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Oh hey, new video already, well shit I wonder, OH AND IT’S ARMS… WELL SHIT MAN THAT MEANS I LOVE ARMS DON’T I… YEAH… I DO

Voices: GaoGaiKingTheGreatVA

I’m still pissed at The Odd Gentleman

Not for taking Hussie’s money, but for WASTING HIS TIME. If they had told him immediately that they were going to run off with it, Hussie could have bounced back. But instead he had to pull away from his LIVE PERFORMANCE ACT for a solid YEAR to try to whip them into shape because they just threw him in a loop.

Hussie will never recover from that. The Gigapause asked more patience from his fans than could ever be expected for the type of story it was, and most of them left. He knows this game has a market a FRACTION of the size it was when he set out to make it, and it will never grow beyond that. So why is he still determined to finish it, without cutting corners? The same reason he asked us to send him our selfies: because the handful of us that are still here mean that much to him.

Imagine if the worst that ever happened to Hussie was that he lost $600k of game funding in the blink of an eye. Homestuck would have finished almost a year earlier. The fandom would still be almost as large as in its heyday, and would still remember the comic with fondness. Hiveswap’s production would be shortened by almost two years. We could be playing Act 2 by now. The game’s sales might even match what he had lost. What Pumpkin never would have been absorbed into We Love Fine. Book 2 of Paradox Space could have been completely posted online for free already, and a third issue might even be in the works. There would still be enough demand for the print volumes that they could feasibly see their completion. Hussie would have a thriving enterprise after a decade of work instead of something he has to keep sinking more into from his pocket just to hold together.

So fuck The Odd Gentleman, because they didn’t just cost Hussie $600k. They cost him EVERYTHING.


I am so done with this show. This is not what I started watching #Supergirl to see. Supergirl is not a babysitter. Having her look after some guy while HE has a hero’s journey betrays all that the show proclaimed itself 2 be from conception, to marketing, to the strongest ideas it had on display in Season 1. This show is about women and was supposed to stand out from the rest of the superhero shows by being built around one. It didn’t need a male lead going through a hero’s journey. That’s what Arrow was, that’s what Flash is, that’s what Nate’s entire story on Legends of Tomorrow is! But now somehow Berlanti Productions, Warner Brothers and The CW have decided it does need a male character going through his origin story and that it’s female lead just isn’t going to cut it because they rushed her origin too quickly, a decision THEY are responsible for and didn’t seem to be too worried about at the time.

I can’t support this and I have *literally* zero interest in watching this show waste its time on this character.  I’m out.

Taako: So, hey, you and Lup are together.

 Barry: …… how did you-

Taako: Like I wasn’t the first to know, Barold, please. Look. Here’s the deal.

Barry: Taako, you don’t have to threaten me. I care about Lup. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. 

 Taako: Oh! Oh no, you’ve got this all wrong- I’m trying to help you! There’s some shit you’ve got to know, terms and conditions style, right? And Lup’s too nice to tell you this stuff, so I thought I’d give you a heads up 

Barry: Aw- thanks, Taako, that means a lot :) so what do you mean heads-

Taako: If you hurt her, she will set you on fire. 

 Barry: O- Oh. 

 Taako: And then if I ask really nicely she might let me kick you in the ribs. But Barry, one amigo to another, take care of yourself, alright? Stay safe. 


Taako: You got it?

Barry: Ye a p

Taako: Love u bud. Have a good one.


[[ well would you look at that, i finished another long-response-comic-thingy… ain’t i productive i should be doing coursework what am i doing with my life
so, due to the majority vote… sansby will be canon on this blog - don’t worry, this is still baby BONES, aka, sans and papy, so to all you sansby haters… just skip a few posts every now and then, okay? ;w; 

ironically i was listening to ‘helpless’ whilst drawing this 

also papyrus is totally bs’ing about knowing sign language. he probably looked up that one term and ended it at that… sans is too much of an awkward pudding to research sappy phrases like that anyway, so good going paps. ]]


I wanted to make this comic a little longer but meh…. 

Have a Mommy Mae and Mommy Bea comic after they brought home baby Cassandra (also yes Mrs. Borowski dropped off the swing). 


UNCANNY VALLEY HIGH #1 is out on Comixology today!

Cindy is way overclocked in class lately and it’s tearing her apart—literally. Ada, Ajay, and Ken try their best to help their friend because, after all, three is better than one.

Happy New Comic Book Day! This is what I’ve been working on the past few months! You can read the first issue now, with my art in full color, words by Ian Flynn and letters by Tom Napolitano. Let me know what you think, alright?