coming demo

Scraping an update together is a bit tough right now, since I’m mainly dealing with plotty and behind-the-scenes sort of stuff, but look! I made a a revamp to the “health” bar from the demo so that it looks a little more polished, hopefully, and also sits at least a little bit further out of the way. Also little balloon animation for when you lose (Or gain) points.

I also went and got a multiple parallax script running and man, I like it waaay better:

This script makes my dinner and does my taxes and tucks my children into bed at night. I love it. I love you, multiple parallax. Where have you been all my game-making life.

Sorry for the shitty gif quality but my computer’s not wanting to cooperate, so it’s a bit stuttery. Anyhow! I’m also finished with (most) of the revisions to the first part of chapter 2, so there’s some progress. I’ll try to keep everyone updated.

Randomly Giving Out Key & What To Expect

So, I’m randomly giving out keys to people that are interested in Undertale and potentially this game.

I’m just putting this here to let you know that if you’re a lucky keyholder there’s one golden rule:

You can post pictures, videos, thoughts and feedback on Tumblr but just make sure you state that it’s a tech demo meant for demonstration of the artistic and audio assets, and combat isn’t ready yet. Also, tag @underfellfangame and I’ll reblog your posts of your in-game UF experiences if you decide to put something up! Streaming is also allowed, private or public, but make the same statement as above: early version, no combat.

There’s no way to get keys by messaging me, it’s given out at random. This post is here just in case you happen to be one of them. Messages asking for keys will be completely ignored. If you don’t get one, you’ll be able to play it when the full demo finally comes out!

Gonna Support Black Creatives Hard For Black History Month!

Do you know any quality projects a Black creator is working on? And they need support or encouragement? Please, hit me up! I’ll give it a solid look and post about it on my blog! I’ll be doing so for all sorts of media! Movies, shows, animations, games, art, photography, anything consider a craft! I’ll start off with inarguably the most popular PoC Kickstarter out there right now: “Women of Xal”

Black writer, female programmers and artists, and an entire world where only PoC reside. It also touches on feminism-related social themes and comes free with a demo so you can check it out yourself. Do consider supporting it via reblogs or backing it financially! It’s time we prove to the world that there is a market for such a product! 



“But TeamPT. ….How gay can ‘Women of Xal’ get?”

Oh, just hard gay. Will your Xjena be subtle, or bold? And will Velvet approve of the former or latter? Only the demo knows! Well, and the staff, but.

Kickstarter and Demo Coming Early February 2017!

The Demo Looms Closer

Just letting you know the full demo is coming together rapidly and is getting very close to being ready. We don’t have a date yet but it will most certainly be soon.

Pokemon Sun & Moon Demo Thoughts

Professor Kukui is a handsome man and all, but he legit said that he studies Pokemon attacks by allowing himself to take direct hits from them. Which, as hardcore as his methods are, ultimately leads me to question his qualifications in the scientific community.

  • The Pokemon company: reveals entire island pc system, completely shattering normal gameplay once again
  • The Pokemon company: reveals an entire online city so you're more connected than ever
  • The Pokemon company: gives more glimpses at fashion in the alola region
  • The Pokemon company: announces a demo coming within a matter of days
  • The Pokemon company: confirms ash greninja is in the game
  • Fans: that cat better not stand up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I listened to Invisible Wounds like six times on repeat going to and from work, and if that does not tell you what my fave Fear Factory song is….