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Character/outfit designs for the Akatsuki AU

I will be updating this post with data about the characters that will be exclusive of this AU.


This is set on the modern day in Japan on the city of Konoha (which is kind of a huge city), things such as the sharingan and rinnengan still exist, but don’t have much power, Itachi is able to locate sources of energy with his sharingan and sometimes is able to set stuff on fire (like the Amaterasu but it’s normal fire), and Pein is able to use the shinra tensei and the other one where he pushes stuff towards himself (I forgot how it was called). These powers are kinda normal and at most receive surprised looks from people on the street.

Hidan’s immortality is not considered impossible, but almost. So it’s important not to draw attention to it (which he fails miserably)

The building:

It’s a small building owned by Nagato, the rent is pretty cheap so poor college students find it easily affordable, but it’s not very popular since it’s known for having all sorts of weirdos living there (AKA: the akatsuki)

It has two apartments per floor and a penthouse in the top (where Nagato lives), these two apartments are connected by a door, it doesn’t actually have a lock so that leads to neighbors stealing each other’s food and trespassing very often, so it’s almost as if they’re actually sharing an apartment.

Apartment distribution:







The apartment now occupied by Tobi used to be owned by Orochimaru and Kabuto (who didn’t actually live there but he stayed in so often that he might as well have), but they where kicked out after Orochimaru didn’t stop his creepy behavior around Sasuke every time he came to visit and forced himself on Itachi.


-26 years old

-Law student

-He takes everything extremely seriously

-He considers everyone in the complex to be idiots or not trustworthy except for Konan

-Sort of a landlord, he has the power to ban people from the building an order them around a bit, but the real owner of the building is Nagato, though since he never comes out of the room he is kinda like the official boss.

-Pein is a nickname but no one knows (or actually cares) what his real name is except for Konan.

-It is rumoured that he and Konan might actually be in a relationship but no one knows for sure.


-26 years old

-She is an Art student but constantly reads and investigates about politics and stuff like that

-Just like Pein, she’s very opinionated about social issues

-Second oldest member of the complex (as in the second one that came to live there).

-Considered by many as ‘the real boss’ because everyone takes her way more seriously than Pein.

-Apart from Pein, she is the only one who has seen Nagato recently, she is actually good friends with him and does his shopping.


-probably 24 or something like that

-Studying botanics

-Sells pot for a living and cultivates it in his room.

-He has a skin condition in which he looses pigments, for some reason it never extended further than his left half.

-He can often be found in the roof basking under the sun (or making photosynthesis) and smoking pot

-rumor has it that he has eaten human meat

-Goes on the deep web very often and has a lot of customers in there, constantly having to protect himself of hackers has made him very good with computers


-25 years old

-He isn’t actually studying anything

-He refuses to take off his mask, everyone kinda leaves him be at this point

-One of the most annoying and hyperactive members of the complex, but surprisingly, the one who has broken less stuff

-He has a strange obsession with annoying Deidara, which often results in stuff being thrown at him and being lit on fire at least once.

-Very mysterious, always maintains anything he does a secret

-His doors and windows are always locked and blocked so no one has really seen what his room looks like for more than a couple of seconds.


-28 years old

-He isn’t studying anything, but he is a professional surfer.

-He also has a mildly popular gaming channel and is a fan of videogames.

-He comes from a tribe on a tropical island who held a special respect for sharks and had multiple rituals to “gain their strength”, this is why he has multiple tattoos resembling gills and his teeth are carved to be pointy.

-May or may not have a slight crush on Itachi

-The thing he hates the most in life is liars

-He is very loyal once he decides that he agrees with something or establishes a bond with someone

-Even though he had a nice and fun childhood, his teenage years where hell, his tribe had lots of traditions that where not morally correct and he didn’t really agree with, all the rites that you had to go through after being initiated as a “man of the tribe” where to remain in absolute secrecy, breaking this rule could be punished by exile or death. Kisame didn’t actually know about any of this (just as the rest of his friends) until he was 15, so he felt scared and lied to. Kisame and a few other children where chosen as protectors of the tribe because they where good fighters, and they had to go through an extreme sort of training that ended with them fighting each other to see who was the best; he started to  think about leaving the place after when he won against one of his partners and the instructor told him that he should just kill him to end his shame on being won against, and since he was going to be thrown out of the training, might as well make sure he wouldn’t divulge information; Kisame didn’t do it and he was severely punished. He finally escaped when he was eighteen when his best friend was killed before his eyes for suspicion of having divulged part of the rituals to his girlfriend (who was killed too).


-22 years old


-no matter how bad his mood is he will always smile and say yes when offered dango.

