coming out with lines like that



“AH! God fuckin’ dammit!”

The echos of the two men reverberate around the room. Robin smiles. At times like this, it’s almost easy to forget.

The laughs slowly die down and the silence between them resumes. He glances over at the screen recorder, taking a mental note of when this… Uncomfortable silence was. He’d need to edit it out anyway.

“Oh, uh… That’s about an hour and a half.”

“Oh, really dude? That should be enough then. Might even have 2 episode’s worth there.”


Clicking and quick flicks of the keys being punched on the other end punctuate the increasingly uncomfortable silence.

“I was getting tired anyway, I think… ” His heart is pulsing in his throat.

“Yeah. That should be enough for those stupid cunts to chew on for a day.”

And there it was, a blatant reminder of who he worked for now.

Robin nods, though he’s not sure why he does.

It’s not like he’s here.


Shit, nevermind.

The silence continues, and the keys and clicks continue.


“Oh, so we’re FINISHED then, are we?”

Robin swallows and takes a deep breath.

“I thought we were, sir.”

He’s pretty sure he hears a snort from the other end of the line, but there’s the usual distortion that comes with his… “Master” relaxing out of his charade.

“What the fuck do you want?” The voice scraping and crawling its way through Robin’s speakers fluctuates up and down.

“Is….” Robin lifts his hands from the keyboard and mouse. They glisten with sweat, illuminated and tinged blue by the shine of his monitor. He reassures himself and presses them tightly together. “Is Jack okay?” His hands feel stickier pressed together.

A sharp giggle.

“You’ve been read what those puppets write too much.” The voice shakes more as it continues to distort and fluctuate. It sniggers again. “They always think they’re so clever.”

“But… It’s been a year. Can I just know he’s okay?”

“Robin, Robin,” the static chides him. “I feel like you’re forgetting your place in all this.”

Robin swallows.

There’s a noticeable pause. There’s a rustle, a creak from the other end.

He’s leaning back in his chair.

“You’re not here to fucking edit and be my bitch so I can collab with someone.” The voice registers dangerously low. A hot, sweaty flush spreads up Robin’s neck and face. “You’re here because I can’t have you be dead, and I need those puppets to fucking cooperate with me sometimes.”

Again, a nod.


“And if I could have it any other way, I would have you gutted and hung live on stream.” The static around his words jitters excitedly as he entertains that fantasy. His breath hitches and catches for a second, and Robin grimaces and cringes to himself.

He tries to not listen to the hot breaths in his ear.

This is so fucking gross.

Still. Quiet.

“But I can’t have that tarnish my ‘reputation’; after all, cooperation is the key to ANY working relationship. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Robin says nothing.

“Our… Arrangement stands. For every snooping question you ask, I’ll be sure to pass it on to Jack by carving your question into whatever blank piece of flesh I can find for it. And I don’t think he will appreciate you asking.”

Swallowing was becoming harder, thicker.

He felt sick.


“Oh, would you look at that!!” The energetic, thick accent blasts back out again, almost making Robin jump.

He wasn’t even surprised that people couldn’t tell Jack and Anti apart.

For a moment… it was like he was back.

“Looks like I forgot to switch off the recording. Ah well, good thing I always have you here to clean up my mess, right Robin? Can’t let those puppets get too sweaty over everything…”


“And remember Robin- don’t start getting any ideas. Your head may not be on the line, but I promise you, you will LIVE with the guilt knowing what you made me do to your friends and ANYONE you love because you refused to… Cooperate.

I want my video on time. Goodnight.”

There’s the token noise of the Skype call ending.

And he’s just sat there, head in hands, body shaking and glistening in the limelight of that ever constant monitor.

I didn’t sign up for this.
'Outlander': Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan on that season 3 finale
That's a wrap! Commence the tears. Sunday's episode of Outlander marked the season ender to the Starz drama — and…

That’s a wrap! Commence the tears.

Sunday’s episode of Outlander marked the season ender to the Starz drama — and boy, was it a wet and wild one! I talked to Sam Heughan (Jamie) and Caitriona Bale (Claire) one last time about shooting the season 3 finale, and how they managed to do those underwater scenes without drowning.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let’s start with those underwater scenes. How did you shoot those? Did you have to hold your breath forever?
CAITRIONA BALFE: We had this really cool water tank at the back of the Cape Town Studios in South Africa. Sam and I had done some underwater scuba training so we could stay underwater, and they would just come and feed us oxygen every 30, 40 seconds.

SAM HEUGHAN: She was very good at that. She was like a mermaid. She has done scuba diving before. I’ve never done it.

