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eren’s flower shop ❀ part II

though this is the end of the original script, i’m obsessed with this AU and will probably draw more random moments in their life OuO or explain some parts more. but i shouldn’t promise anything, because i always have way too many ideas and a weird case of misunderstanding how time works ^^;
thanks for your patience and everything else you’ve given me!

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all of flowershop au

Langst i thought about late at night im sorry

ok so i don’t have a lot of evidence on this considering i don’t have screenshots and i really need to binge voltron again but im making this off of pure memory so hear me out ok? im porbably looking way too deep into this lmao

I think Lance feeling like he’s a seventh wheel is completely justified. 

Alright so everyone has had that moment where you make a joke and everybody just stay silent like it isnt funny, right? Well if you think about it, Lance has those moments every time he makes a joke or tries to lighten the mood, all of the time. Nobody really laughs at his comments or even pays much attention to them in the first place, only gets glares in return.

Now clearly, Lance usually cracks a joke for comic relief, but apparently no one else finds it funny. For example, he comes out of the pod after healing and everyone is happy to see him.  But as soon as he starts talking, people just groan and act like, “Oh, it’s that Lance, he hasn’t changed one bit,” and act clearly annoyed. Even his idol, Shiro, acts fed up with his shit- which in some cases is justified, but most times, it shouldnt matter, he’s just trying to be funny lmao.  Lance probably feels, unwanted, out of place, like he is the fifth wheel because no one really accepts him, and everyone finds him annoying.

Its not even just with Lance’s sense of humor, too.

People always think his ideas are stupid.

For example, the iconic scene where he keeps Keith from running straight into the danger that could get both of them killed, he suggests his alternate idea. Keith- who usually thinks Lance’s ideas are dumb, automatically jumps to the conclusion that his idea is going to be. Before he can argue, though, he works it out and sees that maybe Lance’s alternate route is a good idea. 

People disagree with the way he wants to complete something, in season 2, Lance comes up with the idea to form Voltron in a situation and everyone vouches against it, however 30 seconds later, they end up forming Voltron, like he said, anyway. 

Another reason, people also think little of him, they underestimate him, and that all starts with the Garisson. He was told that the only reason he ever got at his fighter pilot class was because his rival was kicked out of school, and without that he shouldnt have even been there. Again, he feels out of place, and like he doesnt belong. Then, his idol, his hero, Shiro, shows up, and when he finally feels like he has a purpose, like he could accomplish something amazing, but then Keith shows up. Even then, he doesnt give up, he is like “um excUSE ME BITCH I CALLED SAVING SHIRO FIRST” And once again, he doesnt want his rival that always beat him to do that once again. 

And again in season two, there’s clearly favoritism happening between Keith and Shiro, and Lance is jealous of course. Like, he finally gets to meet and work with his idol, and when he wants to go with Shiro on a mission, SHiro chooses Keith over him. Man, I wonder why he’s so overdramatic about it. Its not like he was treated the same damn way at the gaRISSON OR ANYTHING NAHH

No, but clearly, he has an inferiority complex, especially when it comes to keith, because he knows hes better than him in every way.

People in the show also deny that he has any good skills, and even he himself starts to believe it, when sorta venting to the yupper. (i die a little inside whenever i see it)

I loved it when shiro gave him praise for once because it was specifically for him and not directed at the whole time. It was good job LANCE

And honestly the pride on his face was so heartwarming like omg thank you shiro for ackowledging him

im probably going way off track but anyway 

daily dose of what its like in my mind 24/7 lmao

I hope in season 3 they kinda bring his insecurities up again as a sort of conflict i mean- with Keith possibly becoming Black Paladin, Lance is probably gonna be hella jealous and im sure thats gonna instigate a fight between them, and now theres not really a mediator. So. Fantastic…..

Guys i feel like a lot fo stuff goes right back to shiro, how lance probably aspires to be like him, or be good in his eyes and therefore be good for the rest of the team but hes having this inferiority complex because he feels unappreciated. Like hes just that annoying guy they dont really need and they could replace him if they wanted to, and keeping all of those thoughts hidden or masked by this confident facade is like

lance youre gonna break at some point 

I hope lance gets the recognition and the acknowledgement he deserves in season 3 i swear he better not be tossed under the rug.

Why the MCU missed the boat when it came to marketing Hawkeye...

Much like many other Hawkeye fans, with each and every new Marvel movie that is released, we hold our breath and hope that our favourite bandaged, broken badass will actually be allowed to come out of his shell and be, well, HAWKEYE.

He’s gotten a lot of flack as a character, usually due to his stiff, stoic, far-too-serious portrayal in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But I came up with ten reasons why Marvel and Disney REALLY missed the boat when it came to marketing Hawkeye, and why he could’ve been just as popular and well-loved a character as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and all of the other characters that are branded as the “real Avengers”, whilst poor Hawkeye and Black Widow are typically removed from merch and ignored by the marketing department.

The first thing that really interested me about Hawkeye, and the thing which upset me the MOST when it wasn’t included in the MCU, is the fact that Clint Barton is almost COMPLETELY DEAF in both ears. In Earth-616, he’s been deafened several times over, having it surgically fixed on one occasion and having special hearing aids constructed by Tony Stark on another. It baffles me why Marvel and Disney wouldn’t want to promote a deaf superhero to children who may also share the same disability and would take great solace and comfort in seeing a badass superhero with the same affliction as them. Here’s to hoping Clint comes too close to a violent explosion in Civil War

My second favourite thing about Clint Barton as a character in a setting such as the Avengers team is the fact that he is absolutely, unapologetically, unashamedly, 100% HUMAN. There is nothing enhanced or supernatural or magical about him, he doesn’t rely on a high-tech exoskeleton or technologically advanced suit – he’s just a normal dude who happens to be able to keep pace with superhumans, legends, and gods due to his incredible archery ability. And not just keep pace – unlike in the movies, in the comics Clint is an essential and critical member of the team, despite the fact that he’s not in any way special. If that’s not inspiring to the everyday person who feels like they can’t accomplish anything compared to their friends, I don’t know what is.

The Hunger Games, Arrow, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Tomb Raider – archers are sexy, and pop culture is LOVING them. I never really understood why Marvel chose not to push their own badass bow-slinger given the reception received by DC Comics’ Oliver Queen and District 12’s Katniss Everdeen.

The hardest thing to get through to people who have no idea who Clint Barton is beyond Renner’s reluctant, rigid acting is that Hawkeye is NOT a character who stands on a rooftop as a silent, deadly badass, shooting off arrow after arrow with a stoic face behind his sunglasses. Hawkeye is the most self-sabotaging, hapless, ridiculous, damaged, broken fuck-up, who spouts cocky one-liners and does his best to make it through life in one piece. Who can’t relate to a character like that?

Matt Fraction’s work writing for Hawkeye, particularly in alliance with David Aja’s artwork (which captured and reflected Clint’s personality PERFECTLY), has really put the kooky superhero on the map as one of Marvel’s best. Don’t believe me? Go buy Hawkeye: My Life As A Weapon, read it, and get back to me!

In the world of Marvel comics, Hawkeye rises to the task of training, coaching, and sometimes even acting as a personal therapist towards many of the new recruits to the Avengers. He’s a staunch supporter of Captain America, and would follow him to the ends of the earth. But one of the best relationships Clint has is with his sidekick Kate Bishop, whom he worships and respects for her skill despite the fact that she’s much younger and much less experienced than he is. I am praying that the Russo Brothers give Clint a bit of a mentor role with the newbies in Civil War and touch more on what we saw between him and Wanda Maximoff at the climax of Age of Ultron.

If you’re a comic book fan who believes in equality between the sexes, and you’ve never heard of The Hawkeye Initiative, you need to check this shit out RIGHT NOW! In order to combat sexism in the way female superheroes are drawn and portrayed, artists across the Internet have been redrawing the ridiculous poses women are often drawn in (usually a butt-shot), but replacing the heroine with Hawkeye instead. This has given Hawkeye more of a reach than people think, as most Internet-goers who know their memes will have heard of him before even if they aren’t an Avengers fan.

