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I really really love your r76 powerless comic! But I didn't really understand the plot :( Do you maybe have a post where you've explained it? I'm really sorry if I come across as rude

Ok, for the last time: here’s a brief.

  • Gabriel acts weird and looks like he’s kinda sick. He goes on a mission.
  • You can’t eat in the armory - Gabriel hates that.
  • Jack doesn’t understand a shit and acts like a worried wife.
  • Ana is tired of Jack’s shit and Reinhardt doesn’t talk much.
  • Angela knows but doesn’t tell a shit.
  • Gabriel looks fine.
  • Sex scene with socks.
  • Blood.
  • Jack still doesn’t understand a shit, but he thinks Gabriel is fine now, so who cares anymore?
  • McCree has the noisier laugh ever.


FAQ 3: Electric Boogaloo!

I’m not going to be taking headcanons into account for this game.

No he’s a Mug Knight, you silly.

I just use Flash! It’s a great program for animation. I reccomend it!

It will not include any voice acting. That would take way too much time and is unneeded for a game like this. Plus I would have to worry about casting, directing, recording, and editing voice clips for characters when I could be focusing on the writing/gameplay/visuals/etc.

There will be sound fonts though! Everyone loves sound fonts!

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Hey! I just decided that I wanna read the HTTYD comic books, but I'm not sure what order I should start reading them in?

Hello hello! Hope you enjoy reading the HTTYD comics and I hope this helps!

The How to Train Your Comic books are numbered and are usually listed as “Volume #” on Amazon. Thus far there are three series of HTTYD comics, and the names of each series follow the order of how the television series is also ordered. The Riders of Berk comic book series is first, and then the Defenders of Berk comic series. The Serpent’s Heir comes last, and the artwork itself might give a little hint of its chronological placement - it’s the only one showing Hiccup as an adult rather than a child!

You actually don’t have to read the comics in order. You don’t lose or gain anything if you read them out of order. Each of the stories in the Riders of Berk series and the Defenders of Berk series are separate tales that don’t connect to the next story. They’re all wholly separate adventures that don’t reference each other. So you can actually read them in any order you like no problem! 

In case you want to read them in their technical order, I can list them off easily below comic per comic. :)

Riders of Berk

  1. Dragon Down
  2. Dangers of the Deep
  3. The Ice Castle
  4. The Stowaway
  5. The Legend of Ragnarok
  6. Underworld

Defenders of Berk

  1. The Endless Night
  2. Snowmageddon

Burning Midnight (Free Comic Book Day 2016)

The Serpent’s Heir

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Can you tell me the author/artist of the emh-comics? Because I really need to buy those :D but looking for Earth mightiest heros is not very succesful.

Okay yes so iT’S SUPER HARD to figure out what’s up with the EMH comics.

First of all, it is not this series:

by Casey and Rosado. No. Wrong series. Shop owners kept thinking this series and no, no. 

Second of all, there are actually TWO EMH series that YOU’RE looking for. 

There’s the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Vol 3 series (I haven’t been able to get my hand on any of these yet). There’s 4 of them:

By Christopher Yost and Scott Wegener. First issue info:

Then there’s the Marvel Universe: Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes series, which is ALSO in the EMH cartoon ‘verse. Those are the ones I’ve been reading!

There are 18 of these total

they’re by Yost and Adam Dekraker to start but that line-up does change some issues.

In conclusion: Marvel is freaking awful at naming things like what the hELL guys. But follow the links I gave you and you should be good ^.^ If it’s still confusing just ask for clarification on whatever you need and I’ll try and explain it better!

Note: these are SUPER HARD to find in stores, even stores with extensive back-issue collections. Since they were the “kiddy” series, stores either didn’t order a lot or just got rid of them when they were done or something. I had to settle for buying the ones I have off eBay because honestly, next to impossible to find.

(I bought mine off “mycomicshop“ on eBay, which combined shipping for my order so I only had to pay for shipping once on an order of a dozen books :D They were packaged safely and shipped promptly, so I can totally recommend them as a good eBay source for your comic needs.)

