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Wanted to draw little bro Fluffyrus again enjoyed drawing him so much on the Crux comic  ~>:3 hopefully i get to draw more of this little floof

Back to work … all week stuck on comic pages! So there might not be updates tomorrow ;w; .. sorry!
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About Comics Crux

So, by now most of you have gathered that we’ve had to close the doors on Comics Crux. While this doesn’t make me happy - I have spent the better part of the last two years of my life dedicated to it - it was something that had to be done. We just didn’t have the resources right now (personally or financially) to really make it what it needed to be.

This doesn’t mean that any of us have gone into hiding, actually we have a helpful post up on the CC tumblr to direct you all to our personal blogs and Twitter accounts. 

Who knows, in the future when all ducks have been wired securely in a row we may revisit Comics Crux, although by then I hope that everyone who was on my team will be way too busy and successful to even return my emails. 

I want to personally thank my CC writing team, our friends and affiliates, and all of you who enjoyed the site. You were all the reasons that we soldiered on for as long as we did and enjoyed doing it. 

We’ll see you later. 


Back in October at New York Comic Con, the announcement of Marvel Universe Live! was announced. Since then, more and more things have leaked out about what we can expect and now Marvel has shared some of the ladies that will appear in the live show.

Casting is a long process, trying to find just the right people to not only be able to physically perform the stunts but act the part. Beginning in July we will get to see Black Widow, Black Cat, Captain Marvel, Madam Hydra, and Maria Hill, along with the Marvel world’s other heroes tour 85 cities throughout North America in the Marvel Universe Live! Show.

The shows director Shanda Sawyer shared her thoughts on the importance of the female super heroes in the show.

“One of the aspects that makes Marvel Universe Live! so compelling is the Marvel women, because of Marvel’s tradition of powerful female characters, both heroic and villainous, the women in this show will play major roles in all the action, performing breathtaking stunts and fight sequences right alongside their male counterparts. I love the fact that our audiences, especially women and young girls, will have the chance to be inspired by seeing these real-life superwomen in action.”

If you have in been in on the loop about what exactly the Marvel Universe Live! Is, then you are in for a treat. If you are a person who loves Cirque du Soleil – or even if you can’t stand them but you have to admit the acrobatic feats they pull of are insanely cool – well, my friends, Marvel has designed a live action packed show that will make us all happy.

Marvel Universe Live! – produced by Feld Entertainment – will give us the real comic book experience using advanced special effects, pyrotechnics, martial arts and acrobatics to make the pages of a comic book literally come to life. With original stories and a truly authentic production for the Marvel fan this show is said to be one of the most advanced shows of its kind.

(via ComicsCrux)

Let's make this week's Comics Crux column a Q&A.

I’d like to open up my column this week for a little question and answer session. So if you have any comics related questions you’d like me to answer in the column, please post your questions in my ask box:

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