-Law student, he wants to make the world a better place

-A little bit of a hipster, he loves going to Starbucks and traditional Japanese coffee houses.

-He comes from a shadowy background, the Uchihas used to be known as a sort of huge Yakuza family, but on the brink of a massive attack that would give them the control over the city, when they where all together finishng the plans, a fire of mysterious origins started and everyone died since the doors where locked. Itachi was a major suspect of causing the fire but they couldn’t prosecute him for lack of evidence. Only he and his brother survived.

- He used to have a best friend named Shisui, but he commited suicide after failing to convince the heads of the Uchiha not to go through with the attack and being accused of treason to the clan.

-Has his fair share of money inherited from his family, but he uses most of it on his studies and prefers not to use it unless he has to (or unless he’s going to a café).


-19 years old

-Art student with an obsession for explosions

-He has the biggest debt out of all of the members of the complex because of the amount of stuff he’s blown up

-He has absolutely no sense of fashion, his wardrobe consists of strong colors and weird stuff he found cool, he just puts on what first grabs his attention with no regard whatsoever of color combination. His clothes range from ancient t-shirts with holes found at thrift stores to expensive crop tops found at the women’s section of forever 21. Whenever anyone makes a remark about his choice of clothing he just replies with “it’s okay, I’m an artist, hm”.

-he ran away from home when he was 16 and has been in prison two times because of supposed terrorism after some of his “art” exploded, but has been arrested lots of times apart from that. He arrived at the complex when he was 17 and has been living there ever since. How he got the money to survive on his own is still a mystery.

-He has a burn mark in his right arm and a hearing aid on his left ear (which he usually covers with his hair). Both of them where acquired after an experiment that exploded a little bit too close and destroyed one of the walls in his apartment.


- Even though he is already 28 he still looks like a 15 year old dermatologists hate him

- He is an art student obsessed with puppets, he makes a living by making customized prosthesis (he made the ones in his arm and leg himself).

-When he was eight, he was in a car crash with his parents, it was late at night in a small road that had almost no traffic and it was raining heavily, which was very uncommon since he lived in an almost desertic place. The car swerved off the road when a huge truck hit it, the truck came out unscathed and didn’t stop to check their car. His parents died instantly since the front of the car had been almost completely destroyed. Sasori was sleeping at the moment of the crash and due to him being in a weird position, his left arm and right leg where crushed. He spent almost an hour screaming for help, it is unknown how he managed to do it, but he cut his arm and leg off and crawled to the road where after waiting another twenty minutes for someone to go by, he managed to get them to stop and call the police. The guy who hit them was never found.

-The experience scarred him mentally and for almost a year he believed that his parents where still alive and that they where only on a long trip.

-He went to live with his grandmother after that, and because she worked as a nurse with amputees, she was the one who took care of his therapy.

-He became obsessed with puppets since his grandmother had them as a hobby and made puppets of his parents, his grandma didn’t know how to deal with his obsessions and his belief that his parents weren’t dead and unknowingly made them worse. Finally, it was his school who sent him to a psychologist.

-Since then he has an intense hatred for waiting.


-He is 30 years old

-He is the one in charge of the money, he used to know Nagato before so he trusts him with collecting everyone’s debts and managing the expenses.

-Formerly studying economics, but then he decided to study medicine since “he would make more money that way”. He turned out to be extremely good at it, but since he cared more about the money than the patients, he started forging consents for organ donation and selling them off to other families or to the black market. He was caught and fired, then he got out of jail by paying bail and currently conducts illegal operations in an unknown location, he is extremely talented at them and the price is relatively cheap in comparison to regular hospitals. Rarely anyone dies so people trust him, but if someone does die, he sells the organs to the black market.

-He has a notebook with everyone’s debts at the complex and reminds them weekly about them

-He actually lost count of how many times he has stitched Hidan together

-Has imposed the task of figuring out how Hidan’s body works on himself and also wants to figure out what happened on all those years he doesn’t remember.


-He is pretty sure that he is 22 or something like that, but he’s not sure

-One of the most mysterious members of the complex due to no one, not even himself knowing anything about his past before being found wandering in an empty road covered in blood.

-He says he is part of the Jashinist cult, but no one has ever heard about it before and they haven’t seen or heard of another member.

-If he isn’t doing anything and no one talks to him for a while he spaces out, sometimes for hours

-He is immortal, no one knows for sure why but they’re not convinced by his explanation on Jashin-sama giving him immortality.

-for some reason no hair grows on his body besides the one in his head, eyelashes and eyebrows, again, no one knows why.

-Kakuzu has conducted several experiments on him in exchange for food, he hasn’t been able to explain much which according to Hidan means that Jashin is real.