The whole problematic naming THING gave me trouble too when I was searching for them in shops, because sometimes they’re filed under “Avengers: EMH”, but sometimes they’re filed under “Marvel Universe: Avengers: EMH”. So yeah, all things to note on your quest to find this adorable series!

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I would read them but I've no money. So, yeah... I know that Steve's old, for some reason, and that he and Tony had a falling out because of the mind wipe, and that's about it. That's all I know of current comic events.


Well first of all I highly recommend checking out your local library for comics. They’re a great source for getting to read comics on the cheap! No they don’t usually have the most updated stuff, obviously, but it’s a great place to read through some of the older stuff. I know vassalady is a BIG fan. :D

Second of all, okay, fine. Here we go. Since people won’t stop bugging me about this and just let me finish my damn Marvel Big Bang, I’m making one post that I will link back to for the next 6 months, so no one bother me about this again until May or something.

First of all: check out the last “Superhusbands Supercanons” I did if you want to get caught up to this one.

Okay fine so let’s go.

(Skip to the end if you want a list of Books Where They’re Friends vs Books Where They’re Never Ever Ever Ever Getting Back Together)

Keep reading

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On FA and MBP (mac) I don't see where to put comic lines? In the FAQ, it said MDP is more designed for comics (something along the nature) and on my iPhone, MDP has a feature to add comic lines/ template. Is it even an option for MDP and FA?

The MediBang Paint “extra comic features” are mainly the tone (halftone dot pattern) fills, textures, images for black and white comics, and a few templates, and a nice panel division feature. Otherwise, many of the features are the same.

Panels are a vector-like rectangles (or after editing, polygons) that can be edited for shape and size.


Start a new image using File menu, New. If you look closely, there is a Comic tab to choose from several different comic strip/book sizes. MediBang Paint has a few more.

The Doujinshi, Professional, and Western (MediBang Paint only) templates give you page guidelines and you will need to create the panels yourself.

The Yonkoma (literally, 4 panel) templates provide a set of pre-made panels.

Make your own panels:

Layer menu, Add Panel Material (Koma or Comic material in some old versions). This will add a single panel that frames the whole page.

You can then use the Divide tool (knife icon) to cut the full-page panel into smaller panels. Note the Kerning and Leading settings at the top of the page. They specify the horizontal and vertical spaces between newly divided panels.

MediBang Paint has an extra feature to create evenly divided panels from the full-page panel. Layer menu, Material, Divide, and you can choose the number of vertical and horizontal panel rows/columns.

You can use the Operation (Object tool) to modify individual panels (resize, change colour or line width, change layering order).


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Hi. Can you do a timeline of avengers comics, starting with the Disassembled Event? Because I'm so confused where Vol 4 and Vol 5 start?? And add in cap and iron man comics that that tie in pls (the main runs) something quick would work

here is a very handy dandy graphic for you.

bold = event

chronologically: avengers disassembled (end of avengers V3 new avengers V1)  iron man: extremis (IM V3) → house of M → new avengers V2 + 3 → civil war (+ captain america V5/iron man V4) → death of captain america/fallen son → invincible iron man V1: five nightmares → secret invasion → invincible iron man V2/3: world’s most wanted → dark reign → captain america: reborn → invincible iron man V4: stark disassembled → siege → avengers: prime → avengers V4

avengers V5 + new avengers V7 → infinity → more avengers V5 → secret wars

(there are downloads you can find with all the major events and their tie-ins already compiled together, just search for the name of the event. i’m in huge favor of the try before you buy so if you do like any, purchase them so you can support the creative teams behind the comic.)

Carmilla @ NY Comic Con FAQ!

Hey all,

@newyorkcomiccon is fast approaching and we’ve noticed that there are a few questions that keep popping up, so we wanted to address them for ya!

When is the panel?
October 06, 2016, 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Room 1A21

Do I need an extra ticket besides the NYCC pass to attend the panel?
NOPE! You just need your NYCC pass - yay!

