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In one of the Futurama comics Fry mentions how “his face is as red as a baboon’s butt” after he makes out with this girl and how its the only sign that they aren’t perfect for each other.

He doesn’t say whether or not she mentioned it originally or anything, but it seems to be a point of insecurity (at least to an extent) for him, and I imagine that it would probably happen every time he makes out with somebody (he is a pale, white redhead after all).

In these trying times I’d like to introduce the idea that of all the people Fry has made out with in his lifetime, it isn’t until he and Bender first do so that his crazy blush afterwards isn’t mentioned by his partner, nonetheless possibly mocked or ridiculed.

One day Fry brings it up with Bender and asks him whether or not he noticed or was just trying to be nice, and Bender tells him that Fry blushes around him often enough that he didn’t really take note of it. Also that it was kinda cute and just meant that Bender is a good kisser and his doing his job right as his boyfriend.

Fry thinks this is a good sign, among the many, that him and Bender are perfect for each other.


🌻 - Their Father / 🌷 - Their Mother

//baww thank you~ I have fun running this blog and drawing my oc’s so it’s very easy to update it! ❤

Anyways, this ask is based on my headcanons on how nations are born. I’ve always seen them as being born like Wonder Woman–made from dirt and given life by some mystical force. So, technically, none of the nation’s are related to each other by blood. Yet, there’s a whole comic about how Iceland and Norway are actual siblings, but also a strip showing when Iceland was born he knew of Norway despite having never seen him before.

So, in my mind, nation’s are born knowing whether they have relatives or not, and even though none of them are born in the regular way they would still come up as being blood related if you tested them because magic. There’s only a small amount that are actually siblings/parents, the rest just kind of claim others are in order to have a family.

So, technically all of them on this blog would have the parents of either Slav or Illyria, but the only ones who are ‘blood’ related are Serbia, Kosovo, and Vojvodina.

Also, some of my ancient oc’s! Illyria’s had a design for a while, but not much more than that, and I completely created Slav for this, and who knows if he’ll stay or not.


This is how Haru apparently makes friends.

Thank you to @elecmon for letting me dub this!