coming along just fine

I’ve seen that gif of Maka tripping Ox during the Hiro/Excalibur episode and I just keep laughing at Soul because Maka just straight wipes out Ox without hesitation and Soul’s expression is like


but then

I mean whatever it’s fine

Tony Stark doesn’t play well with others. What a load of crap, let’s look at who he’s had to ‘play’ with and decide:

Tony works well with the damn HULK. He prods him with a shock of electricity and they even work in a lab together. Bruce sees Tony as one of his closest friends and they might have disagreements but Tony still gets along with Bruce just fine. 

Tony works well with Vision who is a supposed non-biases humanoid with an infinity gem, whether he created him or not he works well with him.

Tony works well with Rhodey, a colonel in the military and someone who tried to take his armor from him while he was dying and his friends of decades. They work just fine together. 

Tony seems to work with T’Challa with no problem too. He never had any reason to call out T’Challa or give him any distrust like some he faced. 

Peter respected the hell out of Tony and even when they just met Tony and Peter got along, even in the Homecoming trailer you see Peter looking up to Tony. 

Tony does NOT work well with Thor, who grabbed him by the throat while he was out of his armor and the ‘team’ stood by and watched. I don’t care what you have to say about Tony Stark but the team stood by while a known Norse God grabbed a HUMAN by the THROAT while he had NO PROTECTION. Angry or not Thor shouldn’t have done that and the team is even worse for not even moving a muscle to do anything to stop him. 

Tony does NOT work well with Natasha who has played double agent from the beginning and you never know who’s side she’s actually on other than her own. She started off writing a report on him that was written while he was DYING and she ENCOURAGED his behavior but then turned and wrote a report about how ‘Iron man was needed but not Tony Stark’. I’m sorry but isn’t she some kind of super spy? She knew Tony was dying, she knew he had no one to get him through this and when he asked her how she’d react she said she’d do whatever she wanted, but whenever she writes that report the circumstances are not mentioned AT ALL. She never makes a move to rectify that report and I guarantee you that plays a part in how people treat him on the ‘team’. 

Tony does NOT work well with Wanda who played with his head, set off the Hulk, worked with Ultron, attacked him for the death of her parents (Which he knows nothing about), and then only turns to the Avengers because she found out Ultron intended to kill everyone and not just Tony Stark. Need I remind anyone that Wanda knew Stark would get hurt, was even counting on it, but afterwards he takes her into his home, gives her the latest tech and costume designs, gives her food and shelter, when she never apologized for what she did to him or any other Avenger. She played with their minds and never apologized yet Tony still took her in. 

Tony does NOT work well with Steve Rogers who is a sanctimonious prick. Everyone says he’s this boy scout, I’m sorry, how the fuck is he a boy scout? No matter what his intentions were Steve Rogers went around and lied on government forms to get into the military. Yes, he had good intentions to do his part in the war, but he was still lying and breaking the law! The only reason that scientist found him was because Steve was lying again. Steve wasn’t chosen out of all these great soldiers, Steve was stumbled upon and the doctor liked him, believed he had heart. But then when Tony keeps something he lectures him on lying and keeping secrets, dude, you got your powers because you were lying! So to me, Steve Rogers is just a man and Civil War showed how flawed he was. Steve knew who had murdered Tony’s parents, or at the very least suspected, and he never said a word. Rogers knew that Tony’s parents were murdered instead of in this crash that you know Tony blamed his father for but he never said a thing. 

In the few scenes we saw of them Tony and Clint bantered back and forth and seemed to get along just fine! But all of the sudden Clint comes out of retirement to fight a war when he had told the team that he was retired and the accords didn’t have any impact on him, yet here he is fighting them when he doesn’t know them. So I guess you can say that these two are up in the air. 

And Falcon and Ant-Man? These two have not interacted with Tony enough to know him. Lang only knows him by name and hates him while Tony genuinely doesn’t know who he is. Falcon? Sam is blindly loyal to Steve and so him and Tony have a rocky relationship. 

Just a few thoughts

I Hate Valentines Day

Originally posted by theflashdaily

Title: I hate Valentines Day! Day 9: “You got me Jell-O for Valentine’s Day?”

Requested by:@jennayontz (Thank you love! You’re awesome!)

written by: Fandomcollector00

Y/n hated Valentines Day. She always has, and apparently, she always will. She didn’t even want to go to this stupid valentine office party, but her boyfriend basically dragged her ass to the station. And Barry knew that she just couldn’t say no. She huffed in the corner of the Police Station of Barry’s work and glared from across the room. The man had the nerve to drag her all the way to the police station, where there was  65% chance that someone who was blind would try to hit on her because Barry’s co-workers are disguising.

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Favorite thing

Genre: Fluff (Like really fluffy)

Pairing: Taehyung X Reader

Fandom: BTS

Request:  one with TaeTae where his girl likes the rain so he takes her out to play in the rain and they get super wet and then they laugh and come home and take a warm bath 

Originally posted by rapgodv

On a day that Taehyung had finally gotten a break from work he could always be found indulging in his own hobbies as if he couldn’t get enough. The sound of him yelling at the other teammates could be heard from the few rooms away, where you stood. It had been a few hours and you were wondering if he was still wasting away on the computer, so you got up from your bed to go see him. 

“Come on, it can’t be that hard!” He yelled.

