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Hi, just swinging by to see how you were doing! Also, wondering if you still have the comic strip advertising commissions (it's more for reference rather than actually commissioning you, sorry!) floating around somewhere? It was a while back and I was thinking of passing it along to a friend for study.

Hey!! I’m doing much better than a few weeks ago, feeling great and dandy, thank you for asking!

I KNOW THE COMIC STRIP THAT YOU ARE REFERRING TO AND it’s probably floating around on other people’s blogs, but I deleted it off of mine because I am no longer taking commissions. But since I had an interesting experience with regards to that specific post and commission period, I’m gonna repost the four pages here and leave some commentary about it.

I’m also going to go ahead and answer this ask, too, since it’s in the same vein:

Hey there Anon, I usually charged $35 for sketchpage commissions! I fluctuated the amount that I charged for them between $35-$55, and $35 seemed to be where the amount of interest peaked, though that is very much underselling. If I open up commissions again in the future, I will definitely charge much more, since they take a lot of time and involve a lot of drawing. As for the second question, see below for advice and tips/observations I’ve discovered while doing commissions monthly to make rent for the last year and a half, haha!



This particular commission advertisement absolutely exploded, which was completely unexpected to me, and exciting! I guess since people don’t usually present commission prices in this sort of pseudo-narrative style, it was eye-catching.


I didn’t get any business!! This post originally broke at least 1k notes if I remember correctly (it was last year, and my memory is not the greatest), but I managed to attract less business inquiries than I did on my usual, straight-forward commission pages! Which was a huge bummer!! The problem with this advertisement is that it read more as a narrative to be consumed than as a serious call to action, which is interesting, but, again, a bummer.

Most of the reblogs and sharing that happened with this commission advertisement ended up consisting of tags and commentary saying “oh this is sweet” “wow this is really clever” “I’m going to do something like this for my next commission sheet” “I can’t commission this person but this is too cool not to reblog” etc. etc. etc. etc. I mean, I thought it was a cool idea, and I guess it was from how well it gained traction, but it was probably one of the singularly most frustrating experiences of my freelance life, haha!

So my advice would be: don’t make your commissions posts like this if you want to get serious business inquiries. Make your prices and examples as quick to digest as possible. The more simple the page, the more people will jump at it.

I’ve ALSO found that if you’re going to do commissions, you should limit the type of work you’re willing to do and limit the options that commissioners have to consider. That sounds a little backwards when you consider what the average commission post you see looks like, but hear me out on this one.

If someone sees a commission sheet with strong, solid examples of a single type of commission like fullbody sketches, that’s an easy decision to make. Base price of $30 for a fullbody colored sketch? I can afford that! I’ll message them right now!

But if you have separate prices listed out for Headshots, Bustshots, Waistshots, Fullbody shots, and then on TOP of those types you have listed different art styles such as Sketch, Ink, Flats, Full Shading, and Full Illustrations, that’s a LOT of information to process and a LOT of decisions to make on the part of casual browsers. I have found in my own personal experience AS a buyer that I’m less likely to jump on commissioning someone if they have a billion options listed. If I see a post that’s like “hey I’m doing sketches that look like [example] hit me up if you want one they’re $20″ I’ll be a lot more likely to seriously consider it.

So, take for example the above four page commission advertisement comic I did. I offered way too many options, and presented them in a hard-to-digest format. For viewers, it wasn’t clear whether I was making a joke about starving artists, or if I was seriously looking to do work for people.

After that particular commission period, I changed my advertisements to look like this:

Straightforward and to the point. I realized that I really enjoyed doing sketchpage commissions because they let me be flexible with how I drew the character, and they were also my most popular commission option. So I changed my business to ONLY offering sketchpage commissions, so it would be easier for me to keep track of what everyone was getting, and easy for potential clients to know what they were going to get if they commissioned me.

And it worked! I consistently got between 20-30 commissions every single month, and it’s why I was able to survive that first year of living on my own out in the big adult world.

Phew, okay, my fingers are tired, I think that’s all the information I have to share on the subject??! Hopefully that’s helpful for someone out there. Sorry it was so long.

