I just finished up this lil zine, which I made in conjunction with the panel at Interference Archive I was a part of last weekend. 

I’m usually sort of embarrassed by my sketchbooks since they are quite messy and full of an unfinished puke soup of ideas so it felt therapeutic to photo copy stuff I liked and collage it into a cute book. I hope to do this Security Blanket mini zine series every once in a while so I can feel a bit better about my messy head :0


Here are scans of a lil pencil-y one sheeter I made for a candy themed fun pack that debuted at TCAF. I got a corner rounder recently and worked that into the final design of the zine - diamond eyed “Hard Candy” poster.

I have a couple left that I’ll be bringing to CAKE, which is coming up! They come in a peppermint printed cellophane bag with Ring Pop lollipop included.


comic-y for anna rose’s and jenny zych’s asian horror fanzine ( strange paradise ) coming out this spring! 

although i liked them when i was a younger child, i stopped watching horror movies for awhile because i would get too scared after the movies would finish, buuuut when i was in high school i found a dvd of “wild zero” in the $2 bin at best buy and got it because there was a lot of leather and fire on the cover and it looked kooky, not-scary.