. “We’ve come to recruit you.”

“Recruit me? For what?”

“To do what we do best: save the bloody world.”

And all at once she’s part of a covert ops team made of all the older women who have been retired and who currently are holding the reins of managing the world.

evidence that david wymack is the best character in this entire series, part i


  • “I want my subs at the wall cheering them on, but if you trip up a referee, I will cut you.”
  • “Watch me beam with pride. It’s not your job to take care of yourself anymore.”
  • Wymack sliced a hand across his throat and jerked his thumb over his shoulder. Neil hoped he was right in translating it as “Let’s get the hell out of here.”
  • “Do you have any idea how much I hate coming home and finding you in my apartment?”
  • Wymack only recruited athletes from broken homes. His decision to turn the Foxhole Court into a halfway house of sorts was nice in theory, but it meant his players were fractured isolationists who couldn’t get along long enough to get through a game.
  • “Are you done wasting my oxygen yet?”
  • “Kevin, wake that dingbat without getting punched in the face.”
  • “You have five seconds to get your retarded psycho ass to my apartment! You even think about telling me no and I swear to god I’ll throw Kevin’s contract down the garbage disposal.”
  • “Your opinion has been noted and dismissed,” Wymack said. “Anything else, or are you going to start signing stuff?”
  • “I am going to drop you off at the dorm and spend the rest of the day drinking. Damage control can wait until tomorrow.”
  • “Kevin, you’re out if your hand so much as itches. Don’t be stupid tonight.”
  • “Coach Wymack was the only one I could think of turning to, and he didn’t disappoint me.”
  • Wymack snapped his fingers in front of Andrew’s face, trying to get Andrew to look at him instead of Neil.
  • “Damn it all to hell. Hemmick! You were supposed to wake them up ten miles ago.”
  • “Did you think I made the team the way it is because I thought it would be a good publicity stunt? It’s about second chances, Neil. Second, third, fourth, whatever, as long as you get at least one more than anyone else wanted to give you.”
  • “We saw their files,” Wymack said. “We chose you.”
  • “Breaking news: I don’t care.”
  • Neil wasn’t quite ready to face Andrew yet and he didn’t want to deal with this teammate’s curiosity over his prolonged absence, so he went to Wymack’s apartment instead.
  • “When I said Abby and I would look out for you, I didn’t mean you should pick a fight with Riko on national television,” Wymack said. “Should I have spelled that out beforehand?”

and my personal favorite for last

  • “God damn it, Minyard. This is why we can’t have nice things.”
The A-Team

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: When Bucky is rescued, everyone quickly finds out that he works best with you and Steve on missions. What happens when you get hurt on a mission? The truth about your past with the Winter Soldier is revealed as well

Warnings: blood, being shot 

Whenever new mission prospects came in, the Avengers took careful consideration of picking the right people for the specific needs of the mission. Fury set up large meetings for the team to discuss who would go on them, and the plans for when you got there. It took certain skill sets for a job, and you were lucky enough to be needed on almost every mission since you were the eyes from above. The previous job you had of being a sniper for the CIA had gotten Fury’s attention, which then lead Natasha to come recruit you while you were on the job. There had been some rumors that you worked with the Winter Soldier at some point, but you weren’t going to comment on that without Bucky’s permission. However, you were a key part in his rescue mission, which then lead to you becoming best friends with Steve and Bucky.  

A few months after the successful mission in which the Winter Soldier was brought ‘home’, he began training with the team on a normal basis. Slowly but surely, he started joining everyone at meal time, and even coming to team parties. Although he was still relatively quiet, everyone noticed that he talked the most and worked the best when it was only you and Steve interacting with him. Everyone also noticed that Bucky had a certain glimmer in his eyes whenever you walked into the room, but that was left unsaid. After a few missions with just the three of you, the people on the news and on social media called the three of you “The A-team”, much like the tv show. It was pretty badass, considering the boys felt you were the leader of the small group when put on missions together. They knew and respected the fact that you were the one watching their backs from above, and coming up with backup plans if all hell broke loose. When it was smaller missions, you followed up the group and watched everyone’s backs.