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What is house is Yuri in in your Harry Potter AU?? I see him as a hufflepuff (what no I’m not biased to my own house XD) or slytherin??? I’ve see him draw as griffindor or slytherin in your AU???? Unless I’m just blind XD (also your art is amazing I love it it’s so cute and colourfulllllll)

I’m a hufflepuff too! ;7;;; to be completely honest, this has been going on ever since my first hp au drawing;;; and when it comes to these kind of aus, it’s really pressuring when you’re in charge of deciding something (e.g. their house). So to avoid such misunderstandings or discourse over what house each character is, I tend to draw the character as part of the house with the colours that match best with the overall picture :D (out of the possible houses they could be in). //in other words, I decide based on aesthetics

I started the hp au during the durmstrang viktor twitter trend and I wanted to join the bandwagon too ;O; so I’ve always drawn viktor as a durmstrang and as a result, I draw yuuri as a gryffindor most of the time because gryffindor red works best with the durmstrang outfit ( ‘ 7 ‘ )b

Personally, my real life friends all agree that yuuri would be a hufflepuff, while a lot of online friends believe he’s slytherin, and then one friend also thinks he’s kind of a gryffindor because of how he overcame his insecurities in the anime

I really don’t want to start an argument of any sort because of this ;7;;; so I try my best to make the comics black and white (so it’s up to your imagination what house he’s part of!) and by alternating between the possible houses.

I also don’t draw as much hp au drawings now after realizing how it has the possibility to cause a giant argument (due to misunderstandings, mistakes, or disagreements), but it was fun while it lasted ( ‘ 7 ‘ ) I remember putting hours of effort in the planning stages of an hp au comic, and of course, it wouldn’t have been possible without my friend there to feed me ideas and prompts ahaha <3 (thanks bb)

more hp au

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I really really love your r76 powerless comic! But I didn't really understand the plot :( Do you maybe have a post where you've explained it? I'm really sorry if I come across as rude

Ok, for the last time: here’s a brief.

  • Gabriel acts weird and looks like he’s kinda sick. He goes on a mission.
  • You can’t eat in the armory - Gabriel hates that.
  • Jack doesn’t understand a shit and acts like a worried wife.
  • Ana is tired of Jack’s shit and Reinhardt doesn’t talk much.
  • Angela knows but doesn’t tell a shit.
  • Gabriel looks fine.
  • Sex scene with socks.
  • Blood.
  • Jack still doesn’t understand a shit, but he thinks Gabriel is fine now, so who cares anymore?
  • McCree has the noisier laugh ever.



Thank you 💜 It’s okay ! Tumblr is not the most.. practical place when we’re looking for an info. And I don’t mind being asked, so no worries o3o !

I started a little FAQ here which… is not really a FAQ but explains their story as shortly as possible. It’s not finished, but… you can still take a look if you want owo
This is also the day they spoke for the first time.

Though, there’s nothing extraordinary about the way they met o///o Which… in a way, I like, because there’s some things about them that… are relatable, I think.

In short, he was curious about her. He saw her here and there a few times but she always disappeared somehow.
You surely know already he was a curious kid, and he had never seen someone like her. He was curious about her and her life and her people and everything she had seen. He never spoke to her yet already could think of a thousand questions.

Eventually he saw her outside the city one day soooo he said “Hello.” (or “hullo” xD) and they… just started talking.
You know. Just like… two kids.
They quickly realized they had things in common and soon enough he’d show her places and she’d tell him about the things she saw, he’d help her and they’d read together and study the stars together. They’d laugh together and with time trust each other enough to share their dreams and secrets. 


I put together this FAQ. Will add more as necessary.

So, uh, who runs this tumblr?
This blog is run by both @rironomind and emochikaoya who does the typesetting for the comic. She has a tumblr, but she doesn’t use it.
E: I’m a 无业游民 vagrant from China
R: I’m a penniless fic writer from Singapore. 

Wow so she can read english? Can she see everything I comment? 
E: I can understand some of it, but if the comment is too long, I can’t understand it.
R: I take screenshots of every comment, even those in the tags, and she gets me or her friends to translate it.

Why isn’t she running this on her own?
E: My English isn’t good!
R: She doesn’t like tumblr.

Sooo, what is this story about again?
E: This is a love story between two strangers who go from friends to lovers.

Who are the characters and why do they look like OPM?
E: They are original characters 杨大夫 Doctor Yang and 庞皙 Pang Xi, they look similar because I’m a Genosai artist.
R: Please don’t tag this as OPM. It’s really rude. Please treat this as an original work.

So are you just drawing is as you go? Like every week?
E: No, the comic is complete. There are 26 chapters. I’m currently drawing the sidestories/extras.

