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Slowly but Surely

Request: Hi! I love your writing so much, i wanted to request a newt x reader, in which newt and the reader are best friends, and newt thinks he has a crush on tina so reader helps him impress her bc he’s a shy baby, but in the process they realise that they actually had feelings for each other all along and they fall harder? Happy ending? Xx

Word Count: 2,861

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

“Well, that was disappointing.”

You and Newt stare down at the broken vase. Glass and water mix over the wooden floor and someone shouts from downstairs.

“I’ll get the broom.”

Newt steps back and you can already see the questions pestering him and thinning his confidence.

“I’m sure she’d say yes, Newt. You just have to ask.”

“I know, I know.” There’s the pacing you expected, complete with one finger pressed against his lips whenever he stops speaking. “I just need to find the right time.”

You toss the dust pan onto the ground, where it lands with a crunch on some vagrant piece of glass. “There’s never going to be a ‘right time.’”

Newt rolls his eyes at the quote gestures you make around his words. “I don’t want it to come from nowhere.”

“What if it comes from your heart?” You tease.

He scowls. “Funny. Here I thought I asked for love advice, not bad jokes.”

The glass scratches the ground on its way into the pan. “It’s a dual package. The jokes come free of charge.”

“What if I ask her on a roof? At sunset?”

“A bit cliché, don’t you think?”

“Well I don’t hear you coming up with any ideas.”

You sigh. Snappy Newt is not your favorite Newt to deal with. “Tina likes you, Newt. I promise. You could ask her out in a dumpster as a phoenix bursts into ashes around you both and she’d still say yes.”

“What about with a picnic? Women like those.”

You sweep the final pieces of glass into the dust pan. “If you really want help, you need to calm down. I’ll come up with something.”

Newt runs a hand over his face. “I’m going to check on the occamies.”

“No worries, I’ll just finish mopping up this mess myself.”

He turns back to you and shakes his head. “Let me help.”

The two of you finish drying off the floor as best you can. Sitting across from one another, you look at the final piece of the mess: the dropped lily, pure petals drooping under the water they soaked up during the clean-up. Newt leans over and grabs it before falling back against the wall. He holds it up in front of him, spinning it in his hands, ignoring the water dripping onto his hands.

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prompt: That’s the third time I’ve saved your life!”

For @ryanthecreepyguy <3 <3 thank you for your kindness!

“Okay,” Jeremy declares, “This is becoming a bit ridiculous now. Are you trying to get yourself killed?”

He breaks off, pausing to get his breath back. His heart is still pounding as he lowers his sword, dripping with sticky blue blood, and turns to look at Gavin.

The bard is sitting on the forest floor, trying to get sticky spider web off himself. It’s not going very well. His hands keep sticking to everything, and as Jeremy watches, he literally slaps himself in the face while flailing about.

Jeremy rolls his eyes, and sits down as well to drink some water.

“Of course not, Lil’ J,” Gavin replies, once he’s mostly sorted himself out. “But thank you for saving me!”

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Spotless - Imagine Request

Requested by @jeffry4ever:  I will love to read a fic of DeanxReader where the reader gets abducted and her captors start torturing her, and for some reason she starts to forget about Dean…you can make the rest…if you want.

Characters: Dean x reader, Sam, Castiel.

Word count: 2,666

Warnings: none.

A/N: This is way too fluffy, I’m sorry. I hope you like it, though. Enjoy!

The corn field was huge, and there was no way (Y/N) and Dean would finish scanning the whole place with the EMF.

“There’s nothing here,” She sighed, “why don’t we go back to the motel and call it a day, huh?”

“Sounds about right, sweetheart.” Dean replied with a flirty smirk.

They started walking out of the field as fast as they could. The corn was almost fully grown and they didn’t want to break it and expose their actions to the farmers, who had threaten them with calling the cops if they caught them sneaking on the field.

There was this noise coming out of nowhere, one that (Y/N) recognized as something similar to the hovercrafts in The Hunger Games. But said hovercrafts were fiction, and there was no way one of those was flying above them.

“(Y/N), stay close.” Dean ordered, immediately pulling his gun out.

A light landed right above them. It was some kind of spotlight, but they couldn’t see what has holding it. Dean cursed under his breath and pulled her away from the light.

“RUN!” He ordered. Being careful to the corn was no longer an option.

“I thought aliens weren’t real!” She roared. Dean was still holding her arm, and she was trying her best to keep up with Dean’s pace.

“They’re not aliens!” Dean replied, “Those are fairies!”

“What?” The light covered them once more.

(Y/N) started levitating towards the light. Dean tried his best to pull her back on the ground but it was useless.

“Dean!” She cried, “RUN!”

“Not leaving you.” The huntress let out a heavy sigh and pushed him out of the light. The strange force levitating her took full control and, in a matter of seconds, she was gone.


Everything felt cold. Her vision was blurry and all she could see was million different lights, surrounding her. Suddenly, the million lights turned into a single white light and an acute pain filled (Y/N)’s body; ripping an agonizing cry from her lips.

“This isn’t the boy.” A high pitched voice said.