BALFE: It was fun. Things like that are always really exciting, and to sort of learn something new … It was quite cool until Sam rammed my face into a big chunk of wood.

Oh wait, that’s where he put that cut on your nose? When you were underwater?
BALFE: No, when he captured me and brings me up to that big lump of wood that we float on, that’s when he did it.

HEUGHAN: Clothes are very difficult to swim in, especially while you have someone that’s covered in dresses, and also not swimming.

BALFE: I also had weights around my skirt.

HEUGHAN: It is pretty tough.

How much time did you spend in that tank?
BALFE: It was one day.

HEUGHAN: It was our last day in South Africa, and a really amazing way to end. It was freezing in the morning, and then the sun came out.

BALFE: We had a nice heated paddling pool at the side. So when we would get out between setups and stuff, we were in a paddling pool and they furnished it with some rubber ducks and beers.

HEUGHAN: Yeah, I actually still have a rubber duck.

How were those scenes executed on the deck during the storm?
BALFE: They had these water cannons, I think each of them held a couple gallons of water.

HEUGHAN: Plus there was a side cannon. It was like a ton of water that dropped on us. And there are two wind machines with V-8 engines.

BALFE: It was quite intense. We took about three days to film that. There’s so much water and  everything. When we were actually in it, none of us could hear a thing. We were sort of supposed to shout at each other and do lines and …

HEUGHAN: We couldn’t see anything.

BALFE: And you can barely breathe. But it was a really cool and extravagant setup. It was very ambitious. I think we were all just really excited to be able to do something that was on such a large scale.

HEUGHAN: And then we did a bit of Star Trek acting as well.

What do you mean by Star Trek acting?
BALFE: Well, when the gimbal is not working, you have to gimbal yourself.

When you were floating in the eye of the hurricane, were you trying to channel Rose and Jack from Titanic?
BALFE: No, we didn’t. I think that’s just a bit of a two-people-floating-0n water coincidence.

HEUGHAN: As I side thing, we did discuss that and how Jack could have gotten on that [piece of wood]. He could have.

BALFE: Are you now on the Jack-Rose conspiracy thing?

HEUGHAN: I’m sorry. She could have moved over.

I agree. Let’s move on. Caitriona, you were back in the batsuit for the finale. Will this be the last time we see you in it?
BALFE: As hard wearing as that batsuit was, I think the final shipwreck might have been the nail in the coffin for it.

Sam, when John Grey got you out of that jam, there was a part of me that expected you to shake his hand or even embrace him because he saved you yet again. But you dashed out. Why?

HEUGHAN: They have a a great relationship there, and there is unfinished business, but at this moment Jamie is going to go find Claire. That’s his priority.

Now that Geillis is dead, let’s review the body count that Claire has racked up since the pilot.
BALFE: Just call her Claire Myra Hindley! [Myra Hindley and Ian Brady perpetrated the infamous Moors murders back in the ’60s]. Hmm, how many? There was two in season 1. One in season 2 …

HEUGHAN: Who’s that?

BALFE: The Comte.

HEUGHAN: There is also Dougal.

BALFE: Oh yes! Two in season 2, and two in season 3!

HEUGHAN: And Diana Gabaldon says she’s not a killer.

BALFE: So I think we are on six. But we really don’t know. There might have been a few people who crossed her at the hospital. A few people at the school gates she didn’t like, who might have judged her. There is a whole series we could do on the side.

Sam, that dude in the cave looked twice your size.

HEUGHAN: Oh, he was. They cut a lot of the fight, actually. He’s a wonderful actor and absolutely enormous. That was the idea. He was this real strong power against Jamie. It was a very difficult fight to shoot, actually. Gary Steele created this fake cave. They built this in the studio. It was so lifelike, but the floor was very uneven and jagged. It was quite painful to be thrown around, but an amazing set nonetheless.

Caitriona, you had to come pretty close to Lotte Verbeek’s neck to make it look like you sliced her, correct? Did you have to do several takes?

BALFE: I may not be known as the least clumsiest person on set, but we definitely made sure we erred on the side of caution. It was really wonderful to have Lotte back in the show. I enjoyed working with her, and she brings such a cool edge to Geillis. It was a lot of fun. One of my favorite lines is when they are out in the garden and Geillis goes, “Of all the gin joints in all the world.”

What beach were you on at the very end? Was that in South Africa?

BALFE: Yeah. That was last June. It was part of a protected nature reserve. It’s about 45 minutes outside Cape Town. It was beautiful.

So what was the final scene you shot for season 3?

