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request- fallingforyou || d.h

Request:  are you accepting requests? bc i wanted to request a dan fic based on the song fallingforyou by the 1975

Word count: 661

Warning: mentions of alcohol. 

a/n: this one is a short one, also quite different? i hope you like it! let me know aht you think pls?

Dan’s POV

“What time you coming out?” My no-longer-excited-self was starting to feel the anxiousness surrounding the voice coming out of me, making it almost unrecognizable to my ears. Fragile and weak.

“I don’t know Dan, I’m… kind of busy, I’ll see you another day okay?” I heard her voice on the other line, only it wasn’t just her voice. There was another voice fused into the background music asking her to come back to bed followed by a scream when she didn’t reciprocate right away. I closed my eyes only to be welcome with an image of her. Her bare back and her her falling delicately on her shoulders as she scans my room for her shirt. The half smile on her face when I kissed her cheek and brought her back to bed, my bed.

I hung up with no answer. The streets were now too dark, barely anyone was passing by and the ones that were, all seemed to go to the opposite side.The wind pushed my hair back, memories of her floating my mind. Like the universe conspired to push me against the current.

My thought deviating back to the way she looks when she sleeps, peaceful and real, as opposed of her general disposition, troubled and hidden. The way her eyes looked in the bright lights of the club and thought I always hated cigarettes, the way they smoke makes the ambient around her so… like her. Captivating and mysterious.

In every image in my head she looked beautiful, she is beautiful… So pretty yet so far out of reach.

Deviating between memories that no longer existed.

                                               Some sweet.

“I don’t wanna be just friends (y/n)” our minds were filled with alcohol, our bodies were filled with passion. We danced. She didn’t respond, at least not right away. She closed her eyes and smiled. She then proceeded to bury her head in my shoulder. “What do you have in mind?” she whispered as if making sure her answer was for my ears only. “You and me…my motorcycle and your house, that’s all we need” Whispering back.  My lips immediately crashed into hers forcefully, they were longing for her for so long. Her hands went to my hair.

 One minute we were under the purple lights of the club,  the next we were at her house, in her room. Clothes scatter on the floor. Wrapped in her warmth. Intoxicated on her touch.

                                                Some bitter.

Her eyes search the room anxiously. She picks up my shirt and slides it over her bare body. “If you didn’t want to be here… If you don’t want me around you could’ve just said so.” She didn’t say anything back. I couldn’t help but rub my face in aggravation. The silence was unbearable. She got dress fairly quickly. I didn’t expect her to say anything but just leave. She didn’t. “It’s not that I don’t want you around. I do, trust me. I enjoy.. this whatever ‘this’ is okay? But that’s it. It can’t move from ‘this,’ it’s all it can be. At least for now. Perhaps later, when we are in the same place.. you know, in life? Maybe then, you can say that again.”

“I like you, you like me. It’s not that complicated why can’t just be together?” she sighed and walked away.

                            With her, every moment was bittersweet.

I smiled. Her house was in front of me, and the next thing I knew so was she. Her expression was confused, but her eyes were pleased. I saw him behind her, thought I didn’t mind. Perhaps tonight she’ll change her mind. 

“I can’t take it anymore. Don’t you need me? Because I need you. It could be as slow as you like and I’ll give you all the space that you need, but Jesus Christ (y/n), can’t you see? I think I’m falling for you.”

Prologue // Somebody Else [A Stiles Stilinski Story]

Prompt: Stiles broke her heart and now she can never look at him the same. Even though they remained friends, she can’t exactly find it in herself to truly forgive him and he doesn’t know how to accept her new relationship with the one person he hates the most in this world. Overtime, you could say, they both eventually got over each other… or have they?

Relationship: Stiles Stilinski x OFC

Warnings: Only kissing for now, but there will be future smut.

Word Count: 770

Song: Somebody Else by The 1975

A/N: Hello, there! So, I have some exciting news! @sarcasticallystilinski and I have come together to write you guys a really awesome story! I hope you guys like our collab!

“Are you sure we should be out here?” Katalina asked her best friend as they ran towards the empty lacrosse field, his hand in hers.

“No.” Stiles laughed, guiding her behind the bleachers. “But, it’s not like we’ll actually get caught.”

