comics logic


   Ok red the comic 
   AND I STAND WITH the theory of Hanzo obtained that looks on the time he fought AS mercenary, and it was long before he met Genji. And I believe that looks suit the past of him rather than after. So if anyone againts me ! [ leave me alone, don’t hurt me, instead fight me teehee

So @bloody-bee-tea sent me an IronPanther prompt and here I am replying to it. :)

Please excuse any inaccuracies. Most can be explained with hand-wavey comic book/movie logic, I think lol.


Tony Stark was being sent to Wakanda by General Ross for something concerning the Accords. T’Challa did not panic, but he did make sure everyone knew to not allow Tony or anyone without clearance onto the medical floor where Barnes was, and bustled the former-Avengers off to another city to keep out of sight and trouble.

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