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I was thinking and idk if this is a new headcanon or if I'm just adopting it but I wanna say that for werewolves (at least born ones) are actually really comfortable in their wolfed out form. Cause like it takes a lot of control to not wolf out but I also feel like for werewolves it's natural to be half-shift bc that's like their ""true form"" so I now imagine Stiles coming over to loft one day and Derek just lounging in half shift and at first Stiles is like "ahhhh is there a badie!??!" ~

~“What happened!!?” And like Derek is all chill and “Stiles calm done. I just felt like it.” And so then Stiles being the curious person he is asks a whole bunch of questions and before they actually talk about their obvious feelings for each other they just kinda cuddle bc Derek is listening to his wolf more and it just feels natural just like being in half-shift.

I love this! We see so much on the show about werewolves being monstrous, as though then man/werewolf thing is a sort of Jekyll and Hyde deal. I wish we’d seen wolfed out weres having fun and being wolfy for wolfinesses sake! 

letter to the voltron fandom

can we please maybe reconsider the current ship name for shiro/matt

Inked - Part 1

Peter Parker x Reader

soulmate au: you and your soulmate have tattoos that represent the others interests that tingle when you two are close to one another

word count: 2,273

Originally posted by hardyness

A/N this is honestly written for @parkerbpete, since she inspires me to write so much, like i love her work and ugh, she is my writing senpai. i love her and yea, hope you all like


Ink stained across your arm forming an intricate sleeve, a tattoo filled with things your soulmate was interested in, that would fluctuate from time to time. You remember that before it was filled with electron diagrams, pi and other math symbols, chemical structural formulas, and things you couldn’t recognize, all coming together to form a science themed tattoo sleeve, but now all that changed. Some tattoos fading to make space for your soulmate’s newest interests, which mainly consisted of the newest superhero to join the scene, Spiderman. Spidey’s logo was now on your bicep, a small avenger’s logo on the base of your wrist, a crest that matched the iron man suit, and spider webs lacing the new tattoos with the old. But the one thing that never changed was the writing that surrounded your wrist that was written in their writing, “always be yourself”

You had the vague idea that your soulmate attended Middletown with you, since the only time the writing on your wrist seemed to tingle, was walking down the corridors of school. But you always thought against finding them, having the idea that they were better off without you. Plus after spending hours staring at your tattoos, you felt that you two would have nothing in common. You may have been smart enough to attend Middletown; however your interests were more inclined to herbs and plants, not science.

So you made the decision to not look for your soulmate, because if they didn’t bother looking for you, then it only proves they didn’t need you in their life. So you would just continue walking down the halls, knowing that someone at school could also feel the tingling sensation on their arm.

You were gathering your supplies to tend your rooftop garden before you headed to sleep, however the last thing that you expected was to see Spiderman on your rooftop. The red and blue hero was resting against the brink ledge, as he clutched his arm, seeing a few gashes on the suit.  

“Spiderman are you ok?” setting down your supplies.

A groan escaped his lips, his body trying to become alert, but couldn’t with how tired he felt. He shook his head, “no, but I’ll be fine in a bit” trying to sound heroic but failing in the process.

You quickly went over to the small first aid kit, knowing that although it wasn’t built for serious injuries, there were still supplies for simple cuts and injuries from when you would nick yourself while tending your garden, “I seriously doubt that.”

As you approached Spiderman, small tingles ran up your arm, as the writing on your wrist started to feel warmer with each passing step. Your heart sped up knowing the reason why your arm was tingling, but right now his injuries mattered more than asking him if he was your soulmate. You gently set your supplies down, being mindful of where he was hurting and ignoring his intense gaze. Your hands were slightly trembling, anxious of being so close to him that you started to question if you could do this. You weren’t sure if you were nervous because you were near Spiderman or near your soulmate. Your licked your lips and emptying your thoughts, reaching out for his right arm, and the moment you touched it, you felt the warm spark run across your arm, confirming the small doubts in your mind, this really was your soulmate.

