I Luv Halloween Masterpost

Incorporating dark comedy, I Luv Halloween follows a group of children as they go trick-or-treating each Halloween: Finch, the leader of the bunch; Moochie, his homicidal younger sister; Devil Lad, who only appears on Halloween to join the group; Pig Pig, a simple-minded boy; the perverted Mr. Kitty; and his mostly silent younger brother Spike.

Zombies, aliens, mass murder, trick-or-treating, it’s got the works. If you’re a fan of Jhonen Vasquez’s work you’d probably enjoy I Luv Halloween. This is one seriously fucked up series & I wouldn't recommend it to the faint of heart. However it is one of my favorites, so if you can get past the gore & children acting… not like children… I strongly suggest reading it.

[all three volumes available here