yep, all caps this time. 

So in order to finance my car repairs/repair my savings after the hit they took thanks to the car, I’m forced to part with some of the comic collection my father gave to me. Most of these are vintage Silver Age Marvel and DC comics from the 70s, with a few Bronze Age issues that I honestly just want to unload and get out of my bedroom (those I’ll be selling on the cheap to any takers). I’ve got hundreds of books here, guys. Some that might be interesting to collectors (Fantastic Four, Iron Man, ROM, World’s Finest, The Brave and the Bold, etc) and some (like U.S. 1 and Dazzler) that are kind of kitschy and wonderful on their own. These are all original issues, no trade paperbacks, and the vast majority of them are in bags for preservation. They’ve been kept in cool, climate-controlled areas out of direct sunlight, and are all at least in good (if not great) condition.


  • if you want the list of what I have to offer, drop a message into my inbox. Either give me your URL or an email I can use to contact you.
  • first-come, first-served - I’m selling these by the issue, so if you’re interested, you might want to act now
  • if you want my Bronze Age crap please tell me so you can get it out of my bedroom. These were later additions to the paternal collection, tacked on when he started realizing his daughter was into comics and purchased with the intent of me reading them.
  • prices upon request, and I’m willing to haggle - I know what these books are worth, for the most part, and while I’m not looking to overcharge somebody I do want a fair deal on both parts. You will be paying shipping, to be determined when I get your address.
  • there’s no real limit to how many issues you can purchase. on some titles I might offer a bulk discount? this is a might, though, dependent upon what you’re interested in.

thanks, all, and I hope I get some interest!


I found my Star Wars stash! My complete collection of original Marvel SW comics from the 70s and 80s, plus a couple hundred trading cards! Now I’m enjoying chocolate mousse and a glass of wine while perusing my treasures and deciding which ones my fellow Tumblr nerd friends might like to see. I swear I feel like Golum. “My precious…”

[Maniacal laughter ensues]


I’ve recently read a blog stating that the reason that comic books are so unreadable is because comic books change; that is –comic books from the 50s are nothing like the comics from the 60s 70s 80s 90s etc.. but I state that I can love superman from the 50s as much as superman from the 80s and still be like ahh man of steel wasn’t good– BECAUSE the writing and directing isn’t good. 

starstarship  asked:

Hi! Sorry to bother you... I love Carol and Wanda, but I'm relatively new to Marvel comics, and I was wondering if you had a rec list for comics that feature both of them?

Hi! It’s no bother at all – there’s nothing I love more than talking about Carol and Wanda.  And I’m in the perfect mood for it, because I just arrived in Chicago for C2E2.  If any other Carol/Wanda fans are here and want to meet up at the convention, let me know!

Okay, so first of all, Carol and Wanda don’t actually interact all that much.  But when they do, it tends to be amazingly affectionate or heartbreakingly sad. They’re obviously close friends, but most of their friendship happens off-panel, where the reader can’t see it.  The moments we do get are rare, but are great at showing a close relationship.

Ms. Marvel #16 (1978) Carol and Wanda first meet

If you don’t mind comics from the 70’s, this is a great place to start.  Or you could read all of the original Ms. Marvel run. It only has a couple appearances by Wanda, but Carol is amazing in it.  It’s dated, sure, but it’s still a lot of fun. Anyway, in this issue, Carol bursts into Avengers mansion looking for help for a rescue mission, and ends up in a fight with Beast.  Wanda intervenes.  It’s beautiful.

Avengers #171 (1978) Carol and Wanda fight Ultron

I love this issue so much.  I might do a full post on the joys of this issue.  But for now, all you need to know is that Carol saves Wanda from physical and psychological torture, and then Wanda destroys Ultron.  Also, a random fashion shop employee tries to hire both Wanda and Carol as models.

The worst storyline ever Avengers #200 (1980), Avengers Annual #10 (1981)

Reading “The Rape of Ms. Marvel” is mandatory before reading these issues. There are very good reasons to skip reading these issues altogether.  That said, there are deeply emotional moments between Carol and Wanda here.  In issue 200, Wanda comforts a scared Carol, and Carol reveals her real identity to Wanda for the first time.  In Annual 10, Carol specifically calls out Wanda when accusing the Avengers of betraying her, and Wanda cries when she realizes how deeply she hurt Carol.