Katalina wanted to believe him, she really did. But, she was so afraid that a teacher would end up finding her skipping class and put it on her flawless perminent record. She can’t risk getting in trouble, not when her goal is to get in the best college of the state. Sure, she’s just fourteen, but, hey, it’s never too early to think about your future.

“Stiles, we should really go back.” Katalina protested, peering her eyes around the field as they settled. “I think we can still make it in time for our next class.”

“Kat, could you just relax?” The boy with freckles painted across his cheeks chuckled. “We’re behind the bleachers. No one can see us, therefore, no one will catch us.”

The young girl took a deep breath, looking hard into Stiles’ eyes to see a possible sign of doubt. When she didn’t find any, she chose to just trust him and, finally, smiled back at him.

“So, what do you have in mind for us to do?” Katalina giggled, excitement beginning to seethe in her veins.

“I don’t know.” Stiles shrugged, a smirk planting itself on his face. “We could play games, talk or maybe- this.”

Katalina’s best friend, the same person she secretly has a crush on but doesn’t have the courage to ever confront it, placed his hands on her cheeks and she could already feel a blush warm them. Her heart beat faster once she realized what he was about to do and she didn’t dare push him away. She wanted this, oh how she wanted this.

With their breaths hitching in both of their throats, Stiles nervously leaned in and placed his lips against hers. It felt so foreign to the both of them, feeling someone else’s mouth on their own, considering this was their first kiss ever. It was strange since neither one of them really knew what they were doing and the kiss didn’t last very long, only a few seconds.

Stiles and Katalina stared at each other, their cheeks flushed with blushes and they felt so nervous. Both kids embarassed at how akward they were at this thanks to their lack of experience.

“C-Can we try that again?” Stiles asked, anxiously scratching the back of his neck. Katalina smiled before gripping his plaid shirt and gently pulling him in, again.

It was harder this time and more urgent. This second one beginning to feel like what they actually expected kisses would be like. Stiles and Katalina meshed their lips together, doing everything they can to try and understand what felt good. Once they seemed to get a hold of it, they let themselves enjoy each other’s touch.

Both of their hearts sung and fluttered at how they were kissing each other’s crushes. Neither one of them knew it, but they were already in love at such a young age. And this bond between them was only going to grow stronger.

“What the hell is going on here?!” A familiar voice shouted, causing the two lovebirds to break their kiss.

A chill ran up Katalina’s spine when she turned around to see a very shocked and confused Coach Finstock staring them down with wide eyes and his hands placed on his hips. Stiles held a hand up to cover his mouth and hide the laughter that so desperately wanted to escape as Katalina stared at the teacher in horror. She didn’t know what to do or say, all she could really do was stand still in fear.

“Get back to class!” Coach yelled, both of them immediately following orders and running towards the school.  Finstock shook his head in disbelief, disgusted at what he just witnessed. “Ugh, kids. I’m teaching High School from now on.”

Once she realized she wouldn’t be getting in serious trouble for this little act of rebellion, Katalina let herself breathe again and looked over to a laughing Stiles. His happiness triggered her own and she laughed along with him, feeling all of the weight being lifted from her shoulders.

She felt light and at peace as they ran, a lot like how she always feels with Stiles. They were young, but in love and inseparable. And they would remain that way, even when the odds worked against them. Stiles and Katalina would always find a way back to each other, no matter what.


Two years ago today, one of my favorite people did something beautiful for me. Matty Healy brought me on stage at a the 1975 show for the song Robbers and made me the happiest person ever. I love this band more than anything and this song is so special to me. The lyrics from the song “if you never shoot, you’ll never know” have resonated with me ever since I first heard Robbers. Those words are always in the back of my mind and have pushed me to do new things, try new things, and step out of my comfort zone for the sole reason of not knowing what can come from it. Robbers is a love song and the 1975 is about love and I got a rose tattooed on me today to represent all of these things. Thank you @the1975music for everything, I’ll see you soon ❤️

okay so i was tagged by @babeharrie (thanks love 💕) to list my top 10 favourite songs, so here they are!