You peaked your head into the doorway but to no avail he still didn’t notice you. Letting out a small sigh you came over and plopped yourself down in the second desk chair next to him. Taehyung finally spared you a quick glance, now showing a smile on his face. 

“Hey babe, I thought you were taking a nap?” 

You resting your face against your hand as you watched him playing his game so intensely. 

“It’s a little hard when you’re so loud…I know you love Overwatch but don’t you think 5 hours is long enough?”

“Yeah-no, I was about to get off. I just need to finish this.” He said for about the fourth time. 

You ran your finger across the bed spread pondering what you could do to get him to spend a little more time with you. When he glanced over at you he thought you looked a bit sad, striking a cord with him. He hadn’t realized that you must have had something planned for this break, but little did he know you were just lost in thought. 

“Hey TaeTae?”


“What’s your favorite thing in the whole world?”

He barely looked up from the computer screen before blurting out an answer. 

“Right now? Probably games. Why?”

You shrugged as if he was going to see it. There was no agenda behind the question but you did want to know that if there was anything you guys could do together. The answer he provided was a little less than helpful.

“I was just curious.” 

Taehyung knew the answer he gave wasn’t the right one when he took notice of the look on your face. He couldn’t figure out what you were up to.

“What’s your favorite thing?” He asked back.

“Hmm….Probably when it rains outside and everything feels really calm. Those kind of days are nice but it’s just cloudy today.” 

You heard the sound of his computer shutting down and you looked up, surprised to see him standing up from his desk. He set his headset down, finally facing you for more than 2 seconds now. 

“Then we should go outside.”

You pouted, wondering if he had really been in this room so long that not only was it not raining, it was also not the hottest day. 

“I told you it’s not even raining though.”

He let out a small laugh before taking your hand as he pretended to drag you along.

“Just come with me.”

“Fine.” You agreed, standing from the chair and walking outside with him. 

Taehyung looked up at the cloudy sky, making you wonder why he didn’t believe you in the first place. He also takes a look at the things around you both, searching for something in particular. 

“Close your eyes, Y/N.”

“What? Why?”

He giggled, “Just hurry and do it already.”

You already knew he was up to trouble but you did as he asked, covering your eyes with your hands. Hearing him walk past you a few times wasn’t that concerning until the feeling off something cold make you jump. It took you a few seconds to realize it was getting you wet so you quickly removed your hands, seeing the water coming down from the sky. Although his makeshift contraption with the hose was behind you, you instantly noticed he was trying to make it rain for you to make up for his amount of gaming. 

“Is this okay?” He questioned, standing in front of you as you both were now peppered in “raindrops”. 

You felt the corners of your mouth giving away the happiness you instantly felt.

“You’re such an idiot.” You giggled, pushing him playfully.

He couldn’t help but show off the goofy grin he had plastered on his face. Although you were both getting soaked, he didn’t seem to mind much. Before you could say anything he leaned his face so closely to yours you almost stopped breathing. Though you had been dating for a while it never got old, almost feeling that little jump of excitement before he kissed you. Plus being this close to him made you realize just how gorgeous he was and that he was completely yours no matter what. You really couldn’t have asked for a more thoughtful, sweet, and-

“Tag! You’re it!” Taehyung called out as he patted your arm instead of kissing you. 

-sometimes childish boyfriend. Still, you couldn’t ask for anyone better. 

“You’re so in trouble for that!” You ran after him, smiling. 

The two of you spent an absurd time chasing after each other around outside. Sometimes when he’d catch up to you, he’d pick you up as you screamed. As much as an annoyance to the neighbors you were probably being it never stopped you two when it came to playing around. Maybe that’s why you fit so well together. The boys also found it a bit embarrassing when the two of you would get so into something you never saw how loud you were being. Still, things like this felt like they were straight out of the movies, extremely cheesy but heartwarming at the same time.

Taehyung finally walked over to turn the hose off since the wind was making it way too cold for the two of you to keep playing out here. He saw your hands come up to each sides of you as you shivered. 

“Let’s get warmed up before you get sick, okay?”

You nodded, moving yourself under his arm. As you both stepped into the house, he quickly led you both to the bathroom. Taehyung picked up one of the towels from the side, placing it over your head. He looked down at you, a light smile staying put on his expression, as he set his hands on both sides of your head to try and dry off your hair. 

“Maybe we should just take a bath together? We were outside, afterall…” You suggested, hoping he’d agree. 

“Sure. Whatever you want.” He hummed, removing the towel from your head. 

“Lift up your arms for me.”

You looked up at him, lifting them up. Taehyung easily pulled your shirt off over your head, helping you get undressed after turning on the tub. 

“I swear sometimes you baby me.” You mumbled.

“It’s because you’re cute. Now come on, it’s almost full.”

You watched as he carefully stepped into the tub, extending his hand out to help you in. The room was already so warm from the steam but it was comfortable. You both got into the tub, you sitting between his legs so you could lean your head on his chest. There was a bit of a calming silence but it was soon broken after Taehyung started to smile once more.

“What is it?” 

“I’m sorry I spent this weekend without going out with you. I tried to make up for it so I hope today was okay. I changed my mind about something too.”

You gave your boyfriend a confused look as you snuggled up against him. “About what?”

“You’re my favorite thing in the whole world.” 

