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Did you find it weird how distant Iroh was from Zuko in the comics? I found that to be really odd, why do you think so? Like I would except Iroh to be by Zuko's side helping him with the new responsibility of being Fire Lord and all that, but he's never shown, like I get the whole tea shop thing, but like you can have a tea shop in the Fire Nation too you know lol, I just wished we got more Iroh you know, add that to the long list as to why the ATLA comics are garbage lol 😂

Yes, I definitely found it weird and OOC and it’s another reason why the comics suck. I think Iroh would want to be there with Zuko, and I imagine that is what Ehasz would have wanted. He could still have a tea shop in the Fire Nation, even though I don’t think that would be his main priority anyways. I hate how Iroh just abandoned Zuko. That really didn’t fit with the way Iroh was characterized. He was totally devoted to Zuko, who he saw as a son. I think Bryke kind of sabotaged all of Zuko’s relationships in the show, including with his uncle. I found the Book 4 info so fascinating, not just because it hinted at all the unexplored potential for Zuko and Katara’s relationship. But also other relationships Zuko had that I found unsatisfying after he “went bad”. The info was so intriguing not just for the Book 4 stuff, but because it hinted that Book 3 was going to be very different if Ehasz got to fulfill his full vision for the story. 

For instance, there are a few things that really stood out to me in the Book 4 info. It was going to go deeper into the relationship between Aang and Zuko, how the elements depend on each and Zuko’s connection with Kuzon. Zuko and Katara would be very confused about their feelings for each other since Aang is their good friend and they don’t want to hurt his feelings. This implied that there was going to be a much closer friendship between Zuko, Katara and Aang than we ever saw in the show. By the end of Book 3, it barely even felt like Zuko was close with any of the GAang. He was friends, but to me it felt like they were pretty distant friends. More of temporary allies who then drifted apart. That’s a big part of why I found the end of the cartoon so empty and unsatisfying. And then in the comics, this feeling of mine was kind of confirmed. They barely have a relationship and don’t speak for years and Aang and Katara support killing Zuko out of fear he’ll turn into Ozai. They aren’t very close friends with Zuko, that’s for sure.

It’s pretty much the same with Iroh. They were very close in Books 1 and 2, but in Book 3 they were not. Zuko’s relationship to Iroh is like his and Katara’s after he went bad. He has to beg for forgiveness for ruining that relationship. He makes amends at the very end of the show, but there is hardly any time to develop anythig. In the end it is like with Katara. They maintain a distant relationship. That always made me sad. When I read the Book 4 info of how it would delve into “Iroh’s influence on Zuko and Spirit World” it made me think that Ehasz wanted to show a much closer bond between Zuko and Iroh in Book 4 and have him support Zuko as Firelord. To show how Iroh still helps Zuko like a father. I don’t think Ehasz wanted Zuko to “turn evil” so I think their relationship would have been able to be much closer than Bryke would allow. Zuko’s bond with Iroh was kind of collateral damage when they wanted to ruin Zutara.