1. I Feel It Coming - The Weeknd

2. Knee Socks - Arctic Monkeys

3. Versace On The Floor - Bruno Mars

4. Caroline - Aminé

5. Melancholy Hill - Gorillaz

6. Mad Sounds - Arctic Monkeys

7. Redbone - Childish Gambino

8. Settle Down - The 1975

9. Free The Animal - Sia ☺️

10. Afire Love - Ed Sheeran

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— — —

“Kian!” I groaned, getting up off the couch.

I asked him to make a singing video with me but he’s being ridiculous and trying to find ways not to do the video. I pushed his door open an seen him smirking at me.

“Stop being fucking petty and come do the video with me!” I grabbed the nearest pillow an chucked it at him.

“(Y/n)! I told you I didn’t want to sing!”

“You did a fucking song with Jc! Why can’t you sing a song with me?!”

He chuckled and ran his fingers through his hair. “Fine! Fine! Fine!”

He rolled off the bed and walked past me, earning a smirk from me. I followed him over to the couch an watched him fall right down on the couch.

“What song are we singing?”

“Girls by The 1975.”

He nodded his head, letting out a big sigh. I smiled and started the camera.

“Hey you guys! So, recently all of you requested for me to do a singing video with Kian and after a lot of arguing and persuading, I got Kian to agree to do the video.”

“Okay! We got into one argument and that was today when you chunked a pillow at me, dork!”

I rolled my eyes and let out a sigh. “Anyways, were singing Girls by The 1975. Enjoy!”

I started the music. Luckily this was our favorite song.

‘Bite your face in spite your nose
17 and a half years old
Worrying about my brother finding out
What’s the fun in doing what you’re told?’

Kian an I kept messing around, doing every little move in the music video as possible. We had the whole song and video memorized.

‘They’re just girls breaking hearts
Eyes bright, uptight, just girls
But she can’t be what you need if she’s 17
They’re just girls
They’re just girls’

Kian and I finished off the song with a kiss. I laughed, taking ahold of his hands.

“I hope you enjoy this! If you want Kian and I to make another singing video please request. Love you all! Bye!”

Kian waved and blew a kiss to the camera. I turned off the camera and glared at him.

“Thank you, sweetheart.”

He grinned, “You’re welcome, sweetie pie.”

He pinched my cheek, making me laugh. I leaned in an placed a kiss on his lips. He bit my bottom lip, making me sigh. He got off the couch an went back into his bedroom.

“What ah dork.” I mumbled, taking down the tripod.

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1. Screen by Twenty One Pilots 

2. Death Of A Bachelor by Panic! At The Disco

3. Partition by Beyonce 

4. The Wanting Comes in Waves by The Decembrists 

5. Transatlanticism by Death Cab For Cutie

6. Yellow by Coldplay

7. Godspeed by Frank Ocean

8. It’s Quiet Uptown by Hamilton 

9. This Must Be My Dream by The 1975

10. Oblivion by Bastille 

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Catherine - Magic Man

Anchor - Birds of Tokyo

She’s American - The 1975

Sister Golden Hair - America

In Your Light - Gotye

All Come Down - Steve Mason

Next to Me - Emeli Sande

Now We Are Free - Hans Zimmer (Gladiator OST) 

Am I Wrong - Nico & Vinz

Never Going Nowhere - The Bluetones

Disco 2000 - Pulp

Obviously - McFly

Recovery - James Arthur

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an sbj-MTH bubbles/boomer mix; a playlist  for the girl with a heart bigger than the sun, and the boy who just wants to touch her hand

Monkey Tree – Mother Mother | Blue Lips – Regina Spektor | Marseilles – Hey Marseilles | Die Young – Ke$ha | I Don’t Care – Fall Out Boy | Somebody Loves You – Betty Who | Come Alive – Adam K. feat. Matthew Steeper | Forget My Name – One Night Only | Girls – The 1975 | Atlantis – Postiljonen | Yellow Light – Of Monsters And Men | Push Pull – Purity Ring | True Colours – Studio Killers | If My Heart Was A House – Owl City | Baby Blue Eyes – A Rocket To The Moon | Clarity – Zedd feat. Foxes | Tell Me (Clock Opera Remix) – Au Revoir Simone | The Graveyard Near The House – The Airborne Toxic Event | Fallingforyou – The 1975 | Sweet Song – 2AM Club |


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1. A Tales of Sleeping Price // Tarou Umebayashi, AISHA ((Yuri Soundtrack)) 

2. Far Too Young To Die // Panic! At The Disco 

3. Water Under the Bridge // Adele 

4. Love Me // The 1975 

5. Midnight Memories // One Direction 

6. Island // Wet 

7. Mercy // Shawn Mendes 

8. YOUTH // Troye Sivan 

9. Summer Love // One Direction 

10. Foundation // Years & Years 

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flower crown, fairy lights, daisies and 1975!!!

