Another convention down! Happy 2nd conniversary to me! Comikaze yet again has been an awesome experience and I found ANOTHER person who knows sign language! I find it appropriate that it was Ariel this time ;) Sorry Eric, this is what happens when you lose sight of your girlfriend~

Jack: @frostplayers

Ariel: @cosplaybabu

Comikaze 2015


Comikaze 2016 Cosplay by V Threepio
Via Flickr:
🎭  Cosplayer : links pending 📷  Photographer : Facebook Page | Instagram

Hey everybody! It’s about a week and a couple days from now before I head off to this convention! These are my cosplay plans for each if the days~

Friday, Day 01: Sweeney Todd
Saturday, Day 02: Pennywise
Sunday, Day 03: Pennywise

If you’re going, try and find me! As Pennywise, I’ll be handing out some stuff! The first 10-15 people to say hi/ask for my pic on Saturday will get a free balloon from me! First 5-10 people to say hi/ask for my pic on Sunday will get a free Georgie boat made by me! So catch me there! 🎈