Hawkeye is one of the mouthiest Marvel characters (Deadpool aside, obviously), but I suppose it’s hard to find time for the side characters to act as they normally would when all of the funny moments, comic relief, and good witty one-liners are given to The Only Four Avengers Disney’s Marketing Department Thinks People Are Capable Of Caring About. Blah.

If you don’t know who Kate Bishop is and you like strong, independent, badass female superheroes, you’ve been missing out and a Google search or a trip to the comic book store is very much in order. Kate spends most of her time (when she’s not helping run the Young Avengers) running after Clint, telling him to stop being a screw up, saving him from various bad guys, and assisting him more like a PARTNER than a sidekick. He even let her keep his name, figuring she was badass enough that she’d earned it – you gotta love a guy without an ego complex! I’m still hoping Kate Bishop will eventually show up in the MCU… and that she isn’t destroyed in the same way Clint was.

While a lot of us can empathize with Tony Stark’s self-destructive tendencies, or Bruce Banner’s anxiety and rage issues, I firmly believe that Hawkeye is the type of character who, if given a proper and equal shot at the silver screen, could capture the hearts of children and adults everywhere for one simple reason: we’ve all been Clint Barton before. We’ve all been a self-sabotaging, hapless, ridiculous, damaged, broken fuck-up at some point in our lives, and this charming, sweet, cinnamon roll of a character is exactly what we need to remind ourselves that while we aren’t in any way perfect, while we are flawed and broken and are struggling to get through life, that’s okay. Because even without superpowers, you still matter. You’re still important. You’re still a superhero!


THIS YEAR’S ART SUMMARY! this year i somehow managed to complete an 80+ page comic book, another album, and well over 100 full painted portraits and original pieces.

i didn’t do as many full paints of comic pieces, because i could feel myself hitting a wall. my color palettes were getting so vibrant that some things were getting too busy, or a bit lost in translation, so i decided to tone it back. i wanted things to look more surreal. like, things that shouldn’t be alive that somehow are. i think i made some progress!

i pushed myself really hard this year, though. along with keeping up with vending, SM, and health, i find i did have a number of shortcomings, but i’m pretty dang proud of what i was able to accomplish :’v



  • 10/20 Favorite friendships.

Luffy and Usopp: BEST FRIENDS. This one it’s my favorite of all. They are all friends and they all have different relationship as friends, but this one honestly I love this. Like it might be because both are the same age and enjoy the same things, but they are always having fun and being excited for the same things, they understand their stupidness. And like, it works since Luffy is a reckless guy and Usopp is coward so the scenes between these two are really funny. The fight they had because of Merry in water 7 broke my heart because Luffy didn’t want to do it, he had to as a captain. Like I cried a lot with them but I was really happy how they fixed everything. And even if they make joke and stuff, Usopp respects him a lot too. And protects his dream as well. HE DOESN’T ALLOW ANYONE TO LAUGH OF LUFFY’S DREAM.

Zoro and Luffy: this friendship it’s loyalty more than anything. They are all loyal to Luffy as captain and friend but Zoro definitely wins this award. I love this one just like I love the first one. Luffy’s personality works well with every member I have to say. Zoro is a lazy guy and a really serious man as well. And he respects Luffy more than anything, even if he acts like a kid, he recognizes him as his captain more than anything. And he protects his dream more than his own and that’s honestly beautiful. He was wiling to give up about his dream if he can protects his like like COME ON THIS FRIENDSHIP ITS GOALS. And Luffy as well, he trusts Zoro so much. Like I really love when Luffy is like: if Zoro says he will, then he will. I’ll leave it to him. He loves his vice-captain so much.

Zoro and Sanji: it’s actually a rivalry for not a real reason actually. Since little garden they established this rivalry because they couldn’t decide which of them brought the biggest animal to cook. This one it’s specially for comedy and I love it too. Like they fight for the tiniest thing but when it comes to help and works as teammates, they can relay on each other to accomplish that goal. Even if they fight a lot, I’d say it’s a good friendship between these two. I really loved how back in Foxy’s arc, Sanji asked him to be friends for 10 minutes and unite so they can win the game and Zoro was agree. When it comes to seriousness they have pretty much the same thoughts as well. And their nicknames are actually funny as well; ero-cook and marimo~ // Even if they can’t admit it they actually care for each other, they wouldn’t be the same with their partner of fights.

Nami and Luffy: Well, even if I secretly ship them as a couple, even if I don’t make a big deal for it since One piece it’s pretty awesome without romance and I would hate to see ships wars because of this, I’m going to focus on them like that; Luffy treats all his friends the same, of course he takes care of girls in his crew, I’m not saying they are weak but I bet he understands sometimes they need to be protected I guess. Nami’s personality it’s of the girl that doesn’t understand Luffy’s stupidness and it’s always hitting him for the ideas he jumps with. Even if she doesn’t posses haki lol. But never mind, this friendship/relationship have been developing through the series just like the others. At the beginning Nami didn’t trust any of them, but Luffy did since he met her. Luffy was the first one Nami asked for help after 8 years. I believe he became someone in her life with who she feels safe and protected from that moment. She’s the navigator and he’s the captain, she’s a part of as I call it, the coward group and it’s always arguing with a Luffy about the islands they should go, so at first she was always trying to persuade Luffy and avoid danger and the and Luffy would always win. But I feel like she doesn’t feel scare at all anymore. She respects him as captain even if she acts/looks like the actual captain sometimes and Luffy doesn’t seem mad at all about this, and what about him? Well, he decided she was going to be his navigator even after she betrayed them… even if Johnny told then she killed Usopp. He didn’t believe so..

Chopper and Usopp: as I mentioned with Luffy, they are around the same age and enjoy the same things like Franky’s creations. Chopper cares a lot for all his friends, but he spends most of his time with Usopp and is always believing what he says. I really like this friendship. Back in Water 7 when Luffy won against Usopp, he went down to take care of Usopp in tears even if he didn’t have to, that was honestly really touching for me because chopper really cares about his being. And well, they are really funny together!

Robin - Franky - Brook: I haven’t related them in special relationship YET. If you read above, I have focused in the firsts arcs and I was used to see all of them together. At least Robin, I really like her relationship with Usopp. He’s always scaring the shit of him and that’s really funny and she’s like the crew mom and chopper’s moma, she’s really cute with him. Brook and Franky joined the crew and fit perfectly with them. They create a really good friendship atmosphere. Franky Is really funny as well with Usopp and Chopper. And Brook can have a good time with all of them too, specially with Sanji from my perspective, pervs.

Nami - Usopp and Chopper: this is a really funny group. The coward group. Whenever they are together you know it will be fun. Just remember thriller back arc. I laughed a lot with them. Like they are cowards but when they have to fight, they fight. Normally it’s really funny when they are together so I really like them!

Sanji - Zoro - Luffy: The monster trio. Do I have to write much reasons about this one? They are the strongest of straw hats crew and I really love how Sanji and Zoro are always taking away the enemies when the boss is coming. I really love the way they act around each other too, they are really funny too because Luffy is the one who jumps with stupid ideas and he would get hurt in s comic way from both rivals. This team works really well when it comes to fight. I really love seeing them together. And the fact that they can beat anyone but the three of them lose against Nami by herself lol.

Aaron McGruder announced on his Boondocks Facebook page that he’s working on a mobile game based on The Boondocks.

I’m Aaron McGruder, and this is my Boondocks Facebook page. Understandably there’s a lot of confusion out there so I’ll start by clearing that up.

It’s been a few years since The Boondocks went dark and in that time the world has gotten, well… interesting. There’s a lot of catching up to do. I won’t try and tackle it all at once. I know there’s a lot of fans who miss the show, and even more OG fans who probably hated the show and miss the comic strip. The sustained relevance of the characters to the generation who grew up with them has been heartening to see.