Earth 38 Barry Allen x Reader Part One

Fandom: The Flash/Supergirl

Characters: Barry Allen, Reader, Kara Danvers, Cisco Ramon

Word Count: 690

Inspired by this imagine by @vividimagines  (x)

Prompt: Imagine being from the same Earth as Kara and Cisco and Barry instantly being attracted to you.

A/N: This was so rushed and so terrible I think I might throw up, but whatever! Hope you guys enjoy!

“Kara, I swear to god, what did you leave in your apartment now? We have to go! I can’t miss Chris Evans being hot!” I was whining like a child. Kara was dragging me down the hall, using her strength to pull me. 

“We go up the stairs so much I might as well skip leg day at the gym.” I grumbled. I know it’s immature, but she needs to see just how displeased I am.

“I’m sorry, okay?! I just don’t want to have to pay for $3,000 popcorn when we have some at home!” Kara took her keys out of her pocket to unlock the door, only to drop them onto the ground. She sighed and quickly picked them back up.

“You are so clumsy, sometimes I wonder if it’s even you out there fighting bad guys!” I said pushing the door open. I quickly stopped in my tracks in the door frame when I saw two guys standing in the middle of Kara’s kitchen looking very lost.

“Um, Kara? Are there supposed to be two strange men standing in your kitchen?” I asked, not taking my eyes off of them. Kara was still rifling through her bag.

“No, why-” She was cut off by the sight of them. A huge smile spread over her face as she saw them and she dropped her bags. 

“Barry! Hi! Why are you here?” Her face suddenly turned serious. “Is there something wrong in Central City?” He smiled and laughed, shaking his head.

“No, we just wanted to come visit again. We were travelling through the Earths, making sure everything was as it was before I, you know, changed the timeline…” He looked down at his feet awkwardly and scratched the back of his neck.

“But, ummmm who is this, lovely lady?” The shorter one said, attempting to lean back onto the kitchen island.

“I’m Y/N. Who are you guys?” I asked, still cautious. Listen, I don’t care if Supergirl thinks that these guys are swell, they just showed up in a locked apartment on the tenth story. That shit is not right.

“Right! Um, Y/N, this is Barry Allen, the Flash, and this is Cisco Ramon, also known as Vibe. I told you about them after I came back from fighting the Dominators. Barry, Cisco, this is Y/N, my best friend. She is also known as the Black Mamba.”

“Whoa, you have superpowers? What are they?” Cisco bounced up and down excitedly, waiting for my answer. I smiled at his childish attitude. It was like looking into a mirror. If that mirror made me a dude. And a geek. And nothing like me.

“I can borrow other people’s powers. I have no idea where a name like ‘The Black Mamba’ came from…” I cleared my throat before shooting a stern glance at Kara. 

“But it seemed to stick with people.” Kara sighed loudly.

“Look! I just suggested the name in passing! Ms. Grant seemed to like it, and you know when she likes something, she does not change her mind.” I playfully rolled my eyes at her exasperation with me. This always happened. 

“But we have to leave now if we’re going to have enough time to go see the movie and buy the tickets. You guys wanna come?” Kara offered to the two of them.

“Yeah! Sounds good. What movie are you guys going to see? It’s not a chick flick, is it?” Barry asked, whining a little at the end. Kara and I looked at each other before laughing loudly.

“Are you kidding me? I’m like the biggest geek in National City! We’re going to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” I said, throwing one of the bags Kara handed to me over my shoulder. Their faces lit up with smiles.

“You guys have Captain America here too?! Man, this day keeps getting better and better!” Cisco said.

“Well we have to go if we ever want to actually see the movie, let’s go!” Kara said, speed walking to the door.

I think I’m going to get along just fine with these guys.

Part Two: Coming Soon!

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Overwatch/Avatar AU

So I just had some ideas?? I can’t find the owner of the original AU, but credit to them! The Avatar AU was not my idea! I surrender, hahah! But I basically just jotted down everything that was on my mind about this, because I frickin’ love it

Characters :

Aang : Genji
Katara : Mercy
Sokka : Soldier 76
Toph : McCree
Appa : Sobai (Genji’s dragon)
Momo : A random grey fox
Zuko : Hanzo
Azula : Reaper
Ty Lee : Sombra
Mai : Widowmaker
Monk Gyatso : Genji’s mother
Suki : Tracer
Katara’s Grandma : Ana
Firelord Ozai : Sojiro (Shimada father)
Uncle Iroh : Zarya
Princess Yue : Symmetra
Master Pakku : Reinhardt
Admiral Zhao : Torbjorn
King Bumi : Junkrat
Flopsie : Roadhog (as a giant boar)
Scientist in the Air Temple : Winston
His ‘son’ : D.VA
Jet : Pharah
Pipsqueak : Orisa
Duke : Efi
Smellerbee : Lucio
Longshot : Bastion
Hama (bloodbender) : Mei
Guru Pathik : Zenyatta

Explenation :

Genji was no doubt Hanzo’s brother. But no one within the Fire Nation, including himself, had any idea that he was the Avatar. His brother Hanzo felt he was destined to find the Avatar once he became Firelord after their father Sojiro, but Genji doubted that. He always spoke of finding peace with the other elements, feeling guilty his own Nation had attacked them out of greed. And that might have rubbed off on Hanzo, just a smidge.
Once, randomly, Hanzo had hidden himself away in his room for an entire week, and it saddened the younger brother. But when he had seen his brother again, Hanzo was not the same. He was angry, and sought out revenge on his brother. So he attacked Genji behind their father’s back, leaving his little brother scarred and bleeding to death on the outside of the palace.
However, Genji’s loyal dragon, Sobai, had summoned itself and took away from the Fire Nation. And when a storm had hit on the journey, it woke Genji’s Avatar State. He had Frozen himself and Sobai in a glacier of ice for ten years, near the Antarctic Water Tribe.
And, when awoken by Angela Ziegler and her friend Jack Morrison, Avatar Genji’s adventures around the world began.