This was all swirling in your mind as you sat down at the dining table to have lunch with the team. Natasha was telling stories about the times she pranked Clint, and how he attempted to get her back but he only fell deeper into her traps once again. The previous 2 weeks were pretty bland since there were no missions, and everyone was going borderline stir crazy. But you knew that down time always came to an abrupt end, and this was proven true when Tony came running into the room which made the happy chatter cease. He told you, Bucky, and Steve to suit up and be on the quinjet within 10 minutes, there was a small Hydra base that didn’t protect their coordinates while they were trying to hack into the secure servers at the Avengers Compound. As much as you wanted to sit there and eat your chicken sandwich, you had work to do with the team.


The uniform that was made for you was bulletproof and sleek, it was sort of like Black Widow’s except yours covered all the way up to your neck instead of zipping down in the front. Steve delivered the mission folder with all the details to read on your walk to the quinjet, and this time it was just a simple gut and sweep. So you got your basic things for sniping from the trees, considering there were no hills to be perched on. It was a good idea that only the A-Team would be going, this way if there was another emergency back at the compound everyone was still available for that. Plus, a gut and sweep was something that the three of you had mastered over the previous year. With over 50 successful missions, this one was the most simple of all, or so you thought.

Night had fallen by the time you reached Virginia, and it was especially dark in the woods that you were sent to. Being perched in a tree with a night scope did help though, compared to the boys having to run around on the ground pretty much blind. Although, it was pretty easy to see when someone was running at you, hell bent on killing. You had already taken out the personnel on the rooftop, and gave them the go ahead on the ground. The file said that there were only about 40 people left working at this particular base, 10 of which were on the roof. Bucky normally handled the initial quick fight getting into the building, and then Steve cleared them out on the inside.

At first, you were surprised to see Steve join in on the action outside, but then you realized why. Being severely outnumbered on a mission is alarming in multiple different ways, especially in the sense that the backup was hundreds of miles away. But there was no time for you to have any other reaction to the situation at hands. You started to shoot faster than you ever had in battle, especially when you took out the AR-15. Over the gunshots, you could hear the guys panting into the comm. There was no time to think of yourself in the fight, it was all about getting your guys out safe. You knew no one was watching your back in the midst of the chaos, but you went climbed down the tree as fast as possible. Your feet hit the ground with a thump, and you were off to the races.

As many hydra agents you took down, you managed to miss the one standing directly behind you. A shot rang out and a bullet sank into your lower back, and you spun on your heel to shoot him before doing anything else. “Shit, I got hit.” You gritted your teeth as you yelled, and continued to shoot from your spot with your back pressed to a tree. Your heartbeat was pounding in your ears while you tried to focus on the situation at hand. There seemed to be about 60 agents left, and you knew the guys could handle it on their own.

Steve continued to take them down with his shield and kicks to the head, “We’re leaving now, Bucky is coming to pick you up.”

This was when you decided to play dead, this way if anyone that wasn’t from your side happened to run by they wouldn’t try to shoot you anymore. Your vision was becoming blurry because of the blood loss, but it certainly wasn’t the first time you’d been shot. The area around you seemed to be clear, so you ripped a piece of your t-shirt off to hold pressure to the wound. Once Bucky actually arrived to where you were, you saw a look on his face that was unfamiliar; fear. The fear of him losing you again was showing on his face as he leaned down, “It’s gonna be okay,” Bucky whispered as he grabbed you, it was more for himself than you at the moment. He picked you up bridal style, with his metal arm across the top of your back.

The one thing that you kept a secret from everyone was that Hydra had captured you once already, and you had been in close quarters with the Winter Soldier. When you had met once more on the rescue mission, it was like a breath of fresh air seeing him still alive and breathing. You kept trying to think of happy memories with him while Bucky was running back to the quinjet, but you were still getting terrible flashbacks to Hydra. “Breath, Y/n.” Bucky could see the agony on your face that wasn’t just from being shot, and his voice was cutting through the bad memories while you tried to focus on his face. This was also when you thought back to the time you denied having any previous contact with the Winter Soldier, what would have been the harm in it?