Returning to The Boondocks has always been a complicated prospect for a bunch of reasons, ranging from the legal to the personal, but the biggest challenge is always a point of view worth sharing. Inappropriate negro humor is serious stuff. I’m proud of the series and what it accomplished, but I don’t own it and can’t revisit it. Returning to a newspaper style comic also seems like looking backwards. Next year, The Boondocks turns 20 years old. Any new incarnation will have to find relevance for an entirely new generation.

After the election, new jokes and easy satire seemed self-evident. I’m often asked if I now finally miss the world of political humor. I don’t. It’s hard to miss The Boondocks when life has become The Boondocks. Uncle Ruckus is President. We’re all living a bizarre political satire that is largely about race, and inappropriate for children.

It’s tragically funny, especially if you have a profoundly dark sense of humor like myself, and it raises a new question. Now that we’re all trapped in a cartoon what do we do about it?

A few months ago I started playing with the idea of video games - something I always wanted to do but never made the time for. It’s a medium that feels right for our violently turbulent times, and right for The Boondocks. I have no idea what the App Store will let us get away with. It’s uncharted territory, and good to do something completely new with the characters. It won’t be for every fan of the show or the comic strip, but it’s equally as sincere, and still a bizarre political satire that is largely about race and inappropriate for children.

This is not an announcement of the show returning or anything nearly that exciting. It’s a bit of a labor of love over here with a small team including tech wizard/advisor John Imah and the legendary DJ Pooh on the help out. There will be more info coming soon so watch this space. Different canvas. Different generation. We’ll see where it goes.

anonymous asked:

Hello ~ going to be doing a mystic messenger AU of high school comic and need inspiration, rfa + minor trio including mc as to what type of students they are (include what year you'd think they'd be in etc) ~ thank chu ^.^

ohoho i really like this request it’s fun to get ones that aren’t x mc,, and it’s gonna be based off of american highschool because i don’t know other schools lolol


  • He’s a junior but he acts like he’s a senior
  • And by saying that I mean he skips a lot of classes and doesn’t care about a lot of his grades
  • He’s that kind of person
  • He tries not to distract other people in class though cause like he does understand that there are people that want to learn and get a good education and he doesn’t wanna mess that up for them
  • Anyway he’s pretty bad at the main subjects (like math, science, english) but he gets pretty into the miscellaneous classes
  • Literally takes gym all four years wth


  • Canon that he’s actually a good high school student
  • Anyway he’s that smol freshman that tries really hard to get all good grades and be prepared for everything
  • He gets overwhelmed really easy and if his workload gets too big
  • He’ll cry from stress
  • My mind is telling me that he’s good at history
  • I feel like he would actually be pretty good at memorization like he makes a bunch of flashcards and is efficient with studying (at least for that)
  • He’s that student that’s good at the subjects during class but when tests come around he full out panics
  • He plays the clarinet and is super good at it
  • But he makes a bunch of silly mistakes like playing a note too high or for a little too long
  • It’s not that bad but it’s enough to stop him from being in the front


  • Senior that everyone’s High Key™ gay for
  • She’s so accomplished like she’s in all AP classes and is in SGA and is fluent in Latin
  • Gets all As always and gets super stressed out when she gets anything less even if its an 89%
  • She plays viola and has been since she was a little kid so she’s super good at it
  • And she stays after school and tutors the other kids if they need help
  • Needless to say she gets pretty stressed a lot
  • But she’s pretty good at handling so she keeps up her grades and extra curricular activities


  • He’s a junior
  • And he’s not really great at school
  • Like he tries pretty hard to understand everything, but he gets frustrated when it takes him too long to get the hang of it
  • So he’s in on grade classes with Zen
  • Hoo boy that won’t go over well
  • For the most part he keeps to himself but he talks to other students during group activities or like if they come up to him first
  • But other than that assuming in your AU the RFA knows each other he doesn’t talk to anyone outside of the RFA
  • And he doesn’t do any extra curricular activities cause who’s got time for that


  • The sophmore that everyone loves
  • Some of them love him because he’s really funny
  • But most people love him because he’s hella smart and he lets anyone copy his homework he straight up doesn’t care
  • Definitely the class clown like is that even a question
  • But when he has to he can focus on working because he does actually care about his grades
  • It doesn’t take him long to understand whatever they’re learning so he can just do random shit during most of the class
  • Like make paper airplanes and throw them at Vanderwood
  • Takes all those computer classes idek what ones there are but he’s in all of them
  • And you can’t convince me that he doesn’t play violin like
  • Just him playing the devil went down to georgia super extra ly
  • Aesthetic


  • He’s that senior that everyone loves and everyone wants to be like
  • Already has hella scholarships and got accepted to an Ivy League school
  • And he’s the president of SGA
  • But he still goes to school because he’s that nerd that actually likes going
  • Mostly because he’s in art and a bunch of other artistic specials idk if it’s called that anywhere that’s what we called it at my school like art and photography and writing
  • He’s that guy that’s just really kind all the time but in like basic ways like holds the door open for people and picks stuff up for people that they dropped


  • Sophmore that has already given up on school
  • Like he has no patience for any of this shit anymore
  • But he’s also really naturally intelligent so like he can pass tests without studying and does his homework in class like immediately after he gets it so that he doesn’t have to worry about it when he gets home
  • And since he’s smart he gets to be in all the same classes as Seven!! Yay!
  • He really hates it
  • But not as much as Vanderwood
  • And like Jumin he’s not friends with anyone outside of the RFA and he doesn’t even really consider them his friends so like ,
  • He has no energy for any special classes like he takes the bare minimum and just stops


  • Sophomore and they regret that every day of their entire life
  • If only they could have been born another year, but alas, they’re stuck in the same class as Seven
  • They complain about Seven a lot with Saeran
  • Like more than you would expect
  • When Seven finds out it hurts him greatly
  • Anyway on a different subject than Seven, they’re pretty average at academics
  • Like, they’re smart enough to be in advanced classes but they get Bs and Cs on average
  • They’re in orchestra and they play the cello and i’m just screaming thinking about that
  • They’re really good at playing but they started later than normal like 6/7th grade but they picked it up really quickly and got good super quick
Saving the Camera (Jonathan Byers x Reader)

Originally posted by lucassinclair

Reading in the library wasn’t an unusual thing for you, You preferred the quiet to the company of your brother’s friends. You loved Steve to pieces, but honestly, he had terrible taste in friendships.

Most days you had the library all to yourself, but today you couldn’t help but feel as if someone was watching you. You assumed it was Barb finally showing up, so you glanced up, but the only thing you saw was a flash of black disappearing behind a shelf.


At the end of the day you made your way back to your brother’s car. The first thing you heard was laughing, and for some reason you knew it was nothing good.

The first thing you saw was Jonathan Byers, the quiet kid whose brother had recently gone missing. Your eyes scanned the scene, and immediately fell on the scattered, torn pictures and the camera in Steve’s hand.

“Oh. My. God.” The words slipped out your mouth before you even registered them, and suddenly 5 pairs of eyes landed on you. Steve had the decency to look somewhat sheepish. “Steve, what the hell do you think your doing?”

“(N/n), listen,” Steve began in an attempt to explain himself. “This freak was taking pictures of us at the party- Not to mention, there’s like a thousand of you from the library today. He’s a creep!”

You raised an eyebrow in alarm, and glanced at Jonathan, who was staring at his shoes. “Is that true?” You asked, slightly uncomfortable.

Jonathan met your eyes and nodded slowly, “I was just looking for Will and I ended up at your house. And I know I should have asked if I could take your photo today.. I’m sorry.”

You bit your lip, your eyes locked onto his. Admittedly, it was a bit unnerving that he had taken pictures of you when you had no clue he was even there, however, Steve’s punishment seemed far to harsh. Jonathan was under a lot of stress and god knows that camera had to be expensive. 

“Give him back his camera, Steve.”

Steve gawked at you, anger evident on his face, “What? No! He’s a pervert and if you give him the camera, it’s just gonna happen again!”

“Damn it, Steve! Give him the camera or I swear on all my comic books I will not hesitate to tell mom about what you and the assholes you call friends did last year!” 