Hanzo loved his brother more than anything in the Fire Nation. He was the definition of innocence. Well, if you took away his mischievous acts, then he definitely was. The two Shimada brothers were always pulling pranks on the second-in-command of the Fire Nation, and their father never found out. Anyways, Hanzo knew of his brother’s dreams; finding peace with the other elements and seeking forgiveness of the Fire Nation’s actions. And so, when Hanzo was finally allowed to attend an important meeting with his father, he spoke the very words of his younger brother.
He was foolish to believe his father would support such a thing. His father challenged him, and Hanzo felt he had no other choice but to accept. Had he refused, it would bring dishonor and cowardice upon him.
In the dual, his father had burned his own son’s legs beyond repair. For a week, he had to adjust to walking with new legs. And in that week, he blamed Genji for everything that had happened. It could have been his own brother who received this, not him.
When he finally gathered the strength to leave his room, he went and spoke to the second-in-command, Reyes, for advice. He gave the older Shimada brother exactly what he wanted to hear.
The next day, he attacked his brother, and left him for dead. But in his heart he knew it was wrong, and confessed to his father of his actions.
He was exiled from the Fire Nation, bringing along Reyes’ assistant, Zarya with him. He could only to return if he had the Avatar in his grasp. His father knew it was an impossible mission, but Hanzo had hope.

Gabriel Reyes was in no way related to the Shimadas. But he had proved his loyalty to them in a series of missions and battles, returning every time with something or someone powerful captured for the Firelord. When he was announced Second-in-command of the Fire Nation, he was aware he couldn’t have any more power than that. Unless of course, something were to happen to the Shimada brothers.
He had planned out a way to get rid of Hanzo, the eldest Shimada brother; but before he could act, Hanzo had doomed himself. Things only got better when Hanzo came up to him and wondered what he could possibly do. Reyes clearly saw Hanzo was enraged, and put all his blame into his younger brother. This was his chance!
When Reyes saw Hanzo kneeling at his father’s feet the next day, Reyes knew everything was coming along just fine. Everything he did would be worth it, even if he was slowly losing himself… Piece by piece…

Angela Ziegler was the only water bender in her tribe, and that was scary. If her best friend, Jack Morrison, hadn’t been there to support her, she might have just thrown herself into the ocean and hoped for the best. If anything, Jack was like a brother to her. Ever since her father left and her mother died, Jack and her grandmother were the only two actually there for her. She was so sure she was going to grow up and die on this very ice.
But all that changed on a regular fishing day with Jack, when a large glacier arose from the water. It had a powerful green glow, and, what better way to find out what it was than to break the ice?

Jesse McCree was definitely blind. But at the same time, he wasn’t. Deadlock had taken him in when they found him 'lost’ in the Badger Mole Caves, finding out quickly that he was an earth bender. They could sure use someone like that! So while raising him, McCree and the Deadlock crew all agreed to go with the act: Jesse was just a defenseless, blind earth bender.
So of course they disguised him when entering him into the Earth Bending fights. He would be dressed in all black, a bandana covering half his face while a hat was placed lowly on his head. 'The Blind Bandit,’ huh? That’s not a bad name at all.
It just had a very, very BAMF owner.

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Hey there, I’m Jamie. 

21 year old lesbian looking to meet some cool pals from different places. 

I am single, but I’m not looking. Self-love is my main focus right now.

Canadian born and raised, but moving to the US/international waters in a few weeks to start a new journey working on a cruise ship as a Teen Director. 

If you’re a funtime partytime adventuretime type of person then we should get along just fine.


IG: @jvmiebrvwn

SC: @jamieeebrown 

*cue drum music* Procreation: Ch 11

Summary: After the Exodus disaster, about 150 people have survived and found a way to repair the Ark. They don’t know if the 100 are still alive, so the council decides to do what it takes to ensure that the human race will survive, and edicts a new law: Each person between the ages of eighteen and fifty are obliged to have a child. Strictly Kabby.

FFnet   -    AO3

“Were you happy?”

Marcus looked at her over his glasses. Then his lips curved into a playful smile and turned back to his book. “I was pretty happy an hour ago.”

She closed her eyes and giggled. Raising her head, she gathered up all her wet hair and let it spread it over his pillow. Her hands tightened the thin sheet around her. Marcus’ shirt clung lazily on her body. “I meant in your life, so far.”

“I was…” He placed his book on his lap and looked down at her lying form. He was sitting up, his back against the headboard and had told her to go to sleep minutes ago. “…as happy as anyone else, I guess.”

“You guess?” Her hair refused to dry, his had a long time ago.

