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A Million Reasons

When Laine Brumfield met Niall Horan at a New Year’s Eve party, she never thought that one little teeny tiny misunderstanding would completely change her life in the biggest possible way. 

Two pink lines. What the fuck. No, this couldn’t be happening.

I shook the stick a few good times, knowing the box says you’re really not supposed to but I thought that maybe if I did it hard enough, maybe…just maybe, it would fix the error. Because this was clearly an error. This was clearly a manufacturing error. It was the test, it had to be. The test was defective, the test was clearly defective. Because there was no way this could be right, there was absolutely no way that this test could actually be positive, there was no way I could actually be…pregnant…

Oh God.

I had to tell him. I had to tell Niall.

a multi-chaptered niall fic based on this prompt about a highly unexpected event that has some very unexpected feelings thrown in too.

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here you go, a full filmized clip!!!! anamorphic ratio, lens correction, color correction/grading/timing, film grain!!!!!!!! in video form!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i’ve been planning on making cinematic movie version fanedits of atla and korra, this is officially! my first! test run! and it looks soooooooooooo good, i have to do the full versions now that i know it’s possible and looks THIS GOOD

watch in 1080p and fullscreen, the beauty is in the details <33333

(see this post for comparison/process)

anyone else noticed the trend here on tumblr of worshipping certain famous women for like a couple months and there being serious hype for them and then like a month later everyone’s ripping into them and talking about how much they hate them

also i just wanna say i’m glad for the promo /we/ did for JHO, because it was good, and clean, and it was all about the music and louis and steve. that is how you’re supposed to do it, that is how you show respect to an artist and work in tandem with them. and it’s a shame that simon jones clearly hasn’t learned that lesson but his world will come crashing down soon enough lol. i’m just glad that we got to do that for them before all this crap started rolling in, because they and the song deserved it.


i saw @tonitart‘s drawing of the yoi cast on a tricycle in the philippines and i just couldn’t help myself :Y

Edit: now with part 2

Future Hearts Pt.6 | Preview

The slight tremble in Jimin’s fingertips developed into a full-blown tremor as he closed the door to his studio, effectively leaving you behind —  but it wasn’t that simple. It wasn’t that simple, because he wasn’t just leaving you behind, he was leaving you behind with the guy that you were completely in love with… Which kind of blows considering he’s sort of starting to fall for you himself.

The music from the party was reverberating inside of his chest, and he knew his ears should be ringing with anger, but instead, he just felt numb. It was like he couldn’t hear anything, no music, no crowd, nothing, because he knew very well what leaving you in there with Jungkook meant. It meant the rekindlement of every single feeling that the two of you had ever had for each other, and compared to what Jimin had with you, even if he did consider it one of most amazing months of his entire life, it didn’t hold a candle to what you and Jungkook had, and probably always would have, for each other.

A ragged breath slid past his lips as he turned away, no longer able to look at the door that held you inside of it, rendering you so completely far away from him. He was met with hundreds of people, a lot of them he didn’t even know, and it left him with this intense feeling of loneliness that he hadn’t experienced in a long time, and especially not since he had met you. He padded across the floor, grabbing a random shot that someone had left on the counter, quickly downing it. Afterwards he made a quick bee-line for the staircase, again passing by a multitude of people that he could barely consider acquaintances.

Being surrounded by so many, yet knowing so little about any of them, what was the point? Ever since he’d came came to Seoul all those years ago, those were unfortunately the types of shallow relationships that had become commonplace. There were the exceptions of course, he’d always had Yoongi, but it was nice meeting Bangtan, and becoming so close with them. He was great friends with all of them, even Jungkook, and that made this revelation very hard to accept.

He thought to himself as he started up the staircase, how could I have been so stupid? It was so clear, and he had been completely blinded by everything that he was starting to feel for you that he didn’t even see it.

He brought the key out of his pocket, unlocking the door to the master bedroom. He slipped inside, and he moved his hand to lock it back, but then he started to pull at a tiny thread sitting on the edge of his mind, what if she comes back? He didn’t know what was going to happen with you and Jungkook in that room tonight, and he honestly didn’t want to think about it, but there was something inside of him that made it impossible to turn the lock.

He walked over, falling flat against the mattress that he had shared with you for some time now. It was a place he was starting to find so much comfort in, but now that the future was so up in the air, he found it so incredibly upsetting.

Now that Jimin was by himself, very minimal alcohol running through his system, he once again had to go back to one thought; how could he have been so blind? Now that it had been connected for him, it seemed like the most obvious thing ever. And as if he wanted to show himself proof of his idiocy, he pulled his phone out of the pocket of his jeans.

He unlocked it, pressed down on his gallery, and then clicked on the last picture he had taken. It was of you and him, he took you to this show of an up and coming band about two weeks back. You were smiling, giving him a twinge within his chest when he first saw it, but looking at it again now, he realized that something was off between the way that you smiled and the way that he did. And now that he had all of the pieces, he knew what it was.  

He exited out of the picture, and scrolled a bit further down, clicking down when he finally found the image he was looking for. It was of him and Jungkook, about three months back at a club, they were both kind of drunk in the picture, but the point he was trying to make to himself still remained the same. Back then, Jimin didn’t think much of the hidden grim within Jungkook’s smile, because honestly that was how his raven-haired friend had always been. 

And now, as Jimin flipped back and forth between the pictures containing both you and Jungkook, he found his self-insults of idiocy only amplifying, because now that it was right in front of his face, it was, again, all so incredibly clear.

It was so incredibly clear because, as he laid by himself in the bed that had once held you and him, he thought to himself, how could I have been so blind not to realize sooner that these two people who looked so completely broken weren’t somehow connected?