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Masterlist Got7 Reactions,MLT, Sex with, and Dating Got7

These are a collection of reactions that I’ve enjoyed (none of these are mine. Will credit owners)


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got7 kinks by sluttygot7

DATING GOT7 by sugababychim

Mark Tuan

Im Jaebum

Jackson Wang

Park Jinyoung

Kim Yugyeom


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Art Masterlist


oldest first

HC MC showering and fainting in their apartment

MC working in a maidcafe

MC/you asking the RFA to be your pretend boyfriend

You /MC  go shopping with a friend you end up dressing something too sexy and a RFA member happens to see you

You have a Party with the RFA

7 minutes in heaven or hell RFA edition

The RFA getting jealous for no real reason

The RFA giving you a massage

RfA reaction to you looking younger then you are

The RFA Thinks you like someone else

Blind date with the RFA + Unknown

A coworker is hitting on you and the RFA reacts to it

You try to confess your love to a RFA member

How you celebrate your RFA members birthday

The RFA + Saeran on White day

You are tripping and RFA reactions to it

You meet a RFA member but is not allowed to tell them who you are

The RFA teaching you how to dance

RFA and V react to mc dancing to the complete routine of bet on it/bet on me from hsm 2 flawlessly

RFA+V+Saeran react to an MC who forgot her own birthday

The RFA members Saeran and V eating Samyang - spicy Korean ramen

You walk in while a RFA member is changing or showering   nsfw-ish

RFA when they had a bad day and you have bad period cramps

RFA’s +minor trio reactions to their crush doing the “can you hold something?” and puts their hand in theirs and keeps it there trick

RFA + V + Saeran react to a MC is a musical actress in the musical heathers she is Veronica and Zen is J.D

RFA + minor trio reacting to mc being oblivious to how horrible she sounds and looks while singing and dancing at a karaoke bar

RFA+ Saeran meeting MCs first love

RFA+Saeran+V react to a MC crying in front of a laptop because of a TV show she’s been following for 11 years and it just ended

What the RFA does with you on a lazy rainy day super fluffy fluff

RFA+V+Saeran react to MC avoiding them because she is sick

The RFA reacts to finding MC’s sketchbook being full of sketches + doodles of them

RFA + Saeran about MC that breakdown because someone important to her just passed away

Your second date with the RFA

RFA+Saeran reacting to an MC who tends to bottle up her emotions

RFA+V and Saeran having to take care of their newborn baby alone during the first few weeks

RFA + V & Saeran react to MC being a good witch

RFA+ minor trio coming home to small MC that made them cookies

RFA+Saeran react to MC having an ex-best friend who now stalks, mimics her, and flirts with them

RFA reacting to a small MC that fell asleep on the floor waiting for them to come home

RFA+Saeran reacting to you who woke up in the night crying because you had a nightmare about them

RFA+Saeran+V. Reacting to seeing a past video of a drunk and wild teenage MC at a party

RFA+Saeran reacting to small MC that sucks thier thumb when she sleeps

RFA+Saeran react to having a huge fight with MC, who then goes to stay at a friend’s house

RFA+Saeran reacting to MC who is insecure about her laughter

RFA + Saeran reacting to a writer MC who has been struggling with a chapter

RFA+Saeran react to a MC that goes out somewhere with a friend

The RFA with a really ticklish MC

The RFA reacting to Mc that is insecure about being a parent

RFA and V and Saeran reacting to past MC being super badass by getting into fist fights

The RFA walking in while you clean the shower and you are naked  *nsfw- ish

The RFA keeping you warm *fluff

MM boys+Saeran where they find out you self harm   * trigger warning

 RFA+minor Trio with a very beautiful MC

RFA+saeran how they cuddle //show affection *fluff

RFA reacting to making MC laugh really hard

RFA + Saeran react to MC coming home late the phone died and she has some stage makeup on

RFA react to MC dancing and singing to a Ed Sheeran song and wakeing them up

You showering and fainting in their apartment - Minor trio edition

RFA+V+Saeran play soccer on an empty field with you

RFA+minor trio come home to MC they find thier crying in the corner with thier phone on speaker and their mom is yelling at them

RFA+Minor trio come home to you doing the downward dog yoga pose

RFA+Minor trio react to you comeing out of the shower with nothing but a towel wrapped arround you

RFA+Minor trio Decide to have a dance battle with you and you do the grind on me dance move

RFA reacts to you cooking and humming/singing a random Disney song

RFA+Saeran react to an MC with a splint and a cane +  being stubborn

RFA+Minor trio play soccer with you and surprise you with cuddles and steal the ball