Will there be an autograph signing, if so, when?
Why, yes!
2:45 PM – 4:45 PM, 1B Autographing Area
Please note!! Because NYCC is such a busy fun-filled event, we do not have any leeway with the end-time. Unfortunately when the clock strikes 4:45PM, we will have to leave. Please try to be considerate to your fellow Creampuffs and try to flail at the wondrous Hollstein, Steph and Jordan as quickly as humanly possible (tall order, we know!) so the maximum number of Creampuffs can get through :)

Will you be filming the panel and posting it later to KindaTV?
Of course, cupcake! We’d never leave our international Creampuffs hanging!

That’s it for now - Looking forward to seeing you in the Big Apple!!

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Queen of everything katblaque being articulate AF about people who demand to be “educated” about oppressed groups’ personal struggles <3

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Your comics how-to masterposts are freaking amazing!!! If I wanted to start reading Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel where would I start? For example, where is the beautiful image on the right of your blog from with cap, cap, and ironman :) also is it cheaper to buy from the Marvel site or from an actual comic book store?

Ahhhh anon first of all I’m sitting in an airport where I’ve been for 24 hours now, so i do not have the supplies (ie, my laptop) to answer this question properly. But I will try!!

First of all, there are two great places to start reading Carol. The first is Captain Marvel Vol 1  (…or vol 7, depending how you’re counting. The 2012 volume, basically). That was her start as Captain Marvel, as opposed to Ms. Marvel.

External image

Then there was the Avengers Assemble/Captain Marvel crossover event series, Avengers: The Enemy Within.

External image

Then there’s the NEXT best starting point for reading Carol, which is her NEW Captain Marvel series, Captain Marvel (2014).

External image

This is only like 4 or 5 issues in, so it’s a great place to start!!

Also, side note, you should totally be reading the new Ms. Marvel series starring Kamala Khan, because it is just ACES.

External image

Other Things you asked: I don’t know of any difference in price online or in the shop. If the book is 3.99 you get a free digital copy when you buy the hard copy. *shrug*

My sidebar image is actually from the Infinity event which was an Avengers event thing.

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Hi um I was wondering if you could help me out? I've been trying to catch up on Marvel comics but I'm so lost with this whole Incursions/mindwipe storyline? Could you tell me what all things I should read to get the backstory? Does it go all way back to New Avengers in 2012? Does it include all the Age of Ultron & Infinity plots? :s

First I’ll point you over to my two 616 “superhusbands supercanon” posts:

that should give you a good summary of what’s happening, if you don’t want to read stuff/want the spark notes version before you go diving in. As for cold-hard “What to reads”


First of all, Age of Ultron is a whole other thing. Don’t read that for mind wipe. That’s a plot Bendis is doing that is tied into some of the X-Books shit right now and will probably have big Marvel ramifications but NO, it’s not HICKMANVENGERS, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Second, New Avengers Vol 1 or 2 are NOT part of this. New Avengers Vol 3 (which yeah, would be 2012) IS. Read the New Avengers HICKMAN wrote, for this stuff.


  • New Avengers, Vol 3
  • Avengers, Vol 5
  • Infinity Event book

Within the Avengers Vol 5 series, make sure you read the 24.NOW issue (super important plot-wise)

And I recommend the Christmas Edition/Annual because it was just super fucking cute.


I recommend you alternative Avengers/New Avengers books at a 2:1 ratio, because it’ll ROUGHLY keep you on the right track plot-wise. So read Avengers 1 and 2, then New Avengers issue 1, then Avengers issue 3 and 4, then New Avengers issue 2, &c. You’ll start to see Infinity gear up in both books. Kinda aim for hitting Infinity at the same time in both books. There’s actually charts… here:

That should keep you on track for the event. Follow the chart!

That’s it! That’s all you need. Just 2 books and 1 event so far, basically. Oh, and then:


  • Original Sin

Stick it on your pull-list (if you’ve got one) because this is the next step in the whole THING.

Hope this helps! Lemme know if any of this was confusing or if you have more questions!

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I asked you the other day about the correct order to read the comics to understand Time Runs Out, and you told me you could do a chart if I didn't understand? :)

Okay, chart time! I am always happy to do charts! :DDD

The very very short version:

Avengers Vol 5+New Avengers Vol 3 > Infinity Event > Original Sin Event > Time Runs Out

(Wow it totally doesn’t seem complicated when you do it that way…)

Take note that Hickman’s run of 3 years can be split up into 3 major events: Infinity, Original Sin, and Time Runs Out. 

