I’m not into giving men dating tips or anything, but, like, this guy friend I knew could never, ever get laid. For a while. He was sort of cute, but not very. Then he started working at this comic book store. After that he had the nerdy girls lining up for him.

Because, you know, they all had something in common. 

I used to joke with him about all the groupies he had. 

Shklance Week Day 2. Movie night/Game night

They’re watching some alien fighting movie that Lance thought was cool. Initially Shiro didn’t care much for it and Keith thought it was a bit dumb to watch a movie about what they do for a living. Lance bribed them with Hunk’s space popcorn.

Later on Shiro actually kinda enjoys himself while Keith really gets into it. Lance fell asleep somewhere along the line before. He was tired after dealing with so many late nights and unlike boyfriends he can’t just shake it off. (Yeah he’s drooling all over Shiro)

Lance has so many regrets because he didn’t get to see Shiro relax and Keith geek out.


This is @iceberg-rose ’s idea, some fluff after reading so much angst from @bosstoaster (an inspiration for a drawing I’ll be posting later this shklance week)