hey, remember two weeks ago when i said i bought something cool and would give more deets when it arrived in the mail? i finally got it today!

this is an illustration collection by hidehiko sawada, a key animator on hxh 2011. it was sold at comiket 87 back in 2014, so limited quantities were produced.

anyway, it’s 40 pages of gorgeous artwork featuring almost every character in 2011. seeing as how it’s almost impossible to get a hold of (and incredibly expensive if you do happen to find it from a third party seller) i’d like to scan it.

Ah, finally! Have been waiting for Tanaka-sensei to come up with the details of the Comiket goods! Basically, there will no new SLS, I supposed because they are probably still recovering from the illness. :-(

BUT, REJOICE FOR ALL SLOTH AND GREED PAIR FANS BECAUSE BLESS TANAKA-SENSEI! ヽ(;▽;)ノ These goods will be sold as a set priced at ¥1,500 each and consists of:

- Sloth Pair Acrylic Keyholder (new art)!!
- Greed Pair Acrylic Standee (new art)!!
- 3-Fold, Rock Festival-Style Brochure!!
- Can Badge (random art)!!

You can see how the products can be used in the photo image section - SO INTERESTING!!

If anyone is interested in purchasing the set by personally going to Comiket 92 or using an agent, the circle name is [回転], and the booth is located at East Hall 6, number シ01. The event will be held this coming Saturday, 12 August 2017! :D

P.S. They will also attend and bring the omikuji badges + stickers set that were previously sold at Comiket last year as apologies for not being able to attend it last year due to poor health. So nice of them! ;w;