Cyclops’ optic blasts are not lasers -they only have concussive force- and they don’t generate any heat.
Sometimes writers don’t know about that, forget, or joke about it (we made the same mistake on a fact a while ago).

Source (and Uncanny X-Men #391/#502)

Since Superman started flying only after the animated series (1943) and apparently Captain Marvel started in the fifth issue of Whiz Comics (1940), the first hero to fly was actually Namor, who was described in his first appearance on Motion Picture Funnies Weekly #1 (1939) as “An ultra-man [who] flies in the air”.


Spider-Man’s black costume idea came from a fan letter: editor in chief Jim Shooter liked it and bought the concept from the reader, Randy Schueller, for $220.

The original design (with a red spider logo and the good old web-pits) and the history behind the costume (an instable molecule suit developed by Reed Richards with the design provided by Janet -Wasp- Van Dyne) were later changed into the ones we know.



In Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns” -set in an alternate future- an old Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) implies that Superman cut off his arm years before for some reason.

The untold situation is somewhat recreated in Green Arrow #100, where Ollie’s arm is stuck inside a bomb, and the only way for Superman to save him is to tear his arm off.
Oliver however prefers to die than to remain crippled, and manages to detonate the bomb (but don’t worry, he later came back to life thanks to Parallax).