True story. If anyone ever wondered why comics is so male-dominated, here’s one of your reasons.

I normally would be extremely thankful to anyone kind enough to give their time for a portfolio review, but this fella was… offensive. He also asked me if I drew manga before I even sat down, because he doesn’t review manga. Yeesh.


- I didn’t eat or enjoy pizza until I saw the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV show.

- Some of my earliest memories were watching the TV show, playing with the toys, playing the video games, and watching the movies.

- Not DIRECTLY related to my life, but important: Rob Paulsen voices Raphael in the original TMNT and my boy DONNIE in the new TMNT. It’s comforting hearing his voice as a turtle again. The whole thing is a nostalgia trip, but also a wonderful new show.

In my apparent quest to become a child again, I’m all about the new TMNT show. It’s a show made by fans, for fans - both new and old. It’s seriously good writing and animation. Bonus: being a martial arts freak, I can confirm that they really did their homework in that aspect.

Go watch it if you haven’t already! (Streaming on

Long hiatus from my journal comic because I’ve been too busy to even reflect on what’s happening in my life. These past two months have been nutso, and I really had to get this comic out of me so the friends and family in my life can know how much I love them.

This also goes to everyone who follows my work here at my website or on tumblr, thank you so much for helping me live my dream. It’s been a great year so far, and it’ll only get better once my convention season finally starts! Stay tuned :)

Illustrating Some of georgethecat’s Top 100 Hottest Dudes in Comics!
#99 Frank Castle/The Punisher 

So the wonderful blogger georgethecat gave me the go-ahead to draw some of the men in her “Hottest Dudes” list, so here’s the first installment in the web-exclusive series :)

I apologize for my extended absence from updating my blog, but all of my time has been taken up by working on a lot of comics projects that I can’t really post up here on the web (yet!). I have a big solo project that’s in the making and a project I’m working on with a writer friend that we’re not comfortable sharing just yet. I’m also in the midst of writing a comic that will be illustrated by a friend of mine, hopefully (Hi, Emmy).

Anyway, this series of Hottest Dudes will include mostly people I find interesting to draw or guys who normally aren’t seen in romantic or outwardly “sexy” roles. It’s pretty obvious that women in mainstream superhero comics all have to have oodles of sex appeal, which unfortunately gets translated to corny cheesecake drawings a lot of the time. My task now is to draw the dudes in the cheesecakeyest fashion while still keeping the characters intact. They’ll be pretty corny, but tongue-in-cheek corny, I guess. I hope you enjoy them :D

First up, #99: Frank Castle/The Punisher. Because blood and guts are sexy. Thanks, georgethecat!


Thank you to everyone who sent me condolences this past week. My grandmother was a very special person and very special to me. The wonderful thing about having such a large family is that you are surrounded by so much love, and I never take it for granted. Grandma did not either.

Please help me honor my grandmother by just giving this comic a quick read and learning a little bit about her. Her life was extraordinary, and her impact even more so.

Yesterday was her funeral and we all got to say goodbye. But honoring her life will not end at her wake or her funeral. Rest in peace, Ma.


Official statement from the folks at Boston Comic Con:

So here’s where we stand. First off, Boston Comic Con apologizes profusely to all the attendees, vendors, and guests who were inconvenienced by the postponement. We held out as long as we could and had the suspect been caught and the lockdown lifted just a few hours earlier we could have pulled it off. Unfortunately the Hynes was forced to pull the plug and the situation was out of our hands. No one could have anticipated this unprecedented shutdown of a major metropolitan area.

Secondly, we are looking at new dates for this year. We are working diligently on trying to reschedule sometime this summer subject to the convention center’s availability. We will announce the new date as soon as we book it and invite all of the guests back.

Any admission tickets purchased online will be honored at the rescheduled show. Once we announce the new show date, if for any reason, you can not come to the show on that date, we will refund your ticket at that time. Simply submit a refund request through Eventbrite.

Finally we want to extend our most heartfelt gratitude to all the shops who opened their doors this weekend and the artists who so generously gave their time to the fans. We spoke to many attendees who had driven long distances from the likes of Canada, Florida, and Missouri to be here and were so happy to have the opportunity to still meet some of the guests. And to all of you who have been so supportive in this trying time and sent very kind words of sympathy and support. There are several comic book events coming up in the next few weeks and we encourage locals to check them out and keep the comic community going.

As far as I’m concerned- yes, Boston Comic Con was a big deal to me personally considering that it was going to be the con where my first solo comic project debuted. Yes, it would have been loads of fun setting up my table next to awesome friends like Emmy, Lindsay, Alex, Ming, Neil, Joe, and Maris.

But in this past week, my city has gone through a lot, and all of the above listed tablemates/friends were within a couple neighborhoods of some serious danger (Lindsay and Alex were down the street from a full-on firefight, and the National Guard parked their tanks on their street)!

As far as my comic goes, ROLLER GIRL AND THE FLYING SIDE KICK, CHAPTER ONE is finished and printed. I made my April 20th publishing deadline. 32 pages of self-written, self-illustrated, self-published DIY glory. I’m proud of myself for taking the plunge and finishing something on my own. Whether or not it gets a single sale (it already has a few) is bonus for me at this point.

I’m just glad my friends are safe and that we can sit down and eat some pizza together.


Hourly Comics Day entry a couple days late because of CHINESE NEW YEAR! Happy New Year of the Horse, everyone :) :) :)

ALSO, check out my NEW SOCIETY6 SHOP!

It has some of my prints in a higher res than I’ve ever made available as well as some t-shirts! That new CM PUNK WAS RIGHT print can be bought as a t-shirt there too!

(Btw, I wish my computer actually spit wads of cash at me. That part’s a bit of an exaggeration.)

Superboy sketch
Pencil and ink

When I finally go to a convention in costume, I will go as Superboy. Conventions are usually professional trips for me (as well as just being a great time), so I usually can’t go into portfolio reviews and meetings with editors/artists cosplaying Kyle Rayner Green Lantern, as cool as that may be.

As a compromise, I will go as Superboy, whose costume consists of a black t-shirt with the red “S” shield on it and jeans/belt/boots. So essentially, what I normally wear. Boring I know, but I’ve always wanted to be a superhero. And I actually love Superboy.

No capes. No tights. No offense.

My mom pretty much forced me into being a straight-A student. She was really happy when I got into an Ivy-League school, but she was every bit as supportive when I chose to parlay that education into becoming a professional artist and martial arts instructor.

If society wants to label my mom a “tiger mom,” then I’d say being a tiger mom is pretty freakin’ cool. Happy birthday, momma :)

Anyone who knows me knows I love Bruce Lee, but I think this particularly over-quoted Brucism is silly. Bowing is a sign of respect. By the nature of its very origin, it’s meant to show that you trust another enough to take your eyes off of them and make yourself vulnerable and humble to them. If you cannot bow with sincere respect, you should not bow at all. And if you don’t trust a person enough to not hurt you during a bow, JUST DON’T BOW.