-When he was found, he spent a year in prison, but since they didn’t know what to do with him they put him in the complex since it was pretty close and one of the policemen was friends with Nagato (who owed said policeman a huge favor), he offered a room for Hidan as long as he somehow paid the rent.

-When Hidan arrived he didn’t know much, as if he hadn’t ever been to school past first grade; he barely knew how to read and had a very poor vocabulary (that on a great part consisted on insults and curses learned on prison).

-He is also pretty strong and very flexible, that way he manages to escape easily if the police are coming after him.

-sometimes he goes out at night and doesn’t return for a day or two, Kakuzu followed him once and discovered that he found random people on the streets, beat them unconcious, took some of their blood and painted a sign on the floor, later he stabbed himself and lay on the sign, after some hours he just left. When questioned about it, he said it was a ritual for Jashin-sama.


-26 years old

-He is on a wheelchair and doesn’t really go out because he needs medicine constantly.

-He became bound to the wheelchair after he went to a protest with Pein and Konan, the protest got out of hand and by accident he got run over by one of those gigantic trucks that shoot water. The injuries left him with breathing problems and made his legs useless.

-Konan often checks on him and gets his groceries, she also helps him cut his hair.

Okay but now I really am getting emotional over Steve and Tony as Actual Co-Leaders of the Avengers because like

Tony seems like the kind of person who has so many thoughts racing around at any given time that to really focus in on one train, he has to talk it out and force himself to think linearly (cue JARVIS and the bots). We see something like that in Avengers, when Steve and Tony are talking about Coulson and then Tony takes off trying to figure out Loki, and by bouncing his thoughts off of Steve, he realizes he already knows where Loki is; and that’s echoed in AoU, when they’re actively working out their next steps at Clint’s farmhouse. 

So like

I like to think that, somewhere between Avengers and AoU, as the team comes together to shut down all the rogue HYDRA bases and look for the scepter, this becomes something of a ritual: before every raid, Tony and Steve wander off alone so Tony can rattle off every possible scenario he can imagine given what they know, and then Steve strategizes accordingly. And they both know they can’t possibly plan for every single scenario – and it’s fine, they’re both very practiced improvisers – but they at least have a unified sense of what COULD happen and how they COULD react. As co-leaders. As a team.


(look what you made me do @knightinironarmor ;P)

Drarry muggle highschool au

So I have this au idea that Draco goes to a private all-boys school, somewhere prestigous because his family’s so wealthy and his dad’s a politician, and Harry goes to the public school down the road from the Malfoy estate.

One day Draco’s taking the shortcut home through the soccer field of the public school when these boys surround him and basically beat him up, but then a skinny black-haired boy comes out of nowhere and just takes down the bullies like a boss (except the one big leader who punches his face bloody before leaving) and then the boy just crouches by Draco, wiping his bloody face on his oversized shirt and helps Draco pick up all his school books that had scattered everywhere.

The boy introduced himself as Harry Potter, and apologises for the bullies, the leader being his cousin Dudley. He offers to walk Draco home and he carries his books for him. When they get to Draco’s house Harry’s blown away by how big it is and Draco’s really embarrassed to admit who he is and Harry’s heard the name Malfoy on the news and stuff and Draco expects him to suddenly act differently towards him but Harry just smiles and says that’s cool, and Draco’s so shocked that Harry doesn’t care who he is that he invites him up that afternoon and they hang out in his room all afternoon and they just talk and play games and they find out they have so much in common and it gets late and Harry admits he’s scared to go home because of what he did today so Draco lets him stay, and he goes home the next morning. 

Unbeknownst to Harry, that afternoon Draco had planned on committing suicide since he’s suffering from depression with the pressure he gets from his family, but Harry being there that afternoon stopped him and made him give life another chance. The two became good friends over the next year years and the two obviously fall in love along the way, and Harry confesses to Draco in their senior year and he’s so shy and scared what Draco will say but Draco just kisses him and he’s so happy he met Harry. 

They keep it secret because obviously Draco’s parents would disown him and Harry’s aunt and uncle would freak out, and one graduation day Harry comes along to Draco’s graduation ceremony, and since Draco’s school captain he’s making a speech for the graduating year, and he tells his story there on stage and how Harry saved his life just by talking to him that day, and he confesses his love for Harry in front of every single person there, including his parents, and asks him to move out with him and Harry just runs up onto that stage and kisses the life out of him and the student body erupts into applause an cat calls.