BALFE: It was the tank, the underwater stuff.

Was there a wrap party that night, or did you all go your separate ways?

HEUGHAN: I think you can see in Caitriona’s Instagram that we were in this paddling pool with South African beers and inflatable ducks. That was it.

BALFE: We had some beers, and there was a wrap party that night, but neither of us lasted that long because we were exhausted. The South African crew showed us up, they partied hard.

Hoe Tips: Flirting and Attraction

1. Smell like a snack. Vanilla or cinnamon scents that have a sweet musk to them work best bc they release endorphins that are linked to sexual arousal.

2. Make sure you look fuckin snatch at all times. Keep your hair tamed with a brush or hairtie, moisturize ya skin daily, keep your teeth clean, keep your clothes matched and stain/wrinkle free, etc.

3. Act like you don’t need a man/women. Because you don’t. Girls that are confident and self assured get the most attention for sure.

4. Be smart. People are attracted to intelligence. Keep those grades up and offer the cute guys/gals of your class to tutor them👅

5. Smile and laugh a lot. Happiness is attractive as fuck.

6. Be nice to people. Compliment them, offer someone a snack/gum, don’t be a cold bitch.

7. Be tease-y, not easy. Don’t just sleep around with anybody and hope they come back for more; make it like you deserve to be worked for. When y'all are exchanging nudes, play with different angles to conceal the goods ever so slightly, and strip down to lingerie and ya naked body slowly, instead of just flat out sending them naked pics right away. Make sexual jokes every now and then, and if somebody offers to hook up with you as a joke or as a serious offer, just give them a smile and say “sweetie, you wouldn’t know what to do with me.” Lines like that keep ‘em crawlin for more.

8. Be touchey-feely (without being rapey, obv). Don’t be afraid to place a hand on someone’s arm/shoulder, or give someone a friendly nudge/shove when appropriate.

9. Draw attention to your lips. Wear a bold lip color every now and again, make sure they’re always moisturized and soft. Bite your lip gently or play with your lip absentmindedly when speaking to someone.

10. Develop pet names for people. Just a simple “thanks doll” when someone hands you something you dropped is all it takes to accustom people to it.


Summary: He couldn’t possibly leave. Not him, not now, you couldn’t accept it. Not after everything.

Fandom: American Assassin

Pairing: Mitch x reader

Word count: 2239

Warning: angst, swearing, might break your heart

A/n:  So I wanted to wait before posting this, but since Killer Queen part 2 and chapter 33 of We Don’t Believe What’s on TV aren’t done yet (and I spend a lot of time on those) I thought it would be nice posting this! This is my entry for @teenwolfdramaqueen writing challenge! The prompts were: You’re gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul, You and I walk a fragile line and I was drunk, I was gone, that don’t make it right, but I promise there were no feelings involved. There’s a lot of angst and basically… it’s sad, lol.

Originally posted by dylnsobrien

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Exactly your type

A bellarke modern au.  Prompt: bellarke + blind date.

Written for the amazing @tracylorde!

(Also find on AO3.)

“Not another blind date, please,” Clarke groans, exhaustion taking over her body completely, as she sags further down into the chair.

“You are going to love this one,” Raven smirks.“ Trust me.”

Clarke lifts her head from the table and narrows her eyes. “Really?” she asks, trying but failing at keeping the suspicion out of her tone. “You said the same about Riley…. Oh, and let’s not forget – you said the same about Echo, too; who, by the way, we all knew had been salivating after Bellamy For. A.Year.”

Raven scrunches her nose. Which … she doesn’t do that often, is indeed suspicious. But then, she clucks her tongue, effectively dismissing any further protest.

“In my defence, Echo said she was interested.”

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Zzyzx Scarecrow

This song is by Stavesacre and appears on the album Absolutes (1997).

Near the gateway to mojave
I saw a place
Both beautiful and blistering
And cruel and cold the same
The sun was like a lion
Bearing down upon its prey
Death valley stained in crimson
For the moon to wash away
And I envisioned rows of gallows
For the world to look upon
One step too bringing order
To a planet tempting chaos

Can you feel it coming down
The righteous wrath of God
Revealed from out of heaven
For the innocent blood
Crying from the ground

While the wicked seem to prosper
And glory in these days
As if their ways were hidden
As if they had escaped
We have lost our sense of justice
Smearing lines of right and wrong
Despising any standards
We blindly stumble on
Bleeding hearts may scream compassion
What of those that cannot cry
A life is worth a life
Justice… merciful and blind

Innocent blood
Is crying from the ground

It’s coming down

“Burning the Tip”
Mojave Desert range day, Gen3 Glock 17
Running my “church gun” in accordance with
Psalm 144:1


missdreamgirl32  asked:

Why does everyone think “Don’t call me Eds.” Is Eddie coming out? If this was supposed to be his confese sion of love for Richie wouldn’t it make more sense if his last words were “I always liked it when you called me Eds.” Or something along those lines?

