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Director Patty Jenkins holds all the leverage in ‘Wonder Woman 2’ negotiations

  • Over 75 years of anticipation and strong buzz ahead of its release led the Patty Jenkins-directed 'Wonder Woman’ to a stellar $103 million opening.
  • Wonder Woman’s opening weekend topped Fifty Shades of Grey’s $85 million bow to become the largest ever for a female-directed pic
  • On top of its strong box office performance, Wonder Woman is also a great movie. In fact, it is one of the best comic book movies ever made. 
  • So, it should come as absolutely no surprise that there are now early plans for a sequel.
  • The problem for Warner Bros., though, is that they only locked in director Patty Jenkins for one film. This is a strategy that could very well end up costing the studio quite a few dollars — millions, 
  • in fact. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the studio will likely start negotiating with the director shortly, and she will “enjoy enormous leverage.” Read more (6/7/17)

I saw Logan today….and a woman behind me whispered “no..”  when the ending title card came in, and I had that a smol moment when you forget “same” is not an acceptable response outside tumblr.

PS: This is the first Marvel movie i’ve liked in a while, also, the first one to make me cry, ever (from marvel) this was a good ass movie.


‘Wonder Woman’ should indicate how DC Comics needs to make its movies. Unfortunately, we don’t have that much faith in them.

Wonder Woman Has Changed The DC Universe

ccehrler  asked:

Ok. Here we go. Let's do... avengers x reader? I guess specifically Bucky x reader What if... avengers find reader amongst Hydra files and locate her only to find out she has no memories of her own, but has all Bucky's memories. What if there was no machine and she was the memory eraser and the more she erased Bucky's memories, the more she lost her own and gained his?!! Angst, some fluff, I think you can cook something up MCU of course ;) Ooo this is gonna be fun

Hi, dear! Thanks a lot for taking part to this celebration, and sending in such a marvelous idea!

I hope you’ll like how it came out in the end.

Soldier and Eraser

Pairing: Avengers x reader, Bucky x reader

Warnings: oh well, this is difficult… there are so many bad things in here; I’ll try but I’m sure that I won’t be able to name everything, so just be cautious. Lots of angst, some fluff, violence (mostly mentioned more than depicted), manipulation, messed up minds and induced way to think, stealing, passing frontiers illegally, swearing and bad language, allusion to sex and to the use of it as part of a conditioned behavior, guilt feelings, … and probably something else.

Notes: this is quite a mental trip, sorry. The story begins soon after the events of CA:TWS; and X-men and the Avengers coexist in the same universe, but normally they mind their own business and do not really interact much, unless they are interested in the same thing. (I have heard that in the comics they should live in the same universe, but that in the movies they are apart because of licenses or something like that. By the way, I haven’t read enough comics to have an idea of their coexistence there, I have mostly just watched the movies. And I’ve thought that for this fic it would have been useful if they lived in the same universe. That’s all.) I’d really love if you could leave some feedback!

Word count: 7094 (Yep, this is much longer than my usual.)

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Steve reviews the files of the folder Natasha has given him. It has been weeks and not him nor Sam have been able to find any good lead on Bucky. He absentmindedly turns page after page. His eyes fall on something handwritten on a corner.

‘Always keep the eraser to hand.’

Few pages later another note.

‘Keep the eraser out of cryo as long as the soldier.’

Steve frowns. There are mention of the ‘eraser’ through the entire dossier and until now, he has supposed that it should be some kind of machine, but a machine would never be kept under cryostasis. The ‘eraser’ must be some kind of living being.

Steve updates Sam on the new piece of info he has just discovered.

“Wait a minute.” Sam hums on the other hand of the line. Few seconds of silence follow. “I knew it! Meet me by my house in an hour. We can have a lead.”

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  • Tumblr: *points to Ezra Miller as Barry Allen* This is my son.
  • Batfleck: *Furiously filling out adoption forms* NOT IF I GET TO HIM FIRST

before you judge someone for only watching marvel or dc movies and not reading the comics you should consider that
a) some people have illnesses that prevent them from having the attention span or general ability to easily read comics
b) a lot of people can’t afford them
and c) it actually doesn’t matter at all why a person chooses not read comics. like it seriously is none of your fucking business and you need to drop the superiority complex and let people like things

People: we’ve been trying for years to show people that comics can tackle serious issues and that they’re not just colorful cartoons for kids

Same people: having said that BvS was pretentious for thinking it could ask serious questions of its world that closely parallels our own and it should have been a kids’ movie for the entire family to watch once and forget about

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How do we get (thousands) more people reading comics? Feels like it should be east what with all the movies rn, nah mean?

At this point I would settle for more people reading more than just a tweet headline.

 at this point I would settle for more people only talking about things that they actually read or experienced and not just ‘heard about’

 but, sure, yeah… more reading in general.

Fans complaining about Fantastic Beasts being five movies being a ‘cash cow’ should shut up. If Star Wars can have 6 movies (plus The Force Awaken Saga PLUS the Rogue One prequel-prequels) Lord of The Rings has 3 Movies PLUS 3 Hobbit movies. Superman/Batman,etc have at least 15 different tv series/movies/comics, Then JKR should get to make as many spin offs as she wants.

  • What nerds say: Movie/game/comic book reviews should be objective, leave your bias out of it.
  • What they mean: Everyone who likes what I like is right and everyone who doesn't like what I like is dumb and bad, neener neener!