“I’ve never really thought about it. I have been happy from time to time. Then it was over… and I wasn’t.” He carefully placed the bookmark he had been storing in the last pages halfway into the book, and put an end to his reading session of John Locke. Abby watched it with a curious gaze; she had always preferred dog ears. However when contrasted to the way Marcus lived his life, hers seemed a mere chaos.

“Isn’t that how it works for everyone?” He continued after a beat. Reaching over her, he placed the book on the nightstand, parallel to the only source of light that stayed on in the otherwise dark room.

“And Callie?” She couldn’t help herself; the name circled around her head for months, even years.

“What about her?”

“Did she make you happy?”

“She was not there to make me happy.” Marcus explained, looking straight ahead into a memory. “I’m surprised that you know about her at all.”

“I’ve seen you together.” The confession slipped through her lips. “You were never obvious, but I have seen it.”

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For anon

Han: *loudly* Hey Y/N.

Luke: *eyes widen* H-Hi Y/N.

Y/N: Hey boys. *sits down* How’s the planning coming along?

Han: Oh just fine. *smirks* Y/N looks nice today, don’t they Luke?

Luke: *blushes* Huh? Y-yeah.

Han: Hey, I know. How about you and Y/N take a solo ride in the Millennium Falcon? *chuckles*

Luke: *lowers head* *blush darkens*

Han: How about taking your X-Wing instead? Much cozier.

Luke: *whispers* Shut it Han.

Y/N: *smirks*

Han: Or maybe you two could go to a cantina for happy hour, eh?

Y/N: *chuckles* *walks over* *kisses Luke’s cheek* A ride in the X-Wing sounds just fine. *leaves*

Han: *shocked* You owe me.

Want to Request?

Pour Some Sugar on Me

Damn, this might be close to rated X. You wanted a smutty good time, anon? Hopefully this is enough for you. I personally love this song, it’s on my playlist on my phone that is titled “Stripper Songs”. Like I believe this is my stripper song number 6. Which was the inspiration to this one. Hope you like it anon.

Song: Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard
Wrestler: Jon Moxley 
Requested by Anon

I’m no longer doing submissions right now so I can focus on the requests I have in my inbox AND my Smitten by the Lunatic series (link is to the most recent chapter that has links to the others)

“Wait, wait, wait.”
Angie turned around and looked at me, “What?”
“I thought you said we were going to a friend’s house?” I said putting my hands on my hips.
“(Y/N), we are! It just so happens that we are going to a friend’s house that I just met last night at that wrestling show.” She said trying to be casual.
“Oh please. And just who, might I ask, did you make friends with? Some weirdo fan that’s probably half crazy?”

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Besotted Lafayette

A smol and cute Lafayette x Reader
Word Count: 2,448
Warnings: Google translated French (IM SORRY), also, edited quickly on my phone, so… there are a million typos… pls don’t be upset