You didn’t do anything to call attention to it, and focused on the gashes on his suit, seeing the scarlet liquid staining not only the suit but the pale skin underneath. You reached for gauze and peroxide, “this may sting a bit,” the bottle still trembling in your hand, reminding yourself to keep calm.

You looked up at Spidey, wanting some sort of confirmation that he was ok with this. He nodded, and you started to pour the liquid over his wound. A hiss escaped his lips, as the water met the raw skin. You gently started to pat the area dry, making sure that the wound was clean before you moved on to the next. Your whole right arm never stopped sending the small sparks, that you wondered how he could keep his composure, when you were almost a nervous wreck. You looked up at him, meeting the visors that covered his eyes, but it didn’t lessen the speed of your heart or the warmth that was spreading across your face.

“That’s a nice sleeve,” his voice finally filling the silence that surrounded both of you.

“Thanks…it’s based on my soulmate,” your voice coming out as a whisper.

His gloved hand traced over the writing, before he started to travel up the rest of the sleeve, making your heart go into overdrive and your skin so sensitive to his touch, making you bite down on your lower lip, but you didn’t dare ask him to stop. “I know,” his voice no longer sounding hurt, “my arm is filled with flowers,” his hand now tracing over one spider webs.

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You know what I appreciate so much about Boku no Hero Academia? The way they handle disability.

It’s certainly not the first animated series to have a disabled central character, but I feel like this is one of the first instances I’ve seen where a) the focus is not on pursuing some magical way to fix the disabled character and b) there’s no magical gimmick which makes the character essentially able-bodied.

They never talk about “Oh well maybe you’ll just recover to full strength All Might and you’ll be fine again.” They never hold him up against his feats from before his injury. There’s no plot to go find the magical elixir that’ll heal All Might. There’s no caveat that lets All Might side-step his disability. There’s no talk of “fixing” All Might. No. He’s injured, permanently, and can only work 3 hours a day, which then drops to 1 hour, and then to 0.

And they handle it as such. He’s not turned into some object of pity or sympathy-inspiration. Who he is doesn’t fundamentally change because of his disability. He trains Deku both in his true form and his All Might form with rather little distinction. Deku, after his initial shock, doesn’t lose any of his admiration for All Might. He understands All Might’s condition, and is constantly aware of it for All Might’s safety and well-being, but it does nothing to alter Deku’s opinion of All Might. The teachers at UA all respect and accommodate his condition without changing the fundamental way they treat him. Deku, Class 1-A, Kacchan all still respect and adore him as much as they did before with full understanding that this is All Might’s permanent condition now.

Yet on top of this, they also make it clear how hard it is for All Might to appear able-bodied to the general populace, and how much pressure he’s under just maintaining it. And it’s a struggle that makes him strong. When he finally quits, the people aren’t angry. They cheered him on through the end. And while there’s a lot of fear in the current chapters, there’s no backlash against All Might for his disability.

He is All Might, and he’s respected as such, both before and after his injury.

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do you ship tamaki and kirishima

hi i would assume this is referring to amajiki tamaki and kirishima eijirou, in which case it is,, yes

and to prove, here’s a lil something i sonic-draw 

Hello. I’m white. And I’m going to tell y'all why I’m not offended by the term “cracker” or jokes about how we season our food with salt. I’m not offended because when someone makes a joke about me not being able to dance they don’t endanger my right to live. They don’t cause police officers to shoot me. It doesn’t reinforce a pre-existing system that would make it nearly impossible for me to live safely in my own country. I will never in my life say or type out the n-word. Because when I say it it means something different. If I say it then it means I’m indifferent to hundreds of years of treating black people as not human. I’m not offended by “cracker” because no, it’s not the n-word’s equivalent nor does it carry it’s history. I’m not offended by “black lives matter” because I’m not an idiot and think that Poc rightfully standing up for themselves is somehow trying to degrade ME. Marijuana is more commonly used among white youths than black, but somehow they’re the ones ending up in prison. Black girls have been doing corn rows, Afros, and acrylic nails for decades and they have been slandered and thrown out of school for it. But now white people do it so its ok and trendy. People say we’re living in a post-racial America, like somehow one black president made everything fine. Guess who says that. White people. Cuz now it’s more subtle and we’d rather believe ourselves more progressive than those nuts in the fifties. We don’t see it anymore because it now comes in the form of passive aggressiveness and carefully chosen words. Guys. That’s bullshit. Racism is alive and thriving globally. Like, Jesus. All this fighting over an evolutionary trait developed in response to a persons proximity to the sun.