Laddie: I last sang to myself last night with my friends in the car. We were blasting classic rock and you just can’t control yourself when it comes to the classics.
If I could know anything, I’d want to know the truth about things that are hidden from me, whether it be by my parents, friends or anybody! Not knowing things really bug the hell out of me.
My greatest accomplishment is tied between how big this blog has gotten with 1125 followers(!!!😭🎉) and being able to play almost any song on the guitar. I can sometimes play songs just by ear, but if not I pick songs up pretty quick.
The first happy memory that comes to my mind is celebrating my best friends birthday this weekend. We spent one night having a girls night and then yesterday all my friends got together to goof off and drive around town. I love spending time with them, they are like my second family. Sorry my answer was so long

she looks like a riot*** another very long playlist (40 alternative / indie / rock / electronic songs) to pump you up and get you feeling like the badass b!tch you are ***
♬ listen here ♬
includes the following tracks:
✗ Bad Habit - The Kooks ✗ A World Alone - Lorde ✗ Propellers - Midnight Kiss ✗ Classic (RAC Mix) - The Knocks ✗ Hurricane - Halsey ✗ Knee Socks - Arctic Monkeys ✗ Talking Body - Tove Lo ✗ Change - Churchill ✗ Howlin' for You - The Black Keys ✗ Are You Gonna Be My Girl - JET ✗ Got To My Head - WATERS ✗ Uptown Funk (cover) - Fifth Harmony ✗ How To Be A Heartbreaker - Marina and the Diamonds ✗ Come a Little Closer - Cage The Elephant ✗ Heart Out - The 1975 ✗

Writing a song about your cocaine addiction that includes the line “It’s just a simple diarrhetic that prevents the empathetic” is like Healy’s throwing down the gauntlet to those judging him and daring them to walk right into his trap.

In that way, ‘UGH!’ captures one of the most fascinating facets of The 1975 – Healy’s verbose, ostentatious lyrics flying in the face of their position as a band beloved by their fans in the same as One Direction. It could come across as clunky posturing, the singer trying too hard to prove his intelligence, but, in this track at least, it doesn’t sound out of place at all.

A song about coming down from cocaine and failed attempts to kick the habit could easily be dreary and self-indulgent. Instead, it sounds practically joyous, bright, supple guitar lines rippling like they’re being played on a wobbleboard and a loose rhythm section virtually encouraging finger-clicking, hip-dipping dad-dancing. It’s only Healy’s lyrics that give way to the darkness at the song’s heart – lines like “'Do you have a card?/My irregular heartbeat is starting to correct itself’” and “And you’re the only thing that’s going on in my mind/Taking over my life a second time”.

‘UGH!’ might be more personal than the selfie culture-attacking 'Love Me’, but it’s no less bold, brilliant or thought-provoking. 'I Like It When You Sleep…’ looks set to be one of 2016’s most intriguing albums.

—  NME Review of Ugh

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heart out / the 1975
grace kelly / MIKA
summertime / my chemical romance
how far we’ve come / matchbox twenty
fourth of july / fall out boy
rat a tat / fall out boy
arsonist’s lullaby / hozier
whispers / passenger
twin size mattress / the front bottoms
emmylou / first aid kit

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voice of a god // a playlist of songs that showcase some of the best modern male vocalists. (female version)

Hole In My Heart Christian Caldeira / Where I’m Gonna Be Artist Vs Poet / Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off Panic! At the Disco / When I Was Your Man (cover) Sam Tsui / Chocolate The 1975 / Take Me To Church Hozier / Royals (cover) Taylor John Williams / Broadway, Here I Come! Jeremy Jordan / Impossible (cover) James Arthur / Turn Off The Lights Panic! At the Disco / Lovesick Fool The Cab / Thinking Out Loud Ed Sheeran / The Best That You Can Be Artist Vs Poet / Necessity Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls / Against All Odds (cover) Glee Cast (Darren Criss) / Oblivion Bastille