While you were having droopy thoughts from blood loss, you’d forgotten that Natasha had been on the quinjet waiting for word on the siege. You knew you were going to kick yourself for forgetting about her later, but all you could focus on was Bucky’s hands on your body. Apparently her comm hadn’t been working properly so she didn’t know of the situation at hand. You couldn’t concentrate for much longer, between the flashbacks and the amount of blood pouring out of the bullet wound. Once you had reached the helicarrier in Bucky’s arms, Natasha got the bullet out and started to stitch you up immediately. You remained in Bucky’s lap, staring up at him while he put his hands on either side of your face. Bucky looked so sad seeing you in this much pain, “C’mon baby, fight through it. You’re safe here with us.” He continued to speak as Steve ran in through the open gate, then shut it as he came in. The quinjet took off, but you were losing consciousness throughout it all. However, you were aware of Bucky staying close to you and keeping pressure on the wound.

The next thing you knew, light was flooding into your eyes from the medical wing’s windows.

Bucky’s quiet snores caught your attention to the right, and through squinted eyes you could see the scrapes on his face from the previous night. The way he was sprawled out on the lounge chair next to your bed brought back a very particular memory, one that made you blush a little as it came to your mind. While you attempted to sit up, the bed creaked causing Bucky to abruptly jolt out of his sleep. He got up fast and came to sit on the edge of the bed, keeping you from sitting all the way up.

The pain in your back ceased to exist when you looked into Bucky’s eyes and took his hands in yours. You’d seen this look on his face before, when the both of you were in Hydra’s grasp. “Y/n, I thought I was going to lose you again.” Tears were welling up in his eyes, and you remembered the look on his face on the day you finally got saved from Hydra. He sacrificed himself so that you could be free, and you thought about this when you brought his knuckles up to your lips. “Let’s try again, this time we’re free.” Bucky was looking deep into your eyes, awaiting a response.

“I see we still love each other,” A faint smile played on your face as you took a deep breath, a blush was creeping up on Bucky’s face.

Bucky chuckled, “I guess we do, doll.”

College Gothic
  • You circle the parking lot of your friend’s apartment complex, trying to find the exit. You can’t find the exit. In fact, you can’t even remember ever entering.
  • You stare at the blank work document in front of you, trying to write an essay. But the more you type, the larger the screen grows. Soon the white will consume you.
  • Your professor asked you to sign a contract, where you agree to not cheat. You sign it. In blood. But only ironically.
  • Is it you, or have more spiders crawled into your dorm, and under your bed?
  • You make an appointment to see an academic adviser. But there is no adviser, just a tiny, intelligent bird sitting on piles and piles of paperwork.
  • You see them, as you walk through the quad. You fear them. Recruitment for rush, it is coming for you.
  • The squirrels. They are smarter than you.
  • You try to pick a major after a year of doing core classes, but then you realize you cannot even remember who you are anymore.
  • You wish to go off campus to eat, but only find desert and water priced at $60 dollars. A tumbleweed blows by.
  • 8 am classes? You are now dead inside.
You are the one I want

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Language, Fluff, Jealous Bucky, Violence

Summary: You and Bucky have been dating for a six months now. When a new recruit comes to the compound Bucky helps her around, making you jealous. 

Word Count: 1.067

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‘Stupid’ you said as you hit the punching bag with your fist. ‘Stupid Bucky, with his stupid manners.’ You hit the bag again and again.

You remember Bucky telling you he would show the new girl around. You had been fine with it, but it had been two days and you were getting annoyed.

Sure, he could be friends with her, but he was spending more time with her than with you. It made you really angry and here you were, punching away.

‘Ass’ you said. You punched the bag so hard that you punched a whole in it and it fell from the ceiling, taking parts of the ceiling with it. You groaned, Stark was going to kill you.

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★  Tamveer

Sheena is the First to her clan who later then becomes the Keeper. She’s very talented in her magic, especially fire, and would often play pranks on her fellow Clansmen even when she became the responsible Keeper. Not many enjoy her trickster ways, but her only and true friend Vaheer does; and that’s enough for her to keep on doing it. She also likes to collect and make clothes on the side.

