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Everytime u make one of these "oh life down here is good!" posts I think "ok but which one of these nice boys are we going to send to hell to try to kill Satan or himself next"


alright guys pick a number we’re rolling the d20

Okay but now I really am getting emotional over Steve and Tony as Actual Co-Leaders of the Avengers because like

Tony seems like the kind of person who has so many thoughts racing around at any given time that to really focus in on one train, he has to talk it out and force himself to think linearly (cue JARVIS and the bots). We see something like that in Avengers, when Steve and Tony are talking about Coulson and then Tony takes off trying to figure out Loki, and by bouncing his thoughts off of Steve, he realizes he already knows where Loki is; and that’s echoed in AoU, when they’re actively working out their next steps at Clint’s farmhouse. 

So like

I like to think that, somewhere between Avengers and AoU, as the team comes together to shut down all the rogue HYDRA bases and look for the scepter, this becomes something of a ritual: before every raid, Tony and Steve wander off alone so Tony can rattle off every possible scenario he can imagine given what they know, and then Steve strategizes accordingly. And they both know they can’t possibly plan for every single scenario – and it’s fine, they’re both very practiced improvisers – but they at least have a unified sense of what COULD happen and how they COULD react. As co-leaders. As a team.


(look what you made me do @knightinironarmor ;P)

there’s a blizzard so work closed two hours early today ❤

HIIIII~!! I'm back 😆

Four (and a half) days of me not having wifi is finally over~ 😊 It actually seems like me not having access to Internet was a very good thing, because… Man, I’ve gotten a lot done haha. All of the final four parts of Clueless are written 😁 and I’ve also gotten four out of the final five parts of Mafia Boss written as well~~ 👏👏

Yup… It really seems like I should be left without wifi more often, to be honest, because I get a lot done when I’m not distracted by tumblr, YouTube and whatnot hahaha.

Anyway, hello, tumblr. I’m back again 💕Also, what was supposed to be Monday’s part of Clueless will be posted very soon~! And today’s part of Mafia Boss comes out in a few hours, like always 😊😊

Drarry muggle highschool au

So I have this au idea that Draco goes to a private all-boys school, somewhere prestigous because his family’s so wealthy and his dad’s a politician, and Harry goes to the public school down the road from the Malfoy estate.

One day Draco’s taking the shortcut home through the soccer field of the public school when these boys surround him and basically beat him up, but then a skinny black-haired boy comes out of nowhere and just takes down the bullies like a boss (except the one big leader who punches his face bloody before leaving) and then the boy just crouches by Draco, wiping his bloody face on his oversized shirt and helps Draco pick up all his school books that had scattered everywhere.

The boy introduced himself as Harry Potter, and apologises for the bullies, the leader being his cousin Dudley. He offers to walk Draco home and he carries his books for him. When they get to Draco’s house Harry’s blown away by how big it is and Draco’s really embarrassed to admit who he is and Harry’s heard the name Malfoy on the news and stuff and Draco expects him to suddenly act differently towards him but Harry just smiles and says that’s cool, and Draco’s so shocked that Harry doesn’t care who he is that he invites him up that afternoon and they hang out in his room all afternoon and they just talk and play games and they find out they have so much in common and it gets late and Harry admits he’s scared to go home because of what he did today so Draco lets him stay, and he goes home the next morning. 

Unbeknownst to Harry, that afternoon Draco had planned on committing suicide since he’s suffering from depression with the pressure he gets from his family, but Harry being there that afternoon stopped him and made him give life another chance. The two became good friends over the next year years and the two obviously fall in love along the way, and Harry confesses to Draco in their senior year and he’s so shy and scared what Draco will say but Draco just kisses him and he’s so happy he met Harry. 

They keep it secret because obviously Draco’s parents would disown him and Harry’s aunt and uncle would freak out, and one graduation day Harry comes along to Draco’s graduation ceremony, and since Draco’s school captain he’s making a speech for the graduating year, and he tells his story there on stage and how Harry saved his life just by talking to him that day, and he confesses his love for Harry in front of every single person there, including his parents, and asks him to move out with him and Harry just runs up onto that stage and kisses the life out of him and the student body erupts into applause an cat calls.