There were scandalized gasps from the teens beside you, but you ignored them. The threat had accomplished what it was intended to and Steve shoved the camera in Jonathan’s hands, “Fuck you.”


An hour later, you sat with Jonathan in the local diner eating burgers. The two of you had discovered fairly quickly that you had a lot in common, and the conversation was easy to keep up. For the first time in a long time, you felt like someone understood you… Who would have thought that person would be Jonathan Byers.

“I.. I really am sorry about the pictures,” He apologize again. “I just felt like it was the perfect moment. You looked so comfortable and involved in your book and I couldn’t stop myself from capturing it.”

“It’s all good,” You assured him with a smile. “I understand. And I’m sorry about Steve. He really isn’t a bad person, in fact he’s usually one of the sweetest people around, but he tries to hard to be considered cool and it makes him do shitty things.”

“Anything to be cool, right?” He chuckled darkly, and then took a sip of his milkshake. A comfortable silence settled over the both of you as you worked on finishing your food.

Finally, Jonathan cleared his throat and spoke again, “How come you aren’t like that? I mean, I’ve never seen you try to impress anyone.”

You contemplated for a moment because for a question like this the response must be clear and well thought out. “I just thinks it’s unnecessary. Who needs to be popular anyways? High school is such a small part of your life and once you get into the real world, it won’t even matter.”

Jonathan smiled and tilted his head at you, “I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone like you, (Y/n). It’s a nice change.”


Artists in Action!

Meet Brian Morante, one of the very talented storyboard artists on SpongeBob SquarePants! Brian has called Nick a creative home for many years, working as an artist on Monsters vs. Aliens and Breadwinners, and teaming with @nickanimatedshorts to create Earmouse and Bottle

Read on to find out how he got started in animation and what inspires him to keep going!


1) What is your role here at NAS? How long have you worked here?
I’m a storyboard artist on Spongebob SquarePants. I am going into my 6th year at Nick. I started out as a storyboard revisionist on Penguins of Madagascar.

2) How did you get started in Animation?
I’m mostly self taught. I drew a ton, made my own animated shorts and comics, and collected a phat stack of rejection letters from animation studios all around town for years. Eventually my stuff was up to par and I applied to Nickelodeon. The timing and my talent finally matched up, and I got my first job.

3) What is your day-to-day like? Any interesting routines?
I get in and I get a big cup of water and read the news (and the entire internet) to make sure the world still exists. And then I read through the script pages I want to get done for the day (I usually shoot for completing one page per day). I’ll sketch out little thumbnails on the script page and come up with gags or funny ways to play things out. Then I wring my hands about whether or not I’ll finish on time. Flesh out my thumbnails on the computer and hopefully make them funnier. Then wring my hands about whether anything I’ve done is good enough. Talk myself off the ledge and continue. And then there’s lunch with friends somewhere in there.

4) What continues to motivate you to be an artist and work in animation?
It’s a demanding job but it is very fun. And it’s the only thing I’m actually good at. So short answer is: fun and homelessness.

5)    What are the favorite parts of your job?
I have the freedom to go off script and come up with my own gags or funny lines. I love creating that stuff. On a good day storyboarding feels like what it felt like to play with toys when you were a kid. Also, working around so many talented, funny people.

6) Tell us about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career.
A couple years ago I got the opportunity to make a short I pitched to the Nickelodeon Animated Shorts Program. It’s called Earmouse and Bottle. I learned a ton about the entire production pipeline, and got to work with a lot of talented people who helped create my vision. In the end I got this professionally made, finished product of a silly idea I came up with while doodling at home.

7) What/who inspires you?
When I want to get the inspiration juices flowing I usually go to a book store or a comic book store. I walk around forever and look at EVERYTHING. Something about that gets me inspired to create.

8) What is your advice for aspiring artists or people interested in entering animation?
Draw a lot. Draw everywhere and everything. Fill a sketchbook a month. Find friends that like to draw. Go out sketching with them at coffee shops, the mall, the zoo. Critique each other’s work. Attend life drawing classes/workshops. Look into what jobs there are in a studio. Pick one that plays to your strengths, and work towards that goal of creating a portfolio and then creating a better one. Look at work online from people that do those jobs. Recognize what it takes. Never settle for “good enough” in your work. There’s a line of people behind you who are working harder to become better than “good enough”. Then apply and apply again. Be ready for many rejection letters from many places. And then be ready to take it up a notch and try again. Ultimately your real goal is to become undeniably good. If you can do that, animation jobs will rain from the sky.

9) Who was your mentor?  
My freshman year in high school, my art teacher Nataha Lightfoot built his own animation equipment (light table, pencil tester, etc.). He started the animation club, which I joined immediately. The club turned into a class which I took every semester of high school. Mr. Lightfoot always encouraged me but mostly just helped by giving me access to everything I needed and left me alone to make all the crazy films I wanted. He went on to supply schools across the country with his animation supplies and teach other teachers how to teach animation. If you have an animation class at your school, chances are it’s because of him.

10) What are your favorite hobbies?
I like to go out sketching with friends, and I love going to the movies.

11) What is one of the most challenging aspects of your job?
Taking something that might be mildly entertaining or somewhat funny and pushing it to be something that is going to blow the roof off the place and make people laugh out loud. And doing it in very little time.

12)  What is your spirit animal?
Animal (from the Muppets). If I could make cartoons like Animal plays the drums… watch out!

13)  Favorite Nickelodeon show?
Ren and Stimpy.

14)  Favorite Nickelodeon quote or catchphrase?
“We’re not hitchhiking anymore… we’re riding” - Ren Hoek to bar of soap.

15)  Favorite snack?
This is a really boring answer, but trail mix can really get me through the day if my lunch wasn’t big enough. (If I didn’t care about my aging, bloating body I’d say candy.)


Follow Brian to see more of his amazing work:

Twitter: @brianmorante 
Tumblr: @brianmoranteart

And watch Brian’s Nick Animated Short Earmouse and Bottle.

answering asks!!

HEY HEY HEY thanks for sendin asks!! there were so many good ones, sorry i could only answer a handful! forgot mobile users cant see the faq. i’ll copypaste it in a post in a sec.

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Living With You

read on and ao3

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve / thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen / seventeen

rating: t+ for sexual joking, swear words, and violence

pairings in this chapter: nalu, gruvia

characters in this chapter: natsu, lucy, juvia, gray

reblogs are appreciated <3

Waking up early for once, Lucy was excited to find that Natsu was not in her bed. The twerp had finally decided to respect her space after he had both slept next to her and ran into her while she wore a towel.

Not that she minded him sleeping next to her, of course.

She enjoyed having him next to her while she slept, and although it wasn’t a familiar feeling, she liked the idea of having someone sleep next to her while she was in her most vulnerable state. Someone to protect her and be ready to fight whatever came her way. And that definitely described Natsu.

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Detective Comics: Rebirth, annoys me.

I don’t know rather to call this a review or a rant. So consider it both. (It’s mostly a rant.)

and as a disclaimer, I do not dislike James Tynion IV as a person, I actually kind of like him and can relate to him on what feels like a lot of levels. I feel good for him that he accomplished something that he’s been wanting to make for a while, and it’s hard to hate a man for that.

But ya know, at the same time, what he wanted to accomplish, I can hardly stand.

and as another disclaimer, this is mostly about Tim in all honesty. I’m a Tim blog, I enjoy Tim, Tim is the character I study the most, so sorry if I don’t get into the other groovy guys quite as much.

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30 Best Mellow Frames (Part 3)



Sorry for the delay, here are the top ten Mellow Frames: 

10. Steven Universe Characters React to Edgy Theories 3:

Remember the Steven Universe Edgy Theory Generator? It was an online generator that came up with absurd theories for Steven Universe. It was popular with the fandom awhile ago. I made three comics that were about if these theories were true. These comics were fun to make because I didn’t have to waste time on set up or anything like that, I could get to the jokes quicker. The most popular seems to be the third one. The joke at end seems to be the popular favorite, which surprised me because I was very unsure about making the joke. However people did find it funny so I guess it did work. Raven Molisee, a writer and story boarder for Steven Universe, liked this post so I guess this is Crewniverse approved. Neat.

