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Reaper76 Week Day 5 “Downfall” - Falling Out/Heart

I had such a hard time coming up with something for this day lol. Well my last one was a little bit clever so I’m evening it out with a less clever one lol.

Gabriel plays favorites and hopefully one day blizz will make the lame hands-heart-thing a matching emote for R76 HAHA!

Plz don’t tag any ships but Reaper76


Damirae week day 5 : futurefic. Yep messy comic again. And grandpa bruce is here!! (i want draw old prople, they become like handsome, what? 😂😂) anyway, enjoy!! 😆😆

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Tony hitting on Emma be like:

Tony: I bought you a dress from the most sought after designer in the world!

Emma: They’re on my speed dial and that is last year’s fashion.

Tony: I bought you a Lamborghini!

Emma: That’s nice dear *walking away towards her jet*

Tony: I brought you the rarest diamond in the world! I excavated it with my bare hands and nearly died in a cave in.

Emma: *turns into her diamond form*

A friend of mine shared this story of an incident that happened near my area recently.

The area of where I live is nearby a rubber tree plantation and recently they are slowly chopping the trees down to industrialize the place (I’m still salty about this >:/ ). And due to this, the monkeys that used to live in those trees ran away to the housing areas nearby. 

So one of these monkeys (a pretty big one in fact) was hanging around this person’s house and this is basically what happened:

And now the people living there cover their cars from this horror 


Eastern Vampires oh my!


To members of the Citizens’ Committee, however, the eastern Canadian speculators were the real villains. George Murdoch referred to them as “eastern vampires who come here, invest nothing and try to get out of paying taxes”. - Calgary, an Illustrated History. Max Foran, 1978.

So despite my biased Edmontonian bitterness of ‘ohh Calgary got the railway’, it turns out in reality it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows among the settlers either when the Canadian Pacific Railway made that last minute switch. Calgary had already seen how Regina’s incorporation and experience with the CPR had been mucked up and wasn’t too keen on how the CPR dealt with land. The almost-town of Calgary at this time (aside from the NWMP fort) was mostly tents, shacks, and very flammable storefronts because of the fact that so much was uncertain about land titles. And of course, those dastardly eastern canadians were occupying land without giving back to the community (you know, that whole thing that people back there were peeved about britain doing to them. ah colonialism. The treatment of the local First Nations, on that note, is another story that also ties into the aforementioned flammability of the town-to-be, but that’s a topic i will address more when i get out of this 1970s discourse because it’s kind of icky)

Anyway smol Cal is a curious kid but maybe staying outside the fort with Ed for a night wasn’t the adventure he had in mind!