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Coming Home (Chapter 14)

Quick shout out to @kahuna-burger who suggested the idea of Stane/Tony/ Super Serum. I think that part of the chapter turns out very well!

Sam lays some tough love on his Alpha, but is also amazing and perfect and is there as Tony opens up to him. 


Enjoy :) 


The Iron Man nearly died, and the new stations couldn’t cover it enough.

A chopper full of soldiers had gone down, it’s tail end blown off by a rocket or a missile or a lucky shot from some jerk with a gun– no one knew, and honestly no one cared why the helicopter had gone down carrying six soldiers.

All they cared about was that it hadn’t actually gone down.

The chopper was plummeting to the earth, screaming may day may day, soldiers scrambling to hold onto something– anything–praying for salvation, for mercy, for the families they were going to leave behind–

And then a sonic boom and a red tinted flash, or maybe it was a red tinted flash and then a boom, and the Iron Man had appeared from seemingly no where, coming up under the chopper and throwing the full power of it’s repulsors into slowing the choppers descent.

The soldiers had lived, every one of them with nothing worse than a bruise and a scrape to show for their adventure, but the repulsors on the Iron suit went out at the last minute and it took the full weight of the chopper smashing it into the desert floor.

By the time more military personnel got there to help– and probably to capture the suit– it had powered back on and blasted away into the sky, wobbling and sputtering but still going too fast for the base to scramble jets to intercept it.

But everyone knew the robot, or suit, or whatever it was– almost died being crushed under that helicopter.

Sam knew it too, so he was sitting in the lab waiting for Tony when the Iron Man suit came in for a landing through a secret passage that opened up on the far side of the garage.

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Hopeless (pt 1)

Request: Hi. Can you do a Steve x reader where he dated the reader for years and then did what Nancy did to him. Then he realizes what it feels like and apologizes to the reader and they end up getting back together. Thanks

Listen to “Hopeless” by Halsey for some inspiration! 

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