“I’m the child of a witch and an android. I’m their wish come true. Bigger than magic. Living information, retro-reincarnated in human form. Now my brother? He’d give you a physical fight. He’d warp time and space to punch you fifty times a second. But when I warp time and space….. I use my words.”

So I heard that cosplay aesthetic boards are en vogue rn *eyebrow waggle* Wiccan is me @eyes–like–stars and Speed is Vince @speedmagick

a chance taken.

pairing: jeon jungkook | reader
genre: childhood friends au / fluff
word count: 7,060
description: confessing has never been easy for a shy boy like jeon jungkook, but sometimes you just got to take a chance in the name of love.    
author’s note:
to my girl @workofteaguk because you told me to write it and honestly i get all my best fluff ideas for our men with you <3 think of this as a parting gift to summer. still, i hope we’ll be free from evil essays and ridiculous websites that tell us we plagiarized our own names this school year~

For the past thirteen years of Jungkook’s life, his only semblance of confidence came in the shape of you. His own desires never had to part his lips when you said them for him. Sometimes you would just know even without him telling you as if you could read his mind in that split second. He can’t say he ever hated it either. It’s silly to say considering most kids like expressing themselves by their lonesome, but being a kid and an unbearably shy one at that, having someone as outspoken as you was an absolute godsend.

At the age of five, his mother and his godmother (your mother) dreamt and hoped that you two would find friendship in one another which ultimately succeeded. He was never quite sure what did it exactly, but from the many neighborhood excursions you dragged him on in your close-knit neighborhood and the many playdates you two were put into, he found solace in all of it and in you. He sure as hell enjoyed spending time with you over Jinho, who only wanted to put him into a headlock until he cried for mercy (or just cried, in general) because at least with you, tears came when he had to part from you.

Without a doubt, this camaraderie became a defining point in his childhood. There was no expectation of him with you, because you already saw him in his home life and him in his school life. It was undoubtedly a relationship that he cherished despite the numerous times you would drag him into trouble from sneaking out to go to the park, to hopping the fence to your house, to pranking Jinho when you stayed over. He did these things with your own coaxing until it became his own conscious will to do stuff like going to your house when he shouldn’t or letting you play his favorite video game, fully aware that you had dance practice. All for his own selfish reasons, he relished in acting this way with and without your influences, because you were his friend—one of very few (though he disliked including Jimin sometimes)—that he had throughout the eight years of school you two shared together.

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5 years of happiness, sadness, triumph, drama and scam!
5 Girls looking for a dream come true!
Although there are now 4 that form Fifth Harmony don’t forget Camila Because the CAMILIZERS and HARMONIZERS ARE FAMILY &
No matter what happens, always support the 5 Girls❤


[FANART] Kim Namjoon

Gave myself about an hour and a half to do this and here it is~~
There are mistakes that I am aware of but I already reached my time limit so oop.

Schoolwork time! I worked more on this project this semester, which means more Ishke! This time as a tiny sapling kid. I ditched the lineart completely with this and went straight from the thumbnail, so yes actual painting practise!! Again, I definitely need to practise it waaaay more often, but at least this turned out kind of pretty I think.

I need to paint something other than Ishke though, I have few more illustrations with him/the world he lives in from this semester and some cool worldbuilding development (that started with me questioning if tree people have nipples)(I’m serious) but I’m really burnt out from doing that for an entire year as schoolwork :l

y’all are still out here acting like scallison was the be-all and end-all of true love??? in 2017?? i’m calling the police


So hey, I just reached 101 followers! Thank you all so much, you honestly have no idea how much that means to me. ;w; 

So what better way to celebrate than with another chapter of this…series now, I guess? I have no idea honestly, haha. So this chapter is actually inspired by the comic that Zango drew that first showed off Bendy in his ‘Nightmare’ form. I dig the design so much and I’ll stop rambling now.

