So, Comiket 84 is a week away. Let's go over a few things before then, shall we?

Like during Reitaisai, I will post the verified download links for Touhou 14: Double Dealing Character. If you manage to come across it, please direct it my way, so I can post it and share it with the rest of the Tumblr-based Touhou Fandom. I will keep my post up-to-date with the patches released within 2 weeks after its release. If I notice any other games being released, I will make appropriate posts on this tumblr account as well. If you have any game you want me to keep a n eye out for, send me a message and I’ll write it down, then send the links your way.

Now that that;s out of the way, here’s a few ground rules we as a fandom should probably go over before Comiket 84. In my opinion, the last Reitaisai was horrible. Quite a number of the fans were acting very greedy and demanding, some were very rude, especially toward the content and people who enjoyed Touhou 13.5: Hopeless Masquerade (That’s what i’ve been told and the impression I got, at least.). That being said, here is some things to keep in mind for when Comiket 84 roles around.

Common Etiquette:

  1. If you like something about something that happened at Comiket 84, great! Just don’t shove it down other peoples throats, expecting them to enjoy it too, or forcing them to enjoy it as well.
  2. The inverse for the above applies here - It’s okay to not like something, that’s fine and dandy. Just don’t go trying to purposefully spoil somebodys mood because they like something and you didn’t. 
  3. This is a REALLY big one. I can’t stress it enough. The Touhou 14 Release will be here when it is here. Do not hound people over it, do not antagonize people for the links. Furthermore, do not hound the people doing the translation for the Touhou 14; translating the game is hard work, and likely won’t be done overnight, maybe not even within a week. Give the translators time to relax, and work at their pace. Also, do not download any links until it has been confirmed that those links are confirmed and verified downloads. Last Reitaisai we had a few false links floating around which contained the 13.5 demo, as well as a few danmakufu games, claiming to be the 14 demo. This time around it could be a virus. Just be safe and don’t download any links you don’t think are trustworthy. I guarantee the links I post will be verified for legitimacy.

And that’s about it. I do hope everyone enjoys this upcoming Comiket, and has fun in their own way, just remember not to be rude to anybody! Happy danmakuing everybody!

StarTLiNe / Amatsuki

Amatsuki is releasing a mini doujin album for the 8/12 NatsuComi (Comic Market 84). called StarTLiNe! The event price will be 1000 yen, while ordering it online from the act family online store will be 1500 yen.

Crossfade: [x]

Track List

  1. Hajimari no Uta / original by Amatsuki and Ito Kashitaro
  2. Sanso no Umi / by Ito Kashitaro
  3. Kimi no Oto / by Heavenz
  4. Gakkyuu Resistance / original by Gom (HoneyWorks)
  5. Maigo no Boki ni / by KEI
  6. Irony (acoustic arrange) / by Scop featuring. fu-rin and Wing
  7. Shooting Star / original by Lefty Monster
  8. You (rearrange) / by Itowokashi 

The jacket art with be by Buuta, the design by Bete, while the mixing will be done by Taruto, and the mastering by yasu.

Free! grab bag + Free! chibi keychains, Comiket 84

Free! grab bag included a notebook, a small cushion (damn it’s cute), a SUICA pass case, an A3 material poster with poles for display and a Iwatobi Club carry bag.

The key chains were seperate and they’re damn cute too okay.

Touhou Kishinjou ~ Double Dealing Character (Touhou 14: Double Dealing Character)

Game Description:

  • The full version of the Touhou 14 game, demoed at Reitaisai 10, developed by Team Shanghai Alice. The playable characters are confirmed to be Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, and Sakuya Izayoi. Featuring a collective of new characters, Touhou 14 is the first game to not be tied directly into the plot of Touhou 10 through 13.5. According to the game manual, the weapons of the characters have become sentient for an unknown reason, and the heroines go out to do their usual business of “who did the thing”. 

Download Links:


Fate/Zero Cafe Summer grab bag + Fate Extra CCC giant buttons, Comiket 84

Fate/Zero Cafe Summer grab bag which has a plastic/beach bag, book filled with F/Z C comics, a button set and an Assassin blow up mini beach ball.

There were also some giant button thingies that I grabbed from another place because hell giant Gilgamesh and Archer buttons why not.

And there are two copies of the F/Z Cafe grab bag (and giant Gil button) for Amenia!