9. Just a Few Questions:

This is easily my most popular Mellow Frames as well as the most controversial. I do admit that I do have a few questions that could’ve been reworded ( “Where are my Limb Enhancers” should be “ Am I ever going to get my limb enhancers back”, “ Did Rose have any humans before Greg” should be “ Who were the humans that Rose had before Greg and what happened to them”) Also there were some questions I should have asked like “ Will Greg ever move on”, “ what did Peridot ‘mean by Harvest me’”, “Who owns the Big Donut”, and “ where are the cops in Beach City?”. 

With that said I do think some of the complaints are funny. I literally said it was a metaphor, but so many people took it literally. I’ve seen a few post complaining about this comic specifically saying this is how ridiculous SU Crits are. That makes me a little proud. Many believe that this comic is anti filler, but really my intention was to point out that there is a lot of possibilities for interesting stories, but season 4 wasn’t taking advantage of that. Though not all the questions were like that.

Honestly most of the people did like this comic and I’m proud of it. It’s just not higher because I prefer the ones where I am telling more of a story.

8. Fuse, Marry, Kill:

Here’s an oldie, but a goodie. It’s just about the gems playing fuse, marry, kill (though in hindsight it should have been fuse, marry, shatter or fuse, marry, bubble), but Pearl is giving eyebrow raising answers. This is pretty much the birth of the character we call Problematic Pearl. Problematic Pearl is pretty much Pearl, but is blatantly unapologetic and her flaws have been ramped up. This comic did become a slight meme as I’ve seen people on Tumblr and Reddit reference it. I believe this one is all right.

7. Problematic Pearl: Pokémon Go:

For those who don’t know, I have a secondary account called Ask Problematic Pearl. It’s an account where I have people ask questions towards Problematic Pearl, which is the Mellow Frames version of Pearl. This is easily my most popular post on that account and I understand why.  I feel like this one isn’t cheating to put on here since it’s done in a Mellow Frames sort of format. The ask I got for this came months before I answered. I waited so long to finally make this comic because I wanted to play the game for awhile so I can get the references right. I feel like it paid off. Also this is the only Pokémon Go meme I found that isn’t either condescending to players or about team stereotypes.

6. Are You the People I’m Suppose to Kidnap:

I’m a little surprised that this one is as popular as it is, I guess people like Garnet drawing boobs. In hindsight it is pretty funny and the boobs did look better than I expected (I can’t draw, but I know how to use Illustrator). Here’s a fun fact about what seems to be everyone favorite line “I hope not”, It was originally going to be said by Lars. I was thinking about doing a Mellow Frames on the Good Lars, where Sadie and Steven decide to get baked instead of helping Lars bake. While they’re high in the basement, Aquamarine and Topaz come in and kidnap Lars. Aquamarine asked Lars “ Are you my dad?” to which Lars replied with “ I hope not.” I ended up scrapping the idea because of time restraint ( and it not being that funny) so I gave the line to Connie. In hindsight, having Connie say it is a lot funnier.

5. The Lust Boat:

Well this one certainly has an erotic title, though it still accurately describes this comic. Not only is Jasper thirsty, but we have an added subplot about Pearl sailing out to hit on Jasper. I had quite a few people tell me that they hated this episode, but this comic made them feel a lot better. That makes feel a lot better.

4. Aether Foundation is Suspicious as Fuck:

I can’t believe how right this comic was. Not only was I right, the game didn’t even hide it. For a while this was actually the Mellow Frames with the most views, which is surprising because usually only the SU stuff gets notes (aside: I really need to start making Pokémon comics again since Ultra Sun/Moon are coming out). There was even a well-made dub of this comic made by Ravens Dub. They did a pretty good job on it.

3. Miss Problematic Pearl:

Mr. Greg was for me the episode that saved Pearl’s character, however that’s not very funny. What is funny is to put Problematic Pearl in the episode. So this comic is pretty much the episode except with Problematic Pearl and no musical numbers. This is probably one of the few Mellow Frames where I was laughing while making it.

2. Do You Mind, I’m Full of Education:

My best comics happen to be the ones on the episodes I like (people would think it would be the other way around). Mindful Education is one of my favorite episodes so Do You Mind I’m Full of Education is one of my favorite Mellow Frames. Despite the episode being so good, I still have a lot material especially with bitter misused Garnet. It seems people’s favorite part is when Garnet asked Stevonnie the uncomfortable question. I was very worried about that moment since Garnet used an arguably offensive (some people told me the word wasn’t as much offensive as it was archaic. With that said, I never use the word unless in relation to a famous trope), but nobody got offended. Fun fact: that scene has also inspired an original film that I’m currently writing. This one is just one I love reading and I hope you do too.

1.     Peridot’s Hidden Escape Pods:

And here’s #1, it was #1 the last list and it’s #1 her too. This one asks an important question, what if Peridot planted escape pods throughout the ship. It really doesn’t work out. People love seeing villains fail, and it’s usually funny to see it done by their own volition. What makes this comic the best one is that it works even if you haven’t seen what it’s parodying. I showed this comic to my little sister who hasn’t even seen Steven Universe, and she laughed hard. I also liked the interactions between Japer and Peridot, which wasn’t really that different from the show. Until “Aether Foundation is Suspicious as Fuck” and “Just a Few Questions” this was the Mellow Frames with the most notes, and it really deserves it. Like the Aether Foundation comic this too has a dub that you should check out (I’m linking to my reblog because the dubber deactivated their account). Honestly this one is still the funniest in my opinion.

And that was my top 30 Mellow Frames. I would like to thank you all for following my Mellow Frames and supporting them too. Making these have been a lot of fun despite the lack of financial returns. Now I’m going to tell you all a little secret. So many people have asked me to do an abridged series of these frames, and I’ve usually said no. Now I’m going to tell you that I actually really want to, and I probably will eventually. Right now I’m trying to get financially independent, but after I accomplish that I’m thinking about making the SU comics into videos. I just need to learn how to edit an abridge series (though it’s not exactly an abridge series) and get voice actors since I can’t voice act (though I know a few people would be perfect voices). So it probably won’t happen this year, but eventually I would like these Mellow Frames to not just be comics anymore. 

Monthly Volleyball 2014 - March Issue - Haikyuu!! Feature - Interview with Furudate Haruichi

– so 1. stage play and interviews has wrecked me 2. hq s2ep24 has worsened my condition this might be my permanent state of crying
anyway, so because of the above stated reasons, I started trawling through tumblr and digging up stuff about haikyuu, and I chanced upon this magazine interview posted here by aerobird. Yes it’s kind of (very) late considering it’s a publication from 2 years ago (wow), but I really liked what I read so I decided to translate it out of personal interests (plus I haven’t been translating stuff lately so this is good). there’s also another haikyuu feature in a magazine called DaVinci which was also found on tumblr, it’s a little longer than this one I might translate it if I have the time. I can’t remember who posted it but I will put up the link if I ever do get down to translating it. for now, please enjoy!

– So I understand that Furudate-sensei has been watching the Spring High Volleyball tournaments every year! First of all, please share with us your thoughts on this year’s tournament.

Furudate: Well, this is something that strikes me every year, but the cheering is really intense! The very moment I step into the gymnasium, I’m overwhelmed by the cheers of each school. They really raise the atmosphere by a notch. Hearing the cheers also make me think of the players who must be so full of pride, to be able to play a match with so much support behind them. At the same time, I also recall my high school days, when I thought that it was so unfair, because only the baseball team got the whole school to support their matches! (laughs)

– This year you were allowed on the benches to collect material for your manga. How was it witnessing the matches up close?

Furudate: I was allowed to watch the matches from the reporters’ bench which was situated at the end of the court, and the balls were always rebounding in my direction! I was able to once again relive that feeling of ‘closeness” with the ball.

Other than that, I was able to see the match from the serving player’s line of sight, which gave me a very realistic view. And when I was down on the courts once again, I remembered how high the ceiling was and how bright the lights were. The players must have felt dizzy every time they practiced and had matches in the gymnasium. It must have taken them a while to get used to it.
Though I couldn’t enter the court, I was really happy that I got to witness the match at such close proximity.