Draco’s parents and Harry’s family obviously don’t approve and the two move into a flat together and Draco gets a job as an interior designer, and Harry studies to become a teacher and he’s and English teacher who encourage his young students to find love in books. The two want kids, and they go to an orphange and meet this little boy called Teddy and they instantly fall in love with him, they adopt him and raise Teddy to be the coolest kid in school because you know they spoil him rotten and teach him allthe good lessons in life. Eventually Draco’s parents come to terms with everything, and Narcissa becomes like the most beauitul doting gramother for Teddy and always looking after Harry and Draco (and Lucius supports them wordlessly by promoting gay rights in the area you know) and these two live happily ever fucking after

srickeral  asked:

I have a request, can you make a short story about stiles and his bodyguard? It is interesting. thanks.

I’m not a writer but I wrote a little snippet of story when I was first drafting the description for the Bodyguard AU.

This is just a (very) brief draft of how I imagined it going when Stiles first found out about the photos that had been published of him and Derek. I couldn’t continue it from this point because I don’t really know how to but here’s the small scene I managed to write :) 

Derek surveyed Stiles form across the kitchen. There was a tension in his posture that Derek wasn’t used to seeing and his knuckles stood out white and stark from the tight hold he had on his smart phone. Derek knew what he was looking at. It was the same thing Derek had seen on his computer this morning. The same thing that had caused him to rush over to Stiles’ at 7am.

“I think they got my good side.” Derek’s attempt to lighten the mood was met by a resounding silence.

“Give it a few days and this will all have blown over. They’ll forget about this as soon as the next celebutant checks herself into rehab.” His attempt at reassurance also seemed to fall flat. Stiles was sat stock still, staring at the photos on his phone with a furrowed brow.

“You’re not reading the articles are you?” Derek asked. “It’s a load of bullshit, Stiles and you know it.” More silence.

“For God’s sake Stiles say something!” Derek snapped, “I normally can’t get you to shut up so can you please kick that big mouth into gear and tell me how you’re feeling about this.”

Finally Stiles turned to look at Derek. His face was blank but Derek had been working for him for two years and he could see the storm brewing behind his eyes. He bit his bottom lip and Derek had to hold in a groan. There was serious shit to be dealt with and now was not the time to be getting turned on. They should be focused on dealing with the pictures.

“I need to talk to Lydia.” Derek was relieved that Stiles seemed to have gotten over the shock. Lydia was Stiles’ publicist and manager and she was bound to know what to do about the photos. He was actually quite surprised that she hadn’t gotten wind of these photos and stopped them before they were published.  Derek’s seen much larger scandals than this disappear when Lydia works her magic.

“That’s a good idea. Let me give her a call and then I can escort you over to her offices so we can get this whole mess str-“

“I’ve already called her,” Stiles interrupted Derek. “She’s coming over here and I haven’t got any events tonight so I won’t need a bodyguard. You can have the day off Derek.”

Stiles’ tone was cold, almost robotic and it was putting Derek on edge.

“OK that’s fine, you don’t need me to be a bodyguard today, but don’t you think I should stick around talk to Lydia anyway. I mean I am pretty involved in this scandal.”

Anger flickered across Stiles’ face. “It’s not a sca-,” He cut himself off. “You know what? Just go home, Derek. I don’t need you here.”

Derek opened his mouth to protest, but Stiles had already stood up and swept out of the room. 

The scale of sweet-scary
  • INTP at ENFJ's birthday dinner with ISFJ and 3 people she's never met before (xSFP, ISTJ, ESFJ).
  • ENFJ: Let's play a game, since most of you just met one another for the first time. How would you rate *points to xSFP* from the scale of 1 to 10. 1 being 'sweet' and 10 being 'scary'
  • ISFJ: 8
  • ESFJ: I'd say 7.
  • ISTJ: 8
  • xSFP: What!!?? I'm really nice!!
  • ENFJ: No way! After 1 bottle of wine, everything comes out and she acts like a mafia boss.
  • INTP: Are we rating her based on the current persona or her actual inner self? Currently, it's a 3, but I think she's actually an 8.
  • xSFP: My inner self is as nice!
  • ENFJ: Your inner self is a 9.
  • xSFP: Your outer self is a 15!
  • ENFJ: What!? I'm like sugar sweet.
  • INTP: Your usual personality is a 10, but your real self is a 2. You're all mushy inside.
  • ENFJ: *hugs INTP* Awww you know me so well!!
  • ISTJ: I don't buy it!
  • ENFJ: What do you guys think of ISTJ?
  • xSFP: 4
  • INTP: 5
  • ISFJ: 5.5
  • ESFJ: 6
  • ISTJ: I thought I was a 2.
  • ENFJ: You're definitely not a 2. You know who's actually a 2? The only guy in the room *points to ISFJ*
  • INTP: He's a 3 for me.
  • xSFP: 2
  • ESFJ: 3
  • ENFJ: Sounds about right.
  • ISTJ: I think INTP is also a 3
  • xSFP: Yea, 2 or 3
  • ENFJ: NO WAY!? You have all been fooled!!
  • INTP: No? I'm not scary! Or sweet...
  • ISFJ: I think you guys are rating her on the wrong scale.
  • ISTJ: Yea, she's like a -5 on the other direction.
  • xSFP: She's a 10 on the weirdness scale.
  • ESFJ: Agreed.
  • INTP: I don't deny any of that.
Young Dan's Dream Journal

Since tons of people have been saying that they can’t read Dan’s dream journal I’ve written it out so you all can read it. This took me forever omg, and not all of it is right (jfc Dan your handwriting is terrible) anyway her you go!

