coming at you like a flannel

Why MM:FR Was the Most Tasteful Action Movie I’ve Seen

Things that the film handled with restraint:

Rape: As countless people have said – Half of the movie’s main cast consists of sex slaves. And there’s not a single rape scene. 

Gore: The film looks exactly the type to be ultra-violent a la Quentin Tarantino. But it’s not. The one gory moment is one that you can see coming from miles away and lasts only for a second. And even then, it’s not terrible. Considering this, the movie probably could have had a PG-13 rating with minor alteration.

Sexualization: Five women wearing nothing but gauze sounds like a recipe for anything but what we got; no lingering, awkward, bodily shots. There was even a scene with a completely naked young woman with the camera focused directly on her. Guess what. The camera treated her exactly as if she were wearing flannel pajamas.

Degradation of women: Bad people get upset. We get that. Sometimes they like to swear at our heroines. And yet no one felt the need to say “bitch,” “cunt,” or “whore.” How a film managed to present about the least female-friendly society you can imagine but treated its female characters with more respect than 99% of action movies is beyond me.

Things that the film did not handle with restraint:


Gender equality: No one once says “Women are ___,” or “Men are ___.” It almost seems like outside of Immortan Joe’s freakishly utilitarian society, men and women get along just fine. Huh. Weird.

Death: Good and bad people die alike on the Fury Road; very quickly. It’s your typical action movie body count. But in a move that’s both odd and brilliant, the film spends a good amount of it’s scarce dialogue detailing what death means to the characters. For some, it’s a suicidal call to honor. For others, it’s a necessary risk to bring about more life. People die in droves. And it’s sad. Death matters.

Criticism: This is about the most critical movie of gender inequality, capitalism, and fascism I’ve ever seen without anyone ever mentioning gender inequality, capitalism or fascism.

COMPASSION: I can’t state this enough. This is a post-apocalyptic genre movie where people kill each other over sex slaves, border disputes, and cars and its message is hope and compassion. The biggest, most heroic moment of the movie is an act of healing, not an act of violence. WHOA.

Writing is Hard, Part 3: Phone Sex

Summary: You and Dean try something in order to write about it.

Read Part 1 Part 2

Warning: Smut, dirty talk

Word Count: 3000ish

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. Hope you enjoy! XOXO

“How many are we up to now?”

The phone rests warm between your ear and shoulder as you glance down at the screen. “Almost four hundred followers,” you tell him. “Not exactly famous yet.”

Dean pauses, and you picture him sprawled out on a motel bed very much like yours, just two states over, glass in hand and flannel shirt crumpled at the foot of the bed, undershirt clinging tight to his chest.

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The most hilarious part of being in high school while the Twilight series was coming out was pointing out Washington Inaccuracies.

Like, some of them were Wetside vs Dryside shit, but others were “what do you mean Bella Swan was the only one with a crappy pick up.”

“They’re on the wet side, you’re telling me the Cullens are the only pale motherfuckers with expensive cars.”

“Not a damn mention of people slugging each other walking to class playing slugbug because this state is made of coffee, depression, flannel, apples, and Volkswagen?”

“Are you telling me, with a straight face, that there was not just a random AND LO THE CLOUDS PARTED TO BLIND YE BECAUSE FUCK YOUR EYESIGHT cloud shift moment while it was raining in the whole of the schooling years the Cullens were there. That didn’t happen at least once?”

“You’re telling me Charlie isn’t out on bullshit patrol/calls like 75% of the time and trying to figure out the new IM system and constantly asking Bella to explain shit to him. I do not think you know anything about how these people work, ma’am.”

“There are not enough apples involved. I was lured here by promise of apples and apple related merchandise. Any Washington native would know the Cullens were Not One Of Us because they didn’t enjoy coffee, apples, and a mild to sever obsession with which side of the state you’re on.”

“This is an oddly long span of time in the history of Washington for fire to not consume the state.”