RFA+minor trio do the try not to laugh challenge with you

RFA reacting to MC pregnant and suddenly her water breaks but her not freaking out

RFA +minor trio react to a butterfly that lands thier nose

RFA+ minor trio playing the pocky game

RFA+minor trio wake up from you calling their full name

RFA reacting to a MC who’s loud and lively in the chat but really shy

RFA+Minor trio is annoying you and make a silly face that is actual cute

RFA and thier kids

RFA+Minor Trio come up behind MC and start to tickling mc gets them with a kiss

RFA+ V finding out about MC/You being bisexual

RFA+V are your surprise prom date

RFA + Saeran reacting to a MC who looks like a child/minor

RFA minus 707 react to MC who never been kissed before

RFA+Saeran reacting to you haveing a pet dragon

RFA with a super rich MC that invites them on a romantic date

RFA + Saeran racting to your super cute pet that is scretly evil *or just cute*

You sing a lullaby for the RFA

707, Zen and Jumin with an introverted MC

The mysme boys begin to feel attraction for another girl

RFA +V and Saeran - MC has an identical twin end up talking to her twin instead of you

RFA + minor trio reacting to MC laying upside down and doing crazy little dance moves

Zen,707 and Saeran reacting to MC, who cutely dances to Barbie girl

addon to the barbie girl HC with Yoosung and Jumin

RFA + V, discovering MC jamming to The Crush song by Issa Twaimz

Yoosung,707 and Saeran playing basketball with you 1v1

RFA reaction when you put stuff in your bra

The RFA helping you with your sleeping issues

Zen,Jumin and V reacting to you,who is quite tough, but gets really cute when they are alone

add on - with 707, Saeran and Vanderwood

RFA+V+Saeran reacting to you having down syndrome

Zen,Saeran,Jumin+V MC save them from accident and  can’t see or walk or both anymore *trigger heavy*

V,Yoosung,and Saeran reacting to Mc wearing a short skater skirt with a crop top *nsfw~ish*

 Zen,Yoosung,Saeyoung and Saeran reacting to you, cooking in the kitchen while listening and singing to body party-by Ciara

RFA Date Headcanons

RFA with a muslim  mc

RFA+V reacting to lingerie model!MC

Saeran and Vanderwood reacting to lingerie model mc

The RFA just don’t get that you love them

rfa + minor trio reacting to a fitness mc that eat healthy food and do a lot of exercise

The RFA boys say the name of someone else while thier are intimate with you

RFA discovering that MC’s a werewolf

RFA with a MC who has major trust issues

RFA reacting to Mc working at Disney World

One shot fanfics

MC is nervous to leave her and Zens kids with 707 and Unknown short fic

small fanfic Jumin reacting to MC with a marilyn monroe type mole on her upper lip

Vanderwood react to MC who is a musical actress in the musical heathers she is veronica and zen is j.d    small extra

MC throws a party and invites RFA+ minor trio and her friends

Zen and MC haveing thier first fight short fic

You have a stalker Zen only headcanon

RFA+Saeran reacting to smol MC pretending she’s going to whisper something to them but kisses them on the cheek

Alptraum Labyrinth  fanfic with Zen

V wants to take pictures of you but you think that you are ugly

MC×Jumin go on a vacation to some random country but lose eachother

Zen struggles with his new role

Rapunzel AU fic, with MC as Rapunzel

MC x Jumin fanfic the reader is rich and Jumin has no idea

Zen helps you over a bad day with cuddels 

MC x Jumin au /fanfic they first meet at the party and that MC’s hidden talent is her beautiful singing

Zen reacting to MC who is training to become a secondary school teacher *HC

Zen x MC with their daughter 

ZenxMC hen night/Bachelorette Party

707xMC hen night/ Bachelorette Party

a fight between Vanderwood and Zen *don´t worry its not that bad* 

Group vaction with the RFA

MCxJumin Jumins birthday party

 Zen x MC playing just dance 2016-the one that I want  - mc is playing dirty to win

