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I really really love your r76 powerless comic! But I didn't really understand the plot :( Do you maybe have a post where you've explained it? I'm really sorry if I come across as rude

Ok, for the last time: here’s a brief.

  • Gabriel acts weird and looks like he’s kinda sick. He goes on a mission.
  • You can’t eat in the armory - Gabriel hates that.
  • Jack doesn’t understand a shit and acts like a worried wife.
  • Ana is tired of Jack’s shit and Reinhardt doesn’t talk much.
  • Angela knows but doesn’t tell a shit.
  • Gabriel looks fine.
  • Sex scene with socks.
  • Blood.
  • Jack still doesn’t understand a shit, but he thinks Gabriel is fine now, so who cares anymore?
  • McCree has the noisier laugh ever.


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Your comics how-to masterposts are freaking amazing!!! If I wanted to start reading Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel where would I start? For example, where is the beautiful image on the right of your blog from with cap, cap, and ironman :) also is it cheaper to buy from the Marvel site or from an actual comic book store?

Ahhhh anon first of all I’m sitting in an airport where I’ve been for 24 hours now, so i do not have the supplies (ie, my laptop) to answer this question properly. But I will try!!

First of all, there are two great places to start reading Carol. The first is Captain Marvel Vol 1  (…or vol 7, depending how you’re counting. The 2012 volume, basically). That was her start as Captain Marvel, as opposed to Ms. Marvel.

External image

Then there was the Avengers Assemble/Captain Marvel crossover event series, Avengers: The Enemy Within.

External image

Then there’s the NEXT best starting point for reading Carol, which is her NEW Captain Marvel series, Captain Marvel (2014).

External image

This is only like 4 or 5 issues in, so it’s a great place to start!!

Also, side note, you should totally be reading the new Ms. Marvel series starring Kamala Khan, because it is just ACES.

External image

Other Things you asked: I don’t know of any difference in price online or in the shop. If the book is 3.99 you get a free digital copy when you buy the hard copy. *shrug*

My sidebar image is actually from the Infinity event which was an Avengers event thing.

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Hi, I just wanted to say that I'm in love with your comic, it's so cute <3 . Also is Saboor by any chance a trans man? I kinda get that feel from him, but I guess that's just me?

Hey, thanks bud!
And I’m so glad that you read Saboor as not cis…because he is trans! Saboor is masc-leaning genderfluid (he uses both they/them and he/him pronouns). He is, however, AMAB, so he isn’t trans in the way you mentioned per se.
As to who is a transguy…honey you’re in for a big storm comi
Oh gee, what the heck. I’ll just let y'all know. Jameel is a transman.

Banner Signature Logos for my comics: 

Took a while but I figured some stuff of what is important to put in the logos and there are codes in xerotale tho I ain’t good at this kind of stuff lol Call it Easter Dragon Egg if you would, hope you like em <3 

Art /c/ @metalphoenixxwolf 

FAQ time!

I have a lot to catch up on! This is just the first installment!

Anonymous said: So does Hyde buy his own clothes? Or does Jekyll have to go out and purchase clothes that are way too small for himself?

Most likely scenario: During his second transformation, Rachel found Hyde scuttling around the scaffolding of Jekyll’s house and was horrified at his ill-fitting clothes–doesn’t he know how to dress himself?? She asked Jekyll if she could take out money to buy Hyde some fitted basics and has been his wardrobe consultant ever since. 

(Note: She likes playing dress-up with boys and will sometimes make little bits of clothing for Jekyll and the Lodgers.)

Anonymous said to glass-scientists: Can we expect to meet Dr. Lanyon in the nearby future?

The very near future! But we have a very important someone to introduce first …

Anonymous said to glass-scientists: Hey Sabrina, did you hear about the 25th anniversary of Jekyll and Hyde happening this year? It’s got Anthony Warlow in it and everything!

I am genuinely surprised the Jekyll and Hyde musical managed to earn a 25th Anniversary Concert. Is it going to be like the Les Mis concert where several actors sing songs together? … oh my God, are we finally going to have a properly staged Confrontation? Or will it just be like, five actors all singing both parts and flailing about onstage?