– Were there any plays or scenes that left a deep impression?

Furudate: Since I’ve been watching the matches from the audience seating until last year, the behind the scenes work which I was able to catch a glimpse of this year definitely left a lasting impression.

I was definitely able to feel the players’ anxiety while they waited for the previous matches to end and for their own team’s matches to start. And when the matches end, witnessing the reactions and feelings of both the winning and losing teams also left a deep impression.

– Were there any teams in the Spring High Tournament that left a deep impression?

Furudate: I was able to watch Seijoh High School and East Fukuoka High School practice in the sub-arena before the semi-finals. Seijoh had a more mild and quiet playing style, while East Fukuoka was intense and impactful, it was quite an interesting contrast. Each team’s unique personality also really shines through during the few moments before the start of a match.

– Were there any players who left a strong impression?

Furudate: To be honest, it’s quite hard to find someone who stands out as “The One” from first glance. I’ve always longed to stand on this kind of platform but I never had the chance to, so everyone who has made it to this stage is an existence above me (laughs)

Also, while collecting material I tried to focus more on the off-camera action, as the actual matches can still be watched on DVD. Bearing witness to these little details, the number of players that left a strong impression could only increase.

Haikyuu!! Is a story revolving around volleyball. What inspired you to create a series like Haikyuu!! ?

Furudate: I was part of the volleyball club in middle and high school, and I still feel a strong sense of attachment to the sport. At that time, club activities were the only thing driving me to go to school. Even so, I wasn’t able to accomplish anything of much result. The feelings of frustration and regret, and the things that I wanted to do – I channeled them all into my manga and created Haikyuu!!

– What is the charm point of volleyball to you, personally?

Furudate: “Entrust”, and “to be entrusted with”, are foundational concepts in volleyball. Without understanding them, the game will not fall into place. For any team sports, it might be a given that teamwork and “connecting” is necessary for each play to work, but in volleyball such concepts form the roots of the game. Other than serving, even a simple offense cannot be done alone. That is precisely why the joy we share with our teammates, the frustration we feel when we can’t do anything on our own, are the charming aspects of volleyball.

– While reading Haikyuu!!, I noticed that there were many “speedy” scenes. Is “speed” also an aspect of volleyball which you find charming?

Furudate: I haven’t been consciously thinking about it, but the “speedy” feeling from these scenes may have actually been a result of trying to depict the “rigor” of the sport. Volleyball is different in the sense that continuous running is not involved, but as long as the ball is in the air, one must be constantly on the move and have their senses honed in order to stay focused in the game. I might have been trying to depict the rigor and anxiety felt in such scenes. Even though I’m the one drawing it, I’m analysing it as if it’s another person’s work (laughs)

– Within the manga, I noticed that a size 4 ball was used during middle school years, and the designs of the coloured balls changed with time as well. I feel that sensei has put in a lot of effort into these minor details. 

Furudate: When transitioning from middle school to high school, we also upgraded from using a size 4 ball to a size 5 ball. The thought of “It’s big!” that I had at that time Is still very fresh in my mind, so I decided to put in such details in the manga as well. In the manga, I wanted to add in a scene where Hinata was thinking, “The ball’s different from the one in middle school!” but sadly, due to the limited number of pages, I had to cut it. When I was playing volleyball in high school, we also switched to coloured balls (we were still using white balls at the time when I entered high school), which left a deep impression on me. The designs of the balls keep getting more and more intricate, it’s getting tougher to draw (laughs)

– Are there any volleyball players you like?

Furudate: Aoyama Shigeru (former Japan National team member), and for currently active players, I like Torray Arrows’ Yoneyama Yuta.

– There are many unique and fascinating characters in Karasuno High School. Are there people in real life whom the characters are modeled after?

Furudate: Personality wise, I thought of the different aspects of the people I know, my own shortcomings as well as my own ideals. I have yet to create any characters who are modeled after real-life players.

– Why did you choose to set the story in Miyagi?

Furudate: Karasuno is located in Sendai City of Miyagi Prefecture, and may give off a sort of countryside image. In the beginning, I was deciding between Miyagi and Iwate. I lived in Iwate until high school, so I thought of modelling Karasuno High and its surroundings after my hometown in Iwate. However, my hometown was so far into the countryside that not even trains passed through, so it was kind of impossible to encounter students from other schools. I also rarely walked around town, so I actually didn’t know as much about my hometown as I had expected, so I gave up in making Iwate the setting (laughs)

I spent about 8-9 years in Miyagi after graduating from high school, so it’s like a second hometown to me. I feel a great sense of emotional attachment to the place and I’m also familiar with the area. Furthermore, it’s also the hometown of my editor-in-charge, so in the end I decided on Miyagi for the setting. But thinking about it now, having characters from a rural countryside with no trains saying things like “Ey we’re gonna go to the Tokyo Gym!” would be kind of interesting to see (laughs)

– Were there any scenes that were particularly difficult to draw?

Furudate: The rules and explanations of the different plays. Majority of the Jump readers do not have a prior interest in volleyball. I didn’t want to bore the readers with the explanations, so I try to incorporate them as parts of the story. The rotation of the players is also another issue. When I think that, “Hey! The protagonist can shine in this scene here!” in the next rotation, he would be shifted to the backrow. But the rotation itself is an interesting concept that can be expanded on in the manga.

Other than that, sometimes it’s just the scenes and frames where I have to continuously squeeze in the characters. When I’m drawing in a half-asleep state in the middle of the night, I’ll carelessly draw a character who was supposed to be in the backrow jumping to block the ball, or drawing right-handed players spiking the ball with their left. When I realise I’ll be like,  “Uwaaaa!” and then I’ll have to redraw the scenes. Sometimes they get published without me noticing so then I’ll be like “Uwaaa!’ and I’ll have to redraw those scenes for the comics publication. (laughs)

– Volleyball terms such as direct and indirect delivery, break, etc. were also all very well-explained in the manga. I can tell that sensei has put in a lot of effort in explaining these very daunting volleyball terms…how was it?

Furudate: Conveying these terms to readers who are not familiar with volleyball in a straightforward manner has always been my top priority, so I always try to use words that leave a strong impression or simple explanations. Especially for foundational rules (the ball must be sent back to the opposite side of the net after three touches, player rotation etc.), the names of the different positions and the basic attack strategies, I hope that the reader can remember them in order to fully enjoy the manga. However, unlike the basic terms that appear very frequently, the specialised volleyball terms are rather difficult to understand and commit to memory. The technical terms might sound cool to someone who’s never heard them before (at least that’s what it’s like for me? How about you?), so even if they can’t remember their meanings, just by filing them into their memory as “something cool”, when they come across these terms again while watching a match on TV, they’ll think, “Hey! I think I read about that term in a manga before!” It’ll be great if they can slowly familiarise themselves with the terms in this way.

Also, for a shonen Jump manga like Haikyuu!!, there still hasn’t been a special move with a cool name yet (due to the author’s lack of naming sense), so the use of these specialised terms actually helps to shoulder some of the burden (laughs)

– Are there any characters whom you especially like?

Furudate: If I had to only choose one, it would be the protagonist Hinata. I put in a lot of effort to arrive at the Hinata that’s in the serialised version right now, so I have a really strong emotional attachment to him. Other than that, from Karasuno I like Tanaka, and from the rival schools I like Aone of Date Tech and Bokuto of Fukurodani. Basically, I like characters who don’t think about the consequences before acting. I’m someone who tends to overthink the consequences, so I really admire characters like them.

 I think it’s a really amazing concept to have someone small like Hinata who only stands at 162.8cm to be a middle blocker. Please share with us your thoughts and inspirations for this idea.