Young Dan’s dream journal

MUSIC: alternative funk(scored out) Heavy Metal
FOOD: milkshakes
ACTIVITIES: parties and travel(scored out) concerts
FAVE THING: fortune telling(scored out) drama
Character: mod
Loved to travel, even into space!
He knows where he’s going to cause he can see into the future! That’s why you’ll always find him at the latest party, festival, nightclub… Whatever… Whenever. You name the place and sure enough this party animal will be mooing till dawn.
A funky moo that’s always MAD for it!
This is in no sort of chronological order although newer dreams near the front & old dreams tend to be near the back

Welcome! To Daniel Howell’s Dream Log…diary? Notepad thing
Most of the dreams humans remember are either scary, weird or rarely very good. You’ll probably find their frequency from left to right

Deep ocean adventure
Temple, tomb raider, white door, emerald weapon. EPIC
FF7(?) alt recurring continent
Freaky grey torture lab
1 other place, stone enemies?
People in torture lab only want in after twice.
World map- flying rubbish, riddle, crater, glacier, calm
Woke up there once did some herdling which —– constructed & everyone, all went through, freaky house, explosions
Other, rain, fat coder, doctors, scary, levels up
Causes drawing, drawing about on a timer for something, riding, dangerous
Man seen countryside. People guy in hot air balloon trying to kill me, fleed to pub of cousins on him, big hall, family/ friends/ hide
Read the page noob
Holland hotel running through, lost?
Older people in loft, no family?
Love detention, icy slide, slidy (clear love open) friendly
Dark/deep doing with dad/ family?
Really deep harbour, scared, shark! Murray- lifeless
I think it got tropical at some point
Meadow mansion
Big houses on hills in lower area I’m trespassing

Odyssey all dreaming
Paranormal temple alt, in 3D,
Sligs, land mines, slug?
Industrial sky- dark, yellow, alone
Scrambling, quite shaky, loss of shoes, leaves wall
Platforms, dead friend, rescue
Really young
Dark dark, Sky, yellow bulbs
Reclaiming place on hell, village down hill, house on top, turned, grey concrete, nearby, some kind of old man/evil guy tried to get up hill? Other lads some sort of evil venom victim?
Nearing grandmas house, massive, dark, moody, has secret 5th floor and like 30 rooms, creepy

Scary dreams I remember ages 3-16 (not chronologically ordered)
I was in a dark train station made from black/really dark blue tiles (like the ministry of magic) lots of people are just standing I can’t see them because it is so dark- I’m with nana holding her hand then in an arc of tiles on the roof over the train tracks the head of a demon come out of the wall (much like the ancient temple temple boss in FFVII (a/n: final fantasy seven)) looked kind of like green but all glowing red like an alarm. It rawred and I woke up.
age 3 probably Fantasia related
I can’t draw demons

2 “the gorilla dream”
I was outside- alone ofc no afterlife- *see explanation* nighttime, nightmare sky & music. I saw a black figure moving slightly towards me and on in my house- it was different to my real house it was just a room as I remember I may have enforced through the window- there was no light -only light source being the nightmare sky outside it was plain grey plastered room with 1 table. I hid under the table (cheap school table) and sat hiding then I heard it coming near then all of a sudden popped down upside down under the table and I crapped myself (not physically) and woke up
age 8
I can’t draw gorillas

Explanation =D
Nightmare sky and music
In dreams from about 7-10 (16 in sky) in every other nightmare the sky was a brown mustardy colour you get green in real life so I could tell when it would be a nightmare because an eerie song something like synthetic strings would play (not cheesy or psycho like more slow and painful)
I can’t remember how the song sounds exactly but I can remember how the sky looks
(Scribbled out music stave with notes on it)
Now that we specified this you know for future reference

Epicer- epic dream 2 time order wrong
Military base- invadry-
I have a partner , qui you gun?
Zombies? Gas morphed soldiers outside of window
Launch pressed, have to run away from them through rural town = epic
Market towns- fable?
Links to Satan tunnel & tw Matt
Mountain range fending evil guy/hiding army help & tombs in mountain beach at the bottom