The long version:

So first of all I’m going to repost in brief my explanation for the first 1/3 of Hickman’s run. 

Avengers Vol 5

 and New Avengers Vol 3 

are both Hickman’s books. Start with #1 of both of those. You should read them at approx a 2:1 ratio, Avengers:New Avengers. Basically, for every 2 Avengers issues you read, read 1 New Avengers issue. Then the first event up is the Infinity Event. You will need to read the Infinity event book 

(which is 6 issues) in addition to both Avengers and New Avengers. Here is a chart for reading order:

As you can see, issues 9-12 of New Avengers and 18-23 of Avengers are all concurrent with the Infinity event.

Don’t forget this one-off issue right after, it’s plot-related:

then keep reading your Avengers+New Avengers issues at roughly the same pace as before. 

Then comes the next event, Original Sin. There is the Original Sin event book

(which was 8 issues long). In Avengers this is issues 29-34. In New Avengers it’s 22 and 23 (though there’s technically no direct tie-in issues in New Avengers for this event).

Then that’s over and we start counting down to Time Runs Out, the final event in Hickman’s run. So basically keep reading Avengers and New Avengers as they come out and that’ll dovetail you right into the final event.


[(Avengers 1-17)(New Avengers 1-8)] > [(Infinity 1-6)(Avengers 18-23)(New Avengers 9-12)] > [(Avengers 24-28)(New Avengers 13-21)] > [(Original Sin 1-8)(Avengers 29-34)(New Avengers 22-23)] > [(Avengers 35-44)(New Avengers 24-33)] > Time Runs Out

Also if this is unclear here’s an actual google doc spreadsheet to help? :D

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Yo quick question, what do u think of brubaker's cap america? Or can u recommend me some good cap (616) comics? Its a bit hard to find arcs where steve is in character so i figured id ask someone older and wiser

I’m not a fan. But I tend to go for happier/lighter stuff in general, so. If that’s the sort of thing you’re looking for, then I have lots of recommendations for you!

First of all there’s a post buried in my comic FAQ that is my “ultimate pull list” (that I really need to update). A lot of my favorite comics, Cap and otherwise, can be found there! Some highlights:


It’s just a little 4-issue collected edition and OH MY GOSH it’s the best Cap thing like, ever. It retells the unfreezing for the 21st century, it’s fucking adorable, it’s just great. AND it’s written by Waid, who is KINDA MY FAVE CAP WRITER, as you will see…

Vol 3 of Captain America 

(1-23 written by Waid, then taken over by a couple guys, Jurgens is one of them, remains pretty good through the last issue, #50. Definitely doesn’t go DRAMATICALLY DOWNHILL like Avengers vol 3 does in the last 3 issues, ugh).

Waid also had a stint on Cap Vol 1, issues 444-454 (oh my gosh I know that off the top of my head). They’re GREAT, highly recommend those.

Speak of Vol 1 of Cap but going off Waid for once, GRUENWALD CAP.

People often bash this late-eighties writer of Cap because a lot of the plots are silly/lighthearted, but 1.) no they aren’t dude did you even read the stuff that happens to Rachel? :/ and 2.) CAPWOLF.

If you can’t appreciate Captain America turning into a werewolf I don’t know what the fuck to do with you and you should just leave my blog because seriously. SERIOUSLY. IT’S AMAZING.

Gruenwald had a LONG stint on Captain America, but somewhere you could start would be the CapWolf arc which is issues… 400-408 ish? Something like that. The previous big arc was Operation: Galactic Storm which was that big thing in Avengers history where Tony killed the Kree Supreme intelligence (if THAT’S ringing any bells for you). Anyway, I’ve been slowly building this whole surrounding run of Cap, like I’ve got issues 380-420 or so by now, and I just find it to be totally delightful. But I don’t mind some silliness and light-hearted superheroics.

Also I’m kinda super down with Steve dating Rachel? (AKA: Diamondback, former supervillain). It’s… kinda hot, honestly. Because Steve kinda isn’t sure if he SHOULD be into it but he totally IS and it’s… yeah, I can get down for that.

