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that´s a thing I did for the comic thingy I´m planing to do. In an ulternative univers I also have time to start lol. This day was shitty so this is the only thing I was able to do… 

Hope you guys had a better day ♥ I´m trying to be more active next week ♥
New 'Rick and Morty' Comic Will Be Based On Mobile Game 'Pocket Mortys'
Over two seasons, Adult Swim cartoon Rick and Morty has brilliantly skewed all kinds of classic science fiction tropes, taking ideas like alien...

WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB, Entertainment Weekly has the EXXXCLUSIVE announcement *URRrrrP* of our new RICK AND MORTY mini-series, POCKET LIKE YOU STOLE IT, inspired by the mobile game Pocket Mortys!

Learn more about the series at the link in their interview with writer Tini Howard, artist @marcellerby , and colorist @katyfarina !

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