Vaheer, though a mage himself, prefers the life of a Hunter. Practicing on perfecting his aim with a bow and arrow while prowling the forested lands of The Emerald Graves in the form of a brown Wolf. Not many of the Clan enjoy his company as his interests delved heavily to what would be considered outlandish and dangerous behaviour yet also reminiscent behaviours of the Dread Wolf. He also loves to make puns.

They’re still alive, and waiting for the forest to give them back their little Tammy.

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Being Peter’s best friend and dating him would include…

  • Helping each other with homework (Meaning you stealing his science papers all the time)
  • Waltzing into his apartment as if it were your own home, because the two of you practically live at each other’s places
  • Stealing his food
  • “Pete, I’m taking your pop tarts, ok?”
  • Being given a spare key into his apartment block
  • Aunt May telling you embarrassing baby stories of Peter, and, even better, showing you pictures
  • “There was this time he got obsessively attached to this teddy bear, he never let it go and-”
    “Aunt May, please stop.”
  • Knowing him better than anyone else
  • Which means you knew he was Spider-man immediately
  • “Peter, you’re a terrible liar. I know that you’re Spider-man, just admit it.”
    “Wha- no… I’m- I’m not Spider-man.”
  • Sassing him all the time
  • Tony taking an instant liking to you when he comes to recruit Peter
  • “You know, Spider-ling. I’m beginning to think about taking your girlfriend to Germany instead.”
  • Peter always being over-protective, even though you’re more than capable of taking care of yourself
  • Constantly scaring him just for the fun of it
  • Aunt May always asking ‘when the wedding is’
  • “Should we have a chocolate or vanilla wedding cake?”
    “Aunt May, please stop.”
  • Being the one to persuade him to fight with the Avengers
  • “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. You can’t turn it down!”
  • Throwing paper wads at him when he’s doing his homework
  • Hugging him from behind whenever’s he’s stressed
  • Stealing his web-shooters and making random words around his room
  • “Y/n, please stop writing ‘dorkasaurus’ on my wall.”
  • Attempting to try on his Spider-man suit
  • Overall being an adorable couple
Imagine Spider-Man

Iimagine Tony Stark walking in on you and Peter making out when he comes to recruit Spider-Man to his team

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“May, isn’t it?” a voice spoke from the corner of the room. “Who’s there?” Aunt May scanned the room cautious of her surroundings. A man emerged from the dark corner. “Oh. Calm down. I’m here to see Peter.” Tony Stark paused for a second. “Wow. How can you be an aunt?” He stared towards Aunt May, stunned. “Don’t. We come in all shapes and sizes.” Aunt May laughed. She pointed towards the other side of the apartment. Peter’s room is down there.” She spoke. “Thanks. I’ll catch up with you later.” Stark said winking. Aunt May rolled her eyes pushing him towards Peter’s room.


You gasped for air as Peter pulled you into another kiss. School was out for the weekend. You and Peter had just finished finals and were celebrating. “Damn it Y/N, I love you.” Peter mumbled into your mouth, pulling away from the kiss. You smiled touching his forehead to yours. A few moments passed until, you pulled Peter onto the bed and placed your lips on his again. Peter smirked into the kiss, as the door opened slightly.. “Woah!” Stark spoke his mouth dropping. “You pulled away from Peter blushing horribly. “”Would you mind explaining this to me.” Stark questioned. “Please don’t tell May.” Peter whispered blushing.

I think my favorite part of Rush Week has got to be those people that desperately try to recruit you to their frat. Come on now boys, nobody likes a tryhard. I do appreciate the sucking up, and a guy could get used to all the attention, but let’s not embarrass the frat by practically bending over for new recruits. 

On a side note, still haven’t decided which way I’m leaning. Any advice is absolutely welcome.