In my personal opinion there are more than enough actual proof that Eddie is homosexual and struggles with his sexuality in the actual book. The fact that his ultimate fear comes at him attempting to give him oral sex is one of the biggest indications that he is fearful of him actual being gay. 

With that being said, the entire premise that every time that Eddie mutters “don’t call me eds” is equal to saying “I love you” is not valid. Yes, Eddie loves and admires Richie, and yes he doesn’t actually hate being called eds but I took it as more of an connection between them too. Weather it is friendly or lovingly is up to the reader. 

Now the fact that Eddie tried to comfort a crying Richie when he is literally bleeding to death is something notable if not proof of it all. Eddie knows he is dying and it is a very common head cannon that if he would have the opportunity to continue talking, he would have admitted his love for the man. 

I firmly believe that no two people read the same book. We all perceive things in a different ways. That’s what makes fandoms so amazing and why every person should be open to different ships. I love Reddie, however there is enough proof of Stenbrough or Kasbrough or Stozier in the book to make them just as creditable as Reddie. 

I know this got off topic and maybe it didn’t answer the question at all but it was my best. 

Lots of love friend. 


“You’ll die, Kara.”
“I know,” she says, with the tip lipped expression of a martyr. It fits perfectly to the slopes of her face, the line of her brow—and you don’t want it to.
“Don’t do it.”
“I have to, Alex. I can’t let another planet die—I just can’t.”


“Come on out, Cal, I don’t have time for this—haven’t you heard? It’s the end of the world outside.” A vicious monster crashing through the heart of National City; people fleeing scared, the military lining the border of town.
“Not if I have anything to say about it.”


“I promised to protect you—but I also have to protect your home.” She makes those slips sometimes—saying your instead of our. Like earth wasn’t her home—and you never mentioned it, never thought much about it. How long has she felt like that? How long has she looked to the stars? Searching for a dead planet, thinking home.
“Your home—too.”
“Only for a little while longer,” her lips are hot against your forehead, and you feel her slipping a necklace over your head—it’s the one you know her mother had given her. When she’d been a child, sent away from a dying planet.


“The hero is supposed to have something—I don’t know—inspiring to say.”

“Who says you’re the hero?” You ask with a smile—because you have to smile, anything else will shatter your resolve to let her go—will crush the stubborn determination keeping your fingers from curling into her collar.

“Go be the hero, Kara.” You murmur, tracing a thumb across her cheek, through the track of tears dripping off her jaw, you plunge your fingers into her hair, and tug her in for one last kiss. “Chop chop, supergirl,” God, you voice cracks, and you simper against her lips. “We’ve got a schedule to keep.”


i will make you queen of everything you see by @civilorange : chronological order [#36] snapshot 18


I picked up a couple of these things recently and I’m too lazy to take pictures myself, but I just have to share them because they’re so funny and cool.

These are part of a line called the “Grossery Gang.” They’re little rubber figures that look like alive, rotten food. There’s also a line of four inch articulated action figures called the “Putrid Power” line and they’re just delightful. 

They remind me a lot of old Ninja Turtles stuff, or the old Food Fighters toys:

Evidently these things are doing pretty well, too, and I’m super glad because old 80s/90s “gross out” toys were absolutely great and I’d love to see them come back. 

I guess we can be upfront now

since the stakes are mostly gone and I never cared for anyone’s opinions like I did yours

my mental health acts like a creature of its own device but the longer I let it wander the harder it is to distinguish it away from every person who scooped my pumpkin gut heart out.

Drug stores are wonderful places

without time for real atmosphere

and without any sort of preconceived feeling like you’d find in a home.

Lost people don’t feel lost here, much like how fish don’t feel wet in water.

And that void, the familiarity of it, always feels like a howl that must stop at the sliding doors

and reside only

in the parking lot lines.

