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Leia’s Fate in Episode VIII foreshadowed

In the latest Poe Dameron comic (issue #14), General Leia attends the funeral of a fellow resistance member. Poe delivers the eulogy and his speech includes a callback to Yoda’s famous dialogue from Empire Strikes Back- “Luminous beings We Are. Not this crude matter.

Shortly after the funeral, Leia tells Poe that probably sooner than they would like, she will be luminous.

I feel that this is a foreshadowing of General Leia not surviving Episode VIII.


I realized I didn’t post here in a while so have some fidget spinner Hux ! 
Inspired by Pablo Hidalgo’s latest reveal about Hux, and lovely twitter folks !     ヽ(o♡o)/

Kylo using the Force to take Hux’s fidget spinner away just to annoy him. It’s revenge for Hux letting Millicent sit on Kylo’s face.