“No, but we can hurt him even more with her.” Another one replied, “There won’t be a sweeter revenge than the one we will have thanks to this girl.”


Dean was walking from side to side of the room, trying to remember every single detail he could about what happened ten minutes ago and what had happened years ago when fairies abducted Dean.

“Why did they only take her and not both of you?” Sam asked, interrupting Dean’s thoughts.

“The force was too strong and I couldn’t pull her away… The whole effort made me stumble and fall out of the light.” Dean explained. As always, he was blaming himself.

“Well, at least we know those are fairies… Now we have to find out who conjured them.” Sam said, opening the lid of his laptop and starting to research.


She stretched, finally waking up from her long dream. It was no longer cold, in fact, it was pretty warm. She wasn’t at a flat, metallic surface but rather in a soft one. She was in a bed.

Her (Y/E/C) eyes opened slowly. She needed to adjust to the change; she had been surrounded for nothing else but lights. Thankfully, the only light in the room was a lightbulb, and it wasn’t nearly as bright as her captors.

“How are you feeling sweetheart?” Dean spoke, cupping her cheek with a hand. His green eyes analysing every bit of her as she became conscious.

“Who are you?” She asked, frowning at the sight of the hunter.

“I’m Dean… Dean Winchester, don’t you remember me?” Dean furrowed at her dumbfounded look. She shook her head in response. Dean sighed and helped her to sit up.

Sam entered the room; he was carrying some plastic bags filled with all kinds of groceries. (Y/N) smiled at him instantly. “Heya, Sammy.” She said, “Missed me?”

“Hold it.” Dean ordered before Sam could reply, “You do remember him but you don’t remember me?”

“I’m sorry?” She answered. Dean stood silent for a second, analysing her once more.

“Enough joking, (Y/N).” He said, trying to laugh.

“I’m not joking.” She replied with a serious tone.

“Will any of you tell me what is going on?” Sam interrupted, leaving the bags at the counter next to the door.

“(Y/N) says she doesn’t remember who I am.” Dean spoke angrily.

“It’s the truth; I have no idea who you are.” She added.

“Did you lose your memory when you got abducted?” Sam asked Dean, who shook his head aggressively. “(Y/N), do you remember what they did to you?”

“Not really… I just remember being on a metallic surface and uh… Something hurt me, but I don’t know what.” The huntress told Sam.

“Torture?” Sam mumbled, looking over at Dean.

“But why? I thought they only served that pansy King of theirs.” Dean frowned.

“So you DID serve him!” Sam laughed.

“Not the time, Sam.” Dean grumbled, “We need to make her remember, then I’ll find those naked assholes and….”

“Alright, alright.” Sam calmed his brother, “We’ll find a way.”


A bunch of pictures where sprawled in front of her. They were all Dean and (Y/N)’s pictures; on their birthdays, after successful hunts, Christmas, Halloween… Every memory they had together, was there.

“So?” Dean asked. His green eyes were full of hope.

“Nothing, I still don’t remember you.” The girl replied nonchalantly. Dean sighed and sat beside her. They were back at the bunker, sitting in the war room – and surprisingly, (Y/N) remembered everything, even Baby, but not Dean.

“See this?” Dean asked showing her a picture of them dressed up as some lame-ass version of scarecrows, “That year you wanted us to dress up, but since we don’t own costumes, you decided to improvise.” He smiled at the picture, “You made us all wear old flannels, and then you and I went out to find some dry grass while Sam looked for old cloths or whatever we could use…”

    “And this one,” he grabbed another picture, “it’s from last Christmas. You made me get up very early in the morning to go cut a pine tree, and then you made me decorate it with you.” A chuckle left his lips, “Sam was amused by it, because we had never had a Christmas tree as pretty as that one.”

     “Now this one is from a few months ago.” He explained, “It was the first time I saw you wear a dress and I just had to take a picture.” He looked nostalgic, “You wanted to kill me for that, but ended up giving up and letting me keep this.”

He explained every single picture on the table. The huntress would alternate her gaze between the pictures and Dean. He reacted differently to each one, yet there was something that didn’t change; there was something in his eyes, in his voice tone… Something familiar, but it felt so distant to her.

“Dean?” She asked, interrupting the story behind the last picture.

“What is it, sweetheart?” He asked, putting the picture down.

“Were we… dating?” Dean’s face turned even sadder.

“No,” he shook his head, “I’m afraid not.”

“Oh, sorry I just… I thought…” Dean placed a hand over her leg.

“It’s fine.” He winked at her and left the room.

(Y/N) gave another look to every picture. It was like every memory that included Dean was somehow erased from her mind, but it made no sense because she could remember everything else.

Finally, after a few hours and a quick visit to Sam’s room, (Y/N) knocked on Dean’s door. She had two beers in hand and was willing to try and remember.

“Hey.” Dean smiled once he opened the door.

“Hey,” She smiled back, “Sam told me we uh… we drink beers at night so I figured we could try that, see if I can remember?”

“Yeah, sure.” Dean stepped aside, allowing her to get in. “Looks familiar?” Dean asked after noticing the way the huntress looked at his room.

