Sonic Archie Comics (pre-reboot) family redesign.

so meanwhile i was suposed to draw other stuff i decided to distract my mind with these.. :D

i drew Bernie shorty because of this picture..she looks shorter than her 17 son(16 or 17?? in the comic i guess and i don’t know what age he was at that picture’s issue so hehh) and i though that was cute..

also you already know my version of Jules where i base his design on the robot version :)

hope u like them! :)


Each of these photos has a story I either overheard in line or got to speak to the person on.
And yes, I broke the rules and took photos in line.

The top left photo was Seb meeting a disabled fan in a wheelchair. He instantly stood so he could lean over and speak with them, and even allowed the fan to hold the photo as he autographed it. He was so polite and sweet, and thanked them for coming through.

The top right was probably the most touching to me. The woman’s child had just got out of the hospital from her kid having a brain tumor surgery, and all he wanted to watch while he was recovering was The Winter Soldier. Sebastian’s face lit up with pure joy when he heard this, and he smiled at the kid and said something, and the little boy turned around because he was so shy. Sebastian thanked the kid’s mom for letting him meet the little boy.
@BuckyDurinson is in this photo.

The bottom left was taken mainly because of the woman you can see close up. She is actually enlisted, and about to deploy soon(I believe to somewhere in the Middle East, forgive me if I’m wrong). But she made me chuckle as I heard her say “I’m going to teach him how to actually salute.” She was dead set on teaching him the correct way for a soldier. I never got to see her after her photo op to know if it worked, but I hope she did.
The woman is @just-tea-thanks and she did teach him how!

Bottom right is a cute moment I caught right before I was told to put my phone up of a fan giving him a letter and a bouquet. He smiled and thanked her, and made the girl so happy.

If this is you in any of these photos and I have messed up any detail, please do not hesitate to correct me. I want to make sure these stories are told correctly!
I know I had a blast today, and I hope everyone else did as well.

*I ask that you do not share these without giving me credit, please!