Why the heck should I buy this book? Isn’t it already available online?
E: In addition to the story, there are uncensored nsfw scenes in the book.
R: Worth it.

I definitely need to get my hands on a physical copy, where can I get it?
E: Yes, but it’s only available in Chinese. If you don’t mind, you can buy it through Taobao. There’s bonus NSFW content.
R: I took a few snaps of the book, check it out here.

Dang…that’s…I don’t know…shipping fees, dude…
R: @opmsmut is putting together a large order, so if you’re interested, y’all can bulk buy. Also, I have an extra copy and I’m considering doing a giveaway.

Would you ever print an English translation?
E: In the first place, there aren’t many English readers, so I have no plans to print an English version nor will I sell digital copies.

Alright alright, but what about the genosai books? Are you gonna translate those?
E: Genosai is a dead fandom, it’s even more impossible for me to print English copies.
R: Preview pages are up on pixiv. But I can help you out if you’ve bought the book. 

But like, can you just upload them for free?
R: No. 

Right…sooo, what’s next?
R: I’m working on some fanfic for Yan Guang and the fox demon.
E: After I finish this side story, I’m going to work on my next original comic. 

What?? Really?!?
E: Yep, but I haven’t finished the plot, I need to read some books.
R: Holy shit, I’m so hyped.

Thanks for reading!

anonymous asked:

Your comics how-to masterposts are freaking amazing!!! If I wanted to start reading Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel where would I start? For example, where is the beautiful image on the right of your blog from with cap, cap, and ironman :) also is it cheaper to buy from the Marvel site or from an actual comic book store?

Ahhhh anon first of all I’m sitting in an airport where I’ve been for 24 hours now, so i do not have the supplies (ie, my laptop) to answer this question properly. But I will try!!

First of all, there are two great places to start reading Carol. The first is Captain Marvel Vol 1  (…or vol 7, depending how you’re counting. The 2012 volume, basically). That was her start as Captain Marvel, as opposed to Ms. Marvel.

External image

Then there was the Avengers Assemble/Captain Marvel crossover event series, Avengers: The Enemy Within.

External image

Then there’s the NEXT best starting point for reading Carol, which is her NEW Captain Marvel series, Captain Marvel (2014).

External image

This is only like 4 or 5 issues in, so it’s a great place to start!!

Also, side note, you should totally be reading the new Ms. Marvel series starring Kamala Khan, because it is just ACES.

External image

Other Things you asked: I don’t know of any difference in price online or in the shop. If the book is 3.99 you get a free digital copy when you buy the hard copy. *shrug*

My sidebar image is actually from the Infinity event which was an Avengers event thing.

FAQ 3: Electric Boogaloo!

I’m not going to be taking headcanons into account for this game.

No he’s a Mug Knight, you silly.

I just use Flash! It’s a great program for animation. I reccomend it!

It will not include any voice acting. That would take way too much time and is unneeded for a game like this. Plus I would have to worry about casting, directing, recording, and editing voice clips for characters when I could be focusing on the writing/gameplay/visuals/etc.

There will be sound fonts though! Everyone loves sound fonts!

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anonymous asked:

Hi um I was wondering if you could help me out? I've been trying to catch up on Marvel comics but I'm so lost with this whole Incursions/mindwipe storyline? Could you tell me what all things I should read to get the backstory? Does it go all way back to New Avengers in 2012? Does it include all the Age of Ultron & Infinity plots? :s

First I’ll point you over to my two 616 “superhusbands supercanon” posts:

that should give you a good summary of what’s happening, if you don’t want to read stuff/want the spark notes version before you go diving in. As for cold-hard “What to reads”


First of all, Age of Ultron is a whole other thing. Don’t read that for mind wipe. That’s a plot Bendis is doing that is tied into some of the X-Books shit right now and will probably have big Marvel ramifications but NO, it’s not HICKMANVENGERS, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Second, New Avengers Vol 1 or 2 are NOT part of this. New Avengers Vol 3 (which yeah, would be 2012) IS. Read the New Avengers HICKMAN wrote, for this stuff.


  • New Avengers, Vol 3
  • Avengers, Vol 5
  • Infinity Event book

Within the Avengers Vol 5 series, make sure you read the 24.NOW issue (super important plot-wise)

And I recommend the Christmas Edition/Annual because it was just super fucking cute.