Mountain range leads to at least 3 other dreams
Portal to other dreams

@danisnotonfire @amazingphil

decoding dan’s dream journal

okay so because i’m stupidly determined and a lot of people were asking for this i tried to write down all of dan’s dream journal and here’s what you need to know

- i started with the pages on the top and then did the ones on the bottom

-i generally wrote everything the way he did spelling/grammar errors included

- page five has loads of final fantasy 7 references and page six has references to a game called abe’s oddysee which took quite some googling on my part but yeah that’s why there are some strange words/names

- ??? are words that i just could not figure out

- please feel free to message me if you see any mistakes and/or know what one/some of the ??? say

and that’s it hope this is useful to some of you! :)

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jellycandiez  asked:

I recently read a fic on nymph!Stiles, but couldn't really find more. So, as not to generalize, do you know of any fics where Stiles is looked as, as super beautiful, delicate, rare, etc? :) thanks for the help

I found these other nymph stiles one’s for you actually

Trees are always a relief after dealing with people (except when they aren’t) by ravelqueen (1/1 | 15,889 | R)

Derek Hale decides to become a hermit before he reaches 25. Too bad he picked Beacon Hills as his retirement home.

(Or the one where Stiles is a wood nymph/pixie/human hybrid who falls in love with his new grumpy werewolf neighbour)

The Oak Kin by foxwedding (4/? | 9,195 | NC17)

So maybe every other member of Derek’s wolf-clad leather committee is totally useful and looking fresh-to-death. Whatever- Stiles Stilinski has got his own things going on. Like, big things.

In which Stiles comes into some interesting family heritage, handles himself boss-like, and still comes out saving everyone’s asses.

The Beacon Hills Nymph by cdavis594 (11/? | 62,201 | NR)

Stiles finds out on her 13th birthday that she is a Nymphai; the Nymphai are responsible for the crafting of nature’s wild beauty, from the arrangement and growth of the plants, flowers and trees, to the nurture of wild birds and animals, and the formation of rocky caverns, springs, wetlands and brooks.
She also finds that Derek is her one true mate, only for him to be completely oblivious as she goes through high school and he spends his time at college.
It is only when Derek surprisingly turns up at the Hale house early, after finishing his senior year in college, that he sees the woman Stiles has grown to become; Stiles is worldly and nobody fucks with her, because she’s awesome!
Stiles and Derek are gonna live happily ever after because I love fluff and you don’t get much fluffier than this!
…There may also be some smut, but this is fanfiction, so what more do you expect?

afternoon of a faun, interrupted by Siriusstuff (1/1 | 2,565 | R)

A horny faun’s designs on wood-nymph Stiles leave the former with a probable case of lycophobia.

Snowflake by itendswithz (1/1 | 1,247 | NR)

While living in New York Derek encounters a boy made of ice and can’t wait to see him again.

If Looks Could Kill by odetoabird (1/1 | 1,148 | G)


Translating Dan's Dream Journal, Part I

“I was in a dark train station, made from Black/Really dark blue tiles (like the ministry of magic) lots of people are just standing I can’t see them because it is so dark. I’m with Nana holding her hand, then in an arc of tiles on the roof over the train tracks the head of a demon comes out of the wall (much like the ancient temple boss in final fantasy seven) looked kind of like [[ghis*]] but all glowing red, like an alarm. It [[roared**]] and I woke up. [[Next to picture]] I can’t draw demons.”

* The one word I couldn’t read- I looked through a list of bosses in final fantasy seven, and there’s one called ghis that looks somewhat like what Dan drew. It looked like yiu when I saw it, correct me if you know the right word.

**it said “rawred”. And that’s adorable.

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so my coworker and i play this AMAZING game on days when it’s gross out and you have just drudgery to get through and also your headphones are broken and you have a headache and you suspect that person you hated in high school is secretly more fulfilled in life than you are.

this game is called The Best Thing That Could Happen Game, or TBTTCH. in this game, you give a detailed account of the ABSOLUTE BEST THING that could happen to you right now. you’d think this game would bum you out because those things aren’t happening, but it doesn’t!!! it makes you so happy!!!!

like, is it that suddenly your boss comes out and tells you that you got a pay raise AND the rest of the week off and you use it to fly to london and while you’re in london you meet prince harry and smoke up with him before the dutchess of windsor is like, “hey, do you want my whole wardrobe? i’m thinking of just starting over completely! have these DIAMONDS.”?

is it that you finally get the cajones to tell that cutie with a booty that works at your bank that you want to kiss him or her or them on the mouth and then get weird in the back of your swaggin’ wagon? and that said CwaB is like, “sure, but i also was hoping we could order pizza and play like 16 hours of mario kart”?

is it that you SUDDENLY REALIZE exactly what you want to do with your life and all the steps you have to take to get there and magically come across the beautiful open door that leads to the first step??


whatever it is, come into my inbox and tell me about it!! tell me ALL about it!! take as many asks as you need!!

