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Probably my favourite page in all of my books! :D

Today I met Ian Whyte (Wun Wun the Giant in GoT) and Thor Bjornssen (the Mountain in GoT). And Ian Whyte made a real artwork of his doodle in my book :D He was the kindest!

The arrow I had drawn a couple of years ago by the actress who plays Meera Reed and the sword was drawn by the actor who played the part of Ser Barristan on the same day as the arrow doodle! c:

I shouldn’t be allowed to draw at 3:00AM.

Based off of this stupid Tumblr text post I saw which I can’t even reverse-search for anymore so it probably doesn’t even exist anymore but hey blackout’s over have some more Miraculous fanart               

art by annabubs

Please do not distribute, repost, modify, or use my art in any way with out my permission.