Steven Universe Comic #2 (2017) - Outline & Review

The Steven Universe franchise’s ongoing series smashed boundaries with #2. This second issue of 2017 focuses on Stevonnie going to a dance with Kiki!

This issue was easily the best I’ve read in the comics. The paper issue I own has the cover by Missy Peña!


Steven and Connie are dismayed to find that the movie they want to see is PG-13, so they can’t get in without an adult.

They attempt to get around the rules by fusing into Stevonnie, but are still unable to produce appropriate ID.

So they leave disappointed and end up running into Kiki, who’s supposed to be shopping for prom dresses. Stevonnie gets very caught up in the enthusiasm of trying on outfits.

They end up getting invited to be Kiki’s date to the dance.

Steven and Connie are excited about planning the event, but when Stevonnie and Kiki end up in situations that feel pretty heavily coded romantic, they start to panic a little, unsure of their role and how they feel about being with Kiki.

Especially considering she doesn’t appear to know they are two younger children fused together. 

Steven and Connie must talk out the best solution to be kind to Kiki while also not betraying their own interests, and Stevonnie is able to find a solution everyone likes.

Notable bits for fans:

1. The movie the kids see is Unfamiliar Familiar, and you can definitely see how upset Connie is that they’ve destroyed one of her favorite franchises by shoehorning the romance in right from the beginning.

2. The movie clerk is still Jane.

3. Stevonnie does not know how old they are.

4. It’s canon now that Stevonnie is really excited about clothes. (And they are happy to try on dresses, suits, and any kind of clothing that’s around.)

Later, when they go on a date, Kiki and Stevonnie are both wearing corsages, and Stevonnie’s clothes are a sort of skirt-suit mixture.

(When they unfuse, Steven is wearing the dress and Connie is wearing the suit.)

This is also the first time Stevonnie has worn shoes in canon material.

5. Despite that Stevonnie’s gender is a bit indeterminate, they seem to be fine going into dressing rooms and bathrooms that are mysteriously not marked for any gender. It’s possible these spaces aren’t gendered in the SU world, even though clothing options seem pretty traditional. Stevonnie is shown in the same changing room with Kiki while they’re trying on outfits, and later Steven and Connie are hiding in the same restroom.

6. Kiki blushes subtly on several occasions while interacting with Stevonnie, suggesting that she is susceptible to Stevonnie’s charisma. They really seem to charm everyone.

7. After researching dances by watching teen movies, Steven and Connie are prepared for the dance, but Connie says she’s not allowed to be out after dark without a chaperone and they employ Pearl to provide this service. Pearl also wears her tux, which is implied to be the one she acquired in the episode “Mr. Greg.”

8. When Stevonnie and Kiki have a snack at the Big Donut before the dance (with Pearl), Lars and Sadie are seen pressing their faces against the window entranced by what’s going on.

9. While introducing Stevonnie to her friends, Kiki specifically uses the “they” pronoun. They’re really knocking it out of the park with the appropriate pronouns in this comic series.

10. Steven and Connie’s discussion of how to go forward in their lives when they’re fused is really fascinating–and has many parallels to people who live with unusual variations, including queer genders and orientations. Connie’s “Do we have to start telling everyone right from the beginning?!” comment is particularly relevant.

It’s impractical to blurt it in an introduction that you’re secretly two kids fused together, but it’s also difficult to get to know someone as an individual without disclosing something so important. When’s the right time to tell people? So many people will relate to this.

And they’re pretty worried about what Kiki will think of them, but Connie makes a good point about how THEIR feelings about the situation are relevant too.

Their conclusion that Stevonnie and Kiki should be friends, not seeing each other in a romantic context, was pretty satisfying.

This is again another casually queer comic with very accurate presentation of the characters acting like they do in the show. Recommended for fans of the show, as always.        

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