Anonymous said: Hey! I just want to say I’m a biiiiiig fan of your work, and your style and lines are simply fantastic. I love The Glass Scientists and I’m so so glad you’re developing this great idea!

Thank you so much!! :D I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

Anonymous said to glass-scientists: Are Jekyll and Hyde on a first-name-basis with each other? Like, would Jekyll go “Shut up, Edward” or “Shut up, Hyde”. How would they talk to each other?

They switch it out depending on their mood:

Hyde often uses belittling pet names for Jekyll when he’s in a playful mood, like “my dear doctor,” “good sir,” or “dearest.” He calls him “Jekyll” when he’s pissed off or needs to get Jekyll’s attention quickly. “Henry” tends to come out when Hyde feels frightened or powerless.

Jekyll only uses “Edward” or “Hyde” when he’s scolding or otherwise trying to control Hyde. Most of the time he doesn’t call Hyde by any name at all–an indicator, perhaps, that Jekyll doesn’t see Hyde as a separate entity but rather as a dark aspect of himself. 

Anonymous said to glass-scientists: Also, I have it in my head that Jasper’s trans, and hope that’s alright. I just… See a lot of myself in him. Which might be odd, since we’re just starting to get to know him, but I digress. He’s adorable, you’re awesome, etc. etc.. G'day.

Of course it’s all right!! I’m glad you’re able to identify with him. I’ve got a lot planned for Jasper so I hope you enjoy where his story leads. :D For story purposes, I’m trying to keep details about Jasper under wraps for now (which I realize is not an ideal situation, representation-wise) but head-canons are always welcome! :) 

FAQ 3: Electric Boogaloo!

I’m not going to be taking headcanons into account for this game.

No he’s a Mug Knight, you silly.

I just use Flash! It’s a great program for animation. I reccomend it!

It will not include any voice acting. That would take way too much time and is unneeded for a game like this. Plus I would have to worry about casting, directing, recording, and editing voice clips for characters when I could be focusing on the writing/gameplay/visuals/etc.

There will be sound fonts though! Everyone loves sound fonts!

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Putting together a FAQ/About page.

Hey friends!

I’m trying to put together a FAQ/About page and I don’t want to leave anything out. So I thought I would invite you all to ask me any questions you have about this comic or about myself so that I can include that information. Ask anonymously if you’re more comfortable doing so, of course, and I hope everyone is having an excellent Pride Month so far!

- Oz

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TumblrFrostbite: What would Black Panther and Storm's reactions be if they found out that Captain America is a Hydra agent and had always been one? And what would the royal couple's thoughts be to knowing this? Note: This scenario would happen in an alternate universe where BP and Storm are still together.

I’d like to think T’Challa and Ororo would be shocked but deep down, not really because “Can’t Trust The Whites” lmao

I think Ororo would be like “damn, Scott was right, Captain America is the absolute worst.” T’Challa would be less vocal about it I suppose but he wouldn’t think any less of it.

On a happy note, they would kick his ass as well.

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Hi Nicole! Thank you so much for this amazing comic! I'm on my fourth reread, and I'm still noticing new things that I hadn't seen before! Bear Publishing - as in Teddy Bear? Does Teddy own it? And Micky has a mailbox at Bear Publishing! (I didn't recognise the other partially obscured names...) I love these little easter egg details you put in the comic! ❤❤❤ Also! In the FAQ you said that you're Sydney Morgan, but you're also SM's editor - so you're posting mail to yourself... 😅

Hi anon! FOURTH RE-READ??? OMG… 😳💘 that’s so amazing, thank you!? 😭💘💘💘 For your questions:

  • the name of the publishing company was a mix of 2 things: 1) it was a nickname/pet name for a friend, and 2) the Bears was the favorite sports team of John from BFF comic 😂 which references more to Louis, who’s the stand-in for Sydney Morgan
  • I LOVE putting all my rando interests into TINF LOL!!! One of the mailboxes belongs to Roger Klotz, from Doug. I love him… LOL the others are just me and friends!
  • LOLOL I have too many TINF cameos… I’m Everywhere 😂😂😂 Sydney Morgan, posing as their own editor (me) JK JK