RFA + Minor trio going on a week long ski trip for Christmas

RFA + V decide to go camping for a week in the summer

RFA goes on a beach vacation and Jumin sees MC for the first time in a Bikini

Zen reacts to a MC who really hates mornings

Fallen Angel ft. Zen  angst + trigger warning for a possible suicide

Jumin tires to confess to you part 1 I  part 2 done

Zen comes late at night home

Colorblind ft. V/Jihyun Kim

Soulkey ft 707/ Saeyoung plus bonus fanart

The RFA dealing with a loopy MC after a trip to the dentist

Zen x Reader have a drinking competition

Zen x Reader - Zen is still in the gang

Once its over ft Jumin

Zen meets your parents, but they recognize him from his gang days

Reader insert - MC is an undercover cop investigating RFA & Mint Eye

Ray mini fic, MC forgot their important plushy in their apartment

Blue eyes Investigations ft.Jumin

707/Saeyoung with an MC/SO breaking down whenever someone yells

Multi chapter Stories*newest first*

The ghost in the Hospital ft, the RFA  part 2  I part 3  done

Nights of desire ft. 707xReader I Zen x Reader  I part 2 I part 3 I part 4

The place you belong to ft Jumin x Readerpart 2   I  part 3   done

Bittersweet Memories  ft ZenxfemReader I part 2part 3

How to save a Princess MCXZen -trigger warning  I  part 2  I part 3part 4    part 5   done

Cinderella on the Moon Mystic Messenger fairytale

part 2   part 3   part 4   part 5  part 6  part 7  part 8  part 9  part 10   part 11 part 12  part 13  part 14  part 15

Other thinks

that not fit anywhere else

Zen gives you a massage

How you get your Jumin Han to become your butler

Zen – vs the evil fluffy Rabbit of doom aka Usagichan !

Zen´s reaction to a very attractive MC who likes to wear tight clothes *HC

707 reacting to Mc’s sketchbook full of doodles of him

V-day Special

You / MC making  V-day chocolate Part 1 Zen

You / MC making  V-day chocolate Part 2 Yoosung

You / MC making  V-day chocolate Part 3 Jaehee

You / MC making  V-day chocolate Part 4 Jumin

You / MC making  V-day chocolate Part 5  707

You / MC making  V-day chocolate Part 6 extra 1 Unknown

You / MC making  V-day chocolate Part 6 extra 2 Saeran

You hate V-day and RFA Reaction to it


 This masterlist will be updated regularly and reblogged once in a blue moon to help you find it easier. A link will be added to the description as well for mobile users access.

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BokuAkaKuroKen Headcanons

Headcanons about the wonderful and beautiful pairing BokuAkaKuroKen from Haikyuu!!. These do imply situations where the four would be living together - taking place when they are in college. 

If there is a pairing that you would like to see headcanons made for, you’re welcome to request it!

Thank you very much and I hope you enjoy!

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Prompt: If you walk out that door, don’t ever come back.

AN: Thank you to my wonderful beta’s for plowing through my stories

Words: 741

“If you walk out that door, don’t ever come back.”

Your husband flinches as light floods the room. He’s dressed in his usual vigilante attire, and his hood is in his right hand. He turns towards you slowly, charming grin in place. “It’s just for a few hours.”

You smirk, “The party will be over in a few hours.”

He gestures towards the skyline of the city, just outside the balcony doors, “Gotham …”

You stop him before he starts, “Gotham will be fine for a few hours. The minute the party is over you and your brothers will be out on the street fighting the bad guys just like you always do. But until then, it’s Bruce’s birthday.”

Jason sighs and closes the glass door, “Honestly, the best gift we could give the guy is to get him out of this party. He hates these things, almost as much as I do.”

You laugh a bit as you take his hand and lead him back to the bedroom. As soon as the door is closed behind you, you let go of his hand and move towards the bathroom vanity. Your hair is already done, and all that’s left of your makeup is a bit of mascara and some lipstick. You hear the faint sound of clothes as Jason changes and grumbles.

“I just don’t get why we have to go, he doesn’t even like me that much.”

You smile, and look at him in the mirror, “You’re right, he loves you. You’re his son.”

He smirks, “Sure, throw that in my face.”

You shrug, and let your robe slip down before grabbing your dress. It shows a bit of skin, but still leaves something to the imagination. You walk in your stocking feet back to the bed before sitting down and sliding one heel on before holding out your foot. With the exception of his jacket, Jason is all ready to go.

He kneels, and without a word, fastens the straps before moving to the other one. He fastens the other one and winks at you “No wild goose chases tonight. I don’t want you disappearing and leaving only a shoe behind to remember you by.”

You smile, “Well, you are my very own prince charming. To be honest though, it will be a miracle if I make it through this entire party in these shoes.”

“Stephanie force you to go shopping again?” You nod.

He just winks at you and holds out his tie. You fiddle with it for a bit before actually tying it. “So how long do we actually have to stay at this thing?”