S.A. Prompt: I’m sitting in an Albertsons parking lot in the pitch dark crying except it’s not the normal crying it’s the crying where my face gets hot but no tears come out and I just scream and sob and pull out my hair and idk what to do?? I’m so tired of feeling unwanted? Sorry this is really heavy. Im having a rough however long I’ve been feeling like this

anonymous asked:

Hope when Hoseok started tearing up I thought that was gonna be enough for me in terms of how much I was gonna cry, but then Jungkook and especially Yoongi broke me. I just want to give each of them a warm hug and tell them nothing but great things T_T

omg literaLLY me like I kinda knew hoseok would cry a lil bit bc he’s a our lil sunshine who has a lot of feelings bUT THEN??

JUNGKOOK??? he was legit sobbing while saying “im!!! so happy!!” like this is our son who’s been so hard on himself and to hear him say that :c god he never cries and he fucking cried a years worth of tears in like 2 minutes

and then??? baby boy min yoongi??? he tried to hold it in and be strong and then he’s like “wait fuck hold the line pLS some tears are coming out and I can’t stOP THEM” :c

our lil toughies were big softies last night :c

can I just add though that jimin was being a lil bitch he was legit bouncing around “OmG you are all crying?? im nOT GONNA CRY BC I DONT CRY I AM TOUGH”

ACOTAR Color Guard AU Headcanons

i can’t resist i’m sorry

•feyre is the one newbie who managed to make it on rifle line

•she’s a really fast learner though

•she’s still not amazing but she tries her best and everybody respects that

•rhys is captain of the weapons line

•his rifle work is great but it’s his saber work that’s really amazing

•he and feyre still kill it as a power couple in this au too

•cassian is on rifle line

•he’s that one guy that tosses as high as he can just for fun

•he broke a rifle doing that once

•mor is flag line captain

•and boiiiii, her flag work is amazing

•it’s almost like it comes naturally to her which kinda freaks some people out

•nesta had a lot of trouble starting out, but she was really determined to be good

•she improved a lot and now she’s great on flag

•cassian taught her rifle but she never bothered to audition for rifle line

•azriel is an amazing dancer like wow how does he do it???

•at competitions, people from other guards will come up to Feyre and Mor and be like “where’s your sexy dancer boy??? we want to meet him”

•his swing flag work moved mor to tears once(she was just really proud okay)

•elain isn’t on the guard but she helps them out at competitions and rehearsals

•she bring them snacks and helps them transport their equipment and gives them encouragement when they need it

•she gives each of them flowers after championships/state

•tamlin is that one jerk from another guard that talks trash on everybody

•surprise, everybody hates him in this au too

•let’s not forget about amren!!!

•she’s their instructor

•everybody knows she spun with a really good corps and competed internationally but they don’t know what one

•cassian, azriel, and rhys have a betting pool on what one it is

•competitions are always high-emotion and usually someone cries at some point

•but it’s fine because they’re like a family and they all love and support each other

anonymous asked:

Be easy? Listen kid, I'm snowflake the demon hunter. My ribs may be bound, but my spirit remains as bright as ever! And I'm telling you, easy is not in my lexicon. Not unless you're talking food. So I will continue to yell as long as I can without hurting myself, I will continue to murder people who disagree with me, because my passion knows no bounds! I will not be taken! I- I actually think I yelled too much, my chest hurts. Imma go lie down. -❄

Kid? Really? That’s the best talkdown name you could come up with? In your line of,, work, I guess, I wouldn’t be surprised if you broke your ribs all over again. So if I were you, I’d learn to take it easy or else you’ll find out the hard way what it’s like to not know how to calm the hell down. -Ti
Dark: Woah.
Max: Uhm.. woah. I just came to see how Snowflake was.. doing.
Anti: Maybe we should leave her be..

Not to say that my story is the same as Rosa’s at all. It’s not. But there were things that we wanted and thought would be really important — like the word itself: bisexual. To me, that’s an important word in my coming out. I know that not all people are totally celebratory of that word because it’s from a time where it was like these two genders — that’s all there is. And now there’s a lot more flexibility and fluidity in sexuality, which is why sometimes I gravitate toward the word queer as well. For me, bisexuality includes people that are trans, it can include people who identify in different kind of ways. But for Rosa, there was a point for her where she heard that word somewhere along the line and she saw herself in that word, so for her, it was important for her to identify in that way. I suggested that that word was really important to Rosa and that it also would be really important to the bi community to have that word said aloud on TV. Not just a suggestion that she dates girls now, but a clarity on this character: This is who I am, and I’d like you to know it — and accept it.
—  Stephanie Beatriz on Rosa coming out (x)

“But there were things that we wanted and thought would be really important – like the word itself: bisexual. To me, that’s an important word to my coming out. For Rosa, there was a point where she heard that word somewhere along the line and she saw herself in that word, so for her, it was important for her to identify in that way. I suggested that that word was really important to Rosa and that it also would be really important for the bi community to have that word said aloud on TV. Not just a suggestion that she dates girls now, but a clarity on this character. This is who I am, and I’d like you to know it – and accept it.”

