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Here’s the final cover art for my new comic, Nico’s Fortune! I’m launching a Kickstarter tomorrow (May 9th) to help raise funds for the final production of the book. There’s more details below:

Nico’s Fortune is a horror comic about a couple of newlyweds, Beth and Laura, their strange cat Nico, and their even stranger neighbors, the Nu Delta Xi. Written by Ryan King with art by Daryl Toh ( @tohdraws ), the final printed book will feature 40-pages of full color art printed oversize (8.27″ x 11.69″) in a perfect bound edition.

See you on Kickstarter tomorrow!

~~Its just about to be showtime folks!!~~

~~ Here it is!! The moment you’ve all been waiting for… ~~

~~ But what lies behind the scenes? ~~

~~ What terrors await? What new adventures?? ~~

~~ Find out soon… ~~



Cover: ~You’re here!!~

Page 1: ~Let the show begin!~


Oh my god y’all its finally happening!! Asks will still be open, just-
The ride’s finally about to start~