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Never liked girl groups, never will. I’m not jealous or anti women. I just prefer western female artist. It’s really not a big deal. I can’t go from listening to Beyonce and Nicki Minaj, to the watered down versions of them that are supposed to appeal to me? I have yet to find an Asian female singer with the power of Whitney Huston, or Jennifer Hudson, yet some I these whispy voiced women are being compared to them? Every time I try a look girl group, I’m so underwhelmed by the vocals and the rapping, that I feel embarrassed for them. Also a lot of kpop artist in general need to work on stage presence. They are trying too hard to focus on dance moves, and don’t work the stage. I know it’s a tough job, and I know a lot I people are going to tell me “well you aren’t doing it”. No I’m not, but the job I do, I do a damn good job at it. If they are overworked, and can’t do there jobs correctly, they need to negotiate better contracts. But girl groups are so lack luster to me, they aren’t worth my time.

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Holy fuck, those ATLA essays of yours are so gloriously awesome <3 they're a big FU to anyone who says ATLA is "just a show for kids" (not that it's not for kids and not that being for kids make it less, but when people say this, they generally mean it in a bad way)

Thanks anon!

Yeah, in all honestly, it’s just a really, really well written kid’s show that’s just superbly done. 

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How's exams go? Hope you all did well. Anyways, I'm looking for some Jily authors who are still active and take prompts regularly, got any? It's not rly a fic rec, but idk where else to ask. Thanks!

We think these authors are all at least semi-active and taking prompts (or take prompts on occasion):

@hiddenpolkadots; @liiilyevans; @petalstofish; @jiilys; @chierafied; @ladyknightley; @alrightevans; @gryffindormischief; @bantasticbeasts; @elanev91; @alrightpotter; @wearingaberetinparis; @prongsno; @jilyyall

There are certainly more but these are the ones we know of at the moment.

“I understand that sometimes RP is a great stress reliever, but you should also remember that the only way you’re gonna get rid of your irl stress is to take a break and take care of the cause. Ignoring it won’t make it go away. If you’re constantly so stressed that it impacts your writing quality and makes you drop and restart threads at random, and yet you STILL want to plot with me all the time, just know that you’re gonna start worrying me a lot and I might not be as inclined to rp with you.“

I know I joke about how “perfect” Riddler is and how he’s done nothing wrong but this guy right here

this superhero in training boy

is 100% pure

i don’t care if he kidnapped someone

i don’t care if he was arrested for breaking and entering

he couldn’t harm a fly and it was all for the name of love

In conclusion, I would walk through hell and back to ensure that this child is kept safe and happy.

It makes me happy to see idols talking openly about their mental ilnesses , what was really rare years ago for an idol to talk about them having depression or ED becomes more common and they are less scared to admit their personal problems, they are become less and less of a perfect idol with no worries to more of a Human being who has struggles of their own.

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So, I was rereading your superhero!AU, and was pondering how did no one recognize Tobirama? Like, for one that hair color is holy crap levels of distinctive, for another, his mask doesn't hide his facial tattoos from what it sounds like. Like, that would be a dead giveaway, you'd think right?

Tbh it was very slightly me poking fun at superhero comics in general, because really, some of those masks don’t hide anything and yet they still have secret identities. Same logic (or lack thereof) applies here.