“Kind of.” She said, “I remember the furniture and uh… I don’t remember the pictures or any personal artefact really.” She shuddered. Dean walked closer, pressing his hands on her shoulders and his chest on her back. Again, the familiar feeling fluttered inside her.

“It’ll take time, but at least you remember my room… That’s a good start, huh?” Dean chuckled.

“Yeah, I guess.” She let go off Dean’s grip and sat in bed, unconsciously taking her usual place. Dean smiled at her action and joined her.

The whole time, Dean dedicated to tell her all kinds of stories, trying to make her remember a bit more. However, she didn’t. Dean had been deleted from her memory and it was frustrating for both of them.

The next morning, the three hunters were at the kitchen when Castiel appeared.

“Hi, Dean.” The angel cheered, “Sam, (Y/N).”

“Hi, Cas.” She smiled, palming the angel’s arm, “how’s Heaven?”

“Celestial?” Cas squinted; he never understood what she meant with said question.

(Y/N) laughed and, before she could say anything else, Dean interrupted again. “You remember him too?!” He fumed.

“Yeah, I… Sorry.” (Y/N) gave her an innocent look, which immediately softened Dean’s features.

“So it’s true.” Castiel spoke, “You don’t remember him.” (Y/N) shook her head in response.

“Can you do anything?” Sam asked. Castiel took a closer look to (Y/N) and without asking, he touched her forehead with two fingers. (Y/N) screamed in pain and when Cas let go off her, she fell – thankfully, Dean caught her right in time.

“I need to enter her mind.” The angel informed like nothing had happened, “Those fairies set a barrier in her mind; a barrier similar to the one Sam had when he came back from Hell.”

“Is it really necessary for you to get it?” She asked with a tired voice tone. Dean was still holding her and she felt dizzy.

“I’m afraid it’s the only way.” Castiel explained, “Fairy magic is a lot different than Angelic powers… I can’t just take the wall down from the outside.”

“Will I remember Dean again?” She asked.

“I can’t promise anything, but I’ll do my best.”


“It won’t hurt, right?” She asked. Castiel opened his mouth hesitantly, “Okay, don’t answer that.”

“I’ll be fast.” He promised.

The huntress said yes and Castiel entered her body. Both Jimmy Novak and (Y/N)’s body remained still for fifteen minutes until Cas came back to his vessel. (Y/N) was still unconscious, and Castiel suggested taking her back to her room – which Dean did.

“She needs to process every memory, and it may take a while.” Cas told Dean.

“But she’ll remember me, right?” Dean asked with puppy eyes.

“I don’t know, Dean.”

Sam and Cas remained downstairs, doing God-knows what while Dean waited patiently for (Y/N) to wake up.

She opened her eyes suddenly, gasping for air and then closing them again. Dean started to call her name and, slowly, she became conscious again.

“Dean.” She whispered, gripping tightly to him.

“Yeah, it’s me.” He smiled, “Do you remember me now?”

“Only the past days.” Dean’s smile fell.

“We’ll find another way, I promise.” He said, trying not to sound hurt.


For a whole week, the Winchesters and (Y/N) focused on reading each and every single book the Men of Letters owned, trying to find answers. Meanwhile, Cas went back upstairs to see if anyone knew a way to make her remember.

On the sixth night, Sam excused himself and went back to bed; leaving Dean and (Y/N) to do the research.

Dean was actively reading a dusty lore book, while (Y/N) read some parchments and a few annotations she had found inside one of the books.

“Fairy tales were written by older fairies to teach the younger ones how to break their different spells.” One of the notes said. (Y/N) widened her eyes and closed that book, and then she walked over to the fairy tale section of the big library and started reading the last chapters of each.

“I don’t think fairy tales will work, sweetheart.” Dean spoke without looking up from his book.

“I might as well try.” She chuckled.

Every book ended the same way: A true love’s kiss. And though (Y/N)’s inner child squealed in excitement, her experienced hunter mind said otherwise; after all, even alchemists disguised their codes as romantic tales, and none of those really involved a true loves kiss to create gold.

She closed the books and stared at them for five minutes straight. Dean lifted his gaze, tilting his head and admired her factions. Meanwhile, (Y/N)’s mind wandered around all kinds of codes she had come up to over the years, and none of them were giving her answers.

“What is it, (Y/N)?” Dean asked.

“Nothing.” She replied, still staring at the books.

“You’re doing that… That thing you do when you’re nervous… What’s wrong?” (Y/N) looked up to meet the hunter’s eyes.

“I’m not nervous.” She lied. Dean smiled, and looked down for a minute.

“If you remembered me, you’d know that it’s no use trying to lie to me.” He spoke softly, “I know you better than I know myself and I can’t tell that you’re nervous.” He extended his hand across the table, taking (Y/N)’s. “Whatever it is, don’t worry. We’ll find a way.” (Y/N) smiled at him.

The contact with Dean was so intense, the strange feeling she had been having rose up again; only this time it was stronger. Her heart was beating faster than that time she was running away from a werewolf, and her limbs were trembling. She swore her hands were starting to sweat and her cheeks were threatening to turn red. What the hell was going on?