ETA: let me know in your message if you want it published publically or responded to privately!

  • me: and my name change is going through next month
  • coworker i'm not out to yet: to alexander or...........?
  • me: ........................just alex
  • 2 days later
  • me: *mentions name change again*
  • coworker: so are you planning to have any surgeries or anything afterwards?
  • me: ..........................eventually
  • coworker: ok
  • coworker: *changes subject*
  • and then
  • me: hey, pls keep that thing we talked about earlier on the downlow okay?
  • coworker: oh.. yeah. I'd mostly forgot already
Nate Imagine (Good Luck Charm)

Nate Imagine (Good Luck Charm)
Request from Anonymous: One where y/n suprised Nate on tour after they’re dating for few months and they haven’t seen each other for month?
Yeah you can babe :)
*One Month Ago*
“I love you,” You said to Nate as you hugged him. Nate was getting on his flight to go on tour with the Jacks and Sammy. You wouldn’t see him for a month and a half and you were going to miss him desperately. But you knew this would be your life if you were going to date Nate and you were willing to do that for him. You knew how much this meant to him.
“I love you too y/n so much, I’m going to miss you,” He whispered into your hair as his arms wrapped around your waist.
“Come on Nate we gotta go or else the plane will leave,” Sammy called after Nate. Nate pulled away and gave you a lasting kiss before he waved good bye to you and boarded the plane. You felt your heart break a bit as you watched him leave. You knew he wasn’t leaving you forever but a month and a half was going to be hell….
*Present Day*
And it was….
You woke up late as usual; considering it was Summer it didn’t really matter. You fumbled for your phone to see if Nate had texted you. He hadn’t so you texted him.
Y/N: babe I miss you so much
Nate responded almost immediately.
Nate: I miss you too babe I can’t wait to come home in a couple weeks
Y/N: how long do you have to talk before you go on stage?
Nate: not very long sweetheart, but I can still talk
You and Nate talked for a couple minutes before he had to go and perform. You desperately wished you could be there for him but money was not easy for you so you couldn’t just fly out.
Suddenly your phone buzzed and your heart picked up at the hope that it was Nate.
1 new message from Sammy
Your eyebrows quirked because you weren’t expecting Sammy to be texting you but you opened it nonetheless.
Sammy: were you and Nate just chattin?
Y/N: yeah why?
Sammy: because he has been dying to see you ever since we got on tour, he’s constantly talking about you and I don’t even think he realizes it. He loves you y/n way too much early on and he needs to see you.
You were really caught off guard. You weren’t expecting all of that but you were honestly the color of a tomato. Nate constantly talked about you. Just the thought made you blush.
You quickly texted Sammy back.
Y/N: well believe me I want to see Nate too but money is an issue so I have to wait it out.
Sammy: don’t worry about the money I got you covered.
Y/N: oh my god Sammy are you serious? You would do that for me and Nate?

Sammy: of course I would Nate is my best friend and you’re pretty cool too y/n
Y/N: Thank you so much Sammy.
Sammy: alright you get to packing because your flight leaves at 4pm today.
Y/N: Oh my god thank you so much I’ll see you in a couple hours
You couldn’t wipe the smile off of your face as you ran to the bathroom and got a shower. You had to rush because it was already 11:00am and you hadn’t eaten or packed. Sammy had texted you your ticket information and e-mailed you your ticket. You couldn’t contain your joy right now. You were practically jumping around. You had to pack two weeks’ worth of clothing because you knew you couldn’t do laundry. You pulled out your suit case and began throwing bras and underwear into it. You threw some flip flops and your converse in there, what else would you need? You then realized you were still in your towel. You quickly raided your closet packing in the process while looking for something to wear.