I recommend you alternative Avengers/New Avengers books at a 2:1 ratio, because it’ll ROUGHLY keep you on the right track plot-wise. So read Avengers 1 and 2, then New Avengers issue 1, then Avengers issue 3 and 4, then New Avengers issue 2, &c. You’ll start to see Infinity gear up in both books. Kinda aim for hitting Infinity at the same time in both books. There’s actually charts… here:

That should keep you on track for the event. Follow the chart!

That’s it! That’s all you need. Just 2 books and 1 event so far, basically. Oh, and then:


  • Original Sin

Stick it on your pull-list (if you’ve got one) because this is the next step in the whole THING.

Hope this helps! Lemme know if any of this was confusing or if you have more questions!

FAQ time!

I have a lot to catch up on! This is just the first installment!

Anonymous said: So does Hyde buy his own clothes? Or does Jekyll have to go out and purchase clothes that are way too small for himself?

Most likely scenario: During his second transformation, Rachel found Hyde scuttling around the scaffolding of Jekyll’s house and was horrified at his ill-fitting clothes–doesn’t he know how to dress himself?? She asked Jekyll if she could take out money to buy Hyde some fitted basics and has been his wardrobe consultant ever since. 

(Note: She likes playing dress-up with boys and will sometimes make little bits of clothing for Jekyll and the Lodgers.)

Anonymous said to glass-scientists: Can we expect to meet Dr. Lanyon in the nearby future?

The very near future! But we have a very important someone to introduce first …

Anonymous said to glass-scientists: Hey Sabrina, did you hear about the 25th anniversary of Jekyll and Hyde happening this year? It’s got Anthony Warlow in it and everything!

I am genuinely surprised the Jekyll and Hyde musical managed to earn a 25th Anniversary Concert. Is it going to be like the Les Mis concert where several actors sing songs together? … oh my God, are we finally going to have a properly staged Confrontation? Or will it just be like, five actors all singing both parts and flailing about onstage?

Anonymous said: Hey! I just want to say I’m a biiiiiig fan of your work, and your style and lines are simply fantastic. I love The Glass Scientists and I’m so so glad you’re developing this great idea!

Thank you so much!! :D I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

Anonymous said to glass-scientists: Are Jekyll and Hyde on a first-name-basis with each other? Like, would Jekyll go “Shut up, Edward” or “Shut up, Hyde”. How would they talk to each other?

They switch it out depending on their mood:

Hyde often uses belittling pet names for Jekyll when he’s in a playful mood, like “my dear doctor,” “good sir,” or “dearest.” He calls him “Jekyll” when he’s pissed off or needs to get Jekyll’s attention quickly. “Henry” tends to come out when Hyde feels frightened or powerless.

Jekyll only uses “Edward” or “Hyde” when he’s scolding or otherwise trying to control Hyde. Most of the time he doesn’t call Hyde by any name at all–an indicator, perhaps, that Jekyll doesn’t see Hyde as a separate entity but rather as a dark aspect of himself. 

Anonymous said to glass-scientists: Also, I have it in my head that Jasper’s trans, and hope that’s alright. I just… See a lot of myself in him. Which might be odd, since we’re just starting to get to know him, but I digress. He’s adorable, you’re awesome, etc. etc.. G'day.

Of course it’s all right!! I’m glad you’re able to identify with him. I’ve got a lot planned for Jasper so I hope you enjoy where his story leads. :D For story purposes, I’m trying to keep details about Jasper under wraps for now (which I realize is not an ideal situation, representation-wise) but head-canons are always welcome! :) 

anonymous asked:

Hi, I just wanted to say that I'm in love with your comic, it's so cute <3 . Also is Saboor by any chance a trans man? I kinda get that feel from him, but I guess that's just me?

Hey, thanks bud!
And I’m so glad that you read Saboor as not cis…because he is trans! Saboor is masc-leaning genderfluid (he uses both they/them and he/him pronouns). He is, however, AMAB, so he isn’t trans in the way you mentioned per se.
As to who is a transguy…honey you’re in for a big storm comi
Oh gee, what the heck. I’ll just let y'all know. Jameel is a transman.

Banner Signature Logos for my comics: 

Took a while but I figured some stuff of what is important to put in the logos and there are codes in xerotale tho I ain’t good at this kind of stuff lol Call it Easter Dragon Egg if you would, hope you like em <3 

Art /c/ @metalphoenixxwolf