comics sketch

Let’s change the “Underworld” for the “Undersea” for a day~
Shall we look at the starfishes?

Hades Aidoneus as a merman for Mermay <3


This …i know people dont say and acted in the way ive showed, but i guess…it just how it feels like to me….i dont usually cry when this happens, but there are times when i think of this and i burst into tears….

im one of the people in my grade who has the best artistic skill, and people used to love my art when i showed it to them…but …..some people changed…..  and….. while most kids in my class pefer violent games like call of duty or halo, im the only one who really like undertale now…..and i draw it all the time….

now whenever i show my undertale art to my classmates, they usally say 

“another sans? seriously?” or “more undertale?” and…its not in the kindest of matters….

i dont know what to honestly do……

Goth is by @nekophy , the character i used as the drawing in this comic….i love him really much…heh….


um im p sure my computer just died??? ahaha im actually crying i wasn’t prepared for this. my queue is still really full so it’ll be posting everyday for about 3 months? but it might get janky eventually because i didn’t order all the posts

i’m planning to do traditional commissions, but i don’t know if many people will be interested? if you are itd help a lot. i think ill put together a post with info tomorrow