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anonymous asked:

If the intention was to change the narrative from boy-crazy to strong independent woman and stage-setting for an eventual coming out, doesn't CH's involvement undermine all their efforts? And if his role is part of an over-all plan and not as damage control for Kissgate (considering that GP reaction more of mild surprise) how does it help them achieve their goal? (Sorry for the questions, I just wanted to know your opinion)

Please don’t feel the need to apologise for sending me questions. (I would be quite the hypocrite if, when I have said repeatedly that I welcome queries, I were irritated by yours.) You are allowed to disagree with and challenge what I say; I do not pretend to be infallible and I won’t ask you to trust my instincts over your own. I believe what I write to be true (that’s a necessary condition of me writing it), but I don’t claim to know that it is. And so, I try to be objective. I don’t think I am always successful, but I am at least careful, that when I do pass judgements, I frame them as opinion.

Also, sorry for the delay in answering.


I have decided that it might be best to answer your question according to its constituent parts, namely:

1)How does CH affect the ‘boy crazy v.s independent woman’ narrative.

2) How does he fit in with coming out - a) in the immediate context of Kiss-gate and b) as part of a long-term plan.



It is important to recognise that, although the shift from ‘boy-crazy’ to ‘feminist’ can be viewed as a corollary to Taylor declaring an interest in women, it does not absolutely have to be. I think we can assert that she has made a concerted effort to rehabilitate herself on her own terms as an independent and self-assured woman, without having to agree on precisely why that might be.

(If we ignore the issue of sexuality for a moment (in the interest of greater objectivity) what benefit should we imagine Taylor derives from re-casting her image?

*It’s good for business – it makes her accessible to a more mature, adult audience.

*It’s good for her psychological well-being- it avoids re-iteration of the old stereotypes and the inevitable slew of ‘abuse’ that accompanies them.)

How might her ‘relationship’ with CH help her to achieve this reversal?

In the first place it is necessary to emphasise that being involved with a man does not in and of itself offer a contradiction of the ‘I’m an independent woman’ rhetoric. It is perfectly possible (and definitely advisable) to maintain a healthy relationship without sacrificing one’s intellectual or emotional prerogative; it’s not an inherent violation of feminist principles to engage in romance so long as it is founded on an understanding of equality and mutual respect.

If there is a problem with Taylor’s association with CH in this regard, it derives from the man in question and not the fact of his masculinity.

(I don’t think that Taylor ‘dating’ a man significantly inhibits plans for a future coming-out either - I actually think that it can reasonably be regarded as just another step in the right direction. But, I’ll get to that later.)

CH’s character has been subject to much (warranted) criticism – ‘undesirable’ might be the least offensive way of describing him; in this respect then, I would agree that his presence in her life undermines her credibility. His deficiencies appear to be of little concern however, when we examine how the ‘relationship’ has been viewed by the public at large; the majority of people have either disregarded his unsavoury antics altogether or else were oblivious to them in the first place. They see only what they are supposed to see – a successful DJ with pretensions to the title of ‘attractive male’ – and are not sufficiently interested, or are too preoccupied by their own problems, to look beyond the veneers and fake tan to the essence of the man.

As is almost always the case, only a very few people offer up a dissenting voice. I would suggest therefore that the identity of Taylor’s ‘boyfriend’ is less significant to her image than the fact that she has one at all. (Though it does I think matter that CH is (ostensibly) a ‘guy’s guy’ since this distinguishes him from previous partners. This makes it harder to land accusations of ‘bearding’ (or should do anyway!) and provides Taylor with an air of maturity – she’s no longer wasting her time with ‘silly little boys.’)

Taylor spent much of last year implying that her attitude to love and romance has altered – she is more realistic than she used to be. I would suggest that quite apart from anything else, the CH affair might be regarded as the logical extension to those words; the relationship and the terms in which it is being conducted are intended to prove that a change in attitude has occurred. The ‘Taylor Swift is a boy-crazy, emotionally unstable, clingy nightmare’ narrative that has played out in the press has largely been ‘justified’ by her failure to sustain a public relationship for a period of more than three months. CH has so far been the exception to this rule. Their association can thus be viewed as a testament to her new found maturity; it shows she is capable of forming a durable and ‘honest’ romantic attachment.

The conditions under which the ‘relationship’ dissolves (whether organically or as part of a pre-conceived plan) may offer further opportunity to re-iterate this sentiment. An amicable split would again testify to Taylor’s maturity and does away with the idea of her as an unfortunate victim. If they part acrimoniously and she ‘breaks his heart,’ she not only emerges as a strong-minded woman but acquires a certain ‘edge’ that challenges her ‘good girl’ image. (This image damages her credibility as an adult artist and might also inhibit the success with which a ‘coming out’ would meet.)



Taylor’s involvement with CH might complicate her ‘coming-out’, but it does not prohibit it, indeed it might even be regarded as something of a necessary condition of her declaring a public interest in girls.

It is possible to interpret the CH affair as a product of kiss-gate, even in spite of the relatively mild response of the general public. We can argue with reasonable justification that Taylor (and her team) was panicked – she handled what little publicity there was badly and appears to have over-compensated for rumour by reducing her public interactions with Karlie. She lost control of the narrative momentarily and, though in the event there was no dramatic revelation, the mere potential for ‘disaster’ may have been enough to encourage her to secure the future by employing a distraction. (The risk might have taken on a more alarming character in the context of her approaching world tour.)

I would prefer to consider, however, that kiss-gate was rather incidental – it may have contributed a sense of urgency, but I don’t think it was determinative. Taylor’s ‘I’m single’ shtick was effective in the immediate context of 1989, but it would have proved unsustainable in the long-term – eventually the media would have returned to their favourite past-time, discussing her romantic life, and finding little of obvious fascination in the men department, might have started to investigate her female ‘friendships’ with more than desultory interest.

To supply CH with the sole function ‘beard’ however, would be too simplistic. This relationship is beneficial to Taylor’s image even independently of her sexuality. Not only are none of the benefits lost when it is introduced as a complicating factor, but several additional benefits might be discovered.

They are:

* It is instructive in avoiding the potential for headlines of the ‘had bad luck with men so turned to women’ sort. By ‘dating’ CH, Taylor demonstrates that she is capable of enjoying a stable relationship specifically with a man. Thus, if she chooses subsequently to date a woman it will be a deliberate choice, as opposed to a case of settling for second best or pursuing romance by proxy after disappointment.

* (This is where CH in particular comes in handy) His involvement with the EDM crowd and his penchant for controversy all contribute to a move away from the ‘America’s sweetheart’ and ‘perennial good girl’ trope. This may be instrumental to the success of a ‘coming-out.’ Society exhibits a tendency to invalidate female same-sex desires, by applying such terms as ‘Single White Female’ to any close relationships. This is particularly the case when women who do not conform to its preferred ‘lesbian’ stereotypes are involved. If she wants her relationship with a woman to be treated seriously, it may thus be necessary for Taylor to ‘roughen’ her image up a bit; associating with CH at all is one means of achieving this- breaking-up with him in such a way that she emerges as the ‘villain’ is another.

Taylor’s relationship with CH IS problematic, not least because the man himself is disreputable. The way in which their association has been advertised to the public and reported in the media might also be considered damaging. But, I don’t think that it is inherently incompatible with the message that was being sent last year and I don’t think either that it is intended to revise that message to any significant extent. If it had been handled with greater sensitivity, I might even have counted it a fairly astute PR exercise, but as it is, I suppose it is serviceable.


I hope this makes things a little clearer, but if not please tell me and I’ll try again. (I won’t be offended – I’m half asleep as it is.)