You shrug as you begin to tie it, “Three hours max. We eat some fancy food, drink expensive alcohol, make nice with your dad’s fake friends. Then we come home, I pry these shoes off, and change into yoga pants, while you change into your gear and save the world as we know it.” You finish the tie and make sure to leave it a little loose so he doesn’t feel trapped.

As you pull away, he pulls you back into his arms and kisses you. When he pulls back he has a smidge of lipstick on his lips “A very solid plan, light of my life, but you forgot one part.”

You wrap your arms around his neck with a smile and say, “Oh, and what’s that?”

“In-between the taking off the clothes and changing into new ones you forgot the part where I ravish you, and then go and save the world as we know it.”

You nod your head a bit before saying, “I’ll have to check my schedule, new episodes are released tonight on Netflix and I need to see what comes out.”  

You pull away from a baffled Jason, before grabbing your clutch and running down the hall. He picks up the chase with a grin. You make it out the front doorway, and he all of a sudden just stops in the doorway. You raise an eyebrow in question, and he asks, “Do I get to come back if I step through this doorway?”

With a grin and a wink, you say, “Just as long as you follow through on that plan to ravish me.” And without another word you begin making your way down the hall.

Jason just grins, does a little fist pump, and watches you walk, as he follows you down the hallway.


Work work work work work

Glad I made a video this week, feeling like I am getting my groove back

I cooked tempeh for the first time, I really liked it!

I come home and drop everything and do yoga every single day, this routine is really helping me, I’m really starting to notice so many changes within myself

I MUST finish my dress

Also, can I even send a kid to school with blue hair? Is that allowed now ? Or still a no-no?

Who let me be in charge?

They Come Home to You Bent Over Wearing Yoga Pants - GOT7


Jaebum: *just stares at your bum until you notice him*

Originally posted by idontgiveasuga

Mark: Babe! New pants?

Originally posted by amerthaikong

Jackson: You better wear one of my god damn hoodies with those fuckers before you think about going anywhere

Originally posted by jackpot852

Jinyoung: My ass is bigger than yours

Originally posted by got7gifsss

Youngjae: What are you looking for babe?

Originally posted by swoonfinite

BamBam: *grinds against you when he walks in and runs away laughing* Nice ass

Originally posted by krulemoon

Yugyeom: *casually spanks you as he passes* I’m gonna shower before dinner

Originally posted by gots7

Afternoon Gifts (Babyfic)

For starter’s, I decided to post this now because it’s growing larger than I want to wait for. Also this is a “Fuck you the ten year time skip never happened and no bodies fuckin’ dead” AU! Featuring SunPrince Prompto and MoonPrince Noctis (because I love them and they get to be gay married okay)

Noctis sucks in a breath, staring at the floor, his hand still on the doorknob as he tries to find the words he’s about to need.

How the fuck…his dad might’ve managed to ask the impossible in having Noctis deliver the news.

Next time, he’s definitely just going to make sure Prompto comes with him to a “one-on-one” with the King. After all, Prompto’s a Prince now too and more than capable of handling the job.

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anonymous asked:

Could I request a react for rfa and searan? Coming home and finding MC in a compromising position ;) (like doing yoga or just getting out of a shower or something)

◑.◑ I see what you did there, anon. This is going to be so fun! Gender neutral MC~


  • you were doing yoga in the living room when he came home from the theatre
  • at first, he doesn’t think anything’s wrong, just MC doing yoga and being awesome
  • but then he sees how provocative you’re being, carefully rearranging your body on the mat
  • he has to pop into the next room so he can catch his breath
  • he is a gentleman and would never take advantage of you in such a situation, so he takes a moment to compose himself
  • then he acts as if nothing happened, because he wouldn’t want you to be afraid of him he is a beast, MC, as are all men


  • he came home after an unusually short day and at the time, you were in the shower because you were expecting him to be home later
  • you didn’t bother covering up too much because your bedroom was close by and you’d get dressed there
  • but as you stepped into the hallway you bumped into a very flustered yoosung
  • he gasps and blushes like mad, covering his eyes even though you’re not  that exposed
  • he turns his back as you go to your bedroom and get dressed, and only when you’re done will he uncover his eyes
  • he’s so embarrassed and he apologizes so much, from then on he always calls out when he comes home


  • she had just come back home when she saw you, on your knees, rummaging underneath the stove for a spoon you dropped
  • she waits expectantly for you to grab the spoon and get up, but you don’t, and then she realizes she’s staring
  • her cheeks flood with colour and she scrambles to make it look like she wasn’t staring at you
  • she wouldn’t even dream of taking advantage of such a situation
  • she thinks it would be very impolite to mention something like this, so she doesn’t bring it up
  • but it takes a really long time for her blush to fade, and she keeps remembering seeing your lovely form bent over to fetch the spoon


