coming soon to nbc


1. Whitley and Dwayne’s Daughter played by Zendaya Coleman
2. Kimberley and Spencer’s daughter played by Imani Hakim
3. Charmaine’s daughter would be played by Coco Jones
4. Jaleesa and Walter’s daughter would be played by Keke Palmer
5. Lena’s daughter would be played by Parker McKenna Posey
6. Freddie and Ron’s daughters would be played Paige Hurd and Amandla Stenburg

So, has anyone heard of the new show "Midnight, Texas" coming out soon on NBC?

Idk if I’m alone here, but it looks like an adult version of My Babysitter’s A Vampire. One of the main characters is some sort of psychic (Ethan❤), they deal with Vampires (Vanessa, Erica, etc) and other mythical creatures which was basically the plot of MBAV. Anyone else seein this???

Coming soon to any network other than NBC, a musical comedy starring Laura Benanti and Megan Hilty. A full hour of nothing but sass, acting and singing. Also starring Patti Lupone as Laura’s mother, Andrew Rannells as Laura’s gay best friend, Audra McDonald as Jesus, Shoshana Bean and Eden Espinosa as Megan’s sassy friends, Celia Keenan-Bolger as Laura’s bestie and Sutton Foster as the potential third roommate with Megan and Laura who’s introduced in the middle of the first season. Immediately syndicated and Emmy’s and Globes for all.


I hatched a baby Noibat in Pokemon X today. It’s got a sassy nature. It is the sassiest Noibat. I named him Bartok. Here are some doodles I made of me and Bartok. 

My Sassy Noibat, the hit, new NBC sitcom. Coming soon to 3DS near you.

I post dumb doodles on Twitter.

BTW, in case anyone is wondering about the Burton X PKMN Project… It’s not a dead project. I just felt like I needed a break from it, and I apologise about that. But I’ll try to start it back up before March or when I get my laptop back from the repair shop. Whichever comes first. 

Also, I’m working now. I’m an adult with a job. (Or more accurately, a man child that draws for a living.)

And I don’t appreciate the angry emails trying to get me back on the project. As if angry emails are great motivators. Why don’t you guys, like, eat a pizza or something. Just chill a bit. Go play a baseball. Drink a Starbucks. I appreciate your passion, but there’s no need to be rude. :)


Hannibal/Corpse Bride AU:

Will is the young heir to his fish merchant parents company and is arranged to marry the daughter of well to do family in hopes to move up in society. However Will is seen as strange and has never been a people person, he isn’t in love with his arranged match who happens to be his long time friend, Alana Bloom. Messing up the ceremony Will flees into the dark forest and while absent mindlessly reciting his vows he brings the corpse of Hannibal Lecter back from the grave.

Here’s my artwork for the @nbchannibalbigbang! I worked with the amazing @hidinginaboxreadingyaoi. Thank you so much for your hard work, dear! I can’t wait to draw more of this :D

She posted the first chapter on AO3. Go check it out! <3

I haven’t properly drawn Hannibal yet, but it’s coming really soon!


So because I’m obsessed and can’t deal with it ending, I decided to re-watch season 2 today. Then since they gave us two great Charloe looks in the finale I thought I would catalog all the Charloe looks through the season. I knew there would be a lot, but I didn’t even realize exactly how many they really did give us. I’ve already got 20 gook looks and I’m not even through with Patriot Games. So here’s the first set, with more to come soon.

detective jake wicked is a cop on the edge with nothing to lose mary margaret divine esq. has six months to live and the biggest case of her career to win together they are the wicked + the divine coming soon to nbc-españ