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Bechloe in PP3?

Anna Kendrick: I really enjoy Beca and Chloe’s moments together. And we had a special shower moment then we had a special almost upside down kiss moment. And in the third movie - I don’t know actually, the directors sitting in the audience so you can ask her if it’s in or not - but there might be another aggressive, um, ‘will they won’t they?’ thing.

Interviewer: What does that mean, will they won’t they? What does that mean?

AK: We should talk about it later. The birds and the bees is the whole thing that we’ll talk about.

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Your tantrums are the very reason i am proud of being far right. Keep doing what you are doing buddy, you're doing great

This is very rich coming from someone who doesn’t even have the capacity or self-control to *not* send us this message. Like. Y’all realize you embarrass yourselves right? We don’t give a fuck about you. We just have to laugh at the shit you do, which is endlessly entertaining.

Also, if you’re “proud” of your ideology, you probably don’t actually *do* very much else to be proud of in your life, do you? 

- Mod A


Q: Why did you put Jun as the bottom 3 in visuals on Weekly Idol?
Wonwoo: Because he just wasn’t handsome that day

Fan: Why did you put Jun in last place?
Wonwoo: He wasn’t handsome.
Fan: What about now?
Wonwoo: Now everyone’s handsome.
Fan: Eh, that’s unfair, there’s nothing to look forward to then.
Wonwoo: (eyes wide) You don’t think everyone’s handsome today?

Q: Draw the handsomest Jun cat for noona!! Also, if you were to reorder the visual ranking, which rank would Wonwoo be now?? kekeke
Jun: (puts cat ears and whiskers on his own pic) <- This is the handsomest Hahaha~ then I’ll put him one rank below me kekekeke

Fan: Why didn’t we see any explanation on Weekly Idol?
Jun: Wonwoo actually gave a really long explanation, but it was cut.
Fan: Ah, everyone was so curious about it.
Jun: Oh well, it’s just joking around anyway, everyone’s very kind.
Fan: Then without joking, answer me what rank Wonwoo is right now.
Jun: Second. I’m first.

  • Ladybug, picking at her suit material: Chat, do you ever wonder what our suits are made of?? Because they seem to just manifest from nothing... are they real world materials, or are they just. Magic???
  • Chat Noir, smiling slightly: Well I know what my suits made of.
  • Ladybug: Really, what?
  • Chat Noir, double pistols and a wink: Boyfriend material.
  • Paris: *can hear the loudest sigh echo through the night*

this just in, halsey, a bisexual woman is getting hated on, for saying that the fetishisation of wlw relationships in songs like “i kissed a girl” and “cool for the summer” is a Bad Thing