  • he had bought you a new shirt and wanted to see what you looked like, but he entered the room before you were done changing
  • he averts his eyes because you look so unbelievably good and he wants you bad
  • he wrestles with himself because he thinks it wouldn’t be polite to take advantage of you even though he wants to
  • he keeps imagining slamming you onto the bed and tearing off the rest of your clothes and––
  • before he can fully succumb to corrupt thoughts he quickly excuses himself and leaves the room
  • that evening he won’t stop clearing his throat and loosening his tie, and he doesn’t meet your gaze


  • he went out late one night to stock up on Dr. Pepper and get another box of honey buddha chips from his warehouse, and you fell asleep waiting for him
  • when he came back, you were on the bed, your shirt had ridden far up and your back was to the door, your pants clinging to your frame
  • he had gone because he was hungry but now he was hungry for something else entirely
  • but he can’t bring himself to wake you up because then you’d be sleepy and cute and he couldn’t bear to disturb you
  • so he takes a few deep breaths and leaves the room, until eventually you wake up and go to find him
  • he’s back to his joking self and pretends nothing happened at all, but he still remembers what you looked like lying on his bed


  • if he finds you in any sort of compromising position, he’ll watch and wait
  • if it was an accident, he’ll apologize maybe
  • if it wasn’t, he’ll take you to the bedroom and you’ll have some fun

Here’s a new classic “Stuff from Sophia’s live” post

  • she said “I already graduated high school but I might go to normal school next year” ??????????
    • she said if she goes back to school she’d want to study sports psychology
    • and then she said she’d probably do dance and drama in college
  • she’s vegan now
    • she said she went vegan to improve some “stuff in her blood” hmm
  • I think she’s already said this but she wants to go to NYC, USC, or Julliard 
  • She’s starting to take ballroom again
  • She’s met the Kardashians lol
  • She dances 48 hours a week and she said she was never naturally talented
  • She said she and Autie are best friends and always will be 
    • and then she said that Autumn was snapchatting Sophia’s brother, Vinny, and he thinks he’s going to Autumn’s birthday party and then Sophia joked that if they dated she would die LOL
  • She’s learning how to drive now 
  • Her usual day is like: Workout, hot yoga, go home and shower, dance, come home and eat, then usually go in the pool to workout/just hang out
  • Her favorite dance is her new travis solo
  • She’s gonna buy her own car 

thesoulandmind  asked:

I don't know how to make the star/flower symbol, but kalagang for the ship questions!!! <3