Draco’s parents and Harry’s family obviously don’t approve and the two move into a flat together and Draco gets a job as an interior designer, and Harry studies to become a teacher and he’s and English teacher who encourage his young students to find love in books. The two want kids, and they go to an orphange and meet this little boy called Teddy and they instantly fall in love with him, they adopt him and raise Teddy to be the coolest kid in school because you know they spoil him rotten and teach him allthe good lessons in life. Eventually Draco’s parents come to terms with everything, and Narcissa becomes like the most beauitul doting gramother for Teddy and always looking after Harry and Draco (and Lucius supports them wordlessly by promoting gay rights in the area you know) and these two live happily ever fucking after

Translating Dan's Dream Journal, Part I

“I was in a dark train station, made from Black/Really dark blue tiles (like the ministry of magic) lots of people are just standing I can’t see them because it is so dark. I’m with Nana holding her hand, then in an arc of tiles on the roof over the train tracks the head of a demon comes out of the wall (much like the ancient temple boss in final fantasy seven) looked kind of like [[ghis*]] but all glowing red, like an alarm. It [[roared**]] and I woke up. [[Next to picture]] I can’t draw demons.”

* The one word I couldn’t read- I looked through a list of bosses in final fantasy seven, and there’s one called ghis that looks somewhat like what Dan drew. It looked like yiu when I saw it, correct me if you know the right word.

**it said “rawred”. And that’s adorable.

Follow for more, I’ll be posting about one of his dream journal stories a day.

The scale of sweet-scary
  • INTP at ENFJ's birthday dinner with ISFJ and 3 people she's never met before (xSFP, ISTJ, ESFJ).
  • ENFJ: Let's play a game, since most of you just met one another for the first time. How would you rate *points to xSFP* from the scale of 1 to 10. 1 being 'sweet' and 10 being 'scary'
  • ISFJ: 8
  • ESFJ: I'd say 7.
  • ISTJ: 8
  • xSFP: What!!?? I'm really nice!!
  • ENFJ: No way! After 1 bottle of wine, everything comes out and she acts like a mafia boss.
  • INTP: Are we rating her based on the current persona or her actual inner self? Currently, it's a 3, but I think she's actually an 8.
  • xSFP: My inner self is as nice!
  • ENFJ: Your inner self is a 9.
  • xSFP: Your outer self is a 15!
  • ENFJ: What!? I'm like sugar sweet.
  • INTP: Your usual personality is a 10, but your real self is a 2. You're all mushy inside.
  • ENFJ: *hugs INTP* Awww you know me so well!!
  • ISTJ: I don't buy it!
  • ENFJ: What do you guys think of ISTJ?
  • xSFP: 4
  • INTP: 5
  • ISFJ: 5.5
  • ESFJ: 6
  • ISTJ: I thought I was a 2.
  • ENFJ: You're definitely not a 2. You know who's actually a 2? The only guy in the room *points to ISFJ*
  • INTP: He's a 3 for me.
  • xSFP: 2
  • ESFJ: 3
  • ENFJ: Sounds about right.
  • ISTJ: I think INTP is also a 3
  • xSFP: Yea, 2 or 3
  • ENFJ: NO WAY!? You have all been fooled!!
  • INTP: No? I'm not scary! Or sweet...
  • ISFJ: I think you guys are rating her on the wrong scale.
  • ISTJ: Yea, she's like a -5 on the other direction.
  • xSFP: She's a 10 on the weirdness scale.
  • ESFJ: Agreed.
  • INTP: I don't deny any of that.
  • me: and my name change is going through next month
  • coworker i'm not out to yet: to alexander or...........?
  • me: ........................just alex
  • 2 days later
  • me: *mentions name change again*
  • coworker: so are you planning to have any surgeries or anything afterwards?
  • me: ..........................eventually
  • coworker: ok
  • coworker: *changes subject*
  • and then
  • me: hey, pls keep that thing we talked about earlier on the downlow okay?
  • coworker: oh.. yeah. I'd mostly forgot already