There are a variety of colors and species of Monsters in Wisteria, and several ways you can begin collecting them. They each have a Trait which sums up their personalities and may have other benefits as you explore the world. Breeding is an essential part of monster collecting, as it is the only way you can obtain Hybrids. Acquiring and hatching eggs can be a rewarding experience as you interact with your hatchlings and watch them grow!

A dozen different species are currently available with fourteen different variations each. Many more will be added during the progression of the game and through updates after release. Let’s go over the different ways you can find and collect monsters!

  • Breeding - This is the only way to get hybrids, which are a rare variety of monster who exhibit features of both parents.
  • Finding Lost Eggs - During missions or while gathering resources, there’s a chance you may find an abandoned egg. You can get certain species from certain areas of the map.
  • Recruiting Wandering Monsters -  During missions you may come across homeless monsters. It may be possible to convince them to join you, if you wish.
  • Rewards - An egg may be given to you as a reward if you complete difficult missions for different factions.
  • Shop - Eggs may be bought for cash or in-game currency through the shop.

The Trait of the monster is randomized as it’s created. Some of Traits are more uncommon than others, and a few are very rare. Here are a handful of examples listed from most common to uncommon.

  • Nurturing - Your monster loves hatchlings and eggs, and cares for them gingerly. Eggs seem to hatch a little faster when walking with him. Nurturing monsters have a knack for magic.
  • Vigilante - With a taste for justice, vigilante monsters are not afraid to punish the wicked. She is quite charismatic and enemies may be fearful of her.
  • Unlucky - Nothing seems to go right when this monster is around. It’s almost as if bandits can sense his weakness, as he is often their target. Well, at least he seems to gain experience faster.
  • Sleepy - This lethargic monster moves much slower than an the others. It takes longer for her to complete missions… if she has the energy for it.

When two monsters of the opposite sex occupy the same ranch, it is possible that they will want to use one of your nests. This will be indicated by the heart hovering above their heads. If you approve, they will take residence in a nest and lay an egg within a few days. As we mentioned earlier, this is the only way you can get hybrid monsters.

*an asterisk denotes a hybrid color or species.

Once you hatch an egg, you can name the hatchling and wait for it to grow. As with any monster, tapping on it in the ranch can lead to an interaction. However, during this time it cannot complete any tasks for you - it just needs to sleep. For several entire days. But it looks hella cute doing it.

*some details are subject to change until release.

Imagine: Poe tries to recruit you

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“Y/N?” A voice called from ahead of you. 

You looked up, “come to try and recruit me again, Poe?” 

“Oh come on darlin’, you know I’m not going to stop asking until you say yes,” he nudged you gently, biting his lip.

You smirked, “I’m happy working in the control room, thank you very much.”

“You’re one of the best pilots I’ve seen, Y/N. Besides me of course.” He winked at you. “So you’ll join my squadron?”

You moved in close to him, whispering slowly in his ear as a smile played on your lips, “Not a chance, Dameron.” 

You laughed, moving away from him as he watched you, speechless.  

Job Seekers: Show Eagerness (Not Desperation) During Job Search Process

You just graduated from college and have been searching the internet looking for jobs. You’re passionate about finding a position as quickly as possible, but don’t let that passion turn into desperation or you might scare off recruiters and hiring managers.

To ensure you’ll come across as enthusiastic without seeming desperate, follow these tips:

1)  Apply only for jobs where you’re a good “fit.”

2)  Don’t oversell.

3)  Be prepared.

4)  Be yourself.

5)  Conduct polite follow-up.

6)  If you don’t get the job, let it go.

Being over the moon excited about a job opportunity can be a good thing. Just make sure that enthusiasm translates into passion, not desperation.

In The Secret World, you’ve got three factions: Templar, Illuminati, and Dragon. Now, everyone’s got their own opinions on which is the best, but I think it largely depends on the player, their play style, and the type of character you want to make.

