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Clowes’s Prose in the Future

Daniel Clowes writes the introduction to a forthcoming collection of comics by French cartoonist Nicole Claveloux. The Green Hand and Other Stories will be released by New York Review Comics in July 2017.

The artwork…is some of the most beautiful ever created for our lowly form—vivid, dreamlike, with intensely vivid hand-separated colors unlike anything I’ve ever seen. — Daniel Clowes 

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Comic Book Review: Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 #30 - Geeked Out Nation
I don’t think any Buffy fan out there is ready to read this week’s season finale for Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10. The issue before hurt enough already. A tough pill to swallow when they decided that Xander must be that character to die in order to emphasize how dire this situation this. It …
Review: Deathstroke #1

Review: Deathstroke #1 “Among Thieves”

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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.] Written by: Priest Penciled by: Carlo Pagulayan Summary Slade Wilson is betrayed!!! When someone from his past betrays Slade Wilson during a mission–Slade will stop at nothing to avenge this betrayal!!! As Deathstroke races to find the Clock King and his traitor who wants him dead, new revelations continue to rise about Wilson’s past. Who is…

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Suicide Squad Review

So I saw suicide squad this evening, and outside of a somewhat Marvel-esque uninspiring villain, a bit of sketchy editing and some unnecessary cursing, it was quite good. Here are some things I liked (no Major spoilers):

-Viola Davis. Her Waller is the Heath Ledger of Amanda Waller portrayals. Insanely accurate. (I mean, anything Viola Davis does is great, but this was A and B the C of D guys)

-Killer Croc. Killer croc actually walked like a crocodile? He side to side thing? It was great. And it stuck out to me. (Also the “I am beautiful” line was just so cute. I love him)

-Harley. Margot Robbie really made the character come alive. There are a handful of lines in the film that sound like they were pulled straight from Batman: The Animated Series. A+

-Joker. Now the joker is a bit controversial at the moment, and Jared Leto being a jerk didn’t help it either, but I felt that even if Leto’s joker wasn’t the best out there, it was at least adequate (I mean really, Mark Hamill has *THE* correct joker and he won’t ever be topped) Leto’s take seemed a bit more modern (tats and wannabe edgy gangsta look) but it unsettled me, and that’s what counts. [Just a tip, Girls, if you’re attracted to the joker or want a joker/Harley relationship… Don’t]

-Deadshot: Will Smith’s Deadshot is excellent. He has the cynical outlook with a bit of heart underneath that Deadshot needs, and Smith hits the nail on the head. The gun scene in the prison captured his mastery and joy in the craft that few have been able to do.

-Katana. Listen up guys, I know Katana doesn’t have as much screen time as we would like, (and the character doesn’t lend herself to many lines) but man does she have screen presence. And they did it without having to put a lot of focus on the sword. She just has a wonderful aura of danger about her that makes her a significant figure onscreen, even when sitting next to armed soldiers a good foot and a half taller than her. I really like that.

-Boomerang. They brought digger to life perfectly. The costume choice, the dialog, everything. You love to hate him. He and Viola took the cake for faithful character portrayal. I was amazed. Five stars.

-Diablo: Guys. Guys. Jay Hernandez took a somewhat forgotten character and made him into something so moving and deep that I have no words. Diablo is one of the best characters in the movie, and personally I think he needs a hug.

-The soundtrack is a little all over the place, but in the suit-up scene when “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes, the lyrics and dialog sync up perfectly and that really made my day.

-there were some good plot twists towards the end, ones that I actually really enjoyed, and a few touching character moments that I wanted more of.

7.5-8/10 stars. Worth watching.


Book Riot selects 6 small press books to read in November and Jane Mai’s See You Next Tuesday makes the cut!

“I think fans of Kate Beaton and Noelle Stevenson (and probably Meredith Gran–my favorite webcomic is by her) would dig Jane Mai.” — Susie Rodarme, Book Riot

Check out the whole list right here!

See You Next Tuesday
has also received a wonderfully thoughtful review, for a thoughtful comic that is also hilarious and filled with poop jokes, from ComicsAlliance.

“Mai’s diary comics are a prism, fracturing and projecting myriad Jane Mais onto comics pages. All that we can tell about the real Jane Mai for sure, based on the resultant work, is that she’s really funny, and able to alchemically take some pretty distressing or depressing topics and turn them into funny comics.” — J. Caleb Mozzocco, ComicsAlliance

Check out the rest of the review here!

Review: Detective Comics #939
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.] Writer: James Tynion IV Artist: Eddy Barrows Detective Comics #939 is an amazing issue that is full of the importance that was missing in the last flashy, action-packed episode. Tynion set up an amazing story on the sly in the previous issue about the past and how Batman and Batwoman, and more importantly the Waynes and Kanes, are connected.…

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Quick Review of Suicide Squad


This Tuesday I finally decided to put my middle finger up to the critics who praised Sausage Party and shit on Suicide Squad. I wanted to make my own judgement so I finally saw the movie and below are my thoughts on it! There are spoilers so read at your own risk~

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The New York Journal of Books reviews Cole Closser’s cornucopia of cartooning and art styles, Black Rat.

“Fans of outsider art and those who are familiar with the originating texts and comics from whence this experimental work comes from will thrill in the visual language and form on display by the Eisner Award-nominated Closser.” — Michelle Martinez, New York Journal of Books

Read the whole review right here!

Review: Action Comics #962

Action Comics #962

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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers.] Writer: Dan Jurgens Penciller: Stephen Segovia Inker: Art Thibert Colorist: Ulises Arreola Summary At the beginning of this story arc, we were introduced to a lot of exciting ideas. This made the first couple of issues incredibly engaging. In subsequent issues, the story has become mired in a sameness- Superman vs Doomsday. With this the final…

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Gabriele Di Fazio picked some of the best comics he read last year and one of them was Michael DeForge’s Lose #7 ! Check out the whole list here!

Lose #7 has also been reviewed by weekly comic library-focussed comic and comics blog Unshelved.

“DeForge’s drawing style is strange, original, and frequently disturbing. His books are always worth checking out.” — Gene Ambaum, Unshelved

Check out the rest of the review here!

Episode 50!!!!1!!1

Well look at that! Comics for Grownups turns 50, Josh turns 40, and Alex turns, turns, turns. (Andrea is still finishing up a big deadline, but should rejoin us next time.)

The new episode is now available for download fromiTunes. Direct RSS link for Android users here or listen online here.

This episode we reviewed the following:

The Boat by Matt Huynh (adapted from a short story by Nam Le)

Matt was a guest on episode 30 of the podcast. You can check that out here. You can also buy his books here.

Fante Bukowski by Noah Van Sciver

Support the podcast by buying Fante Bukowski at this link

Loop de Loop Comics by Ryan Cecil Smith

Specifically those are Dr. Go-GoBLOCKS, and Another Face. Smith made these minis in support of Loop de Loop, a looping-animation website.

Support the podcast by buying S.F. #3 at this link


Graphic Details Reviews: Princeless Vol. 1 (TP) by Whitley and Goodwin

Okay I promise to start reviewing comics that I didn’t like, or one’s that were just so-so at some point so you know what to avoid or so you have something to compare these reviews to but TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY.

Princeless is witty, clever and tons of fun. It’s suitable for all ages but there’s plenty in it were grown-up comic fans to laugh over including the women warriors armour scene which had me in stitches for ten minutes. 

Not only is a female led comic, with tons of characters of colour and the world’s most adorable dragon since Toothless but it’s just good writing plain and simple. 

Can’t wait to read volume 2.