Want to read MORE about Batgirls? (It's what people do these days!). Read this article, then!

“Why Cassandra Cain Is the Best Batgirl” by Sara ‘Babs’ Lima, a la (08.05.11)

Might be worth a look.

I love Cass as much as anybody, basically, and I was ridiculously inspired by her story in overcoming how she was raised and who she was raised to be in order to become a hero. It’s a story that can and should touch anyone who reads it.

Hands down, she’s the best Batgirl. I totally agree.

That said, I’m in the minority who considers Steph my favorite Batgirl, and I won’t waste time explaining myself…. and I don’t think I have to, anyway. It’s very hard for me to choose between them, and I second-guess myself a lot about it… but it comes down to that at the end of the day.

Point is: Team Batgirl is fabulous, and Cass and Steph were, by far, my favorite Batgirls to read and enjoy in comics. I miss them already.