  • who is more excited for halloween? Well Halloween is mostly an American thing, so I don’t think either of them really get into it. But Will shares his childhood Halloween memories with them and Kala LOVES it
  • who gives the best gifts? Both, but in different ways. Kala is the type to look for something specific, taking her time to get something she knows the other person will want. But Wolfie is more of a spontaneous gift-giver, not needing a particular occasion to get someone he cares about a gift. He’ll just be walking around and see something that reminds him of that person, and he’ll buy it for them on impulse
  • who sings along to the radio the loudest? Kala at first, but!!! I have a headcanon that Wolfie actually has a lovely voice, it just takes a lot to get him to use it (thaks asshole dad), so they’ll be in the car and Kala’s singing at the top of her lungs and Wolfie´s just driving and shaking his head smiling fondly, until the chorus comes on and he loves this song so he just SINGS and Kala is like :O
  • who actually finishes a book they’ve started? It depends. Kala is the kind to stick with a book all the way to the end even if she doesn’t like it. Wolfie doesn’t read as often as Kala does, because he’ll drop it immediately if he hates it. But if he likes it he won’t put it down until he’s done.
  • who falls asleep during a movie? Neither. They’re both film nuts. They each have their favorite genres, but they’ll watch pretty much anything.
  • who plans a surprise getaway vacation? Wolfiiiiiieeeee, it goes hand in hand with the spontaneous gift-giving.
  • who comes home with useless decorative knick knacks for the house every single day? I think Kala would, and she used to do it a lot more when she lived alone or with Rajan, but Wolfie’s kind of a minimalist so now she makes sure to only bring things that are cute and pretty but also useful and practical.
  • who takes more pictures? Definitely Kala. Wolfie’s never really cared about that kinda stuff, but doesn’t mind appearing in them, either. (super deep secret he’ll never tell anybody for as long as he lives - he actually quite likes how he looks in pictures. not that he needs it, but it gives him a little confidence boost.)
  • who keeps a weekly planner? Kala. She’s all into the color coding, the specialty pens, the time management techniques, all of it. She was totally a studyblr type in college. Plus she’s genuinely a very busy person, so she needs to stay organized.
  • who actually watches the discovery channel? They both do! Kala is a scientist and super interested in how the world works, not just chemistry, and Wolfie never liked or adjusted well to any formal, structured form of education, but he still likes to learn on his own terms. Plus he loves animals.
  • who brings up having kids first? I don’t think either of them do, tbh. Wolfgang is traumatized by his childhood, convinced he’d be just like his father. And Kala had always assumed she’d have children at one point, but it was one of those things she was taught to want by society and not something she truly wanted for herself, so now she’s ok with the thought of having them, but also ok with not having them. Their first kid is a surprise. Shockingly, Wolfgang is the one that brings up having a second one, since he was able to work through his trauma with the first and actually loves being a dad.
  • who fixes things around the house when they break? They both do, actually. Wolfgang does most of the heavy lifting, but Kala has more of a technical know-how.
  • who leaves their dirty towels on the floor? Kala does it occasionally when she’s in a rush for work in the mornings. Wolfie’s actually pretty neat, so he hangs his up right away.
  • who makes the coffee in the morning? Wolfie. Kala’s more into tea and Wolfgang loves the taste of strong, black coffee, so he makes himself a cup almost every morning.
  • who gets jealous over very petty things? both lmao. Though it’s never the gross, possessive you-are-mine-and-no-one-else-can-breathe-in-your-direction jealousy, but the petty, i-know-it’s-irrational-but-can-this-person-stop-flirting-with-you-oh-my-god-can’t-they-see-i’m-standing-right-here jealousy.
  • who exercises more? DEFINITELY Wolfie. He loves physical activity of any kind, honestly. It helps him clear his head. Kala’s actually a bit lazy when it comes to working out, so the most she does is go for walks and do some yoga in the evenings after she comes home from work. Anything more than that and she’s panting and sweating and begging to stop like 5 minutes in
  • who starts listening to christmas music in october? Neither of them, really. Wolfie enjoys Christmas just fine but he doesn’t make a huge fuss about it, and Kala doesn’t even celebrate it in the first place.
  • who actually reads the newspaper? Neither. Kala checks the news on her phone and Wolfie honestly doesn’t give half a shit

Dear yoga mat,

I love you. Thank you for providing me with a space to come home to

#yogaeverydamnday #8weekspostpartum #breathe #practice #flow (at Island Yoga)

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When in doubt, go to yoga...

I practice yoga everyday - unless I’m coming back home late - and to be honest, doing yoga before updating one of my fic gives me the pick-me-up I usually need these days.

Besides, yoga seems particularly fitting when you’re updating a fic called ‘Upward-Facing Dog’

Want some Upward-Facing Dog!Sandor inspo (courtesy of Yogasmith - menyogaseattle on tumblr)? Here you go :)

“This Is Not The End” - Sammy Wilk Imagine

‘Sammy, where are you?’ I sighed looking at the white ceiling above me. It’s 4:12 a.m. and Sammy is still at Nate’s party. Well, at least I hope he’s still there. He asked me to go with him, but I was too tired to go since I had to work overtime today and he, of course, went anyways. I mean  it’s not that I don’t want him to hang out with his friends and go to parties, no, I’m totally okay with it, but I don’t approve partying every single day which Sammy has been doing a lot lately. He gets wasted all the time and sometimes he doesn’t even come back home. 

I got out of bed and put on some yoga pants, a tank top and a cardigan. I went downstairs, took the car keys, went outside and got into the car heading to Nate’s. 

I parked my car in front of Nate’s neighbour’s house since there was no space in front of his. The house was filled with people and smoke and everyone seemed to be pretty much hammered. 

‘Watch where you goin’’ A guy said addressing to me while I was making my way through a bunch of people hoping to find Sammy. I was too tired to care for bumping into that guy. All I wanted was to be in my bed and sleep, but instead of that I had to look for Sammy cause, apparently, he forgot where his house is.

Instead of Sammy, I first saw Nate. Before he could disappear, I hurried towards him. ‘Hey Nate,’ 

‘Y/n!’ He said happily wrapping his arms around me and hugging me tightly. ‘You’re here! I thought that you’re not coming.’ 

‘Yeah, well, I’m here only because I’m looking for Sammy. Do you maybe know where is he?’ I asked. 

