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I’ve always had a lot of respect for you, kid.”

A little idea I’ve had for a while. After the last Animaniacs production wrapped up, the Warner siblings get removed from the lot once the eldest sibling becomes an adult. Yakko meets up with Bugs, a colleague he’d known for years, while waiting for Wakko and Dot to get dropped off from school. Real-life issues and whatnot.

Sorry for some panels looking so much better than others. I never intended to get the whole thing nice and polished.

Already seeing people shitting on the Batman movie getting a rewrite.

They got a new director and it just shows that Matt Reeves is getting hands on with this film and is getting super involved. This will make for a better film.

I hate how when one little thing comes out from DC, people say dumb shit like “How hard can this be? Why is it taking them so long? This project is doomed.”

Like shut the fuck up.

Filmmaking is hard. Okay? Especially big budget filmmaking. There is so much stuff that goes into filmmaking that you wouldn’t be able to learn everything about it in 4 years of film school.

I’m serious. There is so much stuff that goes into it that the only way to really learn it is to actually be on set.

Majority of the Internet has never been on a film set let alone seen one.

WB has been making films for a damn century nearly. Chill. Let them take their time and don’t act like the world will end with every bit of news that comes out.

The Lego Batman Movie Review

Just saw the Lego Batman Movie, and it was surprisingly very good! It was much better than I was expecting, and was even a lot better than The Lego Movie.

This movie is more than just a cash grab movie based on a famous toy line and DC Superhero. This movie is more than just a parody of Batman, it has a surprisingly well made plot, and a lot of fun surprises throughout. There are a lot of fun jabs at nearly anything Batman and DC Comics related. There’s also surprise appearances from other villains from non DC related franchises. This had more crossover material than the original Lego Movie even, which is quite shocking, since you’d think this would’ve only focused Lego versions of Batman characters, with a few DC Hero cameos thrown in.

The action, and humor in this was fantastic. The climax of the movie was both exciting, and surprisingly emotional, I heard a few people crying a few seats behind me. This movie not only had a lot of great references to previous Batman portrayals from over 90 years of DC comic history, but it also offered a lot of new stuff that no Batman portrayal has ever really tackled well before. Even Batman in this movie had a lot of depth, and character development throughout the film, there were even times where I felt so sorry for him in this movie, there was a lot of emotion put into this.

The voice acting was great as well, like Will Arnett as Batman, Michael Cera as Robin, Zach Galifianakis as Joker, and Rosario Dawson as Barbara Gordon/Bat Girl. The humor was so funny as well, right from the beginning, we hear Batman side commenting on the cliche of opening logos and movie intros. The movie even went as far as admitting last year’s Batman VS Superman, and Suicide Squad were big disappointments. It’s so ironic how a film called The Lego Batman Movie ended up being a lot better than DC’s 2 big hitters from last year, and it didn’t get as much promotion as those 2 critical disappointments.

The audience was laughing throughout the film, I heard more laughs coming from teens and adults, than the actual little kids who dragged their parents into seeing it. The movie was definitely the funniest super hero related film I’ve ever seen. One part that cracked the whole theater up, was when Robin meets Bruce Wayne, and he’s just thrilled to meet Bruce. He mentions how his name is Richard, but everyone at the Orphanage calls him Dick. Bruce then says “Yes, kids can call people very cruel names…”

So yeah, The Lego Batman Movie was surprisingly a very fun movie to watch, and was worth watching in theaters. If anyone saw the Lego Movie, but didn’t like it, I encourage you to still give this one a chance, it is a lot better, funnier, more action packed, and even more heart warming than The Lego Movie.

“Metropolis” 2016

Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, a $1 billion dollar indoor theme park was recently announced for construction in the United Arab Emirates. The park will feature six themed lands, including Gotham, Metropolis (pictured here), Cartoon Junction, Bedrock, Dynamite Gulch and WB Plaza. Expect Metropolis to be filled with skyscrapers, blue and white skies and a major Justice League attraction. The park is apparently 60% complete already and will be opening in 2018.

Art ©️Warner Brothers

Don’t let Wonder Woman send the wrong message

For the love of God, do not boycott the Wonder Woman movie.

Like many people, I have felt incredibly let down by the WB/DCU movie slate. I was disappointed by the aggressively mediocre Batman vs. Superman movie, and felt absolutely cheated that I wasted money and a good night out with my mother watching the pile of flashy, neon-saturated, Hot Topic garbage that was Suicide Squad. Believe me, I swore then and there to never give them another dime. And while I still firmly believe that WB needs to be sent a message, they also need to be sent the right message…and the right people need to get that message. 

Not seeing Wonder Woman, even if it’s horrible, will send the wrong message altogether. WB is already expecting Wonder Woman to fail…and not because it’s a bad movie. They’re expecting it to fail because Woman. The message, then, won’t be to stop making bad movies. It’ll be to stop making movies with female leads - or any lead other than a buff, gritty white dude. Because that’s the way the rich, white, male movie executives’ defective brains work. If BvS fails, it could be for any number of reasons (none of them because it’s a bad movie, of course). But if Wonder Woman fails, it’ll be for one of two reasons: it had a female lead or it didn’t show off enough skin.

Worse yet, if Wonder Woman flops - and it doesn’t need to even “flop” that hard; I’m afraid that if it simply performs “respectfully,” or even as expected - DC won’t be the only people getting the message to put their female characters back in the background. Anyone making comic book movies, or even similar blockbuster-ish movies, will get the wrong message too. You don’t think the Marvel execs are watching this ahead of the Captain Marvel (or even Ant-Man and the Wasp) movie? You don’t think they’ll divert money from Captain Marvel to another Iron Man movie? I have a lot of respect for the creative folks over there, and they have shown some signs of listening to the problematic diversity aspects of their movies, but there’s plenty of people above the creative teams behind those movies - the kind of people who believe that the only reason their current line of comics could possibly be failing is because people are sick of women and brown people in their comics - who have a lot of sway.

Trust me, I don’t want to be betrayed by WB again. I used to love the DC Universe, moreso than Marvel at times, but that has changed so much over the years, and as far as I’m concerned, the DCU movies have just been more nails in an already nail-infested coffin. But we can’t let Wonder Woman be the message we send them, because that won’t get the job done. If you want to send them a message, suck it up and take a pass on Justice League.

But don’t let Wonder Woman - and female superheroes in general - be the martyr here. Because not only does that not solve the problem, but it makes an even more problematic problem that much worse.

So make sure you see Wonder Woman. If you want Ant-Man and Wasp and Captain Marvel and every other female superhero movie that could potentially ever come out ever, see Wonder Woman. See it on opening weekend. See it five times. Do whatever you can to make sure this movie explodes at the box office - despite the fact that WB seems to have been doing everything in its power to make sure it fails. There’ll be plenty more hills to die on in this fight for quality superhero movies.