Published: December 07, 2016
Rating: Rated T
Writer: Gerry Conway
Penciller: Ryan Stegman
Cover Artist: Ryan Stegman 

The Mole Man attacks NYC and only the Spider-Family can stop him! Mary Jane Watson Parker gets her first real test as a full-fledged super hero!

FDA asks

That’s too bad for me too ;_; at first I wanted to make the comic like only 2-3 months, but you guys support me so much so I decided to extended it. FDA is the longest comic I’ve ever made in my life (which I’m so glad that I made it xD) buuuut, don’t worry, I’ll still draw some little stories about them after that ^o^ Thank you!!

For this first series, I think no, in my opinion comics should not be too long if the story can’t be extended anymore (´ω`;) But for next series, it depends on how much free time I have, if I’m not so busy I would do it! xD

I dunno buddy, maybe you can find that out with me together ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)b

anonymous asked:

are you planning to write chapter 3 in your miraculous comic.?

Yes ^^ Chapter 2 is still ongoing, and I’m working on an outline for Chapter 3. I’ll try to wrap the story up with that chapter, but if it doesnt fit~ i dont know what to do, hahaha. ^^;;;

sciencefreaksmeout  asked:

R, I, D, L, E !!

AW Q_>Q: thnk u!!! 

R: Roy Harper Whom I Lov.,, ;_>; <3 a fgood boy

I: injustice gods among us year three which is very badly written but is about my boy constantine , anfd , also features alot of klarion , and catwoman+klarion interacting , its , bad but its Good and i luv it

D: DINAH LANCE BLACK CANARY OOUUGHH., that or dent, as in, harvey dent , who is so lovely + perfect

L: Loeb as in Jeph Loeb author who famously collaborated with my favorite comic artist Tim Sale 2 bring us my favorite two pieces of batmedia in th whole wide world whichare , The Long Halloween , and Dark Victory , FUCK I COULDVE JIUST DONE “LONG HALLOWEEN” fr this one AUGH oh well hav BOTH


Eddie Nygma A.K.A. The Riddler Light Of My Life And My Ultimate Fav Character All Of Ever