Mikaelson ball - Elijah Mikaelson Oneshot

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Word count: 915

It was that time of the year again, the Mikaelson christmas ball had once again rolled around and this year you had been invited by none other than Elijah Mikaelson himself, and how could you say no when he had gone to the effort of picking you out  a stunning turquoise formal gown that you are sure would have cost him more money than you could even imagine. So of course you decided to go, you did your hair and makeup in a style worthy of an elegant ball and set off towards the Mikaelson compound.

As you stepped into the courtyard you were taken aback at the decadence before you, from the champagne fountains, to the beautiful christmas tree, full to the brim with lavish decorations occupying the centre of the room, everything was perfect. You entered the room warily, careful not to look out of place, that is when you were met with the face of Kol mikaelson, Elijahs brother.

‘I see my brothers favourite human finally made her way to the ball’ Kol mused towards you, you rolled your eyes playfully, you had always gotten along with Kol, something about his banterous behaviour just clicked with you and despite all his efforts to get in the way of the plans of the mystic falls gang, you always found yourself laughing along with Kol.

'Oh shut up and tell Elijah i’m here will you’ You retorted, laughter evident in your voice.

'My wish is your command, your highness’ he joked, and bowed as he did so, waving his had in front of him comically.

'You never were funny Kol, i’d quit while I was ahead if I were you! Now go and get Elijah for me, the only reason i’m here is because he bought me this freaking dress.’

'Okay,okay, i’ll get him for you, oh and Y/N, you look beautiful, you’re going to drive that brother of mine crazy.’ He smiled as he spoke as he teased you about Elijah, you acted disgusted at the very prospect, but you both knew that you were as infatuated with Elijah as he was with you.

Once Kol had disappeared you found a waiter and got yourself a drink and stood back and observed all of the people who had attended the party, you could see Klaus and Caroline, flirting as per usual,it was so clear they were falling for each other, even though Caroline tried to deny it. Stefan and Damon were bickering,presumably about Elena who was dancing with her brother, Jeremy and close by Matt and Rebekah were waltzing their way across the ballroom. Everyone was here, everyone but the one person you had come here to see, he had invited you so surely he was here. There’s no way he’d have stood you up, would he?

Just as you were beginning to get nervous about Elijah standing you up, you saw him, descending the stares, your eyes locked with his as he stopped midway down the stairs and his siblings joined him, tapping the champagne flutes in their hand in order to gain everyones attention, the ballroom fell silent as Elijah began to speak, he told the ballroom about his family’s gathering being an opportunity to unite and set aside differences for one night, and wished everyone a merry christmas, and as he concluded his speech he invited everyone to find a dance partner for a traditional waltz. This is when his eyes fell on you, Elijah’s stare was fixed on you as he came down the stairs, when he reached you he held out his hand, and you gladly took it.

Elijah led you onto the dance floor and the two of you danced perfectly in sync with each other, his one hand in yours, and the other one on your waist sent waves like electricity down your spine, his touch set made you want him even more than you already did.

'I was worried you’d stood me up’ You finally spoke, making eye contact with the original.

'How on earth could I stand you up, particularly when you look as stunning as you do’ Elijah mused, smiling down at you, his eyes never leaving yours. You did not reply to his compliment, though your cheeks flushed  at receiving the flattering remark.

'You don’t see it do you Y/N, you don’t see how beautiful you are, believe me Y/N,you are the most stunning creature I have ever laid eyes upon.’ All of a sudden he stopped dancing, you and Elijah were stood still in the middle of the dancefloor, the people around you kept moving but it was as if they didn’t exist. 'It is just one of the many reasons I love you, Y/N’ Elijah spoke to you softly as he caressed your face his one hand, his other pulling you closer by the waist.

'You… you’ The words Elijah spoke would not process in your mind,how could Elijah Mikaelson love you, but before you had the chance to finish your sentence Elijah brought himself down to your level and kissed you softly, with your permission he deepened the kiss, it was not hungry, but passionate and it electrified every nerve in your body. Eventually the kiss broke and he held you softly, caressing your cheek and smiling down at you. Elijah had finally admitted the one thing you had both wanted him to say for so long. He loves you.

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I really love you blog! I'm cis and I feel like you're doing such an important job in showing people that gender doesn't just come in a binary setting. I feel like these little strip by you and other nonbinary or transgender artists help me understand other perspectives better and ultimately treat people around me better. So thank you.

That’s great to hear! When I started making these comics they were never intended as anything more than something fun to draw and poking a bit of fun at myself, and I never expected so many people to connect with them. I’m glad my comics have helped you in some way!

