comic-y for anna rose’s and jenny zych’s asian horror fanzine ( strange paradise ) coming out this spring! 

although i liked them when i was a younger child, i stopped watching horror movies for awhile because i would get too scared after the movies would finish, buuuut when i was in high school i found a dvd of “wild zero” in the $2 bin at best buy and got it because there was a lot of leather and fire on the cover and it looked kooky, not-scary.


Three cheers for this - one of the new Providence Comics Consortium books! The people of Tiverton, Rhode Island invented these characters, which I got to draw for the centerfold. Luckily the top drawing printed beautifully on Walker’s Riso, but I also did the bottom drawing as a less dense back-up version that I still really like.


Zombie singer

George Washington apple

Refrigerator that can throw blobs

Pet monkey in a dress that is really a mushroom

Ogre whose weakness is chocolate

UFO made of carrots


hello cutie babies!

i started selling my zines/patches/calendars more on the etsy page of the art collective i am a part of called the dirt palace, while my personal “gingerpocket” etsy has been empty in the meantime.

check it out HERE!

if you yourself or a loved one likes sailor moon i made an offset printed fanzine called “moon grls” you could check out HERE!

or for the crusties i have a neon silkscreened “have fun everyday” patch HERE!

or for zine collectors who don’t have a 2013 calendar decorated with sci-fry fruit ponk babes there’s the quadruple zine pack HERE!



Hey world!

I got back from CAKE almost a week ago! Very fun! Very inspiring! Love !!!

I’m going to spend some time this week posting comics and zines I haven’t posted here, yet, either at all or in their entirety. In the meantime I be working on new summer projects that are forming, like now!

The above 2-pager is a comic for the “Eighth Ocean” anthology - a Marble Mouth Publication - AKA the c00l doings of Sarah Crowe and Lex Rocine!


Please welcome “Chef Satana” from the Babytown universe into your life.

New lil comic + poster zine combo thingy that I’ll have with me for free while I’m tabling today at Zinefeast at SUNY Purchase so get at me to pick one up!

Xeroxed on 8.5 x 11 “ULTRA LAVA” colored paper!


i’m posting Babytown #3 (fall, 2013) today since i don’t have any more copies printed, and i may or may not keep printing them for comic fests. we’ll see i don’t know!

it has to be in 2 posts since it’s so many images long so here’s part 1 aahhhh! Part 2 will be UP IN A FLASH!