People write songs about girls like you, lauren jauregui (pt iii) - a collection of songs that remind me of lauren / I can imagine her jamming out too    ( ssweet-dispositionn )

Rollercoaster - Bleachers / Kathleen - Catfish and the Bottlemen  / Avalanche - Walk the Moon / Weathered - Jack Garratt / Tear in my Heart - 21 Pilots / Training Wheels - Melanie Martinez / Angel - The Weeknd / Blue Dream - Jhene Aiko / Drive - Halsey / Elysium - Bear’s Den / Mess is Mine - Vance Joy / Hear Your Heart - Jame Bay / Come With Me - Echosmith / Breezeblocks - Alt J / I Wanna Be Yours - Arctic Monkeys / Good For Me - Circa Waves / Atlas Hands - Benjamin Francis Leftwich / Medicine - the 1975 / Tighten Up - The Black Keys / Favorite Record - Fall Out Boy / Smile - Mikky Ekko 

♬ listen here

songs to get lost to

ocean avenue yellowcard // alone together fall out boy // walking disaster sum 41 // the great escape boys like girls // holiday green day // 5 years tonight alive // long way home 5 seconds of summer // in too deep sum 41 // check yes juliet! (run baby run) we the kings // mobile avril lavigne // inseparable jonas brothers // the city the 1975 // hello brooklyn all time low // unpredictable 5 seconds of summer // castaway green day // tonight jonas brothers // move along the all-american rejects // come home tonight alive


For the Cheaters

Even though Valentine’s Day is approaching, we realize that some relationships just don’t end well. If those heart shaped chocolates and bouquets of flowers make you sick to your stomach thinking about an ex and what he/she did to you, here are some songs that know your situation inside and out. 

  1. #Icanteven (feat. French Montana) - The Neighbourhood. “Shame on me, you fooled me twice.”
  2. Bed of Lies (feat. Skylar Gray) - Nicki Minaj. “If I was just another girl, then I’m ashamed to say that I’m not over you.”
  3. I’m Not The Only One - Sam Smith. “I can’t believe you let me down, but the proof is in the way it hurts.”
  4. It Will Come Back - Hozier. “You know better, babe.”
  5. You - The 1975. “You must try harder at kissing all of my friends.”
  6. Don’t - Ed Sheeran.“I reckon she was only looking for a lover to burn." 
  7. Looking Too Closely - Fink. "Truth is like blood underneath your fingernails." 
  8. FU (feat. French Montana) - Miley Cyrus. "I don’t really have much to say. I was over it the second that I saw her name”. 
  9. Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood. “Right now he’s probably buying her some fruity little drink ‘cause she can’t shoot whiskey”. 
  10. Breakin’ Dishes - Rihanna. “Is he cheating? Man, I don’t know. I’m looking 'round for something else to throw.”
  • Matty : right so I have a idea for this video
  • Matty : so we will have all these cardboard cut outs of famous people right ?? And I will dance around them and spit champagne on them ...
  • George : we aren't doing it
  • Matty : also we will have these girls in frilly dresses and there will be this pink guitar that is floating around this girl and also i will wear the blue eyeshadow and we can be in a hot tub and we will have massive yellow 1975 letters
  • George : ok where do we come in ??
  • Matty : oh right, we will show us performing the song while I stumble around and harass Adam a bit, we can also do a group hot tub scene ??
  • George : I'm not getting in a hot tub
  • Matty : OK BUT WHAT IF *whispering* I lick your feet a little bit ??
  • George : I AM IN

upbeat songs that’ll make you smile and sing along

fluorescent adolescent - arctic monkeys // paranoid - jonas brothers // you and i - ingrid michaelson // no shows - gerard way // heart on fire - jonathan clay // our song - taylor swift // die in your arms - justin bieber // tired of waiting for you - green day // put your records on - corinne bailey rae // mardy bum - arctic monkeys // forever - haim // rock to my roll - anarbor // girls - the 1975 // when did your heart go missing? - rooney // dance with me tonight - olly murs // she looks so perfect (acoustic) - 5 seconds of summer // when i come around - green day // young volcanoes - fall out boy