“Dean?” Her voice could barely be heard, “Maybe it’s because I really don’t know what kind of friendship we have, but according to this books there is something that I need to do and I don’t want you to kill me. Okay?”

“Okay… What is…?” Before Dean could finish his question, (Y/N) had let go off his hand and walked to the other side of the table.

“Please don’t hate me.” She begged, crashing her lips against Dean’s.

At first he was shocked. But after processing what was going on, he melted into the kiss. His hands held her hip, pulling her to cradle his lap as the kiss deepened. (Y/N) felt as if an electric wave fluttered on her spine, making her break the kiss. She nuzzled her head on the crook of Dean’s neck, holding him close.

“(Y/N)…” He tried to speak, but (Y/N) shushed him.

Like a movie that is set on fast forward, every single memory played on her mind. She remembered everything as it had been yesterday.

“Fairies are the cheesiest creatures on Earth.” She spoke softly, still nuzzled on Dean’s neck.

“I’m pretty sure those are cherubs.” Dean chuckled. His hands were around her waist, holding her tightly against him.

“Nope, fairies.”

“How can you tell?”

“Because I remember now.” Dean let out a relief sighed. He held her even closer, as a smile formed on his lips.

“Thank God.” He whispered. His hands travelled up her back and down again, repeating that same movement over and over.

“You don’t hate me?” She asked without looking up.

“How could I hate you, sweetheart?” Dean smiled.

“Good.” She smiled, finally facing him.

They were both smiling like fools, looking into each other’s eyes like a couple of teens. They were both blushing, and their hearts were beating so loud they could easily be confused with Jumanji’s drums.

She sighed and went back to kiss him again. This time it was slower, more careful, and especially more meaningful. They had no idea how things will roll next; having a relationship was really dangerous in the kind of life they lived. But one thing was certain: She would never forget Dean.

Gertie and Bridget doodle in class

“And then to solve the equation, you take the derivative…”

Gertie tuned out her math teacher’s blather and started doodling in the margins of her notebook. She wouldn’t need derivatives to calculate the revenue of her eventual enchanting store, or its taxes, or anything significant in real life.

Although if her sister Bridget heard her talking like that she was in for a lecture. Bridget loved all things math.

A large, carnivorous looking fish took shape over the printed lines and Gertie drew some bubbles coming from its teeth-filled mouth.

Out of nowhere, a folded note landed on her desk. She opened it to see a similar drawing of the fish she had just doodled, but looking far more lifelike.

To her surprise, it began moving on the piece of paper - swimming, actually. And then it swam right off the page, floating in mid air and blowing bubbles. Its teeth snapped at Gertie and  she gasped.

“Yes, Gertie?” Mrs. Wintesnapper paused in the middle of her lecture.

“I-” Gertie looked where the fish had been floating and saw it was gone. “I, I think I just understood derivatives properly! For the first time!”

Seeing the contemptuous stares of her class, she felt her face redden.“Sorry, though, for interrupting.”

When the class had resumed, the quiet girl sitting to her right leaned over. “Sorry,” she whispered.

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san diego county gothic
  • people talk about the “green flash” that comes at sunset on the beach when everything is just right. you saw it once, two years ago, the green light on the horizon at sunset. you still see it even when it’s not sunset, when you’re nowhere near the beach, no matter where you look. always the green light in the corners of your eyes.
  • you can’t see the stars at night, the land is too bright. it glows from tijuana to oceanside. the land glows orange. you can’t see the stars at night, the smoke is too heavy. you may have never seen them anyway.
  • the air rumbles. you tell yourself that it’s just a plane from the marine corps base. the idea of a 19-year-old piloting an f-15 is more comforting than what you think it may be.
  • there are adopt-a-highway signs all along the road. this one has been adopted by a mexican restaurant. this one by an insurance group. this one by a church. this one by something unpronounceable, whose letters you cannot directly look at. you try to avoid that stretch of highway.
  • the fog comes in in the night. the marine layer, everyone says. it’ll burn off by noon. when it does, everyone pretends not to notice what went with it, and what was left.
  • everyone went to the midway when they were in elementary school. nobody has ever talked about what they saw in the narrow hallway two decks down.
  • microbreweries are everywhere, their beers named after beaches and fishes and things in the depths. you probably haven’t heard of this beer, your friend tells you, but you have heard the sound made in the interval between its opening and its drinking.
  • in the night, you hear a high whooping sound. a coyote, you tell yourself, or a kid. either way, someone’s pet will be missing come morning.
  • southbound traffic on the i-5 will be slow today. northbound traffic on the i-5 will be slow today. the necessary sacrifices have not been made. traffic both directions on the 56 will be slow today. traffic both directions on the 805 will be slow today. the necessary sacrifices have not been made. the i-8 and the i-15 will carry the necessary sacrifices. the i-8 and i-15 will be slow in both directions today, and please take blood into account as you drive.
  • when it rains, everyone stares at the sky, everyone begins to panic. they know what will be exacted from them once the rain is over.
  • canyons reach from the suburbs all the way into the city center, full of dry grass, dry eucalyptus. some of them were made by now-dry streams. some of them were not. the coyotes don’t go into those ones, though you think you hear howls.
  • it’s beautiful here, you tell your out-of-state friends. it’s beautiful. sunny. there’s in-n-out. seaworld. palm trees. you should come, you tell them, as the thermometer breaks 110 and the sun turns the asphalt into something soft and grasping, the heat shimmer slowly advancing down the street from both ways and devouring the houses. you should come. you should come. it’s beautiful. please.
  • to the north: roads and roads and roads, tangling in on each other in knots of endless asphalt. to the south: another border, another fence. to the east: dry mountains, dry desert, tumbleweeds, states that you’re not sure exist. to the west: the beckoning, calling ocean, reaching out with seaweed hands. four ways to die. no ways to leave.
Cartoons (TOP Drabble)