The best Avengers comics ever written, Avengers vol 3 #01 - #56 (1998)

Comics were weird in the 90s.  Tony was a teenager, the Wasp was an actual wasp, and Wanda had her worst costume and haircut.  Then in 1998, The Avengers started over at issue 0 for the third time, making this run of comics “Avengers volume 3”, and things got good.  Kurt Busiek is the writer, and he cares so much about nuanced characterizations and complex relationships.  Wanda gets the spotlight in many ways, as she deals with her separation from Vision, a new relationship with Wonder Man, and of course her friendship with Carol.  Carol comes and goes as she deals with the loss of her “Binary” powers, alcoholism, and recovery.   There are missteps, sure, but overall it’s stellar storytelling and Carol and Wanda love each other so much. If you need physical copies, you can find the whole run collected in five enormous books.  Search “Avengers” and “Kurt Busiek”.

World Trust, Avengers #57 - 61 (2002)

This storyline is…okay?  Honestly it might end up giving you Hank/Jan feels whether you want it to or not.  But Wanda gets briefly possessed (what’s new?) and Carol subdues her, all while they’re wearing revealing nightgowns.  So there’s that.

Red Zone, Avengers #65 - 70 (2003)

The morals of this story are heavy-handed as all hell, but I love the creepy atmosphere of the red cloud of death into which the Avengers venture, and it’s got the AMAZING mouth-to-mouth scene between Steve and Tony, so that’s worth the price of admission alone.  Carol comes to Wanda’s rescue in one scene, and later they go off alone together to use Wanda’s magic to contain the deadly cloud.  Wanda ends up naked.  Fan fiction speculating what happens next has been written.

Avengers Disassembled, Avengers #who even knows, they switched back to volume 1 numbering. (2004)

I don’t like Disassembled because it erases the part where Wanda grieved and healed over the loss of her children.  But Carol’s reaction to Wanda’s terrible acts in this storyline are so revealing of how much Carol loves Wanda.  Plus there’s the part where Pietro says to Carol, “My sister loved you.”

Read House of M (2005).   I kind of wish it had never happened, but it’s compelling and the art is gorgeous.

Ms. Marvel: Binary (2007) and Ms. Marvel: Storyteller (2009)

After House of M, Carol thinks a lot about how she was the most beloved hero in that reality, so Wanda is kind of spiritually there, in the background, even if she isn’t mentioned all that much.  When Carol meets a young boy named Gavin with reality warping powers, however, Carol talks about Wanda to him.  Although the issues themselves aren’t spectacular, the idea of Carol trying to save Gavin where she couldn’t save Wanda is heartbreaking and good.

Avengers Vs. X-Men #0 (2013)

Kind of a prequel to AvX, this single issue has the only significant interaction between Carol and Wanda I’ve seen since Wanda’s return. But what amazing interaction it is!

I hope that helps! Feel free to ask any more questions.

anonymous asked:

Also would another problem with Comics is that aren't they hard to get into. I have some limited series (Sandman) or complete stories (The Killing Joke) and read manga because I know where to start and end. Comics have a perception that you need to read comics from the 70 to understand all references and plot points. I liked 52, but couldn't tell you what was a reference, what was new, or the context where that story took place.

they really need to have more self contained stories and stop relying so much on events

found a metric fuck ton of comics in the closet, including most of the 90s catwoman run, some star wars comics from the 70s, and my battletech/mechwarrior tabletop books and stuff.

i’m gonna need some longboxes.
‘Thor: Ragnarok’ is 2017’s biggest superhero movie mystery
Every 2017 superhero movie offering has given us a first look except for Marvel Studios' God of Thunder.

Marvel Studios’ God of Thunder has yet to send us a new theatrical bolt from the blue.

Of all the cinematic superhero offerings this year will bring — including “The Lego Batman Movie” (Feb. 10), “Logan” (March 3), “Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2” (May 5), “Wonder Woman” (June 2), “Spider-Man: Homecoming” (July 7) and “Justice League” (Nov. 17) — “Thor: Ragnarok” (Nov. 3) remains the only one that has yet to release a trailer.

Over the summer, Marvel Studios released a quick and funny video during San Diego Comic-Con featuring Chris Hemsworth explaining why Thor was absent from “Captain America: Civil War,” but other than that we’ve seen nothing new in regards to the character.

With so many superhero trailers being released in 2016, perhaps Marvel Studios thought it would be best to hold off on releasing any new looks at “Thor: Ragnarok” because the film won’t arrive in theaters until later this year.

