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Description: You’re on We Got Married with Taeyong ^_^

Warning: None

“They’re coming today, so be prepared.”
You had been informed earlier today that a film crew would be coming over, with an announcement for you, but your manager wouldn’t say what for. Only that this will span over the course of the next few months.
You had frowned, confused at the sudden announcement, figuring it would be a good idea to just stay home and ponder over what it could possible be, waiting for the film crew to arrive and tell you what was going on.
And that’s exactly what you did. Lounging around your couch in an over sized hoodie, watching TV and waiting for the doorbell to ring. Which happened around noon, just when you were starting to slip into sleep again.
You sprang from your seat, and greeted the film crew crowding around your front door, cameras already on, filming you as they handed you a red card.
“What’s this for?” You asked the crew, but got no response, only a slight nod from one of the crew towards the card, indicating for you to read it. Holding back a sigh at being ignored, you carefully opened the envelope and removed the card, flipping it open.

To: _____
You have been chosen to be on this season’s “We Got Married”.
Your first potential husband will be waiting for you in the park.
From there you will have exactly one hour to have your first date(get the counter from the crew) and you will then move on to your second potential husband.
Then, your new life of marriage will begin.
Congradulations from,
The WGM Crew

“We Got Married?” You asked the crew. “I’m getting married?”
Again, you got no answer, only being handed a handheld timer, and then was ushered to get dressed and go to the first place to meet your first “husband”.
The ride to the park was quicker than you had hoped, but you were thankful you hadn’t been given long to wonder about this whole “husband” deal. Although you did fidget a lot on the way, fiddling with the hem of the skirt you decided to wear.  
You were the first to arrive, a potential husband no where in sight, so you took a seat on one of the park benches, watching the birds and squirrels hopping around. Tracing some letters and designs in the dirt below the bench, you nearly jumped out of your skin when you heard a soft hello from behind you. Flying from the bench, you spun on your heals, and came face-to-face with a young man. 
“H-hello.” You greeted, trying not to look to shell shocked, and bowed to him.
“Hello.” He bowed back, then held his hand out. “I’m Lee Taeyong.”
The young man was nice, and kind, not being phased by your shyness as he led you to his car that you would be taking to the spot he chose for your first date. Apparently he had chosen a somewhat quiet coffee shop, explaining it was a good place to “get a bite to each and get to know one another”.
Being a gentleman, he paid for your coffee and the muffin you picked out, and even pulled the chair out for you when you sat at the small booth near the back, and being reminded by the crew to start the date timer.
The two of you sat in a somewhat comfortable silence, as comfortable as you could be with someone you just met, as you both sipped your coffee.
“I don’t know what they tell the wives.” Taeyong started, breaking the silent. “But they tell the husbands to get together a date plan first, to give us some time to prepare. Johnny told me about this place, said the coffee was really good, and that this would be a good first date idea.”
“If we get married, I’ll have to remember to thank him. The coffee’s amazing.”
“It is.” Taeyong smiled, not only at you liking his date plan, but just the mention of marrying you made him smile.

WGM Question Time
Q: How did you feel when you met your potential bride/husband?

Taeyong: “I was…pleasantly surprised. I hadn’t expected her…but I think I’ve already made my choice on who I’m marrying.”

You: “I was shocked, to say the least. I spent a lot of time thinking about who my husband could be, but he never crossed my mind…but I’m excited.”

The date passed quicker than you would have hoped, the annoying beeping of the timer interrupting the in depth discussion the two of you were having over chicken recipes. You could see Taeyong’s annoyance when the crew cut the chat short, reminding him he needed to take you to switch spouses with the other couple.  
The other husband was nice, you couldn’t deny that. But you could easily tell he had already chosen who he wanted, and was just trying to get through the date so he could get back to her. Even with that, he tried his best with you, taking you on a walk through this massive flower garden his mother had told him about. The two of you chatted lightly, that awkward kind of chat you have with an old friend you never really cared to see again, trying to waste time until you both got to reunited with the person you wanted to be with. Thankfully, the time flew quickly, the beautiful colored flowers being left behind when you left to the final place, where you would pick your husband, or go home…

“We’ll take the two girls, and when your name is called, each husband will go to their wife choice. Once with the wife, the husband will propose. If the wife has written your name on their card, the two of you will go home, pack, and move in to the honey moon house.” The crew member explained calmly, passing you and the other wife a card and a pen, telling you to write your husband choice on the card.
“What happens if you don’t get picked?” The other wife asked.
“Then you go home.” The crew shrugged.
What if he doesn’t pick me? You wondered, handing the pen back before you were led to where you would wait for your possible husband.
You waited patiently, anxiously, as the first husband’s name was called, until he came across you. Clutching the card, you tried to steady your breath. You were the first wife, the other girl was further in the building. Bowing to you, the husband mouthed a “sorry” as he continued walking, obviously to the other wife.

WGM Question Time
Q: How did you feel when the first husband passed you?

A: I was a little hurt, but relieved that I wouldn’t have to tell him no. I’m glad he went on, I hope they’re good together.

You heart nearly jumped in your throat when Taeyong’s name was called, you strained your ears to pick up on his steady footsteps coming down the hall.
Oh god. You gulped when you saw Tae’s form turn around the corner, standing still when he spotted you. What if he keeps walkin-
Taeyong walked slowly into the middle of the room, keeping his eyes on you as you pulled on your sleeve anxiously.
“Hello again.” Taeyong smiled, bowing to you. “Can I ask something?”
“S-sure.” You stuttered, nodding slightly.
Taeyong smiled again, taking another step towards you.
“Did you have fun with me today?” He asked, another step taken.
“Yes.” You smiled lightly.
“Did you enjoy our time together?”
“Did I make you happy?” The space between you was decreasing.
“Do you think I could continue making you happy?”
“I think so.”
“Then,” Taeyong whispered, stopping a foot from you, dropping to his knee. “Will you marry me?”
You smiled at him, holding the card up, opening it and displaying the words “Taeyong Oppa, let’s get married!” to him, watching him grin.

WGM Question Time
Q: Are you happy with your spouse choice?

Taeyong: “I couldn’t be happier. I knew the moment she was already talking about us getting married, she was the one for me. She already clicked with me, and I think I clicked with her. I’m looking forward to our marriage, I’ll be good to you…jagiya…”


Okay people, here is Chris on Callux’s most recent snapchat (23.4.17) and do you see that floof? His hair is getting all floofy particularly on the top so you know what that means ladies…a fresh trim be coming reeeal soon. Prepare your ovaries. Start your birth control plan. We bout to get pregnant.

you are not obligated to
  • be someone’s counselor and help them with all their problems if its bad for your mental health
  • be there for someone 24/7
  • remain friends with someone who emotionally drains you
  • maintain negative relationships because you’ve been close for so long, because you’re related, or anything else
  • do anything that makes you unhappy or puts your health at risk

[[Context, I play a 2'7 bard gnome who is best friends with my friend’s 9 foot minotaur. We’re running into the boss battle with me on his horns]]

Minotaur: You ready?

Me: Do it!

Minotaur: I’m going to throw her at the boss so she can stick the broken halberd into his face.

DM: Oh my god. Fine, both of you roll. 

Minotaur and I: [18 and nat20 respectively.]

DM: [Exasperated] He knew you all were coming. He was prepared for a battle. He was even prepared for a difficult battle. He was not prepared for a gnome on his face.


build god then we’ll talk // panic! at the disco

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i done told y’all i aint got much yet but here you go booboos


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  • ward: skye, i love you so much, please forgive me, i'd do anything for you
  • skye: stop doing bad things!
  • ward: not that