One last NB: I’m also the one weirdo out there who’s a moderate fan of Remender’s Cap (Vol 7), aka the most recent Cap series before Sam!Cap.

I know everyone else hates him and it’s not like he’s my FAVORITE Cap writer, but I do think he captures a side of Steve’s inner monologue that is very accurate and very much overlooked, IMHO. If you’re looking for “grittier” Cap (just assuming bc you asked about Brubaker), you might want to hit up Remender. I really do think he captures Steve’s constant state of guilt+life-sapping duty-bound motivations more than a lot of writers do, and in my head that’s a very integral part of Steve. IDK, if you were to ask me my ultimate Steve, it would be Waid!Cap’s optimism/faith in humanity/forced naivety+Remender!Cap’s guilty, duty-bound motivations. BUT THAT’S JUST ME I mean it’s not like I’m an expert on this. 

Um, let me actually tag-team my friend vassalady​ for this question! She is an EVEN BIGGER CAP EXPERT THAN I and can surely offer some recs I haven’t touched on here ^.^

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Okay so you might have answered this question (I did look through your comic FAQ first, so I'm sorry if you have!) but I saw a post reccing young avengers as a good starting place for getting into comics &so I've read what I've been able to find of those but now I want more & I don't know where to start! Just feeling a bit like I don't know any of the background & mythologies behind all the characters & you seem like a great person to ask? Sorry you must get loads of these, feel free to ignore!

Hello anon!!!! Sorry for the delay, heroescon was happening and I didn’t have my laptop with me, just my iPad Dx So thank you for your patience!

Young Avengers, thankfully, is SUPER EASY to read all up on, because it’s a pretty new cast of characters with limited books!! Yay!! Let’s start with the MAIN plot volumes, first:

Where our young heroes meet and form the team and all that good stuff!

There’s two collected editions within Vol 1:

“Side Kicks” and “Family Matters”

Then, BEFORE Vol 2 of Young Avengers (which was the most recent Volume), there’s an Avengers book

which is super relevant to the plot and a lot of shit goes down, so definitely check that out (also Wanda-heavy, which makes it a big plus for me)

Then that leads right into

which is subdivided into three collected editions:

Style > Substance; Alternative Culture; and Mic-Drop at the Edge of Time and Space

Those are the MAIN books you need to read to get all the characters/plot/&c. There are also side-things if you’re rEALLLY hankering for more Young Avengers

is basically a little volume that does 1 issue each kid on their origins/hanging out with the Avengers/&c. (This is where Hawkeye met Hawkeye. It was super adorable)


was a Civil War-tie in, obviously, focused on just what the Young Avengers and Runaways were doing through the whole thing.


checks in on the kids during the secret invasion event, which makes a heck of a lot more sense since… reasons I won’t mention since they’re spoilery if you know nothing about the Young Avengers <_<



Young Avengers Vol 1 > Civil War > Secret Invasion > Avengers: Children’s Crusade > Young Avengers Vol 2

You can pretty much put the “Young Avengers Presents” whenever, since it’s just backstory stuff. Apparently it came out in January 2008, so if you want to read it chronologically that puts it right before Secret Invasion (summer of ‘08).

Okay!! That’s about it!!!! Hope that helps! And of course if you type “Young Avengers” into Marvel’s online shop, it’ll pop up with everything the Young Avengers are even tangentially in, so if all this doesn’t satisfy you, there’s some more bits and bobs out there. 

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I just got into the Avengers when all the movies started coming out and since like the Avengers movie I've really wanted to get into the comic books. Do you have any idea where I should start reading? Like if there are some really plot heavy issuses and such that I should read first?


I have written quite a few posts about how to get into comics

If you want to know what’s happening rIGHT NOW in the Avengers books, here is:

If you’ve got a more specific starting point you’re thinking of, or have more specific interests that you want to ask about, feel free to ask me more!

ETA: If you’re a Steve/Tony shipper, note that every 6 months or so I do a “superhusbands supercanon” update to explain what’s up with the boys in different universes, i.e. 616 universe, ults universe, &c.