Things like that. Like, there was more, but for specific Washington things.

macdennis lesbian concepts

  • girl!dennis dennis-systeming a bunch of dudes
  • girl!mac compulsively cutting all the sleeves off all her t-shirts
  • dee and dennis hypercompetitive twin sisters
  • “can a femme be a top, or is that reserved for butches?” “well, i’m sure there’s a great deal of switching back and forth, but i think more often than not butches are tops, unless they happen to be soft butches”
  • this but come to my window by melissa etheridge
  • that one episode where mac and dennis fall asleep in a u-haul and dennis wakes up with a hand slung over mac’s chest takes on new meaning
  • girl!dennis dresses the exact same way w the button-downs and flannels 
  • “three cool girls looking for other cool girls who want to hang out in their party mansion. nothing sexual.”
  • the nightwoman cometh
  • “fast times at ridgmont high?” “look, i know you wanted to see american pie again, but i feel like we’ve seen that 30 times in the last two months, and i thought that we could mix things up, plus the video store clerk girl said this movie’s awesome, so…” “the video store… clerk… girl… i feel like you won’t stop talking about her… also, fast times at ridgmont high? phoebe cates’ physique is nothing like the lineup in american pie” “okay, stop, i don’t want to have any more conversations about girls’ physiques” “girl!dennis, in cup size alone…” “that’s what i was trying to avoid! a conversation about cup sizes!
December 24th and we’re through again.
This time for good I know because I didn’t
throw you out — and anyway we waved.
No shoes. No angry doors.
We folded clothes and went
our separate ways.
You left behind that flannel shirt
of yours I liked but remembered to take
your toothbrush. Where are you tonight?

Richard, it’s Christmas Eve again
and old ghosts come back home.
I’m sitting by the Christmas tree
wondering where did we go wrong.

Okay, we didn’t work, and all
memories to tell you the truth aren’t good.
But sometimes there were good times.
Love was good. I loved your crooked sleep
beside me and never dreamed afraid.

There should be stars for great wars
like ours. There ought to be awards
and plenty of champagne for the survivors.

After all the years of degradations,
the several holidays of failure,
there should be something
to commemorate the pain.

Someday we’ll forget that great Brazil disaster.
Till then, Richard, I wish you well.
I wish you love affairs and plenty of hot water,
and women kinder than I treated you.
I forget the reason, but I loved you once,

Maybe in this season, drunk
and sentimental, I’m willing to admit
a part of me, crazed and kamikaze,
ripe for anarchy, loves still.
—  Sandra Cisneros, “One Last Poem for Richard”
New guy // Carl grimes

Requested by; @carlsavagegrimez

I’ve been trying to resist posting this until tomorrow but I have 4 written requests and couldn’t help myself.

You were woken early to a knock at the door. Carl continued to sleep next to you, his arm loosely wrapped around your waist and his warm breath fanned the back of your neck as he slept. Carefully you slid his arm off of you and threw on one of his flannels that went down to mid thigh and crept down the stairs being careful not to wake a sleeping Judith or Carl.

You opened the door to come face to face with Owen. His group arrived only 3 days ago after being rescued by Aaron and Daryl after being shelterless for almost a year after there sanctuary was destroyed by a herd.

“Oh, hey” you say know Carl didn’t like you being around him, he didn’t trust Owen after he caught him flirting with you at the welcoming party.

“Hi, sorry for waking you up I was just wondering if I could borrow some ingredients” he said and you nodded, welcoming him in. You felt slightly uncomfortable standing in front of him with just an oversized flannel on. You could practically feel him eyeing you up.

“What do you need?” You asked reaching the kitchen

“Ahh, flour and cocoa powder” he took a while to answer and you wondered if he really came here for ingrediants. You looked around the kitchen, only finding the flour.

“I don’t think we have any-“ you spun around only to find yourself cornered, Owens arms where against the wall above your head practically trapping you. “C-can you please move” you stutter feeling extremely uncomfortable, your only thought right now was Carl.

“I see the way you look at me” Owen whispers, his lips coming closer to you and you’re suddenly confused at his words.

“no, I said get away now-“

“Get away from my girlfriend” You hear your night in… A pair of boxers? Owen growls and moves away. you immediately head over to Carl letting him wrap his arms around your waist tightly showing Owen who you belong to.

