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Bendy can sway you to love with his poetic stumbles.

Original Comic:

(Alice voiced by the babe!)
✧・゚: @abicadabri :・゚✧


  • Javier: how long have u had a crush on Jonas?
  • Mitch: what? I don't even get...why would...I-
  • Mitch: I've never had a crush on him!
  • Mitch: it's none of have the NERVE, the AUDACITY-
  • Mitch: and do I know, frankly, that YOU don't have a crush on him??!
  • Mitch: maybe you do. Maybe you're trying to throw me off!
  • Javier:

Hey there, take a seat, think a thought.
Being toxic towards someone isn’t going to make things better. Making someone upset about their creation isn’t going to make the day brighter.
This is no holy war, nothing to win here.

There’s always a way to protect yourself from the content you don’t want to see.
There’s always a choice to walk away and let the person be.
There’s always a way to protect yourself from the hate that’s coming onto you.

Keep that in mind, sunshine, we all are awesome. And there’s a list long enough, full of things we can be upset about. Don’t add hateful attitude and being toxic into it.