‘Oh, honestly, I’ve no idea, but I can help you find him if you want?’ He offered. 

‘That would be great.’ 

‘Let’s go.’ He took my hand and was holding it all the way until we got out of the crowd. 

‘Maybe he’s upstairs, let’s see.’ Nate said and we headed there. ‘You mad at him?’ 

‘Well yeah, of course that I’m mad at him, Nate. I had been working all day long cause my boss is an ass and then, when I came home Sammy was already getting ready to go. He asked me if I want to come with him, but obviously I was too tired to go so I said no. He just shrugged it off and left the house.’ I said. ‘It’s not okay, you know what I mean? He’s been doing this so often lately and I can’t keep up with his lifestyle anymore.’ 

‘I know what you mean and it’s not okay from him. He has been acting weird lately, but I think that’s just a phase. It’ll pass, baby girl, don’t worry.’ He said puting his arm around my shoulder and I smiled a little to him.

‘I hope so.’

He was no where to be found upstairs so we decided to look outside. 
We left the house and started walking around. 

‘No..Oh my God, no..’ I put my hands over my mouth to stop myself from crying out loud. My heart burst up into a million pieces at the scene in front of me. There was Sammy who had a girl pressed against the wall of a house and she had her legs wrapped around his waist. 

‘Are you fucking serious?’ Nate said as he ran towards them and pulled Sammy back. ‘Man, what the fuck?’ He said pushing him by his shoulders. 

‘Dude, what?’ 

‘Are you fucking stupid? Y/n’s right there.’ Nate said pointing at me and then Sammy’s eyes met mine. 

‘Shit.’ He said and started running towards me, but I was already running to where my car was. ‘Y/n, wait! Baby!’ He yelled. 

I was running as fast as I could, but then I tripped and fell down on the ground. ‘Shit!’ 

‘Baby, oh my God, are you okay?’ Sam asked kneeling down and looking at the whole in my yoga pants on my knee that was bleeding. 

He tried to help me get up, but I pushed him away ‘Don’t touch me!’ 

‘Baby, I’m sorry, listen to me, I’m so sorry.’ He said still trying to touch me ignoring what I said to him seconds ago. 

‘No, don’t tell me that you’re sorry because you’re not, you fucking asshole!’ I yelled at him. 

‘Y/n, baby, I didn’t mean to-’ 

‘I haven’t slept at all, I stayed up all night waiting for you to come home and you don’t come! I get up and drive all the way to here because I’m worried that you’re going to drive drunk and because I’m worried about you after all, and I come here to find you fucking cheating on me! That’s not cool, Sam.’

‘I know babe, I fucked up, I’m sorry.’ 

‘I can’t do this anymore, Sam. I can’t work all day every day and then come to an empty house and worry about where you are.’ 

‘That’s the problem, y/n! You work all day every day and I miss you. We don’t spend time together like we used to, I don’t even get to kiss or touch you anymore.’ He complained and honestly, I wanted to punch him in the face because he was trying to make me feel guilty. 

‘You cheating on me is not my fucking fault, Sam! It’s your fault that our relationship has been falling apart. Don’t even try to make it look like it’s my fault because it is not! And you know what hurt me the most right now? The thing that you’re not even drunk! The thing that you did that fully aware! You knew what you were doing, Sam!’ I yelled in his face pointing with my forefinger at his chest. ‘I’m so fucking done with you and your shit.’ I said, tears continued to run down my cheeks uncontrollably. 

‘I told you one million times in the past 10 minutes that I’m sorry and I’ll do it again, again and again. I’ll do everything just for you to forgive me baby because I truly am sorry. I know I should’ve not done that and that there’s no excuse for what I did, but I’m begging you to forgive me. I’ll change for you, I promise. This shit will never happen again.’ He said taking my hands in his and putting them against his chest. 

‘Yeah, I know it won’t because we’re breaking up.’ I said. My heart hurt so much as the words left my mouth, but I knew that that was the right thing to do. 

‘What..? No, baby, no, please don’t do this to us. I need you in my life.’ He said. 

‘You did this to us, Sam.’ I said avoiding his eyes because I knew if I looked at them, I would’ve instantly given in. I pulled my hands out of his and crossed my arms heading towards my car. 

‘I’m not gonna give up on you, y/n!’ He yelled, his voice cracking ‘This is not the end of us, I promise you that!’ 