“If I see you near her one more time I swear to god I’ll kill you myself” Your boyfriend threatens which you find kind of hot. Owen heads to the door, but not before sending you a small wink


“Hey babe” you groan and see Owen with his signature smirk

“I’m sorry about this morning, you’re just so damn beautiful I couldn’t help myself”

“Go away before I get Carl” you threaten, his smirk drops at the mention of your boyfriend “I want you y/n, I could treat you so much better than him” you roll your eyes at him and continue watering the few flowers around Alexandria.

“Plus wouldn’t you rather date someone with two eyes?” You drop the watering can, hearing it hit the ground and feeling the water splash up on your legs. You spin around and hit him directly in the nose, you hit him again and he falls to the ground, blood begins to drip down your knuckles and all you can see is red as you continue to hit him.

“Leave me and my boyfriend alone!” You scream as you feel arms wrap around your waist, you can tell its Daryl as he drags you away.


You we’re currently getting your knuckles fixed up by Deniese who was actually proud of you for what you did. You had broken his nose and given his multiple bruises, after she fixed him up he had been kicked out of Alexandria by Rick for Harassing you.

Carl burst through the doors “Y/N?! Daryl told me what happened I can’t believe you would do that. I wish I saw it fuck that would’ve been hot” you laughed at his last few words as he pulled you in for a long kiss. You begin to feel dizzy but not from lack of air, from being on cloud nine.

“That’s my girl” he said against your lips “He deserved it” you laughed and he nodded

“How bad do your knuckles hurt?” He asked and grabbed your un-injured hand. “It’s not that bad, just a bit of stinging” you say and feel his thumb running over your knuckles.

“He’s finally gone” Carl smiles

Four months later, and I come out the other side
with a poem for my death grip.
For my willingness to be loved,
even when it means being loved badly.
A poem for faith, for hope,
for belief against better judgement
and all the heartache that optimism
can drag along behind it.
A poem for all the things you tried to take from me:
shit like dignity and vulnerability.
A poem for how you text-broke-up with me
and then refused to give me back my bed sheets.
A poem for orange flannel.
Hope it keeps you warmer than you kept me.
—  OPEN HEART POLICY by Ashe Vernon
The Whore Queen.

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Pairing : CrowleyxReader, Dean, Sam, Amara.
Word count : 1,523
Author : Mel

Part 8 of Hell’s Queen

You didn’t go to your room that you shared with Crowley. You didn’t even go to your old room. Instead, you found yourself in the one you had see Dean go into. You could still smell him there. His room, still untouched, shared a view with yours. You looked out into the garden and cried. He had literally killed just so you could sit outside for 10 minutes.

A half drank bottle of whiskey sat on his table, next to a glass. There was a book by the window. The one he had been reading when you almost got caught in the library. He had an armoire, the door open and you could see some flannel shirts hanging there, waiting for him to come back.

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Back when I posted Ford in flannel, one reblogger ( @great-chaos, I believe) asked for the Stan version.  Which, I mean – the pic for which these are the warm-up does involve both Ford and Stan.  But that is coming along more slowly than I would have liked (between vacation and, um, being glued to the #Cipherhunt).  So what the heck, here’s the Stan version alongside Ford.

Stan’s shirt is directly based on one worn by Alex Hirsch.  Because I thought that would be fun.  (In reality it was kind of maddening, but hey.)

As before, thanks to @blackstarising ‘s post for the inspiration. 

  • *Mom walks into room without knocking*
  • Me: When in the twenty first century did people forget how to knock?
  • Mom: Are you wearing boxer briefs?
  • Me: Why are you here again?
  • Mom: I was wondering if you have any dirty laundry.
  • Me: When did you start washing my laundry?
  • Mom: Since you were born.
  • Me: I've been doing my own laundry since like middle school.
  • Mom: So why are you wearing underwear usually made for boys?
  • Me: I don't know if you remember, but I'm gay.
  • Mom: Honey, you're a lesbian. I'm gay.
  • Me: What?
  • Mom: I like guys. I'm gay. You like girls. You're a lesbian.
  • Me: Seriously, mom?
  • Mom: Is that why you wanted to do your own laundry? Because I could never differ your flannels and underwear from your brother? I also couldn't tell who's snapbacks were whose. Speaking of which your brother's girlfriend left her flannel on the couch. It looked a bit big for her though so I thought she was just wearing your brother's until I saw your initials on the tag. And I'm pretty sure you two don't have the same initials. I also know that I've made it habit for you to put your initials on your tags since you were a kid. So please tell me why your brother's girlfriend was wearing your shirt?
  • Me: *Fidgets uncomfortably* I mean she's kind of my ex and never actually returned a couple of my flannels, but looks like I got one back huh?
  • Mom: JFC, are you for real?