Requested by anonymous

When you end up watching early morning cartoons together

Ever since Seung Hyun had gotten back from the most recent world tour, his sleeping habit had been completely off and you’d more than once found him in different places of your shared apartment, wide awake, in the middle of the night - after having woken up yourself, because of the emptiness in the spot next to you on the bed.

Today that very thing had happened again, even though 6 AM couldn’t truly be classed as the middle of the night. Having slept poorly, without really waking up, had made you doubt the time your phone had showed when you’d finally opened your eyes. You were exhausted, but had known that you wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep when you’d made the discovery that Seung Hyun was nowhere to be found in the bedroom.

After the quiet humming coming from the living room had caught your attention, you’d gotten out of bed. This was why you were currently making your way through the apartment, having figured out where your dear boyfriend most likely could be found.

Your guess about his whereabouts turned out to be correct when you entered the living room – your eyes landing on the back of his head, where it poked out from behind the couch. He didn’t seem to be sitting on the couch, though, but rather on the floor right in front of it, with his back resting against it. When you allowed your eyes to travel to the TV, which was what’d caught your attention, you realized that he was watching cartoons – something that’d become a habit of his a few years back, that he did whenever he had trouble sleeping. It was something you found to be quite adorable and that you’d spent a lot of time teasing him about – to his annoyance.

Seung Hyun soon enough seemed to realize that he wasn’t alone in the room anymore and turned around to look at you, where you stood by the doorway. A small smile grew on his lips, that was quickly mirrored on your own, before you made your way over to him.

“How long have you been up?” you asked when you’d reached him, soon enough covering your mouth with your hand as a yawn escaped.

“What time is it now?” he asked, opening up his arms when you sat down next to him - the smile on his face growing wider when you scooted closer to him and rested your head on his shoulder. His arms were quick to wrap around you, pulling you even closer to him.

“Around 6 AM”, you said.

“Then I’ve been up for maybe two hours”, he told you.

You hummed in response, already more than aware of the fact that you nagging him about the fact that he needed sleep was useless. You’d tried it one to many times already, after all, and you’d come to realize that he wasn’t actually staying up because he wanted to. So, instead of annoying him with your nagging, you snuggled closer to him as your eyes locked on the TV and the cartoon that was currently airing.

Finally being surrounded by his familiar scent again soon enough had you relaxing to the point where your already heavy eyelids were unable to stay open. His arms wrapped tightly around you and the low humming from the TV had you dozing off within no more than a few minutes, a feeling of happiness that he was back by your side filling your body.

Zack’s Second Broken Arm

Zack breaks his arm for the second time, and he can’t say he’s surprised. While waiting for the ambulance with Milo, Zack decides this is the perfect time to ask the question he’s always wanted to. As optimistic as Milo is about Murphy’s law, there has to be at least one thing that he dislikes about it, right?

Also, a big thank you to ifsheepcouldsleep for giving me feedback on this fic! And also for encouraging me to write it in the first place, which is the reason this fic is out a lot sooner than I thought it would be!

This is a sequel to this fic.

Clutching his arm, Zack wiped the tears from his eyes with his upper arm as he attempted to sit up. He hadn’t felt this pain in nearly two years, and he didn’t welcome its return. Biting his lip hard to keep himself from crying out, Zack surveyed his surroundings. Knowing Murphy’s law, he may not be in the clear yet.

He seemed to be in some sort of muddy ditch. The storm, the flash flood… it was all coming back to him now. The flood had come out of nowhere and landed them high in a tree; the only thing stopping them from plummeting to the ground was a thin branch. Unfortunately, it couldn’t hold both of them and it snapped. That was the last thing he remembered.

Wait. Milo! Was he okay?

Zack looked around frantically, but his vision blurred again with tears.  Why did broken bones have to hurt so much?

“Zack, are you okay?” The voice that was calling him seemed distant and muffled. Zack figured the possibility he had a concussion was incredibly high right now.

Milo’s worried face came into his field of view. He looked tattered and torn, but otherwise, unharmed.

“Y-yeah,” Zack croaked out. “Relatively speaking.” He held his arm closer to his chest. “I think it’s broken.”

“Oh no, Zack, I’m so sorry!”