You eventually opted for a black sweatshirt that said “EAT A LOT. SLEEP A LOT.” And a pair of denim shorts. You slid on some flip flops and finished packing.
By that time it was 1:30pm. You made yourself some lunch before calling an uber to drive you to the airport.
You got to the airport by 2:45pm and you checked your luggage and  you went through security. You made it to your gate by 3:30pm now you just had to wait.
Your phone buzzed in your pocket and it was from Sammy.
Sammy: please tell me you’re at the airport
Y/N: yeah I got here at 2:45pm I checked my bags and everything just waiting to board now.
Sammy: okay good
Y/N: how’s Nate?
Sammy: you really wanna know?
Y/N: of course I do
Sammy: he’s miserable and it is showing on stage, that’s one of the main reasons I wanted you to come. He isn’t putting forth his best performance. While I love Nate and he is my friend I don’t want to see him being torn down by fans because he can’t deliver.
Y/N: oh man that’s awful
Sammy: yeah it’s pretty bad. But I have a plan for how to reveal you to him.
Y/N: What is it?
Sammy: Don’t you have a flight to get onto haha, I’ll fill you in when you get here.
Y/N: fine…
You shut your phone off and just waited for your name to be called to board the flight. Once you were on the plane you plugged your headphones in and fell asleep on the three hour twenty five minute nonstop flight.
You woke up with five minutes left on the plane (lucky you) and you began to turn on your phone to text Sammy that you were landing soon.
Y/N: I’m landing in five minutes
Sammy: Okay I will pick you up then in the car I will explain everything. We will have to go straight to the performance area because of the time.
Y/N: okay
Sammy: Alright see ya soon
With that you turned off your phone and got prepared to leave the plane. As soon as the plane landed and you were permitted to take off your seat belt. You quickly bolted up out of your seat trying your best not to bump into people. You made it to the baggage claim and you found your luggage. You quickly picked it up off the belt. All you had to do now was wait for Sammy to come and pick you up. It was only 5:34pm here but it felt like 7:34pm to you and the concert started at 7:00pm and all the guys had to be there early for sound check.
Sammy: I’m here where are you?
Y/N: by the baggage claim
You quickly spotted Sammy and you ran over to him giving him a hug.
“Thank you so much,” You said to him as he hugged you back.
“Good to see you too y/n,” He said with a chuckle. “Let’s get going, don’t want to be late,” He said as he led you to his car.
Once in his car Sammy began to explain to you his huge plan.
“So in the beginning we all come on stage and we just get the crowd all hype but then the Jacks perform, they know that you’re coming by the way. So since they go on first and then Nate joins them for like that I was thinking that they could invite you up on stage right before Nate comes out then since I know you can rap like a boss y/n you can rap with him. That way he will have an amazing performance,” Sammy said and he smiled after his plan.
“Alright I’m down for that but where will I be in the mean-time? On the side stage or will I be in the crowd?” You asked.
“Hm I was thinking just side stage but if you’re in the crowd then he won’t see you for sure and it could be more of a surprise,” Sammy said to himself thinking. “Yeah I think you should be in the crowd, but be in the front,” He tells you. You arrive to the place where the performance was going to take place and Sammy just kept you in his dressing room for the time being to make sure that Nate wouldn’t come in. As you waited patiently you texted Nate.
Y/N: I miss you so much I hope your performance goes well tonight.
Nate: I miss you too babe and thank you. But you’re my good luck charm.
Y/N: Well hopefully you will have luck tonight
Nate: only with you
With that you couldn’t not give it away so you just stopped texting him. After sound check Sammy cam and got you. He put you in the front but made sure that Nate wouldn’t see you.
Then the show began.
You saw Gilinsky making eye contact with you and you kept smiling at him because you couldn’t wait for what was about to happen. They began to sing Like that and your heart was beating a thousand times a second. Right before Nate’s intro rap Gilinsky came to the front of the stage and held out his hand for you and all the girls around you squealed. You laughed and took his hand. As you were pulled on the stage you could see Nate coming on for his rap. He still hadn’t seen you so you just stayed behind Gilinsky. Nate began his rap and you walked out from behind Jack and started rapping with him. Nate looked stars struck when he saw you but he quickly recovered and the smile on his face was priceless as he came and stood next to you as he held your hand and twirled you around as he rapped the infamous lines “you’re so cute girl, yeah you is a blessin, and I’m the reason that your boyfriend keep flexin’” You couldn’t keep the smile off of your face and the fans were cheering so loud for the two of you. Nate rapped the rest of his part pretty much to you and you couldn’t help but blush. Once he finished rapping the fans cheered and Nate picked you up in front of everyone and twirled you around on stage.
“I missed you baby girl,” He said to you but you were still holding the mic so everyone heard it. Fortunately it resulted in an awe from the crowd. You waved to them all and Nate ran off the stage with you. This time you were sure to set the mic down.
“How did you get here?” He asked incredulously and you just pointed to Sammy who just shrugged innocently.
“Thanks man,” Nate said giving Sammy a hug.
“Hey don’t thank me,” He said as he backed away. You laughed before turning back to Nate. He brought a hand up to stroke the stray pieces of hair that had gotten in your face from when he twirled you around.
“Looks like I got my good luck charm afterall,” He said before his lips collided with yours and you were enveloped in his scent and Nate entirely.
Alright that is the last one for tonight I hope you enjoyed it :)
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