Another reason could be the high-profile gamma-radiated and green co-star who will fight alongside (or against?) Thor in “Ragnarok,” the Incredible Hulk. A CGI character with such a big role is probably quite time-consuming in the editing process and perhaps the Hulk’s parts in “Ragnarok” are still being tweaked.

The only thing we know so far about the Hulk’s presence in “Thor: Ragnarok” is that Mark Ruffalo will be reprising his role as Bruce Banner/Hulk and that the Hulk’s body armor from the “Planet Hulk” story from the pages of Marvel Comics (in which the Hulk becomes a warrior/champion on a distant planet) will appear. (This, too, was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con.)

The Hulk’s armor reveal so far is the biggest inside look we’ve had into “Thor: Ragnarok,” but it brings about more questions for the movie, such as:

  • How much of the “Planet Hulk” story can you fit into a movie that isn’t an “Incredible Hulk” movie? This is Thor’s movie, after all.
  • Now that Natalie Portman is no longer a part of the Thor movie franchise, will there be any romance? Will actress Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie fill a romantic void in “Ragnarok?”
  • Will Thor go on a mission to find the Hulk? If so, will they be allies? Enemies? One of the most fun moments for fans in the first “Avengers” movie was when Thor and the Hulk traded punches with each other, a nod to the many times in the comics these two went at it to see who was the strongest there is in the Marvel universe. Can a movie featuring Thor and the Hulk provide another round of blows?
  • Will this be the last Thor movie? This is the third movie in the franchise, after “Thor” (2011) and “Thor: The Dark World” (2013). Will “Ragnarok” and the next two “Avengers” movies be it for Hemsworth as Thor?
  • Could this movie be a rebirth for the Hulk movie franchise, assuming Marvel Studios (who controls Thor) could work out a deal with Universal (who controls the Hulk) similar to the one they did with Sony to make “Spider-Man: Homecoming”? Also, is “Thor: Ragnarok” the start of a new movie format for Marvel, one that has the feel of Marvel Comics’ “Marvel Team-Up” comic books from the ’70s and ’80s?

Perhaps only Mjolnir knows. Until then, we continue to wait for our first look at “Thor: Ragnarok”

I can take a few commissions before the conv on july. This will keep myself busy :D

I can do basically everything, just try not asking me to draw monsters (I really suck at it).

Avatars – from 20$
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My work can be nsfw. Don’t hesitate asking me about what you want even if you have a foggy idea. Prices can change depending on the amount of work (composition work, shading needs and of course the numbers of characters in the picture).

I only take Paypal payments ^^ Send me a mail at for info :)


PC: Reblogs are helping !

Big Project announcement !!!

Since the release of the movie, i made for myself a zootopia folder where i saved all the zootopia comics i found, month after month, the folder is getting bigger, but soon, i will share it to everyone who love zootopia comics like me !

About the folder :

-About 350mb of pictures

-More than 700 pictures from comics by more than 70 artists

(numbers can change before the i share it )

So yeah, i dont know when, but i plan to share it soon to all of you !!!

(ps: I don’t want to steal credits for artists works, so every comics will be link to the artist who made it, so people can look their stuff if they want more, if you have any question, pm me anytime )

ofnyota  asked:

Forgive my igonrance in this, but I though Doctor Strange was hispanic/latino. I've seen comics of Doctor Strange an he seems like that. Is he?

It was never stated before in canon. Since around 2001 I really do believe there was an effort to make him look ethnically ambiguous. No one has come out and admitted it directly but several documentaries have come out the past two years where comic book writers from the 70s and current writers talk about how everyone is pretty aware that most character origins from that era are racist and a reflection of the that time, and talk about how there was an effort to separate from and kind of soft reboot/erase those origins by making things a little more ambiguous, like that would help cancel out the negative tropes.

In short there’s nothing that even forces you to interpret Strange as white. That is a CHOICE the studio made, to have a white actor play this character that would be using other cultures as backdrop and props for his story.

- mod g


I’m not sure if this is just a weird coincidence, but I just found out about this French/Spanish comic from the 70s/80s called Le Vagabond des Limbes (illustrated by Julio Ribera and written by Christian Godard), where the protagonist’s outfit bears a striking resemblance to Guess’ (from Jojo part 6: Stone Ocean).  I’m not sure if this was an intentional reference or just an incredible coincidence, but one way or the other, this is pretty cool!

I reprinted a handfull of copies of ‘Lost Canyon’, my romance comic from last year. It’s over 70 pages of fever dreams, and middle aged lust. Available for 7$ ppd in the US. Paypal or contact: if you’d like one. Best–Carlos.