“Boys,” Angelica said, demanding the attention of the four men sitting in front of us, each one holding a beer in their hands, “This is Y/N, she’s the girl I’ve been telling you guys about.”
You smiled and awkwardly waved as the man with the wild and curly hair pulled into a ponytail scooted over to make room for you and Angelica. Gratefully, you slid in beside him, Angelica following closely behind you.
“Y/N, this is Alexander, Hercules, John and Lafayette,” she said, gesturing vaguely to each of the men.
"Hello,” you grinned, bashfully.
One of the men, Hercules I think, smirked, “Oh, well hello, there” he said, extending his hand to you.
You took his hand, feeling your face heat up. When your hand rested in his, instead of shaking it, like you anticipated, he lifted it to his lips, kissing the back, earning a swift punch in the shoulder from Alexander.
"You met her a minute ago, Herc,” Alexander shook his head before looking at me, smiling, “It’s a pleasure to meet you,” he said, smiling at you, genuinely.
"Yeah,” the man with a face full of adorable freckles agreed, “‘Gelica’s told us a lot about you; you’re writing a declaration with her?”
You nodded my head, “I am,” you smiled, “And we’re almost done, as well.”
"I look forward to reading it,” Alexander grinned, “And you are, too, I’m sure,” he continued, nudging Lafayette’s elbow with his own.
Lafayette looked startled, not daring to look at you, rather he kept his eyes on his friend, “Um,” he began, struggling to find words to say, it seemed, “Oui.”
You smiled at his bashful behaviour, “You are from France?” You asked, noting his accent, cocking your head to the side.
Having no other choice, Lafayette looked at you; “Oui,” he said again, making his three friends burst into a fit of giggles, “Je suis ici pour aider à la révolution,” he continued.
You cocked your head in response, “Oh,” you said, softly, “I don’t really know much french…” You explained, and for some unknown reason, the three men continued their giggle party, earning a death stare from Angelica.
"Oh,” Lafayette said, shaking his head to clear his thoughts, “I-um… I was just saying, that uh,” he looked at you, helplessly before turning to look at Alexander, “I forgot what I had said,” he said, frightfully, his eyes wide.
You bit your lip, holding back a chuckle, not wanting to embarrass the poor man any further.
Alexander, however, didn’t care about sparing his friends feelings, and burst out laughing. “He said he thinks you’re incredibly beautiful,” Alexander said, leaning over his friend so he could see me well, “So beautiful that you take all of his words away.”
You smiled and felt you face heat up in a blush; you definitely heard Lafayette mention the revolution, so Alexander was surely only poking fun at his friend.
Angelica groaned from beside me, “I should have never introduced you guys,” he sighed, “I am so sorry, Y/N, these guys really are idiots.”
Lafayette’s face was flushing, “I did not say that,” he said, quickly defending himself.
"But it’s certainly true,” Hercules said, laughing.
"Non,” Lafayette argued quickly, “I was only distracted!”
"Yeah,” John agreed, smirking, “By Y/N.”
Lafayette sighed, and looked to you, “Doan listen to them,” he said, “They are, how you say… Stupid.”
Hercules burst into laughter, “Laf,” he said, “You can speak English just as well as the rest of us.”
Lafayette rolled his eyes, but before he could retort, Alexander spoke up, “Not when he’s nervous, apparently.”
Angelica sighed and grabbed my arm, “Can you guys grow up, please?” She asked, exasperated, standing from the table, pulling me with her.
"Hey, where are you going?” Alexander laughed, “You just got here!”
"We’ll come back when you guys can be grown ups,” Angelica rolled her eyes, holding my hand as she dragged me out of the bar.
Before we were too far away, you waved goodbye to the four boys, “Goodbye Lafayette!” You smiled, chuckling, making the poor boy hide his face in his hands.
Angelica shook her head, “They are so annoying,” she sighed, dropping your hand once you were outside. “I would like to say they’re not always that vexing, but I would be lying.”
You laughed, “I thought they were kinda funny,” you smiled as the pair of you began walking down the street.
Angelica shrugged, “They grow on you,” she sighed, “Eliza, Peggy and I are hosting a dinner party this weekend; do you want to come?” She asked, looking at you, hopefully.
I nodded my head, “I would love to.”
"Y/N will be coming,” Angelica warned her friends as they sat in her front room, chatting and drinking amongst themselves.
A chorus of ‘ooh’s’ flowed from Alex’s, John’s and Herc’s mouths as they all looked at Lafayette, grinning.
Laf rolled his eyes, “I cannot help it!” He exclaimed, taking another drink, “She is so beautiful! I cannot even think straight in front of her,” he sighed, flopping down on Angelica’s couch, “I have nothing to say to her!”
Alexander, John and Herc were all snickering, earning themselves a pillow thrown to their little group on the floor.
"Don’t embarrass them,” Eliza said, more to Alexander than the other two.
Alex shrugged his shoulders, “Hey,” he said, smirking, “I can’t promise anything.”
"Yes you can,” Eliza retorted, raising her eyebrows, “And you will.”
Alex slumped and crossed his arms over his chest, like a child, “You may have sovereignty over me, Liza, but you can do nothing to stop Herc and John,” he said, “They’re bigger than you are.”
Eliza rolled her eyes at the same time a knock came to the door. Happily, she skipped over and swung it open; “Y/N!” She cried, pulling you into a hug, “I’m so glad you could make it, come in, you must be freezing!”
"Thank you,”  you said, grinning, “It smells lovely in here,” you commented, slipping your scarf off from around your neck.
"Thank you,” Eliza beamed, “We’ve been cooking all afternoon!”
You smiled and slipped off your jacket and shoes; you noticed all of the boys from the other night and your three favourite women sitting in the living room, but before you could join them, Angelica stood and ushered everybody into the dining room.
Before the others could join us, she quickly whispered, “They’re in an odd mood today; please don’t stop being my friend after tonight.”
You laughed, “I think I’ll be okay,” you smiled as the other joined you guys. "Do you need any help?”
Peggy shook her head, “You’re our guest!” She chuckled, “We’re just moving the food in, anyway,” she said, grinning.
“You can save a spot beside you for me, though,” Angelica called from the kitchen.
Before I could agree to her request, however, Alexander hollered from the dining room; “Too late, Gelica, she’s got a spot between Lafayette and I!”
"Alexander,” Eliza groaned, carrying a pot of mashed potatoes into the room. I followed her in, and took my seat between the two men.
"What?” Alex asked, innocently, “I saved you a spot, too, angel, right beside me,” he said, gesturing to the empty spot on the other side of him.
Eliza raised her eyebrows, unamused, “Alexander. Stop being a bug, will you?”
