¡Muy buenas a tod@s! Estoy hoy aquí para comentaros sobre una nueva iniciativa que ha surgido en España… quieren organizar un COMIKET ESPAÑOL!! Para las personas que no conozcan el famoso evento japonés les dejo aquí información - - .

¿No sería genial? Un sitio en el que poder darte a conocer a toda España, donde hablar y conocer personas que, como tú, quieren que su obra sea leida por las masas. No sé que os parecerá a vosotros, pero a mi me hace sentirme emocionada, con esperanza!

Sí, es un proyecto muy difícil y costoso pero sin ayuda, apoyo y trabajo duro no vamos a conseguir nada en este país. Siempre he visto que los artistas españoles se promocionan en otros paises porque en España …es una mierda… sin comentarios.
¡Por todo esto espero que corrais la voz y ayudeis lo máximo posible!


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¡Muchísimas gracias por todo! ¡besos!

Portada del capítulo 2 de Windrose. Podéis leerlo ya pagando la pequeña tarifa mensual y, de esa forma, apoyando a la editorial que nos paga para trabajar en esta serie.

In English:

Windrose Chapter 2 cover. You can read it right now paying a small fee, and that way, supporting the publisher that pays us to work on this series.

(Best Blonde Character) コスプレの魔法!
Magic of Cosplay~
SYARO (Gochiusa);
Balalaika (Black Lagoon);
Mugi (K-ON!);
Lili (TEKKEN);
Saber (Fate Stay Night);

My last cosplay in Japan 2015/2016
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Photos: Aleatha [FB] [Tumblr]

Last weekend I started making a video about my trip to Japan last summer and remembered the existence of these photos! So, I attended the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Yamaguchi together with Aleatha and a few other friends. We decided that we’d stay and explore the country a bit more after the camp and then we realised we would be in Tokyo at the same time as Comiket would be held. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) So, of course we had to go and also try cosplaying there.

We couldn’t exactly take any big or elaborate costumes with us so we settled on very casual cosplays. We had read about the Comiket cosplay etiquette in advance and did our best to follow it, buy the cosplay tickets, and find the dressing rooms but despite our efforts, we couldn’t find the place to buy the tickets nor the dressing rooms (we spent like an hour or more just wandering around the gigantic halls and asking several people for help but still failed). In the end, we just quickly threw the wigs on in the toilets - we were mostly already in casual cosplay anyway - and then went on to explore the cosplay and market areas.

It was interesting to see how different the con culture was there compared to Finland: cosplay was mostly limited to specified cosplay areas, photographers queued to take a photo of a cosplayer who was just standing in the same spot and holding a pose, and there was no hugging between strangers etc - everything was rather calm and orderly. It also seems like Japanese cosplayers put a lot more effort on their make-up and hair/wigs but this wasn’t exactly new information to us. Moreover, it’s forbidden/not recommended to cosplay outside the convention area because people might not take it very well so I made sure to wipe dem eyebrows off before leaving. (It’s not like everyone takes wearing funny costumes well here in Finland either but I give a lot less fuck about confusing fellow Finns.) What was similar was the love for this hobby! We also got a chance to chat with some really friendly Utapri cosplayers and offered them salmiakki (for which I’m sorry).

I left the jacket and the right shoes home on purpose but my belt and tie by accident so I had to buy a cheap 100 yen tie and wear my scout belt. :—-D I also look like I had been travelling for four weeks and slept two of them in a tent because that was the case. The 36°C weather is also not exactly the ideal for me and I was sweating my ass off in long trousers but at least it was an experience.

One highlight of the day was that I happened to find a cute doujin from my favourite circle. ;___; It was pure incredible luck because I didn’t even have the catalog and most of the sellers had already packed their stuff and left. This pretty eventful day ended with sake and karaoke, ‘borrowing’ a torch from our hotel, and night-time adventuring on a creepy old execution site from Edo period and climbing trees while on it - but that’s another story.

2016 Berserk Anime to Air This July

The official website for the recently announced anime project based on Kentarou Miura’s Berserk manga has revealed that the TV anime will begin its broadcast this July, during the Summer 2016 anime season. The anime will broadcast on MBS this july during its late night Animeism block and w…