Request for: @zackhallsleftbuttcheek

Pairing: Reader x Cas

Word Count: 605


You hopped off of your moped, the only thing that you had brought over from England, and walked into Bobby Singer’s house. He had called you a few days ago asking for help on a case and you just couldn’t resist. Ever since you moved to America, Bobby had been like a father to you.

You knocked on the door and stepped back, waiting for Bobby to answer the door. Instead, three curious boys with grins plastered on their faces opened the door.

“I have heard that you are British.” The one in the trenchcoat said.

“Cas.” Green eyes mumbled, nudging his friend in the side. “Hi, I’m Dean.”

“And I’m Sam.” The one in the flannel spoke up.

“Welcome to America!” Dean told you, stepping aside and giving you room to come in.

You gave him a funny look. “I’ve been living here for ten years.”

“So you are American?” Cas tilted his head to the side in confusion. “I was told that you were british.”

You nodded in reply, not knowing what else to say before shouting out, “Bobby!”

“In the kitchen!” He yelled back.

Sam, Dean, and Cas followed closely behind you as you walked into Bobby’s kitchen.

“Bobby,” You began, pointing at the three boys from behind you. “What is this?”

“Team Free Will.” Cas responded.

“But we usually go by the Winchesters.” Sam spoke up, emphasizing Winchesters.

“You’re the Winchesters?” You asked. Now it was your turn to be confused. You looked over at Bobby. “These are the brothers that saved the world?”

“Yep.” Bobby muttered. “They’re idiots.”

Dean shot Bobby a look. “Thanks for talking us up.”

“Y/N is off limits.” Bobby told them.

“But she’s British.” Dean whined.

“American’s are better.” You laughed awkwardly.

“I agree.” Sam blurted out. “Not that you aren’t awesome because you are. But I just think that American’s are better.”

“Awesome.” You nodded.

“Do you want some pie?” Bobby asked you.

“No thanks.” You shook your head. “I’m more of a cake person.”

“Me too.” Dean agreed. “Pie is overrated. Cake is where it’s really at.”

You let out a breathless laugh and turned to Cas. “What about you, angel?”

Cas shrugged. “Everything tastes like molecules to me.”

“What do molecules taste like?” You asked.

“You would not like it.” Cas informed you. “If you could taste molecules you would stop eating.”

“So then what do you eat?” You pressed on.

“Angels don’t eat.” Dean interrupted you. “But humans do, so would you like to grab dinner? It’s on me.”

“Y/N doesn’t want to grab dinner.” Sam spoke up before you could answer. “She seems like more of a movie type of girl. Speaking of, I here there’s a new superhero movie out. We could probably go after some research.”

You gave them both a smile. “You guys are really sweet, but you aren’t my type.”

With a small nod, you walked into Bobby’s library, looking for his book of lore.

“Y/N?” Cas asked, walking up from behind you.


Cas pulled out a crumbled up daisy from his pocket. “I think you are very beautiful. Dean told me that when you like a girl you should call her beautiful.”

You smiled, taking the flower from Cas. “Thank you. I love it.”

Cas grinned as his cheeks tinted pink. “Would you like to go stargazing tonight? I can point out all of the constellations.”

“How does eight sound?” You asked.

“I will pick you up at eight.” Cas confirmed, giving you one last smile before walking back to Sam and Dean.

You smelled your flower, excited for your date tonight.

The story in which Dex proposes to Nursey and Nursey proposes to Dex.

AOU link: First Comes Love, then Comes Marriage

nurseydex, obv.  

“Dex.” Nursey groaned. “Dexxx.” He had been up there for what seemed to Nursey to be forever.  And for Nursey, that was a long time.  For Dex, it was an eternity.  He was more of a flannel and jeans type of guy.  