He placed a hand to his heart, forging pain, “That hurts, Liza,” he said as Eliza left the room once again, shaking her head. Once she was gone, Alexander smirked, “You look beautiful tonight, Y/N,” he stated.
"Thank you, Alexander,” You replied, smiling.
"Stop it,” Eliza warned as she returned with some roasted vegetables, setting them on the table before taking her seat, “We talked about this; no teasing.”
Shortly after, Peggy and Angelica joined us, Angelica sitting across from you and beside Hercules and John. As you all began gathering your food, John began smirking. “So,” he began, his mouth filled with potatoes, “Laf, your English coming along fine?”
Lafayette rolled his eyes, “I can speak Anglais just fine, Laurens,” he deadpanned, “You know this.”
John shrugged, scooping some more potatoes into his mouth. Lafayette fiddled with his peas.
"You are grown, John,” Angelica sighed, looking down at her little mountain of vegetables.
"Sorry,” he said, taking a drink.
Angelica shook her head and you grinned.
“So how’s the declaration coming?” John asked, sensing the Schuyler sisters dissatisfaction with the constant teasing of Lafayette.
Angelica immediately perked up, “We’ll be done within the week!” She exclaimed proudly, smiling over to me.
I beamed back, “We’re on our final draft,” I told Lafayette, hoping he wouldn’t be too embarrassed by my speaking to him.
He smiled a small smile, making me grin, “That is great, mon amie,” he said, “And what is this for, again?”
"It’s about equality for women in society,” I said, smiling; Angelica and I had been working for a few weeks on it; one month later, we have a fifteen page essay finished and completed.
"From what I’ve seen, it looks amazing,” Alexander commented through a mouth of peas, “I can’t wait to read the completed essay.”
"And we can’t wait to share it,” Angelica said, still beaming; this had all been her idea, and she was a treating this declaration like it’s her first born child.
"That is wonderful,” Lafayette said, shyly; his mumbling and accent combined made him a very hard man to understand, but you were able to manage. “I would love to read it as well.”
You nodded your head, grinning, “Of course you can,” you said, “I would love for you to.”
Over the rest of dinner, the three scoundrels managed to keep themselves quiet and ceased their incessant teasing; instead you all chatted about France, the revolution, both American and hopefully French, as well. Lafayette was very passionate about French freedom, and ever since you had brought it up, he hasn’t stopped talking about it. He wasn’t mumbling anymore, either, making him much easier for you to understand.
As the three sisters began to clear the table, they insisted you stay put; however, you had stayed put during the setting of the table, and decided it was best to help them out.
"Lafayette is so smitten,” Eliza commented as the two of you walked together to the kitchen, both holding empty dishes.
You chuckled, shaking your head, “I don’t know,” you said, honestly, “I think he may just be shy… He was sure happy to talk about France, he wasn’t mumbling, or slipping into French at all.”
Eliza shook her head, “He hasn’t stopped talking about you since Angelica introduced you,” she sighed, “Before you arrived tonight, the others were giving him a pep talk on how to actually talk to you… I suppose it worked,” she shrugged her shoulders.
You laughed; Lafayette was a very handsome man, and also adorable… But throughout all of the teasing, it was rather difficult to tell whether he really fancied you or not. You hoped that he really did.
When you, Angelica and Peggy had finished, the party had moved from the dining room to the living room.
Alexander was sitting in the middle of a couch, beside Hercules, saving his other side for Eliza. As soon as we entered the room, he patted the spot beside him, inviting his girlfriend to join him. When Eliza sat, Alexander pointed incessantly to the empty spot beside Lafayette, while maintaining eye contact with you.
You shook my head, chuckling as you made my way to the bashful frenchman. “Do you mind if I sit here,” you asked, grinning down to him.
He shook his head, “Of course not, mon amie,” he said, shyly.
Smiling, you sat. The conversation resumed, everyone was laughing and joking, talking about childhoods and first kisses, hobbies and jobs… It wasn’t until the sun was completely set that you realized how late it had gotten.
John and Hercules both stood, saying that they should get going. Once they had gone, you stood as well, “I suppose I should go as well,” you sighed, “Thank you for inviting me,” you said to the Schuyler sisters, “It was lovely.”
"Aw, that’s okay,” Peggy said, beaming, “We loved having you,” she grinned, standing up to hug me goodbye.
"I should be heading out, too,” Lafayette said, joining you in slipping on your shoes and your coats.
You smiled and waved, “Goodnight,” you grinned, opening the door for yourself and Lafayette, “I’ll see you tomorrow?” you asked.
Angelica nodded her head, “You will,” she said, smiling, “Goodnight you two!”
"Goodnight, mon amie,” he said, closing the door after we were both out. “Do you live near here?” Lafayette asked as the pair of you began walking down the street.
You nodded your head, “It’s ten minutes down,” you said.
"Génial!” Laf exclaimed, “I live near here too; perhaps I can walk with you to your home… To make sure you arrive safely, I mean…” He said, becoming bashful, suddenly.
You chuckled, “Are you sure?” You asked, “It’s rather cold out, I wouldn’t want you to catch a cold or anything,” you said, holding your coat close to your body, the cold winter wind turning your nose and cheeks pink.
"Oh, I doan mind,” he said, grinning.
"Alright, then,” you smiled, “As long as you don’t mind…”
"I do not,” he beamed. “You look very beautiful tonight,” he said, his voice giving away just how nervous he was.
You smiled, “Thank you,” you replied, you cheeks not pink from only the cold, now.
By the time you made it to your front door, Lafayette had successfully made you blush three times, and made you laugh more times than you could remember.
"This is me,” you said, smiling, not quite ready to leave him yet.
"Okay…” Laf said. You stalled a minute, hoping he would say something more, but when it seemed he wasn’t going to, you made your way up the stairs to your front door. “Um, mon amie,” he said, quickly before you opened the door.
You looked back at him and he jogged to join you, “Yeah, Laf?” You said, cocking your head to the side in question.
"Would you like to, um, how you say… I mean, would you like to accompany me on a date tomorrow evening?” He asked, looking down at you, hopefully.
You smiled, “I would love to, Lafayette,” you said grinning, going onto your tippy-toes so you could reach his cheek, where you place a gentle kiss.
He smiled, “I cannot wait,” he said, bashfully, “Goodnight, amoureux.”
You had no idea what he said. “Goodnight, Lafayette.”