Masterlist (Nearly Complete)

(A/N: Only one or two of these are mine, if any of the original authors would like credit or for me to take them down, message me and I’ll do as you ask)

5sos masterlist


= smut

^ = slight smut

(TW) = trigger warning

(Y/N) = Your name

4/4 boys:

Abstinence ^

Another band member walks in on you ^

Another guy hits on you and he gets angry


Closer than friends

Coming home (From tour)


Cuddley boyfriends

Dancing ^


Goodbyes before tour

He helps you study

He meets your over-protective brother for the first time

He sees your scars (TW)

He talks bad about you to another member (part 1)

He talks bad about you to another member (part 2)

He teaches you how to kiss

He’s a giant compared to you

His family

His favourite thing about you (Physical) ^

His orgasms *

His reaction to seeing you in a bikini ^

His signal that he wants you *

How he sounds during sex *

How he wakes you up

How you sleep on the tour bus

I love it when you… ^

I wanna make you feel… ^



Morning after ^

Morning sex *

Necks ^


Sneaking in/out ^

Sweater weather

Teasing ^

The boys find scratch marks on his back

The boys find your love bites/his scratches

The hickeys he gives you ^

The shirt he gives you to wear to bed

They find hickeys on you/him

They’re dads


What he does when you makeout ^

What they do for your birthday

When he’s on tour he…

Where he loves to kiss you

Where he loves to touch you ^

Where you give them hickeys

You think he’s going to hit you but he doesn’t

You turn him on at the most inappropriate time ^

You two fight

Your boobs grew whilst he was away ^

You’re a bookworm and it turns him on ^

You’re a groupie but he wants more *

You’re pregnant and horny ^

¼ boys:


Best friend’s brother *


Good morning


I need you

More cuddles

New years [Coming soon]

You’re best friends and he’s leaving for tour *


Bad dream

Beating him at GTA

Birthday breakfast

Favour for favour? *

Pain demands to be felt

You have to leave early for swim practice


Coming home

He gets his lip pierced ^

Just friends *

Love at first sight, but you’re taken

Telling him you’re pregnant

Trying to study

Your his girlfriend and you’re in the crowd, but you’re cold [Coming soon]


Breakfast *

Coming home

Little girl *

Making up

Stubborn [Coming soon]

Summer disaster

Yoga ^


Wanna try something new? (Cashton)


5sos and your band help you and Mikey get together (For Summer/5sosdirectionerpanda)


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Hope you guys enjoy ^_^

When he left,

I cried

because my real friends are so precious and it felt like a piece of myself left.

and while we took leave of each other, three times he said:

take care of yourself, okay?

I remember because he repeated it, and because it felt like he was trying to say something else and couldn’t.

I spent that weekend in a fog. I barely ate. Drifted on autopilot. Couldn’t stop thinking about those words - take care of yourself. Because I don’t think I’ve ever really done that, and I spent three days asking myself what it would even look like.

So now I come home at night and do yoga. I try to eat a little less, drink water a little more. I frequently ask myself, is this what taking care of yourself looks like? and try to make better choices based on the answer.

I don’t always succeed. Sometimes I get in a funk and make less than ideal decisions. Sometimes I let my PMS talk me into eating half the pantry. It’s not a fast or a linear journey. But I try again the next day. I keep at it, because he asked me to do it. I have problems doing things for my own well being but externalizing it helps a lot. And I really feel better when I can say that I’ve done yoga every day for a month and I don’t wake up with stiff heels from being on my feet at work and I actually stuck to something that long which I never do.

So I will ask the same of you: take care of yourself. It’s up to you to figure out what that means, but whatever form it takes, I know you can do it and you’ll feel better for it. 💙

I still have a lot of progress to make… this is in 3 months time. With a clean healthy diet, my daily shakeology and continuous training.. Sacrifices and dedication. I work 8-5 Monday-Saturday.. therefore to be sure I stay on track I prep my meals for the week on Sundays and I get up at 5am everyday to workout before work… sometimes I’ll even come home and do piyo or yoga after work :) Then I hit the sack early!!! It’s all about what works for you. Make small, achievable goals and enjoy the process!! 

Since graduating officially and never having to return back to that school building, Beckham had found new ways to occupy his time. He took more hours working, obviously, and spent a ridiculous amount of time at the boxing gym. That, of course, didn’t stop him from working out even when he was home. So now, despite coming home to shower, he immediately rolled out his yoga mat and began working out once more while he waiting for Jude to get home. Music playing loudly on the speaker, he had just made it through his final set of push ups when the door opened. He’d had the music so loud he hadn’t heard Jude get home. He stopped, looking up at him breathlessly “Hey, baby. Good timing. “