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Remember that time when Wade ended up in San Francisco and immediately decked himself out in matching purple tank top, booty shorts and roller blades and for just a moment he was so happy? 

And then some assholes were telling him he looked stupid and he was going to beat the piss out of them but just then some rad as heck people drove by and shouted to him that he was beautiful and Wade was shocked and he actually felt beautiful and he was happy again and then he went and started hitting on a bar full of sailors? (Vol2, #15)

Remember that?????

  • Because I think about it constantly.
Wonder Woman will get her own movie if Gail Simone writes it but the character will now be a cis ablebodied straight male

I have a problem and she’s called Gail Simone. Here’s the story:

As far as tumblr blogs go fuckyesdeadpool is relatively popular and because of that I try to be conscious of what and how I advertise things on it; as I think anyone should be if what they’re posting goes out to tens of thousands of people. Some really exciting issues of Deadpool are coming up that involve a lot of the series past writers, Gail Simone being one of them, but I don’t want to support her in any way after she what she did to Barbara Gordon in the New 52. I was mulling over my conundrum when I impulsively decided to tweet her and she responded:

A little presumptuous to assume that someone not looking forward to her future work must not know for past work… But okay.

I obviously thought the opinion she was referring to was about the eraser of disability since literally nothing else I said was a matter of opinion, so I said this:

My feeling dread is not an opinion, I felt dread. No one is allowed to disregard someone’s feelings as being a matter of opinion; especially when it’s about being a part of a marginalized group… But okay.

She is so confident in her work the she insists that I must not have read any in order to be judgmental about it… But oka–

Hit the brakes.

cupcakepunk had a great response to that by saying, “This girl is upset at losing representation via such an iconic character, and Gail Simone’s response is pretty much, “You just want to fight,” and “If you did read my work you’d know about this other character in a wheelchair I write,” which basically is saying, “Unless you read everything I write, I don’t give a shit about your opinion,” and also, “You already HAVE this other character, isn’t that enough?” No. No it’s not. There is a big difference between not having media representation, and having it taken from you. Not being widely represented is shitty, but to have a minority-group character transformed into a majority-group character is a slap in the face. It’s literally erasing people: they were there, now they’re not.”

I wanted to say all that and more but I literally didn’t have time or the space so this was a response I came up with to demonstrate how ridiculous she sounded:

Identical? No. But certainly they’re comparable; especially given intersectionality. Why is my question so easily dismissed?

Because POC representation is important? So is disability representation.

Because being POC isn’t undesirable? Neither is disability; I and many other disabled people don’t want to be able bodied, we don’t want to be “cured”

Because it’s unrealistic for POC to become white suddenly? Barbara Gordon’s circumstances definitely aren’t realistic, nor is anything else in that genre.

But I understand that as an able-bodied white woman Gail Simone can’t really understand the types of marginalization POC, disabled people, and especially disabled POC go through.

That being said:

Instead of using her celebrity and huge platform to renounce what DC was doing to Barbara Gordon, Gail Simone decided she would be the savior of disabled people to step in and make it not so bad for us. We should feel lucky that she was there to save us from what could’ve been.

Instead of being an ally to disabled people she decided to take a leading role as an oppressor simply because she believed she would step on our necks more gently than her peer oppressors.

We shouldn’t be mad at her, it was going to happen anyway! Given the high statistics of forced sterilization among disabled people we shouldn’t be upset about it because it’s bound to happen. Given the high statistics of abuse and murder of disabled people we shouldn’t be upset because it’s bound to happen. Given the high statistics of rape of disabled people we shouldn’t be upset because it’s bound to happen.

If our representation is going to be removed anyway why bother? Let’s just relax and enjoy our mutilation, rape and murder.

But Gail Simone cares, she asked me (kinda) what she could do?

I don’t know she saw that because she immediately announced that she was signing off and I didn’t see any mention of her concern for disabled people today as I went back through her twitter to find these posts; she was busy talking about wanting to see Katie Couric’s genitalia. That isn’t a joke, go ahead and look.