Another shot that I took at Comikaze 2013 back in November. This is some wonderful cosplay with very detailed armor! I absolutely love this picture and I hope you do too! Check out my blog and you just might find some more interesting treats to feed your tumblr hunger!

-Uploaded March 17th, 2014


My Korra cosplay for Comikaze 2013, shown with improvised waterbending/scarf set.  I am a beginner on my university wushu team, but am neither a tai chi practitioner, nor a scarf dancer.  Please forgive my bad form and blocking!  (I didn’t want to knock things off tables by using a wider stance).  If the gifs don’t work, then I give up.  Sorry for the crap quality; the screencaps will be sharper!


Comikaze 2013

I went on Saturday!  I had a blast with my boyfriend and dad!  Got to meet some really cool artists such as Quillery, Mayakern, Feyuca and Aaron Alexovich.  All of my favorite pictures from that day were the Homestuck ones.  If you happened to take a pic of me I’d really love to see it!

I know my Black Cat isn’t anything special but I remade the bodysuit in practically an hour. I didn’t have time to re-vamp the boots and gloves because I was sewing Spidey but people were sweet and still asked for my photo even with the wonky accessories. I’m eventually redoing the entire costume to have to gloves built in and making boot covers and possibly buying a new wig. (If anyone is interested in purchasing this one). Soon! I will have a Black Cat I’m proud of! SOON. #spiderman #blackcat #feliciahardy #cosplay #comikaze #comikaze13 #comikazeexpo

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