Zack shook his head, which ended up being a terrible idea as the forest spun around him. “N’t your fault. You okay?”

“I’ll live,” Milo said cheerfully. “Hold on, I think I have a sling in my backpack for your arm.

Milo shrugged off his backpack slower than usual and produced a blue sling. He helped fit it around Zack’s arm with probably more expertise than most nurses. Immediately, Zack felt the difference as some of the strain was taken off his bone.

“Come on, let’s get out of this ditch,” Milo said.

Milo grabbed him around the waist and helped him to his feet. Zack wrapped his good arm around Milo’s shoulders and tried to keep himself steady as the world spun again.

“Just one foot after the other,” Milo said in a chipper tone. He sounded as if they were going for a stroll in a park, not trying to drag themselves out of what could have been an early grave.

They were half way up the ditch when Zack realized there was something wrong with Milo.

Zack had been leaning on Milo for support when the boy had begun shaking underneath him. Alarmed, Zack halted their progress and looked over at his friend. Milo was paler than usual and his eyebrows were knotted together in intense concentration.

“Milo, you don’t happen to have an injury from the fall, do you?”

Milo looked over at him, an embarrassed grin spreading across face. “I-I might have broken a rib,” he admitted. “But it’s nothing I haven’t dealt with before.”

Zack’s eye’s widened, and immediately pulled away from his friend for fear of hurting him. Milo stumbled and fell against his side.

“A rib! That’s way worse than a broken arm!” Zack cried. “That can be really dangerous!”

Zack’s good arm found its way securely around Milo’s torso in an attempt to hold him steady. He hoped he wasn’t hurting him further, but he couldn’t let Milo fall back into the ditch.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” Zack chastised.

“It’s no big deal,” Milo assured him, but Zack could still feel him trembling from exhaustion. “I have a high pain tolerance. I just wanted to get us both out of this ditch.”

“And how are you supposed to do that if you collapse?” Zack demanded. As if on cue, he felt Milo’s knees buckle underneath him. Zack grunted as he was almost pulled back down into the mud by Milo’s body weight. He managed to keep himself and Milo upright until his friend found his legs again.

“O-okay, yeah, I could use a little help,” Milo admitted sheepishly.

“You think?” Zack took a step forward and Milo followed his movements. Slowly, they continued to make their way up the ditch.

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Seriously though, this movie was quite a lot of fun.

If you ignore the fact that the premise is pretty ludicrous (rocket packs, blimps, Nazis, the Hollywood sign exploding) this is a very enjoyable, very entertaining and very likable movie. It has a memorable cast of characters, the acting is great all around (especially Alan Arkin as Peevy), and the setting and atmosphere are superb. It feels like a time capsule of this bizarre golden age of film making where every new movie was greeted with awe and wonder.

It’s not spotless though. Some of the effects haven’t aged all that well, and having the Disney brand those weird animated segments kind of feel like they’ve come out of nowhere, specially those that have the swastika in them. Also the protagonist is a bit bland, but only when he’s not being The Rocketeer.

Overall, give this movie a watch, you won’t regret it!

And now, if you excuse me, I have to stop a filly from making a big mistake, and landing me with a lawsuit in the process…he, he, he, landing, more like crashing, am I right?

This week’s update brought to you thanks to: fernindt!

No Matter What the Day

Fandom: Naruto
Rating: K+
Characters: Naruto and Hinata
Length: One-shot.
Summary: She draws her strength from his smile. He draws his from her laugh.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.

A/N: I fell in love with Naruto’s character song that when I first heard it, I was so inspired to write - thus this was born! I hardly write in present tense, so a lot of the wording here is going to be kinda awkward.


She wakes up three hours after midnight to find the spot on his bed empty. Groggily, she sits up, limbs popping in disagreement at the sudden movement. It takes her quite a while to process her own actions, but eventually she tosses her legs over the comforter and puts on her slippers. Quietly and still out-of-sorts she paddles her way to the dim lighting of their living room, tugging her large shirt closer to her frame. Winter is approaching.

She finds her fiance hunched over a stack of papers with various scrolls surrounding him. His prosthetic arm clutches onto the white handle of his porcelain mug, with him taking occasional sips. He hasn’t noticed her standing by the door-frame, engrossed in his own world. She decides to give him time and chooses to watch him - she has watched him for so long, a few more moments hardly mattered.

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TITLE: Darkness


AUTHOR tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: fluff / romance

FIC SUMMARY: Loki tries to protect the OC.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: i REALLY don’t know what the hell is happening and i wrote this on a whim and i don’t think i will continue but yeah tell me what you think cause i don’t ever write loki and yeah lost control of my life

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Request: 258 w/ Pan and him being really nervous about the reader!! And he finds them and the reader RAN AWAY b/c they were afraid idk idk

Prompt: 258. “Shit, are you bleeding?!”

Warnings: swearing

Notes: I had a hard time understanding what you were trying to get at. idk who “them” are supposed to be, but I still hope you like it!