Alongside the decent art job of Tracy Yardley!, the writing on the very first page has something no other comic writer has done previously: acknowledged the imperfections of the past. Yeah, Bollers and Penders were so progressive in their storytelling (and perfect Echidna civilisations or whatever) that by the time the characters were finished with a conflict, the story never slowed down and would move on to the next one with little thought. That was a real big problem in the old comics, as the characters were never given much time to, you know, be themselves before aliens attacked or Eggman did a thing. Ian Flynn must have been aware of that flaw, as the characterisation in this issue is pretty spot-on.

Also phew, in hindsight, early Tracy Yardley drew the characters so…Classic-looking  Don’t worry, he gets better.

Batman Fanboys Rant

Batman/Gotham fanboys and bro-dudes complaining about Nygmobblepot (Just letting you know I am a female comic book reader) and I am answering the most common statements made by these double-standard homophobes:

“why can’t guys just be friends anymore?!”

You already have a bromance in the show you idiots: Harvey and James. So I don’t know what you are complaining about:

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“They aren’t gay in the comics!”

Do you ever think that the reason that all the male characters were originally written as straight or presumably straight is because being gay or bi was not something to be talked about and including lgbt was not something that was the norm/seen as ok back then (especially for male comic book characters)? The Riddler and Penguin never really interacted/been friends in the comics anyway, so if you are worrying about the writers not following the comics, then you should have complained much earlier.

Also how comes it’s ok to have Harley and Ivy go from friends to girlfriends in the comics but two male villains it’s not ok?:

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Barbara and Tabitha were not bisexual or girlfriends in the comics:

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“I’m going to stop watching if Nygma and Penguin become a couple!”

Gotham aren’t following the comics and never were so get over it. Let Oswald and Edward be boyfriends. If you stop watching because of it, no-one cares and the show is better without you dickheads. Male sexuality is just as fluid as female sexuality, it’s just society does not allow it to be but that way of thinking is changing. I can say as a comic book reader I have no problem with it; Nymobblepot is great and a interesting romantic pairing.

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You know why I don’t like brucenat and this is still bothers me? Because it was forced as fuck. I mean, please just take a minute to look back.

On the first avengers NO ONE could tell that they would be a “couple”. Clintasha was with high force. A lot of people thought that Clint and Nat would be a couple (And yes, that was the plan until Joss ruined it to distorce everything) but okay, we also could see a little of Romanogers. On Winter soldier, same thing. Romanogers and Clintasha were there, you could see and you could know. Then, without no reason, on AoU Nat is like, crying over Hulk.

Don’t tell me that this is okay. That’s doesn’t make any sense guys. Like, really, you know that’s true. No one ever ship them because they don’t have any chemistry. Even Scarlett Johansson said this in a lot of interviews.

Also, on the comics they were never a couple. NEVER.

That’s just my opinion.

The fact is that I Can Haz Cheezburger and incorporating comic sans into doge were never necessary because a good picture of an animal speaks completely for itself

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dorian as that one comic book store employee who has a theory for every storyline every character from every universe ever

Alright now I want you to imagine: 
17 year old Dorian working at the comic book store to pay his studies with Vivienne and Solas. Because mages are suddenly all comic book store employees. Bear with me. 

Dorian is the one who’s always trying to link every plot ever together, the one who finds hidden meanings and connections and how an author was influenced by another and “CLAMP’s theory of multiverse it’s completely plausible and applicable and society should focus on that research and what if we are one of the dimensions in one of their stories? What if we’re all fictional characters? Isn’t that a fascinating concept”. All the customers who like men have a crush on him. 

22 year old Vivienne who reads only “high class” french comic books and mangas about history and faith and its exploitation. But she keeps track of the popular ones and can always recommend you the best ones for your tastes. All the customers who like women have a crush on her, but are also terrified by her general air of superiority.

Solas as the older dude who’s been there since forever and complains that the new generations will never know how good the old comics were. He never stops talking about the differences between new and old ones and “back then Marvel was this and now it’s that”. He often argues with Dorian about theories. No one knows he publishes his own comics under the alias “Fen’harel” and they’re some of the favorites of both Dorian and Vivienne.

and also

you have Cassandra who tries to sneak unseen into the Shojo manga corner of the shop and pays for her purchases with a scowl that dares anyone to question her choices. And goes to the signing session of the famous comic book artist Varric Tethras, hiding behind the shelves during his speeches and paying some teen girl in the audience to have him sign her books. Until Dorian finds her. 

Dagna is a die-hard fan of Fullmetal Alchemist and pre-orders every new edition of the comic. 

Iron Bull is the dude who reads absolutely everything he finds vaguely interesting. For research and social study he says. Everyone starts to question his motives when he purchases the second fullcolor edition of Highschool of the Dead. 

Blackwall is the one who thinks comics are for kids and eyes suspiciously the Adult books corner of the shop.

(and I can’t think of anything else but if someone wants to add they’re welcome)