Dean’s Stupid Face

Request by anon: I don’t know if you’ve already done this, but can you write something where Dean is unable to speak for some reason, so he keeps making stupid faces?

Word Count: 1892

Warnings: None

A/N: Do you know how hard it is to write Dean without dialogue? That kid is full of witty, stupid little one-liners and sarcastic comments. He doesn’t stay quiet!

Version en Español: Dean’s Stupid Face

You pushed Dean back onto the couch and stood over him with your hands on your hips. “You are not coming on this hunt.”

“Aww, c’mon Y/N,” Dean rasped through his sore throat. “I’m fine.”

“You’re sick. If you come along then you’ll just get worse.”

“Actually,” Sam said as he walked in. “I think we’ll need Dean on this one. It looks like a pretty big coven of witches.” He looked up at you. “We can’t handle it alone.”

“Ha!” Dean coughed, ruining his victorious moment.

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Walking Far From Home

Author: castielohcastiel

Relationship: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warning : Angst, Fluff

Word Count :2815

A/N: My first Daryl fic & TWD fic, so be kind.

Summary:  The Reader tries to let go of her painfull past, can Daryl help her overcome it all? (lord, this is cheesy. Sorry.)

The tequila sank into your lips as salty tears run down your face, the same song played over and over in your head. Resting your head against the wall of your cell, Carl walks by hesitates for a moment as your eyes meet. Smiley weakly at the young boy, you wonder how he does it. His mother was gone and he kept on moving, he kept on living. And here you were, a grown ass woman, sipping stale tequila; still crying over the past. But then you see those little green eyes staring up at you, his small lips form a smile and his grubby hands reach up to you. Lips quiver as your bring the nearly empty bottle to them; swearing under your breath, because this was the last bottle you had. Daryl and Glenn had found a few bottles on one of their runs, Daryl saved one for you

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Unexpected Surprises

Feysand Modern AU where Feyre and Rhys are roommates which was requested by an anon a while back! As always, this got way longer than I ever intended it to be, but I’m actually really happy with it so thank you anon! I plan on writing a smutty Part 2 once I get the smutty EOS fics out of my system Please feel free to send me feedback and/or fic prompts!!

Part 2

“I can’t believe you’re leaving me.” Feyre stood in the threshold, blocking Mor’s exit from their two bedroom/one bathroom apartment.

“Come on, Feyre, you know I don’t want to leave! But I have to take this internship. And it’ll just be one summer. That’s not long at all when you think about it.” Mor’s arms and hands were full of bags, the culmination of her last minute packing before she left for the airport to take her halfway across the country for the entire summer.

“If I don’t move from the doorway, does that mean that you can’t leave?” Mor pouted in return and slumped her bags to the ground, tired of holding the weight for so long. “Alright, alright, I’ll let you leave.” Feyre stepped forward to hug her quickly but tightly and picked up half of Mor’s bags so she didn’t have to carry them down four flights of stairs by herself.

Almost no one could resist Mor, especially when she fluttered her eyelashes and pouted. Usually, it was a trick she used on her boyfriend Azriel, but Feyre had been known to do Mor an extra favor or two occasionally.

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anonymous asked:

That last anon with the whole wolfiplier yawning gave me a stupid idea. One fine spring evening everyone's lounging on the couch and this freaking giant just flops on top of them because he is too lazy(TM) to find his own spot or something (Yawn included maybe idk.) Take care of yourself, your art is amazing and the comic is coming along just fine. Keep it up! ^_^ / -Mom!anon

That would so cute to see!!
Thank you, Mom!Anon


*Requested* Can you write an imagine where Damon becomes jealous because a guy started to flirt with the reader please?

( This one is a wee bit shorter than usual, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. Now happy reading my lovelies!

Word count: 750

Your name: submit What is this?

The somehow relaxing chattering from all the people around you lets the time tick by faster, as you wait for Damon to arrive.  You have been waiting for quite a long time at the grill on your usual spot, but Damon is late as usual.

You are swirling your drink around as an unfamiliar guy approaches you.

Guy: “Hello there. Why are you sitting here all by your lonesome?”

Y/N: “Oh, I am just waiting on someone.”

He nods shortly before leaning against the counteredge.

Guy: “You mind if I keep you company until then? Someone as stunning as you shouldn´t be alone.”

Y/N: “Actually I´d rather wait alone, but thanks.”

Guy: “Oh come on. I am sure we get along just fine.”

The guy walks over to the empty stool and pulls it back to sit on it. Just as he is about to sit down you can see Damon rushing and preventing him from doing so. The guy almost sits down on top of him, but jumps back up as he feels Damon´s body under him.

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Possible opening for series 4:
  • *Irene comes back in a big dramatic surprise. after things settle down, Sherlock and John have to leave for a case*
  • John: *to Mary* umm... are you sure you'll be alright? *glances at Irene*
  • Mary: oh no, it's Okay! I'm sure we'll get along just fine. *warm smile*
  • John: *relieved* alright then. Come on, Sherlock.
  • *Sherlock and John leave the apartment and close the door behind them*
  • Mary: *smile slips off her face, turns to Irene with a cold, serious glare*
  • Irene: *smirking* Mary... so that's how they call you these days.
  • Mary:
  • *theme song starts playing*