“It’s just dinner, this is, like, the one time I don’t care what you have on.” He heard Dex’s solid footsteps move around in the bedroom down the hallway. Tonight, after dinner, he was going to propose to Will.  Take him on a walk, through the park, to a bridge. They’d been together since junior year, now, they lived together.  To be honest, Nursey didn’t want it to end.  The thought of living a life without Dex scared him.  

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Jughead Jones Essentials

A rough guide on how to get Jughead’s style. 

His outfits usually consist of…

* Plaid button downs/flannels

* Denim Jackets

* Borg lined jackets

* Graphic tees

* Jeans

* Beanie

* Sweaters

* Suspenders

* Bracelets

If you want to slowly transition your wardrobe to get Jughead’s style, try these tips!

* Layer your clothes! Jughead can always be seen wearing a minimum of three layers: his tee, flannel, and then jacket. 

* Jughead has a lumberjack/grunge vibe when it comes to the style of his outfits so there’s no doubt when I say stock up on your flannels. Unlike Archie, Jughead is known to wear darker colors like blacks and greys but with flannels, dark greens and reds are exceptions.

* Readdressing the first tip, layers are always a go to but on days you’d rather keep it a minimum, wear your flannel around your waist instead of under your jacket. 

* Yes, dark colors are your number one choice when picking out items but don’t be afraid of light colors either. In two episodes, Jughead can be seen in vintage, light wash jackets.

* Surprisingly, suspenders are apart of his wardrobe. He doesn’t wear them over his shoulders but he does allow them to hang low against his legs. Black suspenders aren’t necessary but they do add to the outfit.

* When he’s not drowning himself in clothes, Jughead can be seen wearing sweaters. Invest in sweaters with dark shades such as black or navy blue. Green is okay but keep it a dark forest green and if you want red, keep it dark as well. Buy sweaters that have a waffle pattern or contain any patches (e.g. shoulder patches or elbow patches).

* With jeans, look for the washed out, vintage style. Tears in the jeans are also suggested seeing as how it holds together the idea of Jughead’s style.

* Combat boots and converse!! Keep them black. 

* Jughead can be seen wearing a numerous amount of bracelets on his wrist, mainly beaded and string/braided ones. Never just wear one if you do end up buying the accessory. Much like his tops when layering them, layer your bracelets.

* Everytime you pick something off the rack/shelf, ask yourself: Is it something you can see Jughead wear?

Where can you find brands/stores selling Jughead-inspired clothing? 

* Forever 21

* Levi’s

* Urban Outfitters 

* Ben Sherman

* Zara

* Macy’s

* Target

* H&M

* Old Navy


* Timberland

“Do you regret it?” She asked me.

And I always knew questions like that we’re going to come my way; but maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing after all. Maybe it was the opportunity for me to finally admit the truth to myself.

And so I told her, “no - no, I don’t regret it,” and for once I could look back on this love without a heavy heart, or words burning in my throat and tripping over my own words - instead I could accept it for what it was, “just because the end was confusingly painful, doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy what I had. People come and go all the time, it’s just a matter of when.”

She just looked at me, with the same realization in her eyes and then she asked, “would you change anything though?”

I never told her this but there was a lot of things I would’ve changed, and there’s a lot of things I never got to say or do, but I don’t know maybe that’s for the better and so I just told her, “I think I should’ve let him go before it was too late, but uh,” and I let out a little chuckle, “it was too late.”

—  c.f. // “I never meant to love anyone more than they loved me”

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The music was cranked up so loud that you and Half Sak had to basically be nose to nose to understand what the other was saying.  You’d left playing pool with Jax and Opie to get a refill of your drink, only to get side-tracked by talking to Sak.  Out of the corner of your eye you saw Jax coming towards you, expertly stepping between Half Sak and yourself with a half assed ‘excuse me’ before firmly planting his lips on yours.  You stpped back in surprise.  Your empty hand reached up to fist the collar of his flannel as his lips moved against yours.  

When he eventually pulled away you stared at him for a moment, breathless.  “What was that for?”

“To get him to stop flirting with you.”  Jax replied, eyes studying your face for a moment.