You were in a very heated game of Chase. It was all the Lost Boys against you. They had to chase you and capture you, and your only defense was hiding and a slingshot. If they caught you, you lost. But if you managed to shoot them with your slingshot, they were out. Once all the Lost Boys were out of the game, you won. How did you get into this mess? Being your cocky and stubborn self, you wanted to play the game…

Psht, the Lost Girl can’t play! She’s a girl,” a Lost Boy scoffed.

She would be able to handle it.” Felix, agreeing with the first.

Oh please, I can outrun all of you, and shoot you all before you can even get close enough to me.” You said, tone full of sass. You were confident with your comment. But that’s when Peter formed an evil smirk on his lips. He had walked up to you, slamming the slingshot onto your chest. 

Then let’s get started.” His voice was low and raspy. “Happy hunting, boys.

Now you were running from them all. Your only ammo were small rocks and pebbles you found on the ground along the way. You managed to get five boys out already, but there were still twelve boys left. 

You were right with one thing, however. You could outrun them. You were a fast runner, exceedingly fast. You were great at climbing, and a quick thinker. This game was easy but hard for you. Though as you ran, you stealthily picked up pebbles and rocks, stuffing them into your pockets.

Finding a tree littered with leaves, you jumped and swung yourself onto its branches. You climbed high, trying to hide yourself. Once settled, you waited. One thing you hated about this game was Peter. Peter was playing, of course he was. He found amusement in this. Thing was, he was probably leading the remaining boys right to you. He could sense anything and everything on Neverland. He had to have known where you went and where you were.He could probably hear your breathing.

Leaves crunched, twigs snapped, and footsteps pounded. A Lost Boy had arrived. You quickly but carefully got a rock out of your pocket and set up the slingshot. You aimed, finding an opening through the leaves and branches. You smirked, shooting. You hit the boy right on the top of his shoulder. He flinched, rubbing the spot where the rock hit.

More Lost Boys appeared, but the boy groaned. “I’m out!” He pouted. 

“What?” Another said. “How? Where is she?”

“I don’t know! But I got hit with a rock! I’m out.” The boy stalked off, walking in a completely different direction. 

You decided to toy with these boys. You got another rock, aimed, and shot. It hit one in the head that time. He groaned and acted just like the boy you hit moments ago. They looked around, trying to find you, but you were nowhere. They looked up and down. The boy who got hit walked off, mad that he was out of the game. The small group of four turned to three, then two, and finally one.

That’s when you jumped down from the tree, landing right behind the final boy int his small group left. You realized, however, you made a mistake coming out of hiding. The rest of the remaining players had arrived, as well as Peter. Though you quickly shot at the boy in front of you and ran.

“Get her!” A chorus of chants erupted from behind you. You sprinted, running so fast. There were eight boys left, including Peter.

You ran, breathing hard and sweating. You jumped over raise roots, ignored the bigger rocks lodged into the earth, and swiftly picked up more pebbles for ammo. At some point, you looked back to see if anyone was hot on your tail. No one thus far. But when you turned around, you didn’t see the raised root. You were running too fast to stop, so you fell. You fell hard, tumbling to the ground. You scraped your arms and legs, but kept going.You quickly got back up, not knowing how close the rest were. 

There was so much adrenaline pumping through your veins. You jump off a little ledge, landing a feet away from it, but with all the excitement, you landed wrong. Your right knee locked on itself, meaning it didn’t bend like it should have when you landed. You fell once again, but got back up. Though you fell right back to the floor, your knee giving out.

“Fuck!” You shouted in agony. You grabbed your knee, losing all feeling in it. You panicked, tears pricking your eyes. You could feel yourself going into shock. The thought of dislocating or breaking your knee came to mind. You were frozen. You could move.

“Peter!” You screamed. You laid completely flat on the dirt. Your body was shaking, and chest tightening. You felt dizzy and weak. Your body was going into small shock from the sudden pain mixed in with adrenaline.

“What happened?” Peter appeared, Lost Boys behind him. “Shit, are you bleeding?!” He exclaimed, examining the scrapes from the firs fall. Peter turned to look at the boys, telling them the game was over.

“Peter, I can’t… I can’t bend my right knee. It won’t bend. It won’t bend!” You panicked, repeating yourself. The tears in your eyes finally fell. 

“Hey, relax. Just breathe. Let me see,” he looked at your knee. “Felix, help sit her up.”

Felix did as told, going behind you and lifting your upper half up. Your body was still shaking and you felt pathetic. The boys said you wouldn’t be able to handle this, and looked what happened? You got hurt and now your crying like a baby. You were embarrassed.

Peter felt around your knee. You hissed when he put pressure certain points. He gently lifted up your right leg, slowly making it bed. You yanked it back.

“Stop!” You shouted at him angrily. “That hurts!”

“Definitely mess it up. Boy, I have it from here.” Peter told them. Felix stayed however, knowing that Peter would need him a little longer. The boys dispersed, going to do what they usually do. 

“Felix, go get some wrappings,” Peter instructed. The boy nodded. He gently let go of you, resting you back down.

You were still shaking and still cold. “P-Peter, why am I dizzy? Wh-why am I dizzy?” Your words were slowing. Peter picked you up. He snaked one arm beneath your legs, and the other going underneath your neck. He lifted you up.

