comics sketch


I’m feeling awful during these last days but I still tried to do a 2nd thing for Mercy76 week; even if it’s just a crack comic strip :’’‘)

It’s inspired by my regular experience as Soldier76; this happens ALL THE TIME. especially when no other healer is around. they stand in front of me, scream at me, I smash down my healing thingie n they run off screaming for healing n I wasted my heal thingie. like, what even? :’’’D I feel you, mercy. I feel you! lol

But then there are those beautiful moments when everyone runs off again spamming the heal button n suddenly Mercy appears in my heal circle, health drained badly n she thanks me for providing healing as well n gives me a damage boost. it’s so nice ;v;*

Imo, Solider76 n Mercy are a kickass duo that are a force to behold! especially since they can heal each other n keep the fight going :)

PEW PEW! a quick 30-35 minute (total) coloursketch I did of Brainstorm doing them fingerguns thanks to a suggestion by @leekalba over on Twitter :D (I guess this also counts as an emoji prompt! XD)

Been trying to challenge myself with some quick-draw pics and it’s worked some times and not sometimes too…