comics: young avengers

“Why do you love comics?”

*remembers that time Malekith wore Thor’s arm as a necklace and treated it like couture*

*remembers that time Loki’s biggest villain was his own guilt taking human form and nearly killing him*

*remembers that time Billy and Tommy ended up with like five dads and none of them were even gay with each other it was just a lot of weird magic and technology*

*remembers Gwenpool actually testing out fourth wall powers and trying to make them work for her*

*remembers that Howard the Duck exists*

*remembers Angela’s Space Bikini and All The Gay and her amazing later costumes*

*remembers Tony Stark trying to be a reasonable, friendly authority figure to child superheroes who won’t stop if he tells them to so he might as well make sure they’re safe*

*remembers everything about Ms. Marvel*

*remembers that Loki’s solution to a problem has, on more than one occasion, involved eating his own soul and then catching fire*

*remembers Noh-Varr’s FUCK YOU fires*

*remembers the goofy, heartbreaking process of Cindy Moon trying to readjust to a world that’s passed her by*

*remembers that Image comics and thus The Wicked and The Divine and all their fuckery exist*

*once again remembers Malekith ripping off Thor’s arm and lacing their fingers together while wearing it as a necklace who does that*

“IDK they’re just fun I guess.”