– Stephanie Beatriz

im so sick of the characterisation in media of the playboy man, the guy that sleeps around and knows he’s attractive and jokes about it,  but as soon as the woman (who is probably ‘uptight’) starts to be interested in someone, the man gets all jealous and shitty abt it and starts making snide comments and refusing to speak to her, bc he just assumed she would always be there, dateless and alone, just waiting for him to notice her, and in the end SHE’S the one who ends up apologising and repairing his poor broken ego and they all live happily ever after. fuck that.

anonymous asked:

What happened to Pack West Wolfdog Rescue and the animals that died and the scams? I'd hate for it to be true from the little I saw online, because I had a ton of faith in them. They seemed so legitimate to me, but I really am not that knowledgeable on how rescues run.

What you saw was 100% correct. I’m going to copy/paste Sara Movahedi (rescue coordinator at In Harmony With Nature)’s post that she made here, because it’s too long to go into on my own. Sara may be somewhat of a polarizing figure in the wolfdog community, but she is honest and fair. Everything she has brought into the light about Pack West is fact, unfortunately. And more is coming out beyond even this. 

“A few months ago, I was asked by a friend to join the board of Packwest Rescue to assist them with some minor admin hiccups they were having. I had been aware of some of the issues surrounding PW for some time, but was hopeful that they would sort things out and carry on doing what they do. Upon teaming up with them, I made some discoveries that left me rather stunned, shocked, disgusted, and disheartened. I will list a few of them in this post, as the public (specifically wdc people) have a right to know what transpired, and the members of Packwest won’t be able to live in the light, until they can come out of the darkness.

The other reason I’m posting this is to highlight what can/will happen when well-intentioned people take on more than they can handle, and more than they are qualified for, by starting something like a rescue, without first building the basic foundation to support it down the line. It seems every time I turn around lately, someone says they’re starting a rescue or opening a sanctuary… And it never fails, every time I see or hear it, I shudder and think about Packwest… how things went so horribly wrong, so incredibly fast. 

Please let this rescue’s experience be a lesson for you, and think before you decide to open a 501. There are laws in place, and there are penalties and punishments should those laws be broken… to say nothing of the personal loss you can expect should you be on the losing end of the deal. Your homes, your vehicles, your bank accounts, your ANIMALS….any asset you have is on the line should you violate the laws set forth by not only the state you live in, but by the federal government.

-Packwest agreed to take in 2 animals from a couple needing to rehome them in Nevada. Packwest charged the couple a $400 surrender fee, on top of $300+ for gas to drive to pick the animals up. The animals, Sylar (male) and Luna (female) were then transported back to Oregon.

*No self respecting rescue should EVER charge a rehoming/surrender fee. If my sanctuary did that, especially at $400 a pop, we would be rich with all the animals we have taken in. That isn’t how it works, that isn’t how rescue works, and its highly unethical.

-Upon returning to Oregon, the two board members stopped at a predetermined location in Oregon. The board president had a deposit down on a puppy from a local breeder, as she wanted an “ambassador” animal for her fledgling rescue. *This is especially difficult to understand…purchasing an animal *from a breeder* as the first act of a rescue organization.

-Upon arriving, there was allegedly a discrepancy on the remaining balance. The board member still owed $500 for the puppy, but didn’t have the funds. Since she had the $400 surrender fee and the $300 gas money the couple had given her, she used that money to cover the difference and purchased Ivar from that breeder, hours after “rescuing” Luna and Sylar.

-Sylar was sent to the home of another board member, simply as a temp foster. That board member, lived in a small rental home at the time and lacked the space and containment, and should never have taken on a foster. Her situation was further complicated when she adopted her personal wolfdog’s (Kochma’s) mother, Sorsha (later named Sadira) when the breeder decided to get rid of her animals. To make things even harder, the board member and her family welcomed a brand new baby into her home and life at the same time these animals were arriving and starting to settle in.

-Sorsha, an INTACT, VERY high content, VERY unsocial animal was first penned with her son, Kochma, also INTACT. After just a few weeks, the board member rearranged them and placed Sorsha in with her foster, Sylar. *It’s important to note that these changes in housing were all taking place at the very height of breeding season, weeks after these animals all arrived, very likely playing a big role in things happening the way they did. Shortly after being penned with Sylar, and while the board member was at the hospital with the new baby, Sorsha attacked and killed the foster, Sylar, in an attack that can only be described as brutal and vicious. The public explanation given by Packwest was that perhaps wild animals got into the enclosure and killed him.

