I just finished up this lil zine, which I made in conjunction with the panel at Interference Archive I was a part of last weekend. 

I’m usually sort of embarrassed by my sketchbooks since they are quite messy and full of an unfinished puke soup of ideas so it felt therapeutic to photo copy stuff I liked and collage it into a cute book. I hope to do this Security Blanket mini zine series every once in a while so I can feel a bit better about my messy head :0


Here are scans of a lil pencil-y one sheeter I made for a candy themed fun pack that debuted at TCAF. I got a corner rounder recently and worked that into the final design of the zine - diamond eyed “Hard Candy” poster.

I have a couple left that I’ll be bringing to CAKE, which is coming up! They come in a peppermint printed cellophane bag with Ring Pop lollipop included.


Excerpts from “Ebb Flow Float” happily debuting at CAB (since it didn’t make it out of the printers in time for Locust Moon)! It’s a collection of illustrations and short comics usually involving water.

24 pages printed in color and xerox as well as a Riso printed cover.

I’ll be at table D25 with Cathy G Johnson and Czap Books ^.^

Come say hay on Saturday!


comic-y for anna rose’s and jenny zych’s asian horror fanzine ( strange paradise ) coming out this spring! 

although i liked them when i was a younger child, i stopped watching horror movies for awhile because i would get too scared after the movies would finish, buuuut when i was in high school i found a dvd of “wild zero” in the $2 bin at best buy and got it because there was a lot of leather and fire on the cover and it looked kooky, not-scary.

oh my god! my Ley Lines issue is coming soon!

you can get your very own copy online HERE or at the Czap Books table at TCAF next month!

i’ll be wandering around TCAF as well so let’s hang out ♪(´ε` )


I printed a new thing!

Melon X Mall is two food-ish stories xeroxed on pearlescent purple, opal, and teal papers with pink and teal pearlescent envelopes lovingly stapled into the middle. Surprise - all the characters in the stories are hiding out as vinyl stickers within!

Find it at RIPExpo this weekend!

Meet the 3-D star of the comic I did for the upcoming Happiness #4!

She doesn’t have a name, but she does have one weird/bad night in “Paradise Lost in a Trashcan,” which you can read about once the anthology is out and about.

You can pre-order Happiness #4 HEREEEEEE !

This diorama is being shipped off to Australia for a HAPPINESSCOMIX-themed art show at Mailbox Art Space, which runs from August 1st - 30th in Melbourne! Goodbye for now lil 26 centimeter BB


babytown newsletter #2, spring collection is out! here are a smattering of pics!

i had it at zinefeast this weekend (which btw was so fun and so many sweeties aaahhhh! but i didn’t take any photos of the lounge couch we had for a sitting area behind our table. thanks so, so much purchase university!).

the next place it will be is CAKE in chicago, june 15 and 16th!

after that you will be able to buy it online!

~marbled and silkscreened covers, glitter glued eyes, 8.5in x 11in, faded lime green bobby dal poster included~

***middle school trubbles, dinos, sad scout, opera and devil-baby mischief, butt cheek chains, hot peppers and barbed wire, mickey mouses, killer kill-you babes on sidewalks, birthday surprise, muscles***


This comic follows best friends Opera (human?) and D-bby (alien devil dolphin with legs?) as they get carried away further on a birthday adventure they never expected through Babytown aka hell. Talking points include unbelievable flames, hairy ice cream troll, strawberry phones, antique stores in hell, spontaneous dolphin-transformations when necessary, heart motif, utter trust in Dalmation people, throwing up peace sign, and sticking tongue out.   it will be at


this weekend and then


the following weekend in Montreal!