becomingathena asked:

I've got a question for you. When you're comic-ing, how much planning do you have to put into illustrating the height difference between Erik and everyone else? I feel like I would have to measure everyone out anytime he was in a frame with another person. (Though this could just be an artist superpower that I'm unaware of but I got curious.)

Good question! It really depends! Generally, I think of him being almost twice as tall as everyone else. He at least has 2 feet over the tallest characters. I usually do measure out the proportions in the thumbnail stage to make sure that he reads as being big–but its fun to mess around with angles and proportions to milk as much visual communication out of the scene as is possible! 

You’ll notice that Erik started out the comic as being SUPER dominant in almost every page. He’s either breaking out of the panel, or filling it up entirely or looking massive in comparison to other characters. But, then on the last couple pages, Christine got more and more visually dominant and Erik got smaller. She’s changed, she understands the position of power that she’s in now–so she’s going to start competing with Erik for visual emphasis! Anyway, that’s getting all artsy-fartsy on ya, but I hope that answers your question! 


So I’m starting a new webcomic.

It’s called inside My mind, and it is basically about Harris, and my other oc.s, living their lives in a strange world.

Anyway, It will be a while until the first official page pops up, but You’ll see some mini comics, sloppily drawn like this one, every week or so.

the actual comic updates every two weeks, only because it take a long time to draw with a laptop mouspad.

anyway, the official site is here,

Spread the word, please??

how about this, everyone who reblogs this, gets to have one of their ocs in my comic! with a speaking role!


anonymous asked:

Oh wow, I can DEFINITELY envision that voice belonging to FrankenErik! Btw, love the comic, love the sketches. While I still think storyline-Erik is a grouchy butt, I absolutely adore the way you portray him previously to his I-hate-the-world stage. The sketches of him you post are so heart-meltingly innocent I just a;lksjdfa;lskjdf!! Pre-murder Creature for the win!

Thank you! Yeah, poor Creature! If only he had got some therapy or something…But I am glad some of you guys can envision that voice for him too, haha! I always feel awkward trying to voice-cast characters because I either have NO idea or I have one particular random voice that is just THEM to me! And if you ever need a laugh, listen to Mann as Rum Tum Tugger (which is hilariously in character for FrankenErik…‘cept the hip-shaking, heh) ha HA! “My disobliging ways are a matter of habit…”

And don’t be deceived! No one around here is as heart-meltingly innocent as they appear…even Raoul. 

“So you’ll catch me in it right up to my ears if you put it away on the larder shelf!”