Furudate: I wanted to make quicks the main weapon, so I decided on middle blocker. Before Haikyuu!! started, I wanted to draw a story about a super amazing setter who could send the perfect tosses to his spiker. Following such an idea, I thought, rather than being “taller than the block”, why not be “faster than the block”? In the first chapter, we see that Hinata makes up for his lack of height with his amazing jumping power, but yet he realises that such ability is insufficient. I wanted to make Hinata reach the “peak” before his opponents, to triumph over those who are bigger than him, so I gave him an extraordinary jumping power to contrast the handicap his overwhelming lack of height gave him.

I also played middle blocker during my school days, so I really wanted to convey the feeling of touching the ball when making an awesome quick!

– I feel like the names of many of the players in the story are kind of uncommon or unconventional…is it just me? (laughs)

Furudate: I don’t think it’s just you (laughs) At this juncture, the surnames of the players from Aoba Johsai were taken from the names of hot springs in Iwate, and the surnames of the players from Date Tech were taken from the names of hot springs in Miyagi (for most of them). When more characters are introduced, it’s also really difficult to think of names for them. Now I’m still using the names of hot springs in the Tohoku region, but in the future it may expand to the whole of Japan. For the teams that have animal motifs, I think of their names by relating them to their respective animals.

– Hinata and Kageyama are indeed the epitome of yin and yang. I’m also looking forward to their individual growths in the future. Please tell us more about the future developments!

Furudate: As to how Hinata and Kageyama will change from now on, to be honest, I’m the person who knows the least. I’ll work hard to create a progression that the readers would be excited about.

Right now we’re at the Spring High Preliminaries, but there will be teams that will lose their third year players, and there will be teams that will completely change too. I also want the readers to also look out for teams that will be competing once again. Nekoma High and the other rival schools of the Kanto region will also be facing off in the preliminaries at the same time. I haven’t drawn these scenes yet, but I definitely want to do a good job portraying the matches between the other schools.

– Last question, what is the one thing that you want to convey the most to the readers through Haikyuu!! ?

Furudate: The fact that volleyball is fun and cool! I hope that Haikyuu!! can become a gateway for people to become truly interested in and pick up volleyball. I want it to be a story which both people play and do not play volleyball can enjoy, and I’ll work hard on that. Please look forward to it and thank you for your support.

anonymous asked:

what was your unbiased opinion on the atop the fourth wall movie?

Well that’s a tough question, I can’t really give a totally unbiased opinion because I’ve been a fan of @atopfourthwall for several years, just the fact this passion project of his exists makes it awesome to me.

I definitely thought that for what it was, it was absolutely spectacular. I was never a fan of the tgwtg crossover movies but I couldn’t peg why, until I saw the atop the fourth wall movie. The movie had a point and actual character development and meaningful moments while not feeling overcrowded or like anybody didn’t belong ( my personal feelings about Brad Jones withstanding )

For an independent director working on a limited budget Lewis accomplished something pretty stellar, a feature length film taking place a majority in space and using the “continuity” created by others on the website as a launching point to further his own story, interweaving the continuity of everything together really well.

It’s not perfect, but I feel weird talking about its flaws given its independent status but it might be fun given a lot of story deconstruction I’ve learned from Lewis over the years.

My only huge complaints would be the inclusion of Mechakara and Linkaras. .. weird fluctuations in character.

For anyone who hasn’t seen at4w Mechakara is an alternate universe version of Linkaras robot Pollo ( I JUST NOW GOT POLLO IS NAMED AFTER THE SPANISH WORD FOR CHICKEN OH MY GOD ) that stole the skin of his linkara and became a recurring villain for our dimensions linkara ( yes this series of videos of a guy reviewing comics requires a fucking plot debriefing I love it )

In my personal opinion Mechakara kind of out stayed his welcome? I know that may sound ungrateful or unappreciative, and really I’m not trying to, I just personally felt vice and Mechakara both stuck around a bit more than they needed to ( vice especially though he’s the frieza of the series )

His inclusion as the antagonist of the movie feels kinda like they got halfway through the writing process before going “SHIT! This can’t just be a character piece we kinda need a bad guy.” Cause for 80% of the film the primary conflict is Linkara and the depressive state he’s going through. ( Lewis has him refer to it kinda as an early midlife crisis but that is straight up a depressive episode )

Linkara is questioning his life, and how he kinda is just living from battle to battle and while he’s not suicidal he’s … ready for the hit that ends his life. It’s a pretty heavy subject and one that from a realistic point of view is great to address given Linkara starts the series as just a typical dude, and has had to deal with some horrifyingly traumatic stuff. It would make sense for the character to have ptsd out the ass even if Lewis doesn’t feel comfortable writing characters that suffer from mental problems he doesn’t suffer from personally ( the man is very comfortable in his lane lmao )

It actually reminded me a lot of the end of the three kings arc of yu yu hakusho, where Yusuke is questioning why he fights and why he’s trying to get stronger. Which is why I was kinda dissapointed how quickly he resolved his personal feelings.

Admittedly it was solved quickly in yu yu hakusho as well, but yusuke had an easy quick answer his gf keiko.

Now don’t miss understand, I’m not decrying the choice I completely understand time constraints and all that, I was just kind of dissapointed that he figured out his reason for continuing was the comics ( we knew that would be the answer ) simply by talking to Allens dead body.

I’ll excuse it though, because he was also under duress and pretty sure he was gonna die and that can kick your brain into high gear and help you reach conclusions a non panicked brain wouldn’t.

The only other complaint with his character was - Linkara was … well he was kind of a cock to allen for no discernable reason. Allen, his contact with the government, was never shown to have much interaction with Linkara throughout the series.

So, the movie actually was a chance to push their relationship to a better place and develop Allan as a character. However more time is spent on re affirming Linkaras relationship with MarzGurl which is perfectly fine - she was amazing in the film, it’s just that it was a bond we already knew about ( and this is very much a film for his fans and is in no way a jumping on point )

Having Linkara realizing he was a dick to allen after he dies just …mmm felt kind of lazy? It would have been nice to see Linkara realize he was being needlessly paranoid about allen through some action on Allens part. ( hell Allens death is pretty much an accident )

Such as possibly finding out Allen has turned down promotions to stay on Linkaras case, or that Allen actually had to sacrifice something great and call in a lot of favors to get the snipers off of Linkara, basically show how Allen stretches himself thin to protect Linkara and for Linkara to then realize he has no fight with Allen and can trust him.

And explaining all that character conflict you probably ready forgot there was a robot bad guy huh? The final confrontation with Mechakara is absolutely fucking awesome awed despite the fact I giggled when Linkara said fuck, I absolutely loved it none the less.

But the movie is ultimately very fucking character focused to the point where Mechakara almost feels like an afterthought like “oops we need a bad guy this time.” to the point where, despite being kinda tired of him I hope that wasn’t the final time we see him cause that would kind of suck as a send off for a long time villain.

However despite that I loved the movie so much, and lewis is my writing IDOL and I absolutely adore anything he puts his brain into. Any criticism is done with full love and admiration for the guy.

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Companions and faction leaders react to Sole getting prosthetic gen2 synth eyes

Had the Jeepers Creepers song stuck in my head while writing this…such a great movie

Ada – Aside from the obvious colour difference and Sole’s comments now and then about how clear and convenient their new pair of eyes were, Ada wouldn’t be bothered in the slightest. She’d just be happy that they no longer faced the problems they had with their previous pair, considering how dusty the Commonwealth was and how much of an effect of getting said dust in their eyes had on their combat efficiency. Long story short, Ada would just be really glad to have one less risk in regards to losing her closest and most trusted comrade.

Cait – Nope. Nuh uh. Does not like it at all. It creeps the fuck out of her although she’ll never outright say it. Whenever she looks at them in the dark, whether it’s at camp or just a really dark cave or building, the glowing irises sends chills down her spine and she has to quickly look away so Sole doesn’t catch her grimace. She knows it’s still them in there and all but why did they have to get Gen2 specific eyes? What, did the Institute not care enough for its damn leader’s parent to give them a proper set of peepers? At any rate, she would have much preferred that they had given them a set of Goddamn deathclaw eyes that at least wouldn’t stare right through her whenever they talk.