My first character was a Templar, which I think is what most people make a beeline (heh) for. The Templars are billed as “might makes right”-type soldiers, who value tradition, order, lawfulness, etc. If your character can best be described as “lawful good”, this is the faction for you. They even have a deck called Paladin. When you’re recruited, they actually come to your door and ask nicely, which is pleasant. The Tokyo flashback is initiated by meeting a supposed “prophet”, the Fallen King, near the park. You just black out and boom, flashback. Templars tend to give and take orders pretty well, except in Fusang, where they rely more on swarm tactics than actual strategy (and get away with it, because there are a lot of them). Richard Sonnac is pretty chill, but disapproves of vehicular murder sprees. Occasionally he’s human enough to admit that maybe it’s okay if you get a little bit sidetracked from your mission to help the locals. Dame Julia is frankly a treasure. The Templar’s faction missions usually involve some form of investigation or defense: you’re trying to recover a stolen artifact or keep it safe, investigating the Virgula Divina project, or figuring out why some professor became a brutal serial killer and then took his own life in a fairly gruesome manner.

My second character was Illuminati, which is another pretty popular choice. The Illuminati tend to be pretty organized, with a hierarchical structure that rivals the Templars for rigidity, but they’re organized more like a company than an army. “Sex, drugs, and Rockefeller” is their motto. They don’t come to you to recruit you: you do some legwork and go to them, and then get injected with drugs to initiate the Tokyo flashback. Lumies tend to be all about the bottom line and what it means for the profit margins, so your bosses will bite your head off for wasting your time and theirs at least once. Kirsten Geary has some of the best mission report replies and some of the best dialogue in the game, even if she doesn’t give high fives, which makes me sad because I still want one. If you combine the Pyramidion and Cassini, they are all of us, and that is amazing. In PVP, the Lumies are not as numerous as the Templars, but tend to spend most of their time fighting the Templars anyway. This is the faction most likely to employ dirty tactics in Fusang (in my experience), like pulling people through the gate or camping over anima wells with assault rifles. Lumies get it done no matter what they have to do to accomplish their goals. Their faction missions involve stealing things, usually: artifacts or information. 

The third faction is the Dragon, which I rolled last and now main. If your character would be best described on the alignment table as “chaotic” in any sense of the word, this is probably the faction for you. Dragon doesn’t recruit you; they straight up kidnap you and dump you into Seoul, where you get a “welcome to the team” blowjob to initiate the Tokyo flashback. Their organization is as cryptic as the mission report replies you’ll get in response to your e-mails, which may or may not ever be read. Bong Cha translates the will of a small child into instructions, which you’re not obligated to follow. Mostly the Dragon just tells you where to go without telling you what exactly to do when you get there. They’re all about free will. Bong Cha is pretty much the only interesting Dragon NPC - the only other one I can think of is the professor in the hotel. In Fusang, Dragon is the least numerous faction. There are usually only a handful of them in the zone, and they’re usually losing. Their tactics generally rely on waiting for a custodian or waiting for the Templars and the Illuminati to start fighting over something so they can take something else. Very occasionally there will be enough Dragons in Fusang to take control of the zone, but it’s rare; most of the time they seek to annoy the other two factions as much as possible. The Dragon faction missions usually involve…annoying the Templars or the Illuminati.

There is no “best faction”. All of the factions are equally good in some regards and terrible in others. I recommend playing them all before you really decide that one is the specific faction for you!

This Isn’t The Announcement

But it’s coming.

We’ve made a change of pace regarding skins.

There will no longer be skins, instead:

We’ve decided to completely SCRAP the skin feature. At the end of the game, when you complete echoes, that echoes Sans & Papyrus will come back with you into the world of UNDERFELL. You can recruit them to help you with end-game content such as other echoes and world quests.

They will be fully voiced and custom, not just “replacements” over Sans or Papyrus.

I wanted to add more depth to alternate universes than just reskins, you know? I want that alternate universe to live and breathe as the initial creator intended it.

Here, take @lavender-sans’s Naturetale for example. Instead of just being a reskin over Sans/Papyrus, Lavender and Poppy will be fully voiced, custom portraits and custom skills. In order to “unlock” them, you need to stop Error from ruining Naturetale. Once that’s done, they can join your party and follow you around. You’re only allowed one at a time though, so you can either take 1 Sans or 1 Papyrus with you.