He couldn’t get Jimin to look at his way, not matter what. His attention, his love, his lips, just everything about him belong to her. Jungkook wished, for Jimin’s eyes would light up every time he walked into a room, just like her. Jungkook craved to feel Jimin’s lips again on his jawline. Just like the other day at their fan meet. His lips felt luxurious, soft, and thick on Jungkook skin. A/N: little something I have been working today from my phone. I was inspired by a gif I seen yesterday. I don’t have a title for this, just yet.

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the signs as Misha Collins

aries: “mama I just killed a man” Misha

taurus: “I’m screaming internally” Misha

gemini: “fuck this shit I’m out” Misha

cancer: “oh look! PUPPIES!!” Misha

leo: “I’m the motherfucking princess” Misha

virgo: “they see me posin’ they hatin’ it” Misha

libra: “do not like this shit” Misha

scorpio: “fuck the police” Misha

sagittarius: “I’m the meme lord you peasants” Misha

capricorn: “it’s not acne, it's the devil slowly eating away my vessel” Misha

aquarius: “I love my OTP this much” Misha

pisces: “nerds do it better” Misha

2017, Season 4, and Series Ends

Hey Friends,

Does everyone have a minute? I wanted to share a couple of things about the future of Wolf 359 and what we’re going to be doing this year. And, as is so often the case with these sorts of things, it comes in the form of Good News and Bad News.

First, the Farnsworth bit: good news, everyone! Wolf 359 will be back this year, and we will be doing a full season. Hooray! Season Four will begin on June 12th, and it’ll be fifteen…ish full episodes. I know that’s a longer gap between seasons than we’ve had before, but we want to spend a bit longer on the writing and the production of these upcoming episodes. And - more good news! - that also means we won’t be taking a mid-season hiatus this year. Once new episodes begin, we’ll run, uninterrupted, every two weeks until the final episode on December 25th.

Which leads us to the bad news, and that is that… well, there’s no easy way to say it, so let’s just get it out: Wolf 359 is coming to its end. This upcoming season’s final episode will also be our series finale.

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