Codsworth – It is odd for him, very odd. All his robotic life he’s known Sole to have normal human eyes that didn’t glow a bright yellow like their new set did, yet to brighten his own mood he thought about what sir/mum would say if they saw Sole now, causing to him to chuckle to himself like a time-crazed robot without a master. They would surely have had a large fright had they lived to see this day, the thought of such leaving the Mr Handy in a rather sombre mood.

Curie – At first, she’d think of the science behind replacing a pair of human eyes with synthetic ones and would be absolutely in awe of the Institute and their scientists because they’ve managed to seemingly pull off the impossible and make it work out for Sole’s eyesight. But then she’d actually see the end result and realise something that would almost break her heart. Her most favourite thing about Sole was gone. She loved looking into their bright, expressive eyes, eyes that have seen both beauty and horror yet still went on shining in their own special way, but now they were gone and replaced with a robotically hollow stare. Internally, she would be sad that she will never again see into their soul like that but for the sake of her closest friend, she’ll push that thought from her mind.

Danse – He would despise Sole’s new pair of eyes. Whether they helped them see better or not, he didn’t care and would instead insist on them wearing sunglasses or doing something because he just can’t stand the sight of them. It was nothing against Sole personally of course, but the way they stared right through him…it always makes his spine tingle in exactly the same way as when he talks to that Detective in Diamond City. His duty as a Paladin for the Brotherhood would for the first time in his life, be ambiguous. Does this mean it is his duty to exterminate Sole? Surely it wouldn’t for it’s just their eyes that are synthetic…right?

Deacon – As long as those new peepers of theirs don’t serve as some kind of surveillance device that could put both himself and the rest of the Railroad in danger, Deacon wouldn’t have an issue with their new look. If anything, they look more badass now than they did before and that’s A-okay in his books. Secretly though, he’d want a pair of contacts or something so that they both can look totally badass while roaming out in the wastes.

Desdemona – She’d never had a problem with synths before, of course if she had then why would she even bother leading a faction like the Railroad, but she would be left very uneasy under Sole’s gaze that seemingly see’s everything within her. She has secrets just like everyone else, secrets that the mere thought of or feeling that someone can see right through and ultimately know sets her on edge. So no, Des would definitely not be a fan of them even when she gets assurances that their eyes aren’t being used by the Institute to track their every move – an excuse she uses instead of fessing up the real reason why she orders Sole to operate outside the HQ via dead drops at all times.

Dogmeat – When he bounded up to Sole excitedly in greeting, he was left confused and slightly scared for his master/mistress. They smelled like them, acted like them and spoke like them but those eyes…it would be those two glowing orbs that would have him backing away slightly and cocking his head to the side. What happened to them? Did they get hurt? Are they sick? After his initial surprise Dogmeat would snuggle into them happily like nothing’s changed, because he’d know that it was definitely his Sole from the way they knew just where to pet him and also gifted him with his favourite chew toy.

Gage – This new set of eyes Sole’s got creeps him the fuck out to no end. Which is a good thing, because if it makes him uneasy then by damn it’s gotta scare the shit out of whoever is stupid enough to be on the receiving end of Sole’s gun. His only problem with them is that sometimes Sole forgets to blink which leaves them just staring at him like they can see right through him, like they know every little secret he’s got.

Hancock – He was high when he first saw them and well a truly believed that they were the synthetic double for Sole sent to trick him into believing it was the real them. It would take a long, long time and a lot of trials and subtle tests of his for him to believe that they were the real Sole he’d come to know and care about and considering his own lovely complexion and absolutely perfect skin condition, Hancock wouldn’t dare throw any shade at them for their rather unsettling new look even if it did bother him.

MacCready – He yelps when he sees them first with their new pair of eyes, completely surprised and horrified at the same time because why would Sole do this to themselves? He loved their eyes! Secretly of course, but still! Now they look like something out of a comic book and he can barely supress a shiver each time he looks at them. Needless to say it will take a while for him to get used to it, but now and then he flinches when looking over to them in a darkened room.

Maxson – He hates it. His spine is set ablaze every time he looks at Sole and even though he knows they aren’t really a synth and that they are among the best soldiers at his disposal, he can’t help but want to shoot them down right where they stand. After all, this marriage of robotics and the very essence of being human is exactly the kind of thing the Brotherhood will not tolerate but considering it is simply just the replacement of their eyes…perhaps he might let them live. Might.

Nick Valentine – He’d actually quite like Sole’s new pair of peepers. After all, he’s only ever met one other whose had the same synthetic eyes as him – those glowing golden irises which makes any interrogation easy as pie – and the fact that Sole now stands beside him with the same kind makes him feel like he’s no longer so alone and isolated in this world, that he now truly has a partner in crime. Metaphorically speaking of course.

Old Longfellow – Its rather odd for him to see them with their new set of eyes but the old guy has seen much, much odder things in his lifetime to the point where their new look earns only a simple grunt of acknowledgement from him before he asks them if they want a swig of his whiskey. As long as the Captain can still see and shoot straight, then he doesn’t have a problem with them at all.

Piper Wright – She doesn’t like it, not one bit. Yes they seem to still be Sole on the inside, but now she can’t see that it’s truly them in those things and because she doesn’t fully understand it, she’d automatically be suspicious. What if the Institute was spying on whatever Sole does? What if it’s some kind of a tracking or covert intelligence gathering attempt against the Commonwealth? Needless to say she won’t allow Sole anywhere near little Natalie for a while and it will take some time and a lot of effort on Sole’s part to convince her to trust them again, although she’ll still be weary.

Preston Garvey – As long as the General remains the same caring, compassionate and overall selfless person he had come to know, Preston would not have a problem with their new look. That’s not to say he won’t feel uncomfortable when talking to them for too long, but he’ll tolerate it for his closest and most trusted comrade. After all, it’s the least he could do for someone like Sole who saved his people and his life in more ways than one.

Shaun/Father – It was one of the most nail-biting experiments he’d ever witnessed. Replacing human eyes with synthetic eyes from their second generation of synthetic blueprints was something he could’ve only dreamt about. The fact that it worked was the icing on the cake, especially since it was his parent who was proving to be a rather useful asset to the Institute. As such, he wouldn’t be bothered simply by their new appearance or the startling intensity of their newfound gaze, because each time he meets their eyes he’d instead see a scientific accomplishment.

Strong – He probably wouldn’t even notice their new replacements until its night time and their golden irises start glowing like never before. He’d demand to know how they were doing it, not quite believe that they simply just got a ‘new pair of eyes’ from the Institute because surely that can’t be possible? He’d be very suspicious of them and would quietly wonder if perhaps all humans have this weird power to make their eyes glow in the dark. If so, did that mean he was able to do it before becoming a super mutant? Afterwards, Strong could be found sitting in a dark room straining his eyes and eventually getting angry because he just can’t seem to do it like Sole had somehow managed.

X6-88 – He is used to synths of all kinds and the replacement was due to a medical necessity so it really doesn’t bother him one way or the other when their normally vibrant eyes gets replaced by expressionless glowing golden orbs. He does however miss seeing the emotion in them which somehow always managed to brighten his day just that little bit more.

May 7th - Justice League

‘Ahem,’ Flash said briefly. Logan raised an eyebrow. ‘I’m sure you know the drill, guys. I don’t want to have to hurt you.’

‘That’s the benefit of being fucking psychopathic,’ Raven responded. ‘We do want to hurt you.’

They had been waiting on the steps of the Capitol Building for maybe thirty seconds, watching interestedly as crowds of people scattered in chaotic fashion away from the green in front of them. The huge white dome loomed above, providing a suitably dramatic backdrop. Gar bounced on the tips of his toes.
‘Damn, I love this.’
‘Me too.’
‘Why did we never do this before, Rae?’
‘No clue. Ask Dick.’
‘It is kinda his fault, ain’t it?’ There was a pause. Gar tapped his foot impatiently. ‘Fastest man alive, my ass. It’s been at least a minute since –’

The air in front of them erupted, a thunderclap echoing around the huge space. Raven shielded her eyes, squinting uncomfortably into the glare.
‘Right on time.’

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