Drawing day ^.^
I was inspired by the illustrations of a book I bought yesterday & decided to try a drawing similar to that, but of course I put my own twist on it ^0^

Eleftheria Arvanitaki in a comicy-cartoonish style ^.^ I think it looks super cute *.* ^0^ I picked the outfit she wore at Carnegie Hall last year, I worked from memory & that was the only outfit I could think of when I did the drawing hehe but hmm maybe I’ll do some more drawings like this one, it was really fun to do ^.^


4th submission for this week's #5DayMograph hosted by @eyedesyn logo by @Vonster #freespeech #c4d

Let your voice soar like a bird

Struggled a bit to come up with a good idea for this one and sort of started my process backwards. I did put down some ideas but I put most of my time into building the logo so it could flap like a bird, using some #deformers in #cinema with some PLA to manipulate the wing shape.

Then I made a mind mal to think of a way to get the idea of free speech across. The tag line was one of five I thought up real quick and had the most to do with flying and birds.

I had another idea that involved it transforming into a speech bubble and thought of using some question and exclamation marks to get the idea of speech across but it might have been a bit to #comicy.

Wish I had more time to tweak the flight path a bit since it feels off when the bird raises up before the dive. Not one of my favorites but it will have to do.

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I like a good RPG. I fabulously fail to maintain character when roleplaying. I’ve got the sourcebooks for three editions of DnD, and printouts for half a dozen other systems. So, when a group I was playing with had too many people, I volunteered to take my first Game Master position.

Can’t be that hard, right?

Oh, so very wrong. I planned out a dozen quests to be completed within a metropolis, but the party decided to strike out into the wastes, forcing me to invent things as we went along - to be fair, I did get them to go back to the city eventually.

…And they blew it up…