Something That Bothered Me In The Defenders...

The scene in the abandoned building, when everyone turns on Danny Rand/Iron Fist.

He tries to explain that restraining him, rather than sticking together as a team, was a bad idea, and playing directly into the Hand’s… well… hand, as they are already in the process taking an agressive stance towards him, even trying to surround him. They act like *he* is the one being unreasonable, while insulting him, yet he knows how the Hand works better than anyone else there, save for Stick.

Sure, Danny threw the first punch, but it was after it was clear that they were going to forcefully restrain him, against his will. He felt betrayed (as ANYONE would) and was defending himself.

This is just odd to me because of how quickly they turned on Danny for this complete stranger (Stick), that Matt already established will say and do anything to get his way. Even more odd that Stick pointed out at the resturant that the Hand will *always* find them, but nobody seems to remember or take that into account when this is all going down.

So how is restraining the one person the Hand wants, leaving him completely unable to defend himself, a bright idea?

We then see how that plan goes completely to shit, as Danny said it would, and Danny Rand/Iron Fist is kidnapped.

Even better, the internet still sees Danny Rand/Iron Fist as the the dumbass and/or asshole during this scene. Just goes to show how far their hatred for the character goes, ignoring what is plain to see.