“You’re body is trying to process everything. Just relax and breathe, darling,” he told you gently as he walked back to camp. “You were pretty good out there. Fast. You just need to be more careful where you step,” Peter teased. 

“Shut… Shut up,” you stumbled a little on your words. Peter laughed a little at you. He shook his head. 

“Got a busted knee and you’re dizzy, but you still manage to make me laugh,” he smiled cheekily. You playful hit his chest, a little laugh escaping you.

Safe place // Michael Clifford

As I stand in the dressing room, I know something isn’t right. Ashton’s nowhere to be seen, Michael ran off about five minutes ago and still hasn’t come back while Calum’s pacing the floor and Luke’s on the floor covering his arm with his eyes, groans falling from his lips. The show’s supposed to start in five minutes.
“What do you mean you lost them?!” Michael roars from outside the dressing room. I hear someone murmur a reply and Michael curses. Furrowing my eyebrows, I walk out the door, my eyes landing on Michael, Ashton and some guy dressed in black. Taking a spot beside Michael, I wrap my arm around his waist, squeezing his hip. He glances down at me and it’s obvious he’s angry. Finding the opportunity to run, the guy in black bolts down the corridor and Ashton walks into the dressing room, a scowl on his face. Michael whines as he turns around and drops his head on my shoulder.
“What did we lose?” I ask, running my fingers through his hair. He chuckles dryly before raising his head and looking at me.
“Our guitars. And they say that they won’t be here for another fifteen minutes.” He groans.
“Then they’re not lost, simply misplaced.” I point out. He narrows his eyes at me.
“We’re supposed to be on stage now.” Michael snaps.
“So? Stall the audience.” I shrug. Michael’s eyebrows furrow in confusion. “I’m guessing you have to be here when your guitars arrive?” I ask. He nods. “So take Ashton and shove him on stage for a few minutes.”
Michael’s eyes widen as he understands what I’m saying. Grabbing my hand, he pulls me into the dressing room and grabs Ashton , who’s in the middle of explaining what’s happening to the other two.
“What?” Ashton asks, obviously annoyed.
“My girlfriend’s a genius.” Michael declares. Ashton looks at me and nods slowly, not understanding. I roll my eyes at Michael’s words. “You’re gonna stall the fans. Both of you.”
My eyes widen and dart to Michael. “Ashton’s perfectly capable of doing it himself!”  
“I know but it was your idea so you’ve got to have a way to stall them.” Michael grins, dragging both Ashton and I out of the room and down the corridor.
“Mikey, no, I don’t do crowds.” I protest, trying to grab onto something to stop him from dragging me any further. By the time we reach side stage, my heart is pounding in my ears and I’m shaking. I have no time to even try to escape it because a moment later, he’s shoving Ashton and I on the stage and mouthing a quick I love you before running off.
Screams erupt from the crowd and I wince, shielding my eyes from the lights. A second later they’re dimmed slightly and I drop my hand back to my side and Ashton hands me a microphone with the letter M on the bottom.
“Hi guys!” Ashton speaks into his microphone, a smile on his face. “So… as you all know this is Michael’s girlfriend.” More screaming and a bunch of hellos are thrown back at us. “And we’re gonna play 20 questions!” I stare at Ashton in horror.  “Okay who’s first?” He asks. Nearly every single hand in the venue is raised and I stare blankly at Ashton as he points to a girl in red in the front row. Security takes a microphone to her and she smiles up at Ashton and I as I take a seat on the edge of the stage.
“Hi guys.” She chirps. I wave at her as Ashton says hello. “I was wondering how long Y/N and Mikey have been together and how they met.”
“We’ve been together three and a half years.” I smile. A bunch of aw’s come from the crowd and I feel my cheeks heat up. “And well, actually, I met Mikey through Ashton. He dragged me to band practice once day and yeah.” I shrug. “Next?” I look over at Ashton who grins and nods, pointing to someone else.
“What does home feel like to you?” The girl asks. Instantly my mind wanders to Michael and I let Ashton answer first. When he’s done, he turns to me with a questioning look.
“To me home feels like any place you feel safe. Where you can be whoever you want to be without judgement, I guess.”
Ashton nods, a smile on his face. Several questions later – including: what hair dye Michael uses or if Ashton can take a selfie with them or how is it living on the road with four boys and other things - my eyes scan the room until I spot a girl with brown hair and a yellow shirt. I point her out to security and it’s not long before she’s speaking into the microphone.
“I was wondering if it was love at first sight for you and Mikey? And if he’s the one, how did you know?” She asks. The crowd aw’s once again but it’s quickly cut off by Michael’s laughter. I tilt my head back to find Michael walking towards me. I hold my arms up to him. Effortlessly, he picks me up and puts me on my feet, snatching his microphone out of my hand.
“She hated me.” He tells the girl. “One time she tried to beat me up but when you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you just know.” He grins, placing his chin on my shoulder. “Like she said, home is a safe place but sometimes it’s not a place, it’s a person.”