“Why?”  You teased, a grin spreading across your face as you fiddled with his shirt collar.  “Maybe I liked him flirting with me.”  A deep growl sound escaped Jax’s lips as he grabbed at your hips, pulling you against him.

“The only person whose going to be flirting with you from here on out is me.”

Calling all Midwestern radical feminists!

Flyover staters, the frozen chosen, beflanneled feminists, dontcha know we deserve to create our own events, meetups, and local organizing just like those in larger metropolitan areas?

If you feel safe to do so, please reblog if you live in one of the twelve Midwestern states! Let’s connect with each other online! Let’s actually do something offline for ourselves and females everywhere.

I’m Ohio based, so Kentucky can come too. Let’s get this going!

Signal boost, please! @radfempnw @midadlantic-radfems@thegynocrat​​ @radfeminist-suggestions

White Hipsters

Let’s “beard and handlebar mustache” face it
you’re a hipster
But by literal definition
hipsters never called themselves hipsters
you’re too urban outfitters cool for dat
but come on now
Everything about you hipster
you dress hipster
you go to hipster ass places
You act like you’ve been thiftshopping and
going to flee markets well before immigrants and poor people did
wearing yo lumberjack flannel and skinny jeans with the holes right above the knee caps
All hipsters know how to accessorize
So you rock out with your yarn threaded friendship bracelet
that you got volunteering in Ghana
Matched with your fake gold plated arrowhead necklace from Forever 21
You must all your hipster superpowers from dem energy crystals

you do to culture what you typically do with jewelry
Try too much of it on
Wear once or occasional
dispose when out of fashionable trend
You make it seem like culture
Is a dream that you can catch
So you get a forearm tattoo of it

You must understand this horrid but fundamental truth
your ancestors colonized mine
so inescapably, you are accountable
stop appropriating the riches of third world peoples
allow the silk in our swag
The majesty in our weave and braid
The complexity in our patterned step
Remain sacred to us
You have the privilege to
Dress up culturally for sense of fashion
but never for a sense of identity
Know we bear these threaded beads for survival
Cause everything around us
tell us to slaughter ourselves
mare down and gouge out our ancestral roots
Tells us that we are inadequate

And please
I don’t care how many times you traveled to Vietnam
don’t ever tell me how to eat my pho
The stab wounds of telling myself
That I’m not Vietnamese enough
Already burns deep
without you squeezing your
Trader joe’s sriracha sauce on top of it
You take time to afterschool tutor me
Give me lessons on my own history
Gentrify my language
And tell me how my accent tones are not sharp enough
You seem so sure of it
Hip hop probably called something like that
“Macklemore it”

Our culture is not yours to possess
Not for you to dictate authentic
Authenticity lives in between the loud banter
Of aunts from Hue and my mother from Saigon
Arguing the proper herbs in canh chua and banh tranh
There is no one way to do it
But authenticity is knowing that it is ours to claim

Whenever I go to a white own ethnic restaurant
I always feel like I got the wrong order
Me: “Hi, sorry but I asked for the spicy Pad See Ew”
The waiter says,“Sir, there’s already spice in your pad see ew
And I’m like “hmmm…What kind of spice? like Pumpkin Spice”
US appropriation has properly conditioned Ethnic people
To always ask is it hot or like white people hot

as much as I want to pour that mircrobrewy beer down your head
And slap you with organically grown kale
I have to admit
I’m just like you
I mean, look at my thick frame glasses
I’m basically asking someone to hand me a mason jar
So if there’s anyone to give you advice
its me
your very very very distant cousin related to you
by pure oak coffee tables and boats shoes
As much as I’m annoyed by white hipsters
I know the movement will need white allies
But I need you to be better
you are special by nature
And not by whatever contrived counterculture design
that you think you’re undermining
stop acting like a unicorn

I get it, you don’t wanna be mainstream
But it’s far more necessary to critical
Then just to avoid conformity
It is not coincidence that
In these dark times of denying water and life
and ugly orange hair presidents
We are in the era of hipsters
Young people that want be something different
We are the reaction to what this world needs

But there is a careful line that we tread
A line that separates of what’s hip
to what’s just basic to whats subculture
To what’s just appropriating it
To what’s just a selfie to what could be a political statement

