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Holidays With You Pt.1 *Rafinha Alcantara imagine *


“Are you really leaving me alone for the holidays?” Leslie asked

I chuckled, “I’ve been with you for every holiday since we’ve entered college” I said zipping up my luggage

She groaned, “How come he can’t come here?He’d love England” She said sitting up on my bed

I looked over to her, “Because he has a match and I can’t make him miss it for me” I said

Leslie groaned once more, “Great now I have to find out what and who I’m going to do things with” She said 

I chuckled, “I love you too Les” 

She rolled her eyes, “If you loved me you wouldn’t be leaving me right now” 

I stood up and hugged her, “I’ll only be gone for 10 days, and I promise I’ll get you something while I’m out there”I said

She looked at me, “Seriously?”

I nodded, “I promised didn’t I”

She nodded, “What times your flight?”

We both broke out in laughter, “You’re really something else Leslie” 

She smiled, “I’m going to be so bored when you’re gone” She said

I sighed, “Didn’t you say you had dates planned?”

Leslie nodded her head, causing me to chuckle. “Yeah, but I need a girlfriend as well to gossip with”

Leslie and I continued talking, as I finished getting everything together so I could leave. Once I’d gotten everything Leslie drove me to the airport, “I’m gonna miss you Y/N” She said hugging me

I chuckled hugging her back, “I’m gonna miss you too Leslie, but when I get back we’re going to definitely have a girls day” I said

She nodded, “We better”

We hugged once more before, I boarded my plane and took my seat. 


I turned around, seeing Rafinha holding up a big sign for me. I chuckled, and made my way over giving him a kiss. “I missed you” He said 

I smiled, “I missed you too”

Rafinha took my suitcase for me in one hand and interlocked our hands together, we walked out to the car and he opened the door for me. After putting my stuff in the trunk he got in and smiled, he started the car up and we drove towards his apartment.  

Once we got there, Rafinha helped me unpack. When we finished Rafinha and I went into the living room, “You know I’m really happy that you’re here” He said

I smiled, “I’m happy to be here, seeing you through FaceTime isn’t the same as seeing you in person” 


“Aye Y/N!” The guys said as I walked Rafinha down to the tunnel

I smiled, “Hey, guys”

“Wait who’s Y/N?” 

The guys turned towards the source of the voice, “Oh that’s right , Y/N meet Ousmane Dembele. And Dembele meet Y/N, Rafinha’s girlfriend from England” Gerard said

I smiled shaking his hand, “Nice to meet you” I said

He nodded, “Likewise” He said shaking my hand

Rafinha placed his arm around my shoulders, “Alright so since we’ve said hello to Y/N, it’s time to go so I could spend time with her” Rafinha said

I chuckled as the guys groaned, “C’mon it’s the first time we’re seeing her in months “ Jordi said

“Same for me” Rafinha said

“Not true you guys have FaceTime”

I looked over to Rafinha chuckling, “Ooo he’s got you there” I said

Rafinha rolled his eyes, “I’m gonna kiss her if you guys don’t leave” He said

Instantly the guys rushed to get out of there causing me to laugh, “You’re cute when you’re laughing” Rafinha said

I chuckled, “Seriously you jealous boy”

He scoffed, “I’m not jealous, I just like to have my time with my girl”

I nodded, “Right”

He smiled placing a kiss on my lips, “I’ll see you after the game” He said

I nodded, “I’ll be there with your jersey watching”I said

He nodded, “Yes Ma’am” 

I smiled, “Don’t be mean and don’t fight” I said

He nodded giving me a mock salute, “No promises”

I laughed, “Goodbye Rafinha”


NCT as 2017 Hogwarts freshmen✨


Find yourself a man who looks at you like how musical England and Prussia look at each other [x] [x]

au where arthur is a wizard that leaves magic society to teach english literature 

thatstheteenspirit  asked:

You should definetly come the England and show off your 'amazing' accent

I don’t know, I don’t wanna embarrass anyone over there by having a better English accent than their own. *Pops collar of jacket, walks off, and immediately trips and falls, smacking face into pavement*

Okay but consider this- Elizabeth Swann. She’s a pirate nerd from the beginning. She’s fascinated. And by the time the Black Pearl blasts Port Royal she knows enough to defend herself- first with the iron, then with the Code. That nerd studied pirate law enough to quote it.

And not just pirates. Presumably she’s been on a ship once- when she comes over from England. But nope no piracy wasn’t enough for this kid no she did some intense studying of sailing too because why not. So when they’re being chased down who’s coming up with all these nautical maneuvers? Elizabeth fucking Swann, sea nerd extraordinaire.

Fast forward and she’s not just a nerd anymore. And she isn’t a pirate, either. She’s the Pirate King, doing battle with Davy Jones and the entire British navy, with every Pirate Lord and their crews behind her. No more improvised weapons, no more parlay- she commands every black heart that ever set sail. And then her bae becomes ferryman for every soul lost at sea.

So then what? Everyone just goes back to what they were doing? And Elizabeth just goes home to make a quiet life for herself as a single mum? From studious sea nerd to Pirate King and now suddenly she’s happier at home, waiting for Will?

Give me an epilogue where Elizabeth has her father’s estate and enough gold to keep her comfortable for a lifetime, but instead travels the world, her son at her side. Adventuring and exploring, in and out of the law. Tell me she calls up Calypso for tea from time to time and they talk about uncharted lands and the price of sugar. Tell me in some ports she’s recognized as the daughter of Governor Swann and wined and dined. Tell me in some ports she’s recognized as the Pirate King and gets barrels rum on the house.

Tell me even honest sailors whisper stories of the mysterious and elusive Pirate King, who rarely strikes at all but then vanishes for years at a time.

Tell me Elizabeth spends time aboard the Flying Dutchman, so she can be with her husband, and her son can be with his father and grandfather. Imagine young William learns to sail on his father’s journeys to and from the land of the dead. And when he finally captains his own ship, he’s learned to be both a respectable gentleman and a good pirate.

Imagine Elizabeth spending her life on the sea, sometimes with Will and sometimes not, with a wind from Calypso always in her sails, adventuring enough for lifetimes as a part-time well bred lady, part-time Pirate King.

The way countries says pineapple
  • Denmark: Ananas
  • Germany: Ananas
  • France: Ananas
  • Finland: Ananas
  • Hungary: Ananas
  • Iceland: Ananas
  • Italy: Ananas
  • Norway: Ananas
  • Poland: Ananas
  • Romania: Ananas
  • Turkey: Ananas
  • Sweden: Ananas
  • America: No! Come on guys its Pineapple!
  • England: I hate to say this, but i agree with America.

my friend @kitty-is-not-on-fire wanted usuk fluff and who the f am i to disagree 

plus clingy alfred is best alfred!1 f ac t

so have this stupid doodle