-Approximately one week later, again at the board member’s home, her personal wolfdog, Kochma, an animal she had raised since he was a pup, suddenly killed his bonded pen mate, Alora, a lower content female, who was also intact. This is especially troubling since he had never displayed any sign of aggression, and was submissive to Alora until that day. It’s important to note, in this case, that the enclosure where Kochma and Alora were housed was in close proximity to Sorsha, where he most certainly would have seen her kill Sylar just days earlier. Again, the explanation (though not public since these weren’t rescue animals) was this was likely another wild animal. Alora had retreated into her dog house to likely tend to her wounds and/or hide from the animal she once felt so comfortable with, who now wanted to kill her… it was there that she was found the next day.

-While this isn’t directly rescue related, it’s important to know that Sorsha later went after the young daughter of that board member, ripping her arms open and trying to pull her into the enclosure. I would normally not mention this, as kids are off limits, but I’m doing so with her mother’s blessing, and to make a bigger point. It wasn’t until months later that they learned Sorsha had a history of attacking children, a history not made known to her by the breeder when she agreed to take the animal.

No responsible rescue would place more on the plate of board members, fosters, adopters, or anyone, who possibly can’t handle it. But when you’re overextended and trying to do things without a plan in place, accidents happen and people and/or the animals get hurt. Packwest should never have placed fosters with that board member, and failed them and those animals. The board member should have made it clear she could not take on additional animals as well. And as a point of fact, it’s incredibly irresponsible to not only house personal animals with new rescues, but also to do so when all personal animals are intact.

-Packwest, as of May 2017, was administratively dissolved as a result of failure to file necessary documents by January of that year. Since that time, they collectively continued to raise funds for the rescue. This is highly unethical, immoral, and illegal. The board members were not aware of the suspension status, and unaware yearly tax forms were not completed. This responsibility lies with each member, and claiming ignorance is no excuse.

-Fundraising efforts included despite them no longer being a rescue, among other things, photo shoots with one of the several “ambassador” animals listed on Packwest’s web page. Those included Tsura (owned by Tracy Hawkins) Kochma (owned by Sage Bohemia Grove) and Ivar, owned by Packwest/Sarah Bartell. This is a problem for MANY reasons, least of all being the fact that they were not a charity in good standing during some of the time these shoots were being done. Another BIG issue I pointed out to them, one I have pointed out to many people over the past year or two, is USDA guidelines governing exhibition, and what you are and aren’t allowed to do with your animals

.-I spent several days sifting through all the information and trying to process it all, and decided to ask the board members what they even wanted from this “rescue.” I was shocked to learn that NONE of them actually wanted to rescue. It seemed the bigger motivation was photography, and online education… and for at least one of them, it appeared perhaps (at least from the outside) to be money.The decision to dissolve this rescue was made at my suggestion, and all agreed. One sobering thing these ladies learned, and I’m sure each will share their personal feelings on the subject, is when you claim an ambassador animal is property of a rescue, or belongs to the rescue, or was purchased for or by the rescue…. when that rescue dissolves, that animal, regardless of who payed what for it and when, will be sold as part of the asset liquidation. When Packwest board members heard that, shit got real, REAL FAST.

-We were able to work it out where nobody lost their animals, however the board president did have to pay the rescue back for Ivar, and for the right to keep him. She also reimbursed the rescue for the $2800 raised by the public for the rescue’s truck… a vehicle deemed her private personal driver since they only did 4 rescues since their inception, 2 years earlier. To put that in perspective for you, I have done 4 rescues in the last 30 days. The money from Ivar and the truck were then donated (as part of the asset liquidation) to a legitimate 501, current and in good standing, and one the board chose privately, without any involvement or input from me.

-As far as Luna… she was being fostered by the rescue’s president, at her home, until she escaped one day while the board member was gone. She was found and posted on a local pet group, and members of the PW board were quickly contacted. At this point, I had not joined up with them yet, so I was only outside looking in. I immediately began trying to contact the board member/foster to no avail.Finally, Luna was returned to her, but by then, I had had enough. I arranged for a fellow rescue friend (who had been looking to adopt a female) to take Luna in, and made plans to have her IMMEDIATELY transferred to that persons care. Luna is currently in that home, safe and loved, and to this day, her new mom has yet to receive the first piece of paper about her. No vet records, no shot records, no nothing. Packwest’s explanation? They don’t know where any of it is.

-Over the course of 2+ years, Packwest raised and spent money without any accountability as to where that money went. NO proof of purchases exists for several big items, like the truck for example. Only certain board members were granted access to the bank account, and no receipts were kept of transactions that were done. THAT IS ILLEGAL, AND A PROBLEM WHEN YOU ARE A 501c3.I asked the board (specifically the president) on numerous occasions to remove any and all Packwest references, and make it CLEAR to people that they are no longer a charity. I also stayed on her to follow up with the states of Washington and Oregon (they were registered in BOTH) to make sure dissolution documents were completed and filed as needed. She assured me she had it taken care of. I also asked her to make a public post to let people know the rescue was no longer active, and that never came either.Recently, I was informed that she was still raising money, still selling items through the website (now slightly edited to include they are no longer taking in rescues, but conveniently leaving out the part about dissolution) and still presenting herself as a charity org. After a heated exchange (mostly on my part really) she agreed to make the necessary calls to dissolve the org officially. She edited the website further, however it still does not clearly spell out that the charity is no longer active and funds raised through the online store will no longer be going towards a 501c3 wolfdog rescue, but actually to one individual person.

I have not posted this to smear these women or further place blame on them. They have been hearing me tell them how badly they screwed up for several months… most of them get it. They know how close they came to possibly losing their animals, and possibly even facing charges.

-Forms they should have filled out to start this org, they payed someone $2,000 to do it for them.

-Forms they needed to stay active and remain in good standing, never got filled out.

-Receipts were not kept.

-Money was mishandled and misappropriated

.-Records were not kept

.-People were bitten and told to lie.

-Paperwork and vet records for rescues was not kept.

-Personal animals were intact.

-A fox was sent to an illegal state, and when a sanctuary stepped up to take it, PW attempted to charge them money as well.

-Having funding and housing and caging set up BEFORE taking in a single animal in, was NOT DONE.Logic, common sense, honesty, transparency, planning, preparation…and sadly ethics…. all went out the window.I am posting this to highlight how hard it is to do this the RIGHT way. Rescue by itself is hard… but to open and run a 501c3, and keep it running, requires organization, planning, and a dedicated and qualified BOD…NOT a group of your best friends.

 Until I joined them, they had never even held a single board meeting, and didn’t even have set jobs/assignments within the board. Board members were not informed of what their president was doing, and when they were able to communicate with her, she reassured them she had everything under control. They didn’t know they were spiraling out of control quickly.

Please take a look at where good intentions can get you. Please think before you decide you want to do this, and if you decide that you do, first work with a reputable rescue in your area and learn the inner workings of 501’s. Learn the paperwork, the boring admin stuff. My dad used to always tell me that before you build a house, you have to set the foundation. If you try to skip the foundation and move on to the fun stuff, decorating, for example, all your stuff will fall down when the walls collapse, because the foundation below them wasn’t there, or was not strong enough. That analogy is true in all things, rescue included.

It is my sincere hope that this post has accomplished 3 things: 

Highlighted just a few of the hard realities behind trying to start and run a rescue responsibly;

Highlighted the absolute and unequivocal importance of preparation, ethics, honesty and transparency, ESPECIALLY when affiliated with a 501c3 dealing with animals;

Highlighted how good intentions are about as useful as good toilet paper without the proper foundation in place.

Please do not send money to Packwest Wolfdogs under the guise that it’s a 501c3. It is NOT. Please do not contact them for animals needing rescue, and please do not refer anyone to them for help…. or education. They cannot provide either. 

Thanks for reading.“

surround me (m)

◇ pairing: yoongi x reader
◇ genre: smut, fluff, comedy, best friends to lovers
◇ word count: 10k+
◇ summary: after a very unfair and unjust firing from his bartending job, yoongi just wants to soothe his sadness by spending some quality time with his best friend - who he is very much in love with.
warnings: surprise piercings. slightly drunken and unprotected sex. netflix and chill, so kind of but not really spoilers for stranger things and good morning call and OITNB. a lot of hand holding.

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Now that I’ve woken up a little and watch the trailer again:

Thought the first: That is not an outfit you usually see Tony in.

Thought the second: That arc isn’t sitting like it is in his chest.

Thought the third: That armor is much more slender than the Bleeding Edge from Civil War.

More thoughts:

The red lines on the jacket correspond to the new lines on the armor.

The jacket looks kinda bulky.

Holy Fuck. This is the MCU version of the Extremis armor. But instead of coming out of his bones it will come from the clothes.

Tony was so fucked up physically and emotionally from CW that he built the armor into his clothes.