That line for me is to simply ask myself
Is it just about me
Or is it really about everyone else
do you want to just be different
Or do you want to make a difference

White Hipsters
by Fong Tran

Dating Sam would include:
  • Always hearing Dean say one of two things, “Go get you some Sammy!” or “God, get a room.”
  • Wearing his flannels to sleep in or to lounge around the bunker in
  • Sharing interesting facts after getting caught up in some lore
  • Him getting you to try new, healthier foods
  • Going on morning runs together
  • Cuddles on rainy days while sipping on coffee
  • Reading a series of books together and freaking out together when something amazing and shocking happens.
  • Protective!Sam coming out to play when a jerk at a bar doesn’t know when to quit
  • Him afraid to get too close because he’s afraid to lose you like he lost Jess
  • Leaving flowers on Jess’s grave together
  • Him being very dominant and passionate in the bedroom
  • Begging Dean together to get a dog
  • Puppy dog eyes that cause you to melt
  • Running your fingers through his hair
  • Him reaching you things off high shelves
  • Being carried over his shoulder or bridal style
  • Him comforting you on bad days
  • Being total dorks together
  • Long hugs
  • Large hands swallowing yours when holding hands
  • Binge watching an entire TV show series together on Netflix
  • Hugs from behind
  • Pranking Dean
  • Slow dances in the bunker
  • Him apologizing relentlessly after an argument between you two
  • Breaking up fights between Dean and him
  • Calling him moose just to annoy him
  • Him teasing you by holding objects up high so you have to ‘reach for it’

(Gifs below)

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Time To Realize (5)

Countdown to Halloween Collab with @deanwinchester-af and @waywardlullabies : DAY 5

AO3 link here!

Series Title: Time To Realize

Time To Realize Masterlist here!

Prompt: Flannel and Hay Rides

Summary: You’re working with the boys on a case, as always, but they tell you to take a few days off, as one of your favourite holidays is coming: Halloween. It wouldn’t be a weird request, but they send Cas to watch over you while you’re taking a break, the same angel that you have a crush on since you saw him for the first time, implying to him that you would like to get to know him better. What’s going to happen during those few days? Will you reveal your feelings for him? And, most importantly, will you find out what are his feelings for you?

Word Count: 3210 (I got carried away, but I’m not sorry. Not even a bit ^^)

Characters: Castiel, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester (mentioned)

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Warnings/Tags: fluff, smut, oral sex (female on male, male on female), wing!kink and grace!kink (with special dedication to my fellow sinner, @heyimjustastranger ^^)

For those of you who don’t read smut, just read the beggining and the very end, ‘cause there’s some pretty important stuff there :)

Beta: @roxy-davenport (Roxy, you’re seriously the best!)

A/N: This is my first Cas x Reader series, folks! I really love the way it came out and I hope you’re going to fall in love with this one, just like I did. Hope you’re going to enjoy this one! Internal thoughts are italised, just so you know! And, yeah, this is a really long part and it’s my first Cas smut so let me know what you think!

Also, make sure to check out @deanwinchester-af and @waywardlullabies for their Countdown to Halloween Series :) We’ve been working really hard on this, guys.

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After a whole day of research, you thought you should both unwind a little after cleaning up the mess you and Cas made on the library table.

You opened your laptop and browsed for Halloween related events in Lebanon. You found a Halloween Fair lasting two days, the day before Halloween and Halloween itself.

You sent a prayer to Cas, urging him to come to your room and he appeared there shortly, sitting next to you on the bed.

“Why did you ask me to come here?” He asked and you turned the laptop so that he could see what page you were browsing.

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Ok listen you can’t tell me that the first thing Dex buys when he finally has some money to spare isn’t a sturdy flannel from Duluth trading company… like Nursey comes up to him “hey Dex what are you gonna buy with the cash you got from that scratch off lotto ticket” and Dex turns and he’s holding the Duluth catalogue with several items carefully circled and Nursey is like “don’t you have a million flannels already??” And Dex is like “yeah but these ones are. Durable. They’ll last for years.” And nursey is like “o…kay” but anyway now he has birthday gift ideas
Dex loves Duluth it’s everything he wants in life