As always, this story is inspired by the 2D Bendy AU created by the wonderful @shinyzango, please check out her blog because it’s amazing and so is she. ^w^


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Some Secrets Come Out in Unwanted Ways

I have a new prompt that I just came up with so please enjoy the new langst one shot!

Prompt - What if Keith and Lance got in a fight at the Garrison and when they ware about to save Shiro Lance just freezes up when he sees Keith, remembering what happened.

But Keith doesn’t remember what the heck he did to Lance or remember Lance in general.

So Lance is really scared to be near Keith and always near someone else when Keith is in the room and when they are alone, Lance just leaves the room with no explanations.

How everyone finds out is by mind meld. I am also very sorry about all the time skips! I’m just too lazy to write all the speaking until they get to the mind meld. There is also an open ending so if you would like me to make another chapter of this, just ask!

Lance didn’t mean to freeze up and start having a mild panic attack with a war inside of his head when he saw Keith. Just seeing his out-dated mullet made Lance want to cry like he did all those few months ago.

But Hunk and Pidge were here and Lance couldn’t just break down when seeing someone.

Clearning his throat, Lance spoke up hoping that his voice wouldn’t shake, “Nope. No, you - No, no, no. No, you don’t. I’m saving Shiro.”

 "Who are you?“ Keith looked at Lance with a confused face with something else behind the confusion.

Part of Lance was happy that Keith didn’t remember Lance but the other part of Lance was sad that Keith did’t recognize him, it wasn’t that Lance was compared to him all the time. 

"Besides the point Mullet. Lets just get Shiro out of here.” Lance decided not to say his name, his name wasn’t important and if he gave his name he was worried that Keith might beat him up again.

“You’re right, come on, lets get him on my hover bike.” Keith spoke again, lugging Shiro outside and to his hover bike.

“Is there going to be enough room for everyone?” Hunk asked, his anxiety clear in his voice.

“Nope, we gotta toss out some non-essential weight.” Keith threw a look over his shoulder, looking at the other three and the unconscious Shiro.

Lance felt his mood dampen even more then it already has. He wasn’t sure but he felt like that, that insult was directed at him. 

“Big guy lean to the left!” Keith broke through his thoughts, speaking to Hunk to did so.


Lance didn’t remember much of the ride back to Keith’s little hut in the desert. He was mainly focused on not having a panic attack with just being around Keith. 

In the little hut of Keith’s Lance stood close to the door, pressing himself against the wall desperately trying to put as much as distance between Keith and Lance without being suspicious. 

Lance studied everyone’s face as everyone introduced themselves to Shiro who just woke up. 

“What is this? Some sort of cryptid board?” Pidge pushed up his glasses that were slipping down his nose. 

Keith scoffed, “Of course not. There is some sort of energy pull that is around here and there’s some sort of lion cave drawings on the wall in the well, cave." 

"Well let’s go.” Lance spoke softly, looking up at this two friends being sure not to make any eye contact with Keith.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea Lance? For all we could know is that it’s a trap!” Hunk turned to Lance, his eyes wide, “I’m not ready to die just yet!”

“I’m aware that there is a chance of it being a trap but I’m interested so I’m going to go.” Lance crossed his arms, his eyes went hard, his voice serious.

“I’m interested as well but how would we find the energy source?” Pidge spoke up, speaking his own thoughts.

“I think for now we just have to travel where the energy source that Keith knows. Then from there we can go into the cave.” Shiro spoke up, power laced in his voice.

“Sure, but we can but we can’t take the hover bike. We won’t have enough room for all five of us.” Keith spoke up, crossing his arms as well, making Lance close his mouth and avoid eye contact.

“Then what are we waiting for? Lets go see those weird cave carvings!” Pidge cheered, nearly pushing Lance over to get out of the door.

“Fine. Let’s just say that if anyone dies or gets injured I did foresee it so I get to say that ‘I told you so’.” Hunk reluctantly followed Pidge out the door with Lance following close behind, making sure that Shiro was behind Lance, not Keith. 


“These are the lion carvings that I was telling you about.” Keith scanned the carvings against the stone wall.

Lance reached out to the carvings gingerly, making them glow a bright shade of blue, “Wow…" 

"It’s never done that before.. What did you do?” Keith turned to Lance as the floor gave away, resulting in everyone screaming.

“Wow…” Lance marveled at the Blue Lion encased in some sort of force field, “Is this Voltron?”

“How do you reckon we get into here?” Keith stepped up to the robotic lion.

Jokingly Lance spoke, once again hoping that no one could detect the shaking in his voice, “Maybe we just have to knock.”

As if on command, the force field dropped, making everyone gasp or even scream in shock.

“Whoa… Did anyone else see that?” Lance took a hesitant step back from the mechanical lion.

“So Voltron is a robot. Voltron is a huge, huge awesome robot!” Hunk exclaimed, anxiety gone from his voice.

“Lets go in!” Lance took long strides to the Lion’s head who dropped down, opening their jaw allowing Lance to walk in motioning the others to follow.

“Not to be a Debby Downer but we are currently in a giant futuristic alien cat head. Are none of you concerned about it?” Hunk laughed nervously as he stepped into the cockpit.

“Come on guys! Don’t you trust me?” Lance laughed, feeling at ease, forgetting the fact that Keith was basically breathing down his neck.

“With you piloting and I just met you, I don’t trust you!” Keith spoke up, his voice filled with malice.

Lance felt his mood dampen but he managed to smile, “Lets see what this baby can do.”

“Lance this isn’t a simulator! Be careful!” Pidge exclaimed as Lance and the Lion shot up into the sky.

“You are the worse pilot ever!” Keith yelled as Lance twisted in the sky with a big smile on his face. 


When the Blue Lion finally landed (Lance promptly named her Blue and she, Blue, agreed on the name.) everyone stepped out, in awe at the planet that the landed on.

“I don’t recognize the constellations here, we obviously not in the Milky Way anymore.” Shiro spoke softly, looking up that the sky, “Everyone be prepared, I already lost my crew and I don’t intend to lose my team again.”

“Well what are we waiting for? These people must have advanced technology!” Pidge ran ahead with the others close behind. 

“Pidge be careful-” Shiro began to speak but got cut off by some sort of drone scanning them.

“Hold for identity scan.” The computer spoke, making Pidge’s eyes shine while the others were a little scared.

As soon as the scan finished a few of the lights flickered on, creating an ominous glow to the hall way. 

“I guess the only way to go is this way.” Hunk spoke nervously, managing to get out a nervous laugh.

“I guess so buddy. Do you want me to lead the way?” Lance patted Hunk on his shoulder giving him a wan smile.

“But- Fine, once you make up your mind, you barely change it so I doubt you’ll change it now.” Hunk sighed and allowed Lance to walk ahead.


“Now the most   important part of paladin training is being able to meld your minds and focus on one thing: Voltron. Everything else has to fade away. This technique will be essential every time you form Voltron. So, relax and open your mind. No walls, no secrets between paladins. Come on, everyone, clear everything. Now, focus on forming your lion. Bring your lions together and - and form Voltron. Keep your minds open, work together. Good! Keep focusing! Only one to go!” Coran spoke over the coms, his voice barely heard over the white noise in side of Lance’s head.

“Okay Lance, think happy thoughts, not of Keith basically killing you.” Lance thought to himself and yet, there his mind went. 

“Lance, clear your mind! Stop thinking about… me…?” Keith began to snap at Lance who hated to admit but was shaking.

“I-I’m done for now… I’m going to bed..” Lance took off the mind meld helmet setting it down on the ground, disrupting the the training.

As soon as Lance left Pidge broke the silence, “Does anyone know what just happened to Lance?”

“It’s a touchy subject to be honest… But Lance won’t tell you so I guess I should.” Hunk cleared his throat, setting his helmet down, “Back at the Garrison Lance got into a fight with Keith… He wouldn’t give me the details about it but Lance was beat up pretty bad…" 

Keith felt his blood run cold, what did he do to Lance? 

"Should I stop…?” Hunk spoke quietly, his face a little paler as he was reliving the moment.

“Please don’t, I don’t remember anything…” Keith spoke up, looking at Hunk in the eye.

“Okay. So Lance came back to our dorm room and oh God, he was so bloody. I swear that I could hear his ragged breathing from down the hall. The only thing that Lance told me is that someone beat him up for something he did in the last class that he had or maybe something that the said person did.”

“How could you forget beating Lance up?!?!” Pidge screeched at Keith, their eyes wide.

“I don’t know Pidge!” Keith yelled back before Shiro stepped in.

“I don’t know what you did Keith but you should go apologize to Lance. Make amends.” Shiro spoke with reason making Keith nod and get up to go find the Blue Paladin.


“Hey Lance, can we talk?” Keith arrived at Lance’s quarters and knocked on the door, “And please don’t run away from me this time.”

“What do you need Mullet?” Lance opened the door but kept an unhealthy distance from Keith.

“I- um… I’m sorry about what I did at the Garrison.” Keith fidgeted, obviously not used to apologizing. 

Lance didn’t say anything, “I accept your apology.” Lance gave a smile to Keith, “You must of had your reasons to do so.”

“Why are you accepting my apology so easily?! You should be mad at me!” Keith ran his fingers through his hair tugging on his hair, oh how he would love to punch Lance and the moment but that was the opposite of what he was trying to do.

“But Keith. It’s okay, I’m pretty much used to it!” Lance patted Keith on the shoulder before leaving Keith in confused silence.

Keith stood in stunned silence, what did Lance mean by he was used to be beat up?
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Imagine: Dean Forgetting Date night because of Baby.

Imagine: Dean Forgetting Date night because of Baby. 
Rating: T
Warnings: Suggestive Lanuage.

Companion piece to @imgoldielikehawn‘s Damn that Car.

Originally posted by notnaturalanahi

You gave an exasperated sigh as you tapped your foot.  Dean was laid under Baby and all you could see was the bottom half of him.  Though it was a grand view- his shirt riding up to give you a good view of his abs.  He must of painted on the jeans because they left little to imagination.  You had to chew your lip to remember why you were mad and you frowned when it hit you.

Tonight was date night and he had promised you that he would be done two hours ago.  You rolled your eyes as your reached out to give one of his feet a swift tap.  He crawled out from under Baby with a few choice words and a scowl.  His mouth hit the floor when he saw you.  You wore his favorite black dress and a pair of your best heels. You gave me an expectant look and he groaned when he realised what day it was.  

“Ah, god dammit sweetheart, I am sorry!  I forgot it was date night.”  He said as he tried to kiss you.  You moved away from the kiss and crossed your arms.  Looking at him up and down, you just wanted to either punch him or fuck him.  There was never an in between with Dean sometimes.   Especially when it came to Baby.  

“You know Winchester…  Sometimes I think you love that car more than me!”  You said as you reached up and punched him in the arm.  Dean winced a little and rubbed his upper arm after your fist made impact.  You chuckled and bite your lip as you eyed him.  He looked good covered in grease and sweat.  You grabbed him by the collar of the shirt  as a wicked grin formed on your face.

“Now come on….  You can make it up to me right now….  With a little bit of bedroom gymnastics.”  You whispered as you let him go and turned on your heels towards the bunker.  Dean’s smirking face followed- hot on your heels.

a beauty unfathomable

pairing: jaehyun x reader
genre: fluff
word count: 1.205
about: a collection of moments in which jaehyun finds you to be the most beautiful girl in the world.

“beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” — kahlil gibran

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*loud gasping noises* HOollllyyyy! I’m dead. I’m dying. I’m dead. I’m gone, I’m dead. Sweetest Zilla, you are a majestic ethereal being who has magic Shiro-producing hands. Every Shiro you craft is more gorgeous than the last. AND LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL NONESENSE! HIS HAND FREAKING LIGHTS UP!?!? DEATH COMES IN MANY